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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – 2012 State of Origin – Game 3 Preview

June 26, 2012
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2012 State of Origin – Game 3 Preview
26th June 2012
The 2012 State of Origin is on the line – yet again – can NSW finally get over the line?  The third game is played at Suncorp – still Lang Park to most of us – I played there – not at league but at schoolboy athletics – threw discus, javelin, and shotput … it was QLD’s sporting venue and holds deep memories for many Queenslander’s.

Game three of this series promises so much.  The Teams have been announced with some players included to cover players carrying injuries or under a cloud.  The player comments/rankings for Game 3 appear below – [click on image to enlarge in a new window.]

There were signs in the second game that gave me pause to ponder many things about the QLD performance.  For example –

  1. The Thurston to the No 6 jersey.  WHy move the best half back in the world out of position?  It was because Thurston wanted to fill Lockyer’s shoes – all ego stuff.  In the two games at SOO level this series Thurston has struggled to dominate the position, in fact he has made more mistakes in these two games than all the mistakes he has made in his other games combined.  Cronk who was thrown in as the half back when he could just as easily filled the No 6 position is now trying to emulate Thurston in his old position.    Thurston should go back to the No 7 and Cronk to the No 6.   This was a Coach’s error letting a player dictate selection policy.  It has not worked.
  2. The Petro/Matt Scott dominance enjoyed in past seasons has not emerged this series.  In the first game there were reports of a team illness and after winning the game – the props performance was put down to the illness.  But in the second game – it was notable that NSW forwards were on top – both physically, and in the ruck.   This will give NSW more confidence going into the third game and for QLD to reverse that confidence – they will have to out muscle the NSW forwards – I don’t see that happening.
  3. Dave Taylor and Matt Gillet are not up to SOO level – Taylor is a pussy when it comes to using his size in defense and when running at forwards.  Give him a smaller man to run at and he looks unstoppable – his problem is that he is afraid to hurt people and get hurt when tackled.   Gillet has been out of form since he was put on his ass trying to belt the Tigers ginger and St Georges Wyman.  Since then he has played in the centers to cover Broncos injuries and been beaten countless times in defence.   At SOO level he is in a daze and should not be out there.  Give him another year or two – but not this year.  As for Taylor – rate him as a pussy at this level and send him home.
  4. The big improvement in NSW’s play has been the containment of Inglis.  Either him playing fullback for Souths has him out of sorts with the center play – of Josh Morris has done an excellent job.  I prefer the job Morris has done.  It may even force Meninga to play him at fullback to get him some room if Slater does not play.   Well done Morris.
  5. Hodges ahs also been contained – his dummy half running has be well read and behind a forward pack on the back foot he has been easy pickings for the NSW defence.
  6. In Game 2 NSW did not make an unforced error – QLD made several – dropped ball, caught on 5th tackle, high ball mistakes … this has not been a typical dominate QLD series.  The same happened last season – and then QLD played the perfect half of football to lead 24-0 after 20 minutes.     That won’t happen this game – and unless Thurston/Cronk and the forwards come out with some fire in the belly and make a conscious choice to dominate the NSW pack – then the upset is more than likely.

Despite the 145 to 23 games won team score – NSW have nothing to lose – and QLD everything to lose.  Their reign is under serious threat and that pressure is sure to be a factor.  When QLD came back in the latter part of GAme 2 and were threatening the NSW line with repeat sets – and NSW repelling them time and time again – NSW will take more from that than QLD.  QLD will have some doubts and NSW will use it as motivation in telling themselves – ‘this is our time’.

This promises to be an epic battle – I can see an upset happening yet my heart still years for QLD’s dominance to continue.  SOO will be the victor and admiration to these 34 gladiators who deliver this outstanding sport spectacular every year.  This is Australia’s sporting gift to the world – watch and behold.


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  1. League Leg End
    July 4, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    Blue! Blue! Blue!

  2. July 4, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    Forlornness can be a desease – sadly NSW have had it for 6 years and the prospect of a recovery looms large in their minds.

    Have the want to be better and being better depends on the remedies taken and how othe factors play their part. Tonights game has expectations beyond the hopes and dreams of victory – NSW are sick of having to clean QLD’s crap off their faces … for the sake of their mental health we can all sympathise with what a victory would mean – Good Luck in having QLD just roll over …

    Looking forward to a great game … let league be the winner … maroon, maroon, maroons forever …

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