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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Why Political Leaders want the limelight …

Why political Leaders want the limelight …
When was the last time that a major policy announcement was made by the Minister responsible for that policy initiative?

When did it become the Prime Ministers choice that they front the media to announce all new major policy initiatives? When we look to the vacuum of Leadership potential – it has become obvious that Prime Ministers dominate their Ministers like sheepdogs intimidate their sheep.

I can recall a time where Ministers interfaced with the electorate directly when announcing new policies. They and their staff have done of the legwork and lobbying – why now do the Prime Ministers muscle themselves to the microphone whilst the Minister responsible stands as a backdrop to answer any questions the Prime Minister might stumble trying to answer.

There are only two possible reasons – the Minister is not capable of carrying the party at such a launch. If this is so what are they doing in charge of the ministry in the first place.

Secondly – is it because the Prime Minister is sufficiently challenged to believe that giving free air time to budding leaders posed a direct threat to their own Leadership.

This single issue covers why we have the void of Leadership across the breath and depth of this Nation – Leaders feel they have to protect their public image against other popularity contests.

This new form of Democracy where it becomes a ‘top of the ticket’ election is robbing Australia of its future Leaders. Every Minister have their own Press Secretary’s, and they fight for the air time to press their charges political aspirations. Competing with the PM’s Press Secretary for the same air time is now a military exercise – The General is always in charge.

Time for a rethink on this matter – let us see the strengths and weakness’ of Ministers – commentary in an after the fact scenario allows the Minister to back fill the missing parts at the PM’s delivery of the new policy.

Why have the PM there in the first place – or, why not have the PM as the backdrop as a show of support for their Minister.


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