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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl – Harry’s Political Updates … 26th June 2012.

June 26, 2012
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Harry’s Political Updates …
June 26th 2012.

This Editions Headings:

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  1. Do Politicians make good lovers?
  2. Lawyers – should they be banned from ever becoming Politicians?
  3. Political Leadership – how does it work?
  4. Wayne Swan – Gillards handbag holder!
  5. Gina Rinehart – the wicked witch from the west – or just misunderstood?
  6. The Media – just how far has the baton fallen?


Do Politicians make good lovers:

The myth and reality of Politicians and where they get their sex appeal has nothing to do with sexual poweress.  The aphrodisiac is ‘power’ – and the belief that if you can get someone with power into a bed and have some of that ‘power’ might rub off is a myth.

Politicians have one agenda – self-promotion first, self-promotion second, and self-promotion third.   All else falls in line behind this protocol.   When it comes to lose sex – or sex outside the marital chamber – then it is about who the other party is and how they can advance the cause.   It’s never about the ‘happy ending’ – its about the behind the act and who gets the most from it.   For the Politician – they prefer the paid kind of kinky sex because the professionalism gives them some protection of anonymity.

Many a politician has failed to heed this advice and fallen for a moment of passion – don’t kid yourself – a politician who cares about someone elses casual sexual satisfaction is a rare breed, and obviously have not been schooled in the ‘love em and leave em’ school of hard knocks.

Many PA’s on a MP’s payroll have the unwritten addendum to their contract – ‘if the boss is stressed – give him a quick ‘blow-job’ to help the Member focus’.   That can work in many ways – guy PA’s have to be gay for it to work – for female MP’s the PA’s have to be inventive – but sex for MP’s is all over and finished when they have their ‘happy ending’.  They don’t give a crap about their partner or the ‘stray’ yielding under the majestic powerful almighty Leader before them.

Kid yourselves not – the amount of sexually frustrated MP’s and employers working in politics give sex-therapists a gold mine in fees and call out services.  Washington – the sex mecca of the USA is all about Politicians and their mistresses – all of who have a whole other sex life when their ‘sugar-daddy’ is elsewise engaged.  The most beautiful women in the world live in Washington DC.

When it comes to women politicians – and lets look at our own PM – it just does not work in reverse – male politicians rule when it comes to ‘power’ attractions – can you imagine any excitement if Julia was at the ready … Larry Pickering says it best … she has her own reasons for sleeping with men …

Courtesy Larry Pickering’s Cartoons:

| Author: Larry Pickering | Link to Larry’s Cartoons. |

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Lawyers – should they be banned from ever becoming Politicians?

The number of Lawyers serving as Politicians makes you wonder why they quit their real job and became politicians to begin with.

Very few gave their legal career a real go – many who tried and failed turned to politics in the hope of employ befitting their educational achievements.   The cold hard truth is that they were dud lawyers – either discovering the law was not what they thought it would be or hard it was to make a good living going cap in hand to chase business.

It can be said – Politics is where failed lawyers go – what does that say about the quality control of our politicians, and out leaders?

It is not always the case – some believe in the natural calling or public service – yea right – what easier way is there to get paid for life on a parliamentary pension with all the extra perks?  Take the ‘Headless-Chook’ PM we have at the moment – see link here to understand the ‘Headless-Chook’ title.  Ms Gillard when her term as PM is up will receive a taxpayer funded pension for life.   Mr Howard retired after his election defeat on a $330,000 pension for life – plus another $2-300,000 worth of annual costs to the taxpayer.

A complete file on Members and Senator entitlements relating to electoral and personal expense spending can be viewed using this link (PDF file)..

But back to the original thought – would our political process be better if lawyers were banned from actually becoming Members or Senators? The modern Parliamentary office of any member requires lawyers to be members of staff – the legal minefield of legislation requires it. But when these office workers set their sights on elevation to become Members and Senators themselves – this is why the quality of our politicians gets downgraded to ‘junk-bond’ status.

It’s been happening for decades – lawyers now stand toe to toe in the chamber on opposite sides and bring their lawyer sideshow to the biggest game in town. Every question is answered with a question – nobody believe they are obliged to answer the question in the context it was asked – instead it becomes a platform for party policy advancement and as the slanging goes on off microphone and camera – the Speaker has the role of playing School Headmaster to a bunch of juveniles who believe they are above the law and who think their status as Members of Parliament gives them a licence to treat the law with contempt.

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Political Leadership – how does it work?

In the last 40 odd years of Australian Politics there has not been any PM who has not been challenged from within their own party for the Leadership.

On almost all of these occasions the relationship between the Leader and the challenger has dissolved into an outright hatred and a wish for one or the other to see the others demise.  It has not always ben the Deputy PM who has made the challenge.

