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EYE-BALL Opinion on – The PM – Duchess Gillard – now a ‘Headless Chook’ …

– The PM – Duchess Gillard –
… now a ‘Headless Chook’ …
25th June 2012.
Anew week of Australian politics begins – Gillard has just returned from the Mexico G-20 meeting, and the Rio  Environment Summit where she not only embarrassed Australia yet again – she proved once more that on the World stage she is completely out of her depth.

Our PM is about to become a ‘Headless Chook’ – she is a dead woman in political terms who does not know she is already walking the plank.

Given the media changes happening at the moment over shareholder and ownership changes, publication modifications reflecting the digital age emergence, and the projected job losses – these are turbulent times for all media outlets and publications.  Getting anyone working at Fairfax to talk to an outsider is not easy – but what has been learnt is that our media landscape is headed for external and internal reviews and significant changes in how news is reported and delivered.   This is old news and critics of the industry say it is 5-10 years too late.

Media and news reporting standards have been questioned by this blogger for a long time – you only have to watch a replay of a press conference or report and you see the questions being put to our Leaders are nothing but ‘prop’ questions – nobody is allowed to make a fool of a politician on camera.  It’s a deal done with all journalists else you don’t get the invite to attend the next press conference.

The ‘Headless Chook’ has had her ‘ghost’s of boyfriends past’ revisit her in recent days over her involvement in the $500,000 1990’s AWU swindle.  This story did the rounds over a year ago and Gillard had it shut down and how she did that, and what she used to get Editors and media proprietors to agree to pull the story is another story in itself.  However – the story has reemerged and is being reported upon by non mainstream media over the last week or so.  This blog-site has republished the story and this week should see it reemerge in mainstream media.   That is of course if mainstream media can still be called ‘media’ charged with reporting and holding the Government to account.

Late last week the story found its way to the Senate and House of Representatives when Senator Barnaby Joyce raised questions, and dumped Attorney General ALP Member Robert McClelland alluded to a ‘get-square’ moment in the House when he raised the matter in a thinly veiled speech in the House.  See recent posts for background information – linked below –

Todays Question time – the first since this story has reemerged was expected to be colourful and eventful.  Alas – we were all disappointed.

Today’s Question time from the Government were ‘Puppet Prompt Questions’ – read from a scripted text – and asked by fellow ALP Members were nothing more that an opportunity to give the ‘headless chook’ time at the dispatch box to hold sway about her G-20 and Rio trips.  She still does not get it – Australia have stopped listening to her and every time she opens her mouth – more labour supporters defect away for her toxic ‘headless chook’ blood spill.

Both Swan – the Micky Mouse Treasurer – and the ‘Headless Chook’ spent the first 45 odd minutes of Question time selling themselves and reading rhetoric to reinforce their opinion of how good the Carbon Tax is and how good our economy is.   The ‘snipe’ and more ‘snipe’ responses aimed at the Opposition and returned in kind makes watching Question Time a painful experience.

All the Opposition asked were some questions on the Alcoa bailout abd on the hour – Mr Abbott introduced his 61st motion to ‘suspend standing orders’ – bringing and end to Question time.

Today – a day after the 2nd anniversary of the fateful 24th June, 2010 public assassination of the former PM Kevin RUDD – the ‘Headless Chook’ is now finding her way down a plank to where all her fellow ALP the sharks are circling to deliver her the same prod and free-fall descent to oblivion.   And, among them all there is not a Leader to assume the mantle unless they go back to RUDD.

Why would he want it is the obvious question – Ministers Swan, Bourke, Roxon, Plibesek, Bowen, Conroy, Shorten, Crean, Wong and many others would all have go as Ministers, or be on notice that that they would be gone before the next election.   This is not possible – but the alternative is more unpalatable – Labour is a carcass and the sharks are feeding on its remains.

If the Opposition had a half decent Leader – it would already be over.  It is irony that Abbott’s equal failure to connect with the electorate is the only reason the ‘Headless Chook’ is still around.

This ‘Duchess’ was never a ‘blue-blood’ – her Labour roots were about who she had to sleep with to get pre-selection and advance her cause to get into politics.  Her career as posted on the Parliamentary website describes her history before she entered politics as posted below:

Party positions

  • ALP State Conference Delegate (Vic) and various branch positions from 1982.
  • President, ALP Carlton Branch 1985-89.
  • Co-Convener, Affirmative Action Working Party 1993-94.
  • Member, Administrative Committee (Vic) 1993-97.


  • Born 29.9.1961, Barry, Wales, UK.

Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament

  • BA, LLB (Melb).
  • Solicitor 1987-95; Partner 1990-95.
  • Chief of Staff to the Victorian Leader of the Opposition, J Brumby, MLA 1995-98.

This resume of achievements prior to being elected to the HOR’s in 1998 would suggest that Ms Gillard never left the Union ranks – her Slater and Gorton partnership was where the AWU scandal got her into trouble.  She commented when this story was first picked up by the media 12 months or so ago that she was ‘young and naive’.  A partner at Slater and Gorton and she claimed to be ‘young and naive’.   Perhaps she was – and if we take her at her word – then what is she doing as the PM of Australia.  What has we all learnt since if not that she is still ‘young and naive’.

