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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – State of Origin – 2012 – NSW can only Dream …

May 6, 2012
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State of Origin – 2012 – NSW can only Dream …
Since the last post on the 2012 SOO – NSW players in contention have all began to feel the pressures – niggle injuries have suddenly become game stoppers.  If you ask me none of them want to be a part of another humiliation.

The QLD boys go from strength to strength and Prior’s attempt to take out Thurston in Friday night’s game will see him spend 3-4 weeks on the bench.  The STorm are unstoppable and their core three, Smith, Cronk and Slater will all be there to create more misery for NSW.

As stated repeatedly since last season – Ricky Stuart’s appointment is where NSW erred from the outset.  Nobody can deny his enthusiasm but what is needed is a dose of reality.   You cannot turn the NSW base of players into supermen up against the best team ever.   You coud pick four Australian teams outside the QLD SOO team and they would never win a game against the QLD’s.  Even a World team would be overrun.

One NSW supporter has capitulated – he has confided that this season is the weakest NSW team possible.  He rates a 3-0 QLD result as the best bet of the year.

Another NSW supporter says it like this – the next 3-4 immortals are currently playing in this QLD team – what chance does NSW have against that?

NSW’s problems are real – do they pick untried players and risk severe mental anguish and render them exposed to becoming the same zombies that have gone around for the last six years.   Ricky Stuart on the ‘Footy Show’ this morning is out there trying to sell tickets to the Sydney game.   A brave attempt but even NSW fans are deserting their team’s chances.

Stuart talked about utility players being his focus – he’s pulling straws out of a hat – he has no idea and nobody wants to go near the NSW team for risk of the fallout … in fact you can compare the NSW SOO team to the NSW and QLD Labour Government chances before their last elections.

The next worst selection is Mitchell Pearce at halfback – in no game at SOO level has he outplayed his opposite number – he struggles to give his Roosters club that ‘x’ factor.  He’s a solid halfback but measure his opposition 22 conversion rate for tries scored against opportunities – and you understand the problem.

This is what made ‘Alfie’ Langer a great – his strike rate was often above 50% – these days going to the air is about the only option players like Pearce and other ‘solid’ halfbacks can offer.  Lockyer had it, Cronk has it as does Thurston …

Modern footy is about having ‘IQ’ players – forwards who know where to be positional in a set play – timing their runs under fatigue duress, and being able to count tackles to drive the ruck to suit their kickers.   The teams at the bottom of the ladder need to send their forwards back to school – and as this ‘IQ’ test becomes more entrenched in the game – the transfers sees the dumber forwards filtering down to the Clubs who don’t understand the changes in the game.

Take Parramatta – their forward IQ would be challenged by kindergarten kids … but then they have ‘game day’ protests going on against the Coach.  But how dumb is that.

The QLD SOO forward pack all have football IQ’s way above their counterparts – and they all come from clubs where Coaches understand the IQ test measure.  Ricky Stuart has yet to discover the IQ test level – that is why QLD will make it ‘7-Zip’.


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  1. League Leg End
    May 7, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    You make about as much sense as Federal Parliament.

    NSW has Carney and Pearce at halves. The 2 Stewart brothers are both right to resume their Rep honours. Hooker is a problem, There is no reason to re cycle either Ennis or Farah.

    The loss of Gidley and Buderis is felt, but com’n Buderis at 34 is hardly a longer term solution.

    Stuart claims that a match in Melbourne is a home match. Tricky is a funny fella. He is hell bent on trying to get QLD off foot. Create a diversion. Don’t let the NSW players play the match before kick off.

    As for immortals it is simply presentation stuff. A died in the wool Knight will tell you it is Joey Johns. A Qld’er will say it is Darren Lockyer. There are other opinions.

    Not even Mal Meninga is stupid enough to speculate on QLD winning 3 nil. Selection is a fortnight away. Manly get a good go at the Broncos this Friday night at Suncorp.

    Hayne will probably start from the bench or wing. Stuart will want an all rounder on the bench. With Gallen playing 80 minutes it gives him the option of an attacking player from the bench.


  2. Snoop-Poop
    May 7, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    You know what – in life there are those who stick their head in the ground and beg to get it up the ass – then there are those who see what they want to see and they beg to get blindsided, and then there are those who look at the world as it really is – and they are the ones that shall inherit it all.

