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EYE-BALL’s Rookie Bookie – Weekend Footy preview – 1st – 4th June, 2012

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Weekend Footy preview –
1st – 4th June, 2012

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This page presents Rookie Bookie’s opinions covering all things ‘Aussie Football’ across the 2012 season including AFL, League, Union and other sports mediums.  As at the beginning of April 2012 I have introduced a new format and a Gambling Index* – (GI) to help followers of the selections offered – further explained here:

*The Gambling Index – (GI)– is a cumulative return, where 100 is your base, initial outlay – i.e. Base = 100.00 as at 30th Mar 2012 – and the weekends wagering performance either adds or subtracts from that index.   A cumulative and weekly updated value of the GI is presented below.

  • 04th Apr 2012 – Value of GI = (+) 216.67
  • 11th Apr 2012 – Value of GI = (+) 393.67
  • 18th Apr 2012 – Value of GI = (+) 293.67
  • 25th Apr 2012 –  Value of GI = (+) 293.67 – no activity last week …
  • 2nd May 2012 –  Value of GI = (+) 290.00
  • 9th May 2012  –  Value of GI = (+) 340
  • 16th May 2012 – Value of GI = (+) 433.3
  • 23rd May 2012 – Value of GI = (+) 517.2
  • 30th May 2012 – Value of GI = (+) 492.2

25th Apr Update: – A couple of things –  I changed the Gambling Index after Cowboy questioned me on units. I reverted from base 100 to base 0. Now it is simply +ve or -ve. Hence base is 0. Therefore – 4/4/12 is +116.67, 11/4/12 is 393.67 (currently correct) as is 18/4/12, and this week unchanged (last week no bets). This week I outlay 100 for possible ?

State of Origin – (SOO) will be unique posts regarding gossip and possible selections, Snoopy writes for Queensland, League Leg End writes for NSW, Rookie Bookie is impartial.   A post on Olympics was posted as Comment on previous Weeks Preview – [ – linked here – see comment #2]

Update from last weekend – 25th -28th May.

Collect on Titans @ $2.45 and Brisbane Lions @1.90 from six bets of ½ unit. $4.50/6 is a return of 75% ie index is down 25. 3 bets will not settle for 2 plus months. Australia Olympic Gold, and Super Rugby Final.

Not happy with ACT Brumbies result, good result for Natal Sharks. Reds expected to climb over Brumbies in finals playoff calculations. This is a champion Brumbies team emerging. The AIS is at it again.

In NRL it is not easy to know players motivations. Manly lost because Penrith showed up, and Manly did not. 6 – 4 at half time Penrith run in 3 unanswered 2nd half tries. Interesting to note referee Sean Hampstead demoted this weekend. No chance of him getting 2nd SOO gig. I support Anthony Griffin caring about SOO player welfare, I expect more burn out in teams. Wests Tigers have really hit their straps. Canterbury Bulldogs just get stronger. They really want this return bout over Souths. Doggies v Rabbits, match of the round. Why is on Saturday night?

In AFL Dockers lost in 3rd quarter when they got too physical, and there were many other critical points or incidents in too many games. Example are Hawthorne serious? Richmond Tigers are really doing good stuff, two weeks ago they had a patchy win. Demons will turn up against Bombers this week but they are becoming a bad joke.

Olympic Games

The selection of a baby team in cycling is illuminating. Can we pick up 2 to 3 cycling gold medals. It will so tough. There will be medals but how many will be golden?

The bellyaching by the mens hockey team is silly. What did they expect? They really need to focus. Is this trying to fire them up? In London there is home ground advantage, and if the Kookaburra’s allow this to upset them it will. Don’t start making excuses, we love you anyway.

I am excited in the field team. Is there a gold or 2 in field?

Matt Mitcham is a hero, Go Matt! One day he might join the legendary Snowy Baker. See

Weekend 1st – 4th June. [Fri – Mon].

Super Rugby – Round 15

  • Crusaders v Highlanders (+10.5) estimate market $1.85/$2.17 Actual $1.20/$4.20.
  • Rebels (+9.5) v Brumbies estimate market $3.00/$1.50 Actual $3.75/$1.25
  • Blues (+9.5) v Chiefs estimate market $4.00/$1.25 Actual $3.75/$1.25
  • Waratahs v Hurricanes estimate market $2.50/$1.67 Actual $1.80/$1.95
  • Lions (+10.5) v Sharks estimate market $11.00/$1.10 Actual $4.50/$1.18
  • Bulls v Stormers (+2.5) estimate market $2.20/$1.80 Actual $1.68/$2.10

Best Bet:

Sharks & Chiefs, then Brumbies


Hurricanes, they posted biggest score of season against Rebels. Stormers

At the Margin:


