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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – NRL – Broncos Round 12 wrap …

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NRL – Broncos Round 12 wrap …
The continued split rounds saw some teams fail to live up to their position on the ladder – and others prove the value of backing up players after SOO over the weekend.

The Titans had Bird and Myles back-up and their value in their win was a big factor.  The Cowboys backed up all their players, Thurston, Scott, and Tamou, and they seemed to fatigue in the second part of the game allowing the Tigers to run out worthy winners with NSW SOO hooker Farrah playing a big part.

The Storms big three, Slater, Cronk and Smith hardly got out of second gear to down a lackluster and pitiful Broncos.  Gillet and Hanney – reserve players for QLD SOO backed up for the Broncos, Hodges, Thaiday and Petro were not selected to play.

Souths ran rampant with Inglis and Taylor showing what SOO backup can do – Shillington was the only Canberra SOO player backing.

Parramatta put in a bigger effort, but St George were just strong enough to tease Parramatta fans to the point of suicidal frustrations.   Hayne and Creagh were the backup players in that game.

But Let me talk more about the continued demise of Anthony Griffin as the Coach of the Broncos.  Winger Copley again showed by his performance on Friday night why he is the worst winger in the NRL – and what is most surprising is that Coach Griffin continues to play him.

On two occasions when the Broncos were attacking the Storm in their 22 – Copley ran himself out of room and never bothered to come back inside or make an effort to stay in the play ss the backline move developed – the ball had not got to him so he just pulled up.  On one occasion when the Storm player intercepted the ball he just turned around and watched him dash for the tryline at the other rend of the field.  Gillet almost pull off the tackle of the century chasing this winger down from center field.   Where was Copley – walking back to his tryline some 60m away – that was the moment Griffin should have seen the light on Copley and made a note that this guy is just not up to this leverl of football.

The other occasion was when in an attacking play where the fullback ran after a pre-determined kick – Copley just stayed on his wing and watched the play – never thinking that he should perhaps cover the fullback position if the Storm gathered the ball and made a break – Copley again just stood there and watch Slater run away and score the try.  He has the football instincts of a moosehead.  In the run of general play – it is obvious that nobody wants to pass him the ball – past records show he drops to ball more often than not when the line is wide open.

There has to be a reason why Griffin keeps him in the side – please tell us all what that is.

So many Broncos players had a bad night.  Gillet – what the fuck is he doing in the centers – all his potency is nullified out there – in defence he is an easy mark  and in attack – the ball only comes his way when he goes looking for it at dummy-half of back among the forwards.  All his early season form has gone – his timing on the big hits is no longer there – and its been six odd games since he has damaged the line in any way.,   His early season form and impact was off the bench – since he began starting his contribution has been nullified.

Storm won at will and it was a very lopsided contest – The Sharks beat them without Gallen, the Bulldogs made it a very tight contest – so where do the Broncos fair on the ladder – their cost 2nd spot is all a fallacy on last Friday nights form.

Hoffman is also off the boil – his sideways running makes him an easy target – Cory Norman after showing early season form has become pedestrian.  A stat all season has been the teams failure to convert field position into points.  They have dominated possession and field position and never come up with the goods.  They can have 3-4 repeat sets and never score.  The attacking structure in the opposition 22 is woeful – and the defence’s task is made easy because there is no creativity in the plays being put together.

Wallace was the team in the first part of the season and was the automatic NSW SOO half-back.  His injury showed up just how much defence ehe gets through.  Norman was lost without him – and his Friday night performance reflected the weeks out of the game.  The forwards have been the mainstay all season – something new for the Broncos – Maguire being the standout – Cory Parker is in coast mode and his kicking against Manly cost the game.   Hannet is hot and cold and had a shocker in defence on Friday night – Thaiday is there in defence but his attack is not – ever since Gillet started to play center – the forwards have looked pedestrian in attack.

The Broncos will slide down the ladder in coming weeks and unless Griffin gets rid of Copley and gets his attack more structured in the opposition 22 then the early season promise will have been for nothing.

If Griffin has a master plan over his resting of SOO players – it is not a plan that has ever worked in the past.   look to all the other teams and see hom many SOO players were rested.  Hodges, Petro and Thaiday would not have stopped the Storm on Friday night.  The players just did not turn up to play – and that is the Coach’s problem.

There are a number of teams in this competition who only fill up the numbers – The Broncos are only a game or two away from becoming also rans this season.  That is how important last Friday’s game loss was.


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