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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl – The Australian ALP Government – worse than Bikie Gangs …

May 8, 2012
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The Australian ALP Government –
… more corrupt and worse than Bikie Gangs …
The expectation surrounding todays House of Representatives session held great promise.  Yet – the reality of what is happening dictates an immediate update.

The first order of business for this day saw The Speaker – Peter Slipper stand aside as Speaker holding all his rank and privilege.  The Deputy Speaker took the chair.  After some acknowledgments for former deceased members, and public citizens of note, the Opposition moved a motion to debate the Speaker roll. It was defeated with a tied vote of 72 – 72, and when the Deputy Speaker refused to, or as protocol dictated, cast a vote – the motion was therefore defeated as there was no clear majority.

Next was a similar ‘suspension of standing orders’ motion targeted at the Member for Dobell – Mr Craig Thompson. We are at the 90 min mark of this sitting and the seconding of the motion has just been completed. The Government is now responding.  The Member for Bradshaw on the Opposition bench was evicted from the House during the motion debate and this then made the vote a formality.  It went 72-70 to the Government with an abstention within the Coalition.

All this happened was happening on what the ALP called the most important sitting day of the Government – Budget Day.  The House now moves to the Budget session tonight.

The Manager for Opposition Business the Member for Stuart – Mr Pyne, did well in presenting his case.   The vote on all these motions came down to whether the cross benches crossed the floor and vote in favour of the motion.  They did not – it also allowed any Member of the ALP serving in the Parliament to stand up and reject the ongoing corruption this Government is being charged with.  They also did not.

Not all that surprising given the heavy reliance on the ‘presumption of innocence’ all lawyers like to invoke.  To have deemed the Members in question on the back of media speculation would not be fair.  But if they are found guilty – then the whole of the ALP Members will be tarred with guilt.  Very little real data is i the public domain.  The MP’s have all the evidence and their opinion is to wait and see if a Prosecutor can prove a case.

That is not justice being served because evidence is being destroyed over the last 3 years in Craig Thompson’s case – and Slipper has several previous allegations against him for similar breeches to which he has had to repay $10’s thousands of overspending on the taxpayers dime.

Morally – Independents Winsor and Oakshott are the easy targets – Wilkie crossed the floor and The Greens Brandt stayed with the ALP.

The bigger question is that the Labour MP’s all supported the vote against the motions thus supporting Peter Slipper and Craig Thompson. This is the core reason why Gillard is seen as a ‘whore’ in her efforts to remain at the Lodge.

There is no circumstances in which she sees her Leadership as PM as inappropiate.  What do the Australian people now do that Parliamentary Members we elected could not do to protect this Government’s integrity.

Here is some humour to help you deal with the ‘spittin’ chips’ feeling I share with all of you.

Larry’s latest cartoons are published below: [click on image to visit Larry’s Facebook page to view all his cartoons.]





There is much hilarity in Larry’s portrayal of a Government lurching form one disaster to another.   It may be that an Egypt type protest is necessary to send the message needed to make this Government step outside of itself and look at itself from where we have to look.  Nobody has any respect for the ‘bitch’ – the ‘wabbly wallaby’ – the ‘Labour Unionist tart’ who slept her way to pre-selection,  the ‘passed around mole’ that former lovers discuss in private hate sessions, the trollop who uses her ‘ass’ to waddle as Australia’s ambassador to the World … fuck-off Julia … if someone was to wish you harm – I would not stand in their way …


Please use the Federal Member links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about these matters and any other matter that you think worth mentioning – or if you want you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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  1. Firecracker
    May 8, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    If any of these corrupted officials from Ministers, Parliamentary staff, to Union Administrators were ordinary ‘Joe’ citizens – their crimes would have them already arrested and facing court … Justice is not equal – Laywer Politicians look after each other because their own snots are deep into the gravy ride …

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