The run home to Finals

  • Chiefs – Blues (a) Highlanders (a) Crusaders (h) Hurricanes (a) only 4 easy comp points next weekend, then very vulnerable 3 successive matches, still in semis, which spot. They want 1st or 2nd.
  • Stormers – Pretoria (a) Transvaal (h) Free State (a) Rebels (h) at least 12 comp points win this weekend should deliver conference winner, loss anyone’s guess, 4th – 6th.
  • Brumbies – Rebels (a) Force (a) Waratahs (a) Blues (h) at least 12 points, match against Tahs in Sydney critical, previously 27 – 6. Hard to see them miss the playoffs.
  • Bulls – Capetown (h) Free State (h) Natal (a) Transvaal (h) two tough matches, Stormers and Sharks. 2 wins plus bonus points, all down to game against Sharks. I have backed Sharks.
  • Crusaders – Highlanders (a) Hurricanes (h) Chiefs (a) Force (h) too unpredictable, 3 tough matches each testing material.
    Sharks – Transvaal (a) bye Pretoria (h) Free State (h) everything rides on Bulls in Round 17
  • Highlanders – Crusaders (a) Chiefs (h) Reds (a) bye, thank heavens for the bye, 4 guaranteed pts. Current form poor, but Crusaders are not reliable enough.
  • Reds – bye Rebels (a) Highlanders (h) Waratahs (h) Otago at home, then Tahs at Suncorp? Expected to take 6th spot but Waratahs intend to stop them.
    Hurricanes –Waratahs (a) Crusaders bye (a) Chiefs (h) 8 points not enough must defeat Crusaders and or Chiefs.

After next weekend there is a three-week break for tests against northerners.


AFL – Round – 10

  • Saints v Tiges (+2.5) estimate market $2.22/$1.80 Actual $1.80/$2.00
  • Cats v Giants estimate market $1.10/$11.00 Actual no market GWS $34
  • Hawks v Roos (+26.5) estimate market $1.50/$3.00 Actual $1.23/$4.00
  • Dockers (+8.5) v Crows estimate market $2.33/$1.75 Actual $2.30/$1.60
  • Bombers v Demons (52.5) estimate market $1.10/$11.0 Actual $1.04/$10.00
  • Power (+19.5) v Blues estimate market $4.00/$1.25 Actual $3.25/$1.33
  • Lions (+27.5) v Weagles estimate market $4.00/$1.25 Actual $4.40/$1.20
  • Sydney v Footscray (+27.5) estimate market $1.50/$3 Actual $1.23/$4.00
  • Pies v Suns estimate market $1.10/$11.00 Actual no market Suns $34

Best Bet:

West Coast Eagles



At the Margin:

Melbourne Dees


NRL – Round 13

  • Titans (+2.5) v Cowboys – estimate market $2.50/$1.67 Actual $2.20/$1.70
  • Manly v Saints (+6.5) – estimate market $1.67/$2.50 Actual $1.47/$2.75
  • Raiders (+6.5) v Tigers – estimate market $3.50/$1.42 Actual $2.75/$1.47
  • Bulldogs (+1.5) v Rabbitohs – estimate market $2.00/$2.00 Actual $2.00/$1.85
  • Broncos v Knights (+14.5) estimate market $1.20/$6.00 Actual $1.18/$5.00
  • Warriors (+3.5) v Storm – estimate market $2.50/$1.67 Actual $2.50/$1.55
  • Eels (+5.5) v Sharks estimate market $2.40/$1.71 Actual $2.50/$1.55

Best Bet:

Wests Tigers



Not without a chance:


State of Origin:

My assessment NSW $1.95 Qld $2.05 actual $2.05/$1.75 – The implied price in 3rd match at Suncorp is Qld very short  like $1.58.



French Open

Our Sam is $8 to win the Women’s title very short, unders, while Djokovic is $4 which means Nadal is unders. Federer has declared Nadal a certainty. Not @ $1.55



Asian Champions League – Soccer

Go Adelaide No prices available yet.


Betting Summary

  • Australia to win more than 11.5 gold medals at London Olympics (2 Units) bet placed 19/5/12
  • ACT Brumbies ($12) and Natal Sharks ($11) to win Super Rugby 1/8/12 (½ unit ea) bet placed 19/5/12
  • This Weekend –
  • Parlay 1 unit Sharks (Rugby) all up, Chiefs all up, Brumbies all up, Weagles (AFL) = 1.18 x 1.25 x 1.25 x 1.2 =  $2.21
  • Super Rugby ½ unit on Hurricanes @ $1.95 & further ½ unit on Stormers @ $2.10
  • Parlay NRL 1 unit on Wests Tigers all up NZ Warriors = 1.47 x 2.50 = $3.675


The Rookie Bookie …


EYE-BALL Guru on – Greek Investors re-engage in Equity Market …

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Greek Investors re-engage in Equity Market …
The Greek stockmarket rebounded 7.3% overnight on the back of hopes a pro-bailout party will win crucial national elections next month.   In isolation this can be seen as a relief rally – but the bigger picture draws and paints a warning to the World that ‘greed’ is still in the drivers seat.

