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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Be Carefull What You Wish For … Women’s Equality and its cost on society …

Be Carefull What You Wish For …
Women’s Equality and its cost on society …
4th June 2012.
Before you dismiss the title as some cheap nasty crack at women and all have me hung drawn and quartered – please take a few minutes to consider the opinion put forth.  It might just offer some insight to what the ‘feminist’ movement is responsible for, and where it might be headed.

A story over the last few days has focused on the imminent 11% increase in ‘child-care’ costs.  This is not something new – it’s a yearly cost increase and not often matched by the Government when it considers child-care rebates. In any Government Policy initiative – there is always the carrot to appease the masses, and then there is the reality.  One is a short-term bribe, the other the long-term consequences.

To expand further on this let us go back in time a little and revisit the 80’s when the feminist movement was in full swing.  (There have been several periods in the last 100 odd years where the feminist movement has been in ‘full-swing’ – I am only referring to the period of my generation in this context.)

Let me first ask you a question – do you love your children?   I’m asking this question to those who have children in child-care at the moment. The follow-up question is would you rather be at home raising your own children, or out in the workforce trying to help make ends meet?  (Hint – there is no real correct answer to this question – it’s a conscience question.)

It might seem an innoxious question – but it is at the heart of all that is human, the human need to nurture, and more importantly to nurture ones own child.

How did we get to a place where the mad rush of a morning is to get the children to child-care on time, and still not be late for work?

How did the Government hood-wink all the stay at home moms and dads that they had to go back to work and yield the child nurturing to a bunch of child-minders?

Was it out of financial necessity – or was it because this modern-day style of living turned everybody selfish to their own wants and needs?

There is no conscionable reason to excuse anybody into abandoning their child and allowing others to take responsibility for the care of that child.  Do you think there is anybody out there who will take better care of your child?

OK – let’s look at this from another perspective.

Home ownership still remains the dream of all young Australians with young children. House affordability is at crisis levels in this Nation. Read the ABC story on this below: [Linked On-line here.]

Housing affordability reaching crisis levels

| Posted March 29, 2012 | By business reporter Michael Janda |

The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) national conference has heard that the lack of affordable housing has reached crisis levels.

Housing experts say there is a shortfall of tens of thousands of social housing homes – a number that will grow unless funding increases.

The new Housing Minister Brendan O’Connor told the conference he was there to take suggestions about how to tackle Australia’s housing affordability problems.

He said the Government needed to explore future options “with an opening and enquiring mind”.

But his open mind closed quickly when it came to the question of reducing negative gearing and capital gains tax concessions.

“The fact is that there are some things that the Government will not, at this point, consider,” he said.
Audio: Tax changes urged to address housing crisis (PM)

“The Treasurer made it very clear that he expressly excluded some of those matters to which you refer. I understand that disappoints some people, but our view is that we can focus on a whole range of other issues.”

…. click here to read more

You get the drift right … house prices go up on demand, fewer houses being built and fewer State and Federal subsidised housing commission or affordable housing projects being built, all means that urban residential house prices have to rise.

Let me give you a real example – in the early 90’s and during the ‘recession we had to have’ during the aftermath of the Oct ’87 equities crash, housing prices stalled. [See chart below]

Housing affordability reaching crisis levels

| Link to Source of Chart | by Erik Hupje on October 21, 2009 |

This chart clearly shows the ‘stall’ in property prices during the late 80’s and early 90’s.  From the mid-nineties property exploded as did the equity markets, and for those who could afford to buy property – all was good.

It was around this time that families made conscience decisions as to whether both parents should work so they could ‘buy’ their family home.

It is this timing in history where the future will haunt us all – as a society and with the Governments short-sightedness on the long-term impact of putting children into ‘child-care’, that we as a Nation of civilised people chose all else above the future welfare of our children.

This decision made with incentive offerings from the Government – their outcome was 4 million or so extra taxpayers – of course they had to find the jobs and so the ‘part-time’ full-time workforce became of things and the way families were able to buy a family home.

Nearly 20 years on – what do we have?

Record debt levels, home loans, credit cards, personal loans, store credit cards, and the credit on demand lifestyle.  The by product is that as much as the family earned – they spent more.  In a vast number – families have lost everything chasing the dream of home ownership – and it has been the cost of keeping the family home that sees the beginning of these meltdowns.  In a very high percentage of homes purchased in the last decade,  the debt exceeds the house value.

Young families were encouraged to buy housing with 100% financing, first home owners grants from the Government, no real credit checks, and an income/expenditure that only worked when the second income was added.

Millions of families were enticed to put their child care responsibilities in the hands of complete strangers so they could go back to work.

As a society that places the highest value on child safety and security – how as a collective group af moms and dads, and with Governments urging you all along the way – could people make such a choice?

Was the family home that necessary – was there no other option?

All of the above is true – and the legacy for the future generations is in how children have grown up without any nurtured bonding with their parents – these same children are now a part of the ‘divorced-family’ syndrome.

Divorce – another legacy of the ‘both-parents’ needing to work to provide for their family syndrome.  The conundrum was that parents forged new relationships within their place of work and this led to a selfish choice to abandon their family unit and seek a different life.  The truth is that the financial gain from going back to work never really matched the responsibility of the sacrifice in the first place.