Upon further research at the Melbourne University where she is glorified as a product of the University – two other famous Labour Ministers’ Gareth Evans and Barry Jones also attended Melbourne University – as did some other prominent Politicians.  Please read their University Bio’s and Ms Gillard’s below:

Gareth Evans

| Link to On-Line Story. |

Gareth Evans studied arts and law at the University of Melbourne before completing an MA in politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford. He became a member of staff in the Law School, teaching constitutional law in 1971-6. He also practised as a barrister, specialising in industrial law.

As a member of the Australian Senate and later the House of Representatives from 1978 to 1999, Evans held several portfolios but was best known as Minister for Foreign Affairs (1988-96) in the Hawke and Keating Labor governments. He took a key role in the development of the United Nations peace plan for Cambodia and the creation of APEC, the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-Operation forum.

Evans’ work in international affairs continued after his retirement from parliament in 1999. He was a member of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission and the United Nations Secretary General’s High Level Panel on Threats Challenges and Change, and chaired the World Economic Forum Peace and Security Expert Group. He has been President and Chief Executive of the International Crisis Group since 2000. He was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Laws by the University of Melbourne in 2002.


Barry Jones

| Link to On-Line Story. |

Barry Jones studied arts and law at the University of Melbourne in the early 1950s. He worked as a secondary school teacher, but unexpectedly became famous as a TV quiz champion. His campaigning against the death penalty in Victoria led to his resignation from the state Education Department in 1967. He taught history at La Trobe University and was one of Australia’s first talkback radio hosts.

A long-time member of the Australian Labor Party, Jones was elected to the Victorian parliament in 1972 and moved to the federal parliament in 1977. He held several ministerial positions from 1983 to 1990 in the Hawke Labor government. His intellectual credentials as Minister for Science were demonstrated in his widely-read 1982 book, Sleepers Wake: Technology and the Future of Work, but his goals were often frustrated by the government’s other priorities.

No longer a minister after 1990, Jones was National President of the ALP from 1992 to 2000 and again in 2005-06. The wide range of his interests was reflected in his publications (including Barry Jones’ Dictionary of World Biography) and his service for national and international organisations. He was deputy chairman of the Constitutional Convention on the Republic in 1997-98, president of the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science, and an executive board member of UNESCO, among many other appointments.

Jones was named as a National Living Treasure by the National Trust. His name is recognised in Barry Jones Bay in the Australian Antarctic Territory and Yalkaparidon jonesi, an extinct marsupial. In 2005 he became a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Melbourne.


Julia Gillard

| Link to On-Line Story. |

Julia Gillard is a graduate of the University of Melbourne in both law (1987) and arts (1990). At Melbourne, and earlier at the University of Adelaide, Gillard was active in student politics. She was president of both the Adelaide University Union and the Australian Union of Students.

One of the first female partners in the law firm Slater & Gordon at the age of 29, she specialised in industrial law. She became chief of staff to the State Leader of the Opposition, John Brumby, and was one of the founders of the Emily’s List network for ALP women.

Gillard was elected to the federal parliament in 1998, winning the seat of Lalor on the retirement of Barry Jones. Quickly promoted to Labor’s leadership group, she developed significant new policies as spokesperson on immigration, and then on health. She became Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Labor’s Shadow Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations in 2006.

Following the ALP victory in the federal election of 2007, Julia Gillard became the first woman to serve as Deputy Prime Minister. In June 2010, following the resignation of Kevin Rudd, she became the first woman appointed as Prime Minister of Australia.


When each of these three bio’s are read – if your were to ask who was more qualified to be a Prime Minister – and who was least qualified – the ‘Headless Chook’ must comes last – yet she is our Leader … how far the quality has fallen – mediocrity is the norm these days and it shows.  Evans and Jones were scholars in a class of their own when compared to Ms Gillard.

With a ‘Headless Chook’ for a PM – where can Australia go from here?  Her ‘toxic’ blood spill has infected her whole Cabinet – and from outside the Cabinet ranks there is but one choice – Kevin RUDD.  If it happens – what will the last two years have been for?  Labour Member egos all wanting a tilt at the top job.

Someone once said to me – ‘know your limitations’ – the inference being don’t step outside what you know you’re good at.  Each of the ALP stooges below probably think they have a shot – tell me who you could see as a PM and a Leader out of this bunch of Ministers:  Link to Current Government Ministry:

  1. Wayne Swan
  2. Stephen Conroy
  3. Stephen Smith
  4. Simon Crean
  5. Bill SHorten
  6. Greg Combet
  7. Chris Bowen
  8. Warren Snowden
  9. Tony Bourke
  10. Anthony Albanese
  11. Nicola Roxon
  12. Jenny Macklin
  13. Craig Emerson
  14. Penny Wong
  15. Tania Plibesek
  16. Peter Garret
  17. Martin Ferguson
  18. Kim Carr

Could anyone of these names qualify for the PM job – hardly and try keeping a straight face at the same time when you imagine them as the PM.  They are all pretenders and many have overreached already in career terms.

The question remains – if not Gillard, nor Rudd then who … and that is about where the ALP caucus is in it’s own determination – they won’t have RUDD back, at least not yet – and there is nobody else … so we are left with a ‘headless chook’ to run the country.  No bloody wonder the electorate has hit the panic button.


Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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