When it comes to understanding why Financial Markets never practice any speculative self-control – the Regulators and World Leaders who are left to manage the bailouts – will never be able to enact policies that target the rampant speculators behind every single boom/bust scenario the markets have been through in the last 40 odd years.

The Greek story is published below: [On-Line link to story.]

Greek Stocks Soar on Pro-Bailout Party’s Poll Gain

| ATHENS, Greece May 28, 2012 (AP) |

Greek stock markets rebounded strongly on Monday from a 22-year low on hopes a pro-bailout party will win crucial national elections next month, which would avoid a catastrophic rift with international creditors and keep the struggling country within the euro currency union.

The main stock index in Athens soared to close up 6.9 percent, with the battered bank sector chalking up solid gains.

Four polls published Sunday reversed previous trends to indicate that conservative New Democracy could come first in the June 17 vote, slightly ahead of the anti-austerity radical left Syriza party. Although the conservatives would still fall short of a governing majority, the surveys suggested they could form a coalition government with socialist PASOK, which have also pledged to stick to Greece’s austerity commitments.

Banks also received a boost Monday: The country’s four largest lenders received promised support of €18 billion ($22.62 billion) to compensate for losses suffered in a massive debt restructuring deal earlier this year. The announcement was made by Greece’s Financial Stability Fund after the Athens bourse closed.

Debt-crippled Greece is being kept afloat by huge international rescue loans, granted on condition of harsh cutbacks and reforms that slashed living standards.

The austerity, however, also caused huge popular resentment toward New Democracy and PASOK, the two parties that accepted the terms. Voters expressed that anger clearly in May 6 elections, giving a boost to anti-bailout parties. But the election proved inconclusive, with none of the parties able to form a coalition government, leaving Greece to hold another ballot next month.

Greece’s bailout creditors — the other countries in the 17-nation eurozone and the International Monetary Fund — insist that if the country reneges on its austerity commitments, the rescue loans will stop.

That would unleash chaos. The government would be unable to pay hospital workers, police and teachers, pensions would dry up, and a potential panic run on bank deposits would destroy the tottering financial system. Eventually, the country could be forced to abandon the eurozone, reverting to a vastly devalued form of its old drachma currency.

Fears of such an outcome have battered Greek financial markets for weeks, pushing the Athens General Index to close at a 22-year low of 485.18 points on Friday. The latest polls, however, helped it claw back some of those losses, rising to 518.49 points.

“This is clearly due to the polls,” said Sergios Melahrinos, analyst at Solidus Securities.

He noted that if the two pro-bailout parties manage to win the election and have Greece honor its austerity commitments, banks would gain access to rescue money needed to avoid collapse. Under the country’s latest international bailout, domestic banks that took huge losses from a bond swap that more than halved Greece’s privately-held debt will receive billions of euros to boost their capitalization. If a new government in Athens unilaterally tears up the bailout deal — as Syriza has threatened to do — the recapitalization would fall through.

“A potential win by the parties that back their recapitalization would be extremely good for lenders.”

But Melahrinos warned that the market would remain vulnerable to the ups and downs in the polls in the leadup to the elections. “New polls that show a reversal would obviously change the market picture.”

Sunday’s surveys gave New Democracy a lead over Syriza ranging from 0.5 to 5.7 percent, with PASOK coming third. The polls also estimated that the two pro-bailout parties would gain a combined 159 to 165 seats in the 300-member parliament, up from 149 after the May 6 vote.

One survey in To Vima newspaper found that 65 percent want Greece to remain in the eurozone even if it has to implement the bailout agreement as it stands, while 24 percent said they would prefer to exit the euro rather than implement austerity policies.

Since the beginning of 2010, Greeks have suffered repeated income cuts and tax hikes, while unemployment has hit record levels with more than one in five workers jobless after tens of thousands of businesses closed. The country is in a fifth year of deep recession, and continues to import about twice as much as it exports.

If one was to look at Greece and really ask the International community if they saw value in immediate investment – the chart below does not offer much encouragement.

The chart gives some appreciation of where the Greek equity market has fallen to – in early 2010 the market index was at all time highs around 460.  The Index is now at 32 – with a rise overnight to 34.6 – that is the 7.29% that has news services in raptures.   Some 13 million shares traded – hardly Wall St stuff.

The question is why on the ‘sniff’ of an electoral solution does the Stock market rally 7+% – are people who are in the know out there buying – i.e. insider trading stuff?

Greece have a long way to go to even become a credit risk that anybody would want to have anything to do with.  Without the EuroZone there to give the appearence of propping them up – they are an economy without equal, and the restraint that is to be endured by Greeks in the coming decade will make life in the poorest African Nation look like a holiday.