Working backwards a history of these political fallouts involving a PM include – Rudd/Gillard, Howard/Costello, Hawke/Keating,   there are countless Opposition and Party brawls a well.

The upshot being that once at the helm – most PM’s feel the pressure from within to remain in the position.  This has to be a distraction to running a country or Nation.

A question that comes to mind is whether each of these challengers – what is behind their aspiration to become Leader?  Is it that they believe they can do the job better – or that the Leader is not doing a good enough job?

Any explanation can be put down to self-interests and nothing to do with running the Nation.  Is Gillard a better Leader than Rudd?  Was Keating better than Hawke – would Costello have been a better Leader than Howard?

Their hypotheticals that can never be answered in truth – Rudd and Gillard being the current Leadership dispute before the Nation has its own truth and lies.   Most of Rudd’s opposition came from the Union movement because he froze out newbie Union Members from his Cabinet – i.e. Shorten and Arbib and the like.   They plotted the coup and it was SHorten’s blind ambition to promote Gillard knowing that he could take her any time he wanted.

Shorten’s timeline has been destroyed by his dalliance with a staffer who it is rumored was pregnant and had a termination.  It was reported that there was a separation and there is now a reconciliation.  This put Shortens political ambition on hold and as a result the Nation is stuck with Gillard.

One asks – would the Nation have been better served if Rudd – the elected Leader – had of remained as Leader?  The short answer has to be – yes.  Nothing Rudd did or would have done would have led the ALP to the mess it now finds itself in.  The Unions are the sharp end of their problems.  The current HSU scandal and Craig Thompson are but a short tremor to what will be unearth if a full enquiry into Union activities is undertaken.   This is where Gillard will find herself in real trouble as a result of past associations.   If this story explodes as it should, and the only thing that will stop it is a cover-up as has already been done 12 months or so ago – then the fall from grace of our political system will be complete.

How long it takes to rebuild any respect for the Government or its process is a guess at best.  Every day this debacle of a Government holds power,  represents just how far divorced these politicians are from a reality that they live in an environment where their accountability to the electorate is non-existent.

So back to the title question – how does Political Leadership work?  It doesn’t – it functions dispite all efforts to the contrary – it could be so much better if people knew their place and went about doing and playing their role without looking over their shoulder to see who is coming for their job.

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Wayne Swan – Gillards Handbag holder …

Wayne Swan’s performance in parliament is a falling star.  Under Rudd’s Leadership his performance in the House was a far cry to what he offers up under Gillard’s Leadership.

Since the latest Rudd Leadership challenge earlier this year – Swan has become more like Gillards partner Tim – a ‘handbag type accessory’. He has lost his identity – his rant against Rudd during the days leading up to that spill had most asking what prompted Swans vitriol attacks against his former friend, fellow Queenslander and former Leader.

Swan in response has become a shadow of who he once was. His ‘barking’ when called to the dispatch box makes him look arrogant beyond the electorates tolerance. He will lose his seat at the next election if the current poll numbers hold up. He suffered a 4.77% swing against at the 2010 election and holds the seat 53% to 47% …

If one was to hazzard a guess – Swan knows what dire straights the Australian economy is facing.  His magician tricks to account for a budget surplus for the 2012-3 financial year had all serious financial comentators roling in the isles.   It gives weight to the saying – ‘He with whom neither slander that gradually soaks into the mind, nor statements that startle like a wound in the flesh, are successful may be called intelligent indeed.’ –  Confucius.

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Gina Rinehart – the wicked witch from the west, or just misunderstood …

Gina Rinehart is an icon.  The ABC’s ‘4 Corners’ program Monday last [24th June 2012 – IView link] – ran a profile of her rise and her current involvement in Fairfax media and the Channel 10 network.

The story was informative as a background story in how she has arrived to where she nbow finds herself.  There is no doubt her relatuionship with the Australian media since her late father took up with his philipine house maid has been splashed to focus on the personal rather than the professional.

The slant offered is ‘tall poppy’ syndrome and whilst the gossip is titilating to those hwo live their lives on the success and failures of others – the realism is that Gina is a force few can deal with.   He sheer wealth intimidates all including the current Governemnt.  Her interest in changing the face of Australia media reporting has many affraid for their future.

She heads and pretty much stands alone as mining magnates in this land.  Clive Palmer and Twiggy Forrest are her immediate like comparissons – yet they both are in the pockets of Chinese finance and project management.  Gina stands alone – her joint ventures for current mines have given her the wealth Australia is all blown away by.  Yet the future holds more of the same.

The feud with her children over Trustee control over willed assets is a windfall for Lawyers and media gossip peddlers.  If there is a fear – and at 58 years of age – if she failed to live the long life her father had – what would become of all that Lang Hancock build and passed onto his daughter?