    To be a BLUE’s fan is to embrace cockaroaches – to love them … and if thet makes you cringe – then you are no fan. We love cane toads north of the border – we freeze them and use em as golf balls … toads feed on caokaroaches … they munch – similar to how QLD forwards feast on the fear the NSW forwards offer up every year …

    It does not matter – you could enlist superheros and they still would not know what it is to pull on the maroon jumper .. “QLEENSLANDER” is our cry and and for six years it has been heard all over NSW … you want it – turn up to play …

  3. League Leg End
    May 7, 2012 at 11:01 pm

    So how many times have you copped it up the ass recently. You clearly have your head in the ground and are begging for it. Cooper Cronk has not been thoroughly tested at Origin intensity, and frankly that is also were Melbourne are vunerable. Lockyer is gooooonnnne!

  4. Snoop-Poop
    May 8, 2012 at 12:01 am

    The way it is there are those who give it and those who take it – NSW are the takers and QLD are the givers … for six years !!!

    It’s gotta be getting a bit sore and worn … but the real fun is seeing players like Priddis having to handle the big guys … ouch that’s gotta cause some real serious pain …

    As for Cronk … been a star every time he came on as a SOO bench player … he’ll do fine … he can even play ‘hooker’ if he had to …

    Naaa … same old story … NSW’s are all PI’s … premature ejaculators … they always go off early …

  5. david the pragmatist
    May 9, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    Well Snoop Poops observations apart from being inflammatory are basically right. THis will be the weakest NSW side since the 6 years of hell has begun.
    What does NSW do ? well if you are in prison and have no way out, you take it up the arse, if you have no choice.
    The only thing i can suggest is that we note all the comments and develop long memories, this said i am not sure that the passion exists for NSW to fight, rather smile and turn the other cheek. Maybe having sympathy come your way is something the blues can take pride in. I am a Parramatta supporter and am noticing people that hate the club are starting to feel sorry for us. Everyone used to hate Manly and they are reasonably popular again, so the wheel can turn!
    I will watch the games with the same interest and enthusiasm as I am a true supporter of the game, I am not sure how the not true supporters will vote, presumably with their feet.

    There is no answer to QLD,s dominance, they are better in every department rightfully Smith, Thurston,Ingliss and Slater will go down as greats and be worthy contenders for immortal status in years to come. As a NSW supporter I could not support Johns as an immortal and suggest that Lockyer is. Meninga was an outstanding player as were many others of these eras but realistically its like comparing great racehorses with champions. Immortals are few and far between Phar Lap, Tulloch,Peter Pan, Black Caviar,Bernborough, Kingston Town. Then there are the very good horses who were champions of there era Might and Power, Sunline,Vain, Manikato, Luskin Star and many more of this level not listed here that my memory stops at. This is the best example I can use as an analogy of what I am saying with footballers. In saying and comparing league greats I would not have Langlands and Beetson as immortals, as great a players as they were. Ah! memories to have 4 current players in the QLD side that could be one day realistically put in that position, not mentioning Lockyers
    retirement says it all.

    Lap it up QLD every dog has his day and your days with this side are great!

  6. Rookie Bookie
    May 9, 2012 at 11:02 pm

    At this early stage I would rate Qld at $1.66 to win the first game which implies the Blues backers need to get $2.50. The same holds for the series. As for Qld winning 3 zip I would want to achieve close to $5 to back them.

    The current chatter that Gould is ready to release Jennings from Penrith while Stuart believes he will be selected for SOO despite playing in State Cup this weekend is just too hard to work through. Basically Jennings has 2 weeks to establish his market value.

    There are not serious odds available until the actual player line up are announced. Don’t be too precocious yet.

  7. League Leg End
    May 10, 2012 at 7:16 am

    Go Rookie.

    Snoopy ain’t precocious, he is as one eyed and as silly as Alfie Langer.


  8. Snoop-Poop
    May 10, 2012 at 8:41 am

    I agree with the 3 – Zip odds calculation – just try and find a bookie prepared to offer that price .. which means the $1.65 is great value … put your house on it …

  9. Snoop-Poop
    May 10, 2012 at 8:48 am

    As league greats go – Alfie was the best or all of them … not bad company … even if it means walking into a overhand on SOO eve as he did at a racecourse all those years ago …

    Like the story about Ray Higgs – another great Q’lder …

    Eels Coach Jack Gibson said to Higgs one morning at training – ‘go tackle that Power Pole over there – I’m sick of you beating up on my other forwards …’

    Higgs replied – ‘do you want me to sink my teeth in as well’.