What gets me thought – that given the reality of their plight – there is still enough optimism to warrant equity speculation … nobody has learnt a goddamn thing since the GFC and this is a guarantee that the GFC is far from over for everybody.


The EYE-BALL Guru …

EYE-BALL Guru on – An example of a Government truly concerned about Currency appreciation …

May 28, 2012 2 comments
An example of a Government truly concerned about Currency appreciation …
The Swiss are regarded as some of the best the money managers of the world – and they have endured to maintain that reputation.   Some 12 months ago when the Euro first came under pressure as the EuroZone crisis deepened, the Swiss came up with a plan to protect their currency from becoming a ‘safe-haven’ investment thus making its economy suffer. They ‘pegged’ their currency or put a floor to the Euro at SF1.20.

Australia has had the same problem with currency appreciation since the mid 2000’s, but this ‘dumbass’ fuckwit of a Government, and their predecessors with a equally ‘dumbass’ RBA have stubbornly taken a different approach.  The Government want to change Australia’s Industry focus and modernise everything – they want to give up tourism, manufacturing, retail and any other industries who just can’t compete in a global economy where the high A$ has priced them out of the market.

The RBA and Government could have done many things if they wanted – they chose to just let the capital flows come in and suck Australia dry due to its reliance on high interest rates relative to our major trading partner,s and its ‘cash and carry’ trade opportunities.

The Swiss are again thinking ahead of the curve trying to protect their competitive edge and their economic future.  They see the collapse of the ‘Euro’ and are preparing for its outcomes.

The following ‘Wall Street Journal’ story has prepared the world in the event that the Euro does go into freefall – it’s telling the world that if you but Swiss Francs – then there will be a fair price to pay for the safe-haven experience.

The story is published below: [On-Line link to story.]

Swiss Prepare Plans in Case of Euro’s Demise

| By ANITA GREIL | Updated May 27, 2012, 2:57 p.m. ET |

ZURICH—Switzerland is considering capital controls to fight a sharp rise in the Swiss franc in the event of a euro-zone collapse.

Capital controls—tools that directly influence the inflow of capital into Switzerland—are a radical measure that the Alpine nation hasn’t employed since the 1970s.

The risk of a potential Greek exit from the euro has increased in recent weeks as the political crisis in Athens has intensified, heightening worries about possible effects on other heavily indebted euro-zone nations. This is strengthening the Swiss franc, traditionally considered a refuge in times of economic and political turbulence.

Switzerland—surrounded by, but not a member of, the European Union—is seen as a haven of fiscal and political stability, but turbulence in the currency bloc is a major risk for its economy. The country depends heavily on exports for growth, and the strong franc is hindering exports at a time when demand is slumping in the euro zone, Switzerland’s biggest trade partner.

Because of the threat a euro collapse presents for the country, Bern earlier this year set up a task force to evaluate measures to be taken if such an event occurred, and measures to combat excessive franc strength that require coordination. The task force is led by Swiss central bank Chairman Thomas Jordan, Finance Minister Evelyne Widmer-Schlumpf and Anne Héritier Lachat, head of financial-services industry regulator FinMa.

“We must be prepared for the worst case, under which the currency union falls apart, even though I don’t expect this to happen,” Mr. Jordan said in an interview with Swiss weekly Sonntagszeitung.

Mr. Jordan’s comment came as European Union officials are stepping up contingency planning for a possible Greek exit from the euro zone. Finance ministers from the 17 countries that use the euro agreed last week on the need to develop national contingency plans in case Greece drops out of the common currency.

Worries about the stability of the euro zone have heightened in recent weeks, putting further pressure on the Swiss franc. As result, the euro has traded close to the 1.20 Swiss franc floor that the Swiss National Bank introduced in September when the currency traded at record highs against the euro and the dollar. Mr. Jordan said in the interview that the SNB will continue to defend this level with utmost determination, even under very difficult circumstances.

The floor has helped exporters, and has contributed to the country avoiding recession. The SNB has so far managed to defend the franc without much visible effort, even though the euro briefly fell below 1.20 francs in April for a few seconds. The drop has been attributed to trades among banks that don’t deal directly with the SNB and were selling euros for less than 1.20 francs for reasons that remain unclear.

Introducing a minimum rate for the euro against the franc didn’t require any involvement from the government, but more extreme measures such as capital controls or negative interest rates would.

“The task force focuses on measures that require cooperation between the government and the central bank to fight Swiss franc strength,” Mr. Jordan said in Sonntagszeitung. One such measure would be capital controls.

In the 1970s, Switzerland used such extreme measures to curb excessive demand for its currency. The country prohibited foreign investments in Swiss securities and real estate, and introduced negative interest rates on foreign deposits. Both tools failed to stem the Swiss franc’s