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EYE-BALL Opinion on – The PM – Duchess Gillard – A Peddler of Truth – or just a GRUB without morality!

– The PM – Duchess Gillard –
A Peddler of Truth – or just a GRUB without morality!
12th June 2012.
Monday last – (10th June 2012) – the ABC’s ‘QandA’ program gave the Duchess a free PR opportunity to further enhance her status and almost irretrievable popularity.

Normally the guest panel numbers five (5), Gillard had the privilege of facing the audience alone.

At first impressions the audience seemed overawed by the occasions and the questions asked were never a threat to the PM.  One has to question whether the ABC offered Gillard this ‘free air’ time to self-promote as some offset for future funding or other backroom deal.  The presentation was just another soapbox moment in allowing Gillard to have free will to sell the ALP brand and her own brand during a challenging time for her and her party.If the audience were ABC selected – the ‘soft-cock’ tippy toe strength to the question and the questioner was a waste of time.  If the ABC sought to have profile and knowledgeable persons asking real questions about real issues, would the PM have agreed to present herself for ‘target questioning’?

There was one question early in the program about whether it was easier for a woman to stab a PM in the back to get to the top job?  Her response was illuminating – she said something similar to – ‘when someone wants to be PM, to go after it is something you have to do … blah … blah …’.

It was the meaning in the response – politicians want to top job – yet the best Leaders are always reluctant Leaders – yet Gillard was alluding that the top job is something they all seek when they go into politics.

This was insightful – if every MP wants to be the PM – are they all not budding chiefs and the indians are few and far between?

It appears that this is a game and Gillard plays the game.  Public Service is about humility, the doing for others, and self-sacrifice.  The impression Gillard gave was that she entered politics wanting the top job as her priority.  This illuminates something about her inner persona … she is not so much about the giving but the taking, and the pursuit of her ego’s own ambition that has seen her seek Leadership on the basis of position and station – as opposed to what good she brings to the table as the PM and Leader of the Nation.


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