    The breed ’em tough north of the border – not the silk sheet baby steps kid gloves handling the NSW players prefer. They all want to suck their mamma’s teat after a SOO game … such is the shell shock.

    Gallen doesn’t want to have to carry his team all over again just to lose .. is injury will flare again as it gets closer …

    Hayne is playing poorly – all because he does not want to play Origin … Jennings was always a ‘cat’ – and is running scared at the thought of Inglis charging at him – he’s gone back to Reserves to think about his future.

    Hell if Stuart knew his team was a bunch of skirts … he would be happy to wear one as well …

  10. Snoop-Poop
    May 10, 2012 at 9:18 am

    “hear all the comments and develop long memories” – well David NSW should be so lucky … you’d think that yearly hidings would be a motivator … but to forget is not to learn …and whilst you advocate the development of ‘long memories’ – it is for a different reason – a reason to ‘crow’ once the pendulum swings – if it ever does …

    No … NSW have no idea … and because the contest result is a matter of course – the sniff they get at times during a series – is just the exhale Queenslander’s give them to see their spirits rise just so they can knock them over again.

    Meninga’s style of coaching is enforced mental therapy for the opposition ..

    David – you have come to the ‘bright’ side … the ‘dark’ side is for – ‘those who are so blind they cannot see’ – you at least have opened your eyes …

  11. League Leg End
    May 10, 2012 at 9:32 am

    Can we sum this up as the 16 stone morons v the 95kg svelte atheletes, David v Goliath. Gallen v Taylor. SOO is often called the gladiators, and size and lack of brains does not a footballer make.

    Of course a bit of ticker counts. It is not the size of the man in the fight, but the size of the fight in the man.

  12. League Leg End
    May 10, 2012 at 9:55 am

    Regarding judiciary findings on May 9 2012.

    Paul Gallen was exonerated of knees to Dave Taylors head because Gallen claimed he saved Taylor’s life. Apparently Gallen was actually commended for his actions. Gallen claimed Taylor had a large tarantular on his right cheek and given his arms were committed to preventing the offload he only had use of his knees to kill the bugger.

    While the judiciary was aware this was said tongue in cheek, they laughed so hard knowing that there was little likely damage to Taylor’s saw dust brain they firstly exonerated and then commended his brave actions.

    Joke courtesy of Johnny Sattler (reproduced without permission).

  13. May 10, 2012 at 10:12 am

    It’s all ticker at this level – that is the problem….

    NSW’s ticker readings don’t rate on the Qld scales … it’s a bit like wanting to wrestle crocodiles – there are those who do it because they love it, and then there are those who’ll do it because they want to do the right thing for their state – and then there are those who will pull any stunt to avoid the challenge.

    Phil Gould is in the latter category – he’s not alone when you look at the eligible NSW players….

  14. david the pragmatist
    May 10, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    a very impressive debate, I want to change it from a perspective of the athletes inlvoved.
    I do not believe that because you come from any origon that you are automatically superior.
    Lets accept that queensland is just a great side and the next best athletes have a real challenge to beat them, this is the point of interest, how do you beat athletes that are superior, Qld has challenged and beaten this in the past, essentially through superior passion, this is where NSW challenges make the interest. Personally I do not believe that passion exists, this is the challenge that makes the series still interesting.
    For the sake of the game lets hope NSW can lift.
    Long live the concept..

  15. Snoop-Poop
    May 10, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    The debate you propose is indeed interesting – what makes a Tennis player overcome – i.e. the Nadal v Dokovic match in the Australian Open earlier this year – rated the best final ever – Dokovic was down and out at least 2-3 times but fought back. What gives him that character when 3 years ago he was a pussy in a tight struggle against Federer and the like.

    The answer is one thing – ‘self-belief’.- a new coach gets in his head and tells him he needs to step up otherwise he will be remembered always as the 6th best player in the world.

    Bennett does it to all the players he coaches – so many coach basis the physical side – how many use the mental side in getting the player to look to themselves and form a belief system that works in a team environment.

    You put Bennett in charge of the NSW team and what do you think will happen – he helped Kearney coach the NZ team to a victory over Australia – a seemingly similar hurdle that NSW has to climb.