The Government rebates on child-care never kept up with increased costs.  Families fell behind and that financial burden and pressure left families shattered – divorce became the norm.   The Government is not responsible for the divorce rates climbing – but they surely were asleep at the wheel when looking at the long term problems sending both parents out to work was going to cause.

Wives who were fed up with the tight family budget under financial duress, and their internal struggle with the natural urges to want to shop and spend – and now with access to the husbands superannuation they decided that the work thing was better than raising children – and besides the children were now at school and could take care of themselves.   The Wives craved freedom – and off to the courts they went.

Some 15 years later – society is a shambles.

Children of divorced parents are now in the same financial trap wanting to provide for their own children and that brings us back to the latest story about the imminent 11% increase in child-care costs.  [See story below.]

Child care costs up 11pc, union says

| Posted June 03, 2012 16:09:59 |

The union representing childcare workers says the Federal Government must overhaul its funding system to ease financial pressure on staff and parents.

United Voice says average childcare costs have risen by more than 11 per cent across the country in the past year, despite most workers living on the minimum wage.

The union’s assistance secretary, Sue Lines, says the Government must increase funding and ensure it is being fairly distributed.

“Parents want affordability and they’re being priced out of the market,” she said.

“Educators, who care and educate our next generation of adult Australians, are being forced to leave because they can’t afford to stay.”

And she says some parents are being stung more than others.

Some areas are being hit a lot more. The capital cities particularly tend to have higher increases and Tasmania has seen the highest increase, it’s up around 16 per cent,” she said.

Read story on-line here:

If you ask me – some 30 odd years ago when the feminist movement was again gaining momentum – I call this the ‘womans sexual revolution period’ – blame it all on the ‘pill’ if you like, another mans invention that had reverse effects.  Anyway – women weren’t quite sure how to organise themselves, or what it was that they actually wanted from life i.e. motherhood, career, of someone to take care of them financially etc …

Someone stepped up and said, ‘lets send them all out to work’.

The next question was how do we do that – how do we get women to want to go back to work thus abandoning their mother instincts inbred over millions of years to raise and nurture their children?

Was it a strike for women’s equality that they could demand and compete in the workforce – at what cost – look to the generations of children since and tell me that this Nation is better off.  That the children of today will look back on time and treat their parents and elders with respectful existence.

It is evidenced today in that parents are being dumped in aged care homes, stripped of their wealth and assets, and left to die amidst a lonely and mentally anguished existence.   It’ll be worse in another 40 years.

Don’t even go there in blaming the children and the children to follow for this self-inflicted cheapening of life and its true value.

This was a deed done and of societies own making.  As an educated Nation – we’re a pretty dumb lot.

It is simple – life is the key and that depends on family – you kill off the family bit by bit with cash incentives, and making them feel they have to compete in a global economy where nobody has any answers that will work over the long-term – the outcome will not be pretty.

We’re there now – look to a classroom and have the children where both natural parents are still together show their hands – the change around has happened in a single generation – my generation and I know and feel the pain of it all.

So this next nail in the coffin of the ‘family’ – how will the family survive with an 11% increase in child-care costs?

The Government can be likened to a ‘glacier’ – slow-moving and once set in motion can never be halted – the direction it takes is reactive to the terrain and conditions at the time … all like Governments.  The only way to stop a glacier on a collision course to somewhere you don’t want it to go – is to take drastic, and physical action.  What will it take to have Governments wind back the clock and restart, or develop policies for the future that respects the value of the family, and returns the raising of children back to the parents.  If you don’t want to look after your children – don’t have any.

Household income splitting is one option – an oldie but still an answer that will provide incentives and allow a parent to stay at home.

Force employers to establish child-care facilities at work – provide tax incentives to do so and the outcome will be that parents are only a room or two from their children.  This is already happening in large Corporations – and whether it is a real answer only time will tell. This works for children younger than school age.

I’m sure that if we really thought about winding back the clock, policies can be formulated – if you have suggestions, please use the links below to let your local member know.

In the span of total history – this blimp will be remembered as the era in the history of humans as the generation that gave up our children for 40 pieces of silver.


To have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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  1. League Leg End
    June 4, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    The extra marital affair between Andrew Ettinghausen and Paul Mellor’s wife was featured several times in the paper over the week end. Note that I have just referred to the two men involved. Paul Mellor’s wife doesn’t appear to have her own name.

    Mellor and ET were previously best mates. Monique Ettinghausen is attempting to save the marriage. ET is being treated for “Dissociative disorder” ????????? Monique has arranged for the Ettinghausen’s to tell their side of the story through Women’s Weekly.

    Bettina Arndt wrote a piece on why men philander. If all men are philanderers then who do they philander with? So much of the entire debate is media beat up, and told to those most prone to take satisfaction in knowing, and propensity to gossip.

    Something tells me, Ms Mellor does have a christian name, and something tells me if we care at all, maybe she should be allowed to defend herself. She has a soul too.

    I need to find out when this Women’s Weekly scoop is due to be released. Damn it, it is already on the street.

  2. HissyFit
    June 4, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    The obvious question from your post EYE-BALL is what came first – the chicken of the egg …

  3. HissyFit
    June 4, 2012 at 2:47 pm

    Then of course there is the ’cause and effect’ debate … nobody is responsible – previous Government policies – who wears the responsibility – man was meant to spread his seed – and women were to choose the worthy one to bear offspring …

    That gene pool equation is now done in test tubes … how long before man is truly obsolete?

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