He physical presence is a reminder that life’s exuberances has a cost – the ‘4 Corners’ program offered enough to the enquiring mind to view what she has acheived since her fathers death and against personal odds that had media focus against her – is deserving of much more respect that is being offered.   Single handedly – the Rinehart mines and development has contributed much to Australia’s prosperity.  The comment made during the program – ‘that this personal wealth has been on the back of resources owned by all Australians’, was a cheap shot.

Whether this was a result because Rinehart refused to appear on camera is a response that comes to mind.  Its relevance to the story is out of context.   Her ritten responses to ‘4 Corners’ questions can be read on-line here (PDF file).

This is one blogger who believes in the Gina Rinehart story. Long may she help Australia to propser.

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The Media – just how far has the baton fallen?

The global integrity of the long-held respect for the press and their vocation to report the truth and to hold Government’s accountable is under serious threat.

Many believe that is has already past the point of no return.  The digital age of publication and reporting has left the newspaper print market as a paper trash pile business.

Nobody should be too suprised over the demis eof the print media – the conversation movement whilst not targeting print media specificially, was an outcome that was always going to happen.  Murdoch ans his print media empire were slow to see the writing on the wall – whilst Murdoch stayed the course – others were sucked in as well.

Journalists are under pressure to write more stories with less time for qualitive research.  In fact it was reported that up to 87% of the Age on-line content was a reproduction or refiling of stories that appeared on AAP wire services.   [See story below.]

Almost 90% of top stories on Fairfax site from AAP

| Author: heconversation.edu.au | Date: 25th June 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

Please Note: The original source of this story has withdrawn the article – please see their Web Page for details here.

News articles from wire service AAP comprised almost 90% of the top stories on The Age website and nearly 80% on the website of its sister publication The Sydney Morning Herald over a three-month period until March last year, a study of about 29,000 online articles found.

Research by University of Sydney media academics Fiona Martin and Tim Dwyer also found that four Fairfax websites, for The Age, the Herald, the Brisbane Times and WAToday, shared large amounts of content internally, in a trend away from unique, local news coverage towards more generic national content.

In the breaking news published at the top of theage.com.au, which also appears under “Top Stories” in the RSS feed, 87.5% of content was taken from AAP and run either unchanged or with additional material from a Fairfax reporter. At smh.com.au, AAP copy made up 79% of the top stories.

At each of four News Ltd sites – heraldsun.com.au, dailytelegraph.com.au, couriermail.com.au and perthnow.com.au – less than 2% of breaking news was taken from AAP, the research found.

“Without a doubt, if you cut back on journalists, this is the way you have to go, ” said Dr Martin, a Senior Lecturer in Convergent and Online Media at the University of Sydney. “Fairfax and News Ltd are not going to diminish the volume of content on their websites, and they’re not going to cut back on the rate at which they refresh content. They’re not going to cut back on the number of iPad editions they do during the day either.

“So what they will have to do is fill the holes with more general news wire material, and more copy shared from different mastheads within the organisations. It certainly has implications for the quality and diversity of news on those sites.”

Dr Martin and Dr Dwyer will publish the results of their study later in the year.

This information gives rise to ask just how much independent journalism is being undertaken in the ‘free speech’ democracy’s here in Australia and around the globe?

We all listen to news – it makes up most of our conversation in any given day – knowledge of events is what our lives crave and demand.  The question is now fast becoming – how much of the news were are being delivered is factual, relevant, and not some message agenda of a third-party with a vested interest in managing and redirecting how people respond to news and interests stories.

The greatest peddler of this agenda message comes from Governments and those who served as Leaders of our Society.

Are we fools to accept the news as it is read and believed?  Or should News cycles be allowed to be hijacked by those with an agenda to sell.  Should as with political advertising – all News stories with political or commercial interest be paraphrased by a caption outlining the News source allegiance and funding, and counter opinion offered up as a response?

Advertising revenues drives all media outlets except those owned by the Government.   Editorial content for years has been influenced by Media Barons cosy alliances with Prime Ministers and Governments, of the Opposition when those very same media interests are threatened by the incumbent Government.  To be specific – Murdoch picked sides to suit his own interests and the side he picked were happy to appease his needs and demands to win Government.   Whores and their clients comes to mind as analogy.

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Please – if any of the opinions expressed hereto raises concerns within your own belief about how this Nation is being managed, or of any other concern, please contact your State content to your Federal Member via an e-mail or a telephone call to express your concerns.

You’ll find the House of Representatives (HOR) and Senator e-mail addresses via the links below to the Australian Parliamentary website Members and Senator profiles. It is an important aspect that in our form of Democracy, that the people be heard – we should ensure the Government Representatives hear our opinions. If we stay silent, then Democracy is not served.

Use the Federal Member and Senate links below to find your Local Member. If you prefer, you can just post a comment below and let your views be heard.

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