    Self-Belief man … but then you already know this and just want to make excuses – NSW is to Origin as Parammatta is to the NRL.

  16. david the pragmatist
    May 11, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    Yes I agree with you Parra is very important for the good of the competition, just as there can be no SOO if NSW did not exist.
    Is that what you meant?

  17. Snoop-Poop
    May 12, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    You poor excuse for a League Fan – living the glory days of the mid eighties as if they can sustain your reasons for being a Parra fan – as do many other long term suffering depressive fans – is a reason to pity the man – but chastise the stupidity.

    The only way anyone can change something is via a will to get involved. Screaming and booing from the sidelines is a show of frustratation that demonstrates the lack of self-reasoning and replicates the ‘Roman Mob’ mentality.

    You and other Parra fans all bare the raw human instincts … but can you do better? If not suck it up or be prepared for the next 30 odd years of wilderness dwelling.

  18. david the pragmatist
    May 13, 2012 at 8:05 am

    I am starting to feel sorry for you now.
    It must be terrible to not follow a team through thick and thin and as a result have no passion other than to rant and rave.
    Snoopy I thought you had graduated from primary school but I now note you are struggling with adolesence. Now when Mum and Dad sat you down to have that talk about whereyou came from and they told you it was from under a bush, you should have questioned them as “how”, because really you didn’t, you came from a giant arsehole. In your case the shit is sticking longer than most and eventually you will stop stinking. Just a few more years Snoopy and you will be argue with the other big arseholes as that is what eventually you will become.
    A loyal supporter with passion, it does not matter which team as long as it is a something you can relate to.
    From someone who did not come from an arsewhole, just a passionate environment.

  19. Scoop-Poop
    May 13, 2012 at 8:30 am

    Now I really do feel sorry for you- not because you’re a Parra fan – but because your childhood must have been traumatic …

    You know that loyalty is a state of mind – a self belief system that fools everybody … being a die hard Labour supporter is one thing – but continuing that belief against the current tide is just plain dumb – and so it is with footy fans …

    Clubs don’t show loyalty to players – and it is rare for a player to take a pay cut to stay with a club out of loyalty …

    Whether one is a ‘ass’ birth – or a ‘snatch’ birth – the offspring can’t be blamed for the faults of the birth mother … that is all about life exposure … and the ‘crap’ you degenerate to when challenged suggests many things – the least being that you might have had an education …

    As ‘Pragamists’ go your dose of intelligence had to be a missed scoop-poop on the assembly line …

  20. david the pragmatist
    May 13, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    Well! Snoopy, your using a lot of big words for an adolsecent arsehole, but like a lot of todays younger generation you cant put them together to mean anything.
    When you can you should resume your column for the adults, in the interim I suggest you stick to the nurseryryme group. Mind you, not knowing what your talking about makes you a prime candidate for politics, I think Craig Thompsons seat wil lbe coming up shortly and given his electorate put him in originally I think their intellect will equate to yours ie all talk and knowing nothing.

  21. May 13, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    The debate continues its downstream bucket ride – that being the bucket full of vile sewer spillovers –

    As for nurseryrhymes … (plaese noet teh splelliny yuo illerite zooom-bee)

    Rollmeover, rollmeover, intheclover, intheclover…

    Domenow, domenow, anyhow, anyhow…

    Youbigstud, youbigstud, giveitarub, giveitarub…

    WhilstIgiveitatug, whilstigiveitatug,

    Nowremember, nowremember, itsyourmember, itsyourmember,

    Comeintome, comeintome, tomakemeremember, tomakemeremember,

    Justwhatitwas, justwhatitwas, thatmadeyouthinkyoudeservedsomeonelikeme …

    Click on image below to see in a new window … Courtesy of Larry Pickering FACEBOOK

  22. May 13, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    Is them words big enough …

  23. david the pragmatist
    May 13, 2012 at 6:28 pm

    No but! your ego is
    Watched Parra this afternoon, they are like you, getting worse!
    Saw the NSW team and they probably came up with the best they could.
    Qld long odds on but hopefully NSW can show the same sort of grit that Cronulla displayed today against Melbourne.
    Snoopy your game is the under eights played at half time between the Ipswich toads and the Cooma cockies. I am sure you will be able to rate their players in some way to match the ratings you did last year for the senior team.
    Good luck snoopy, no crying if the toads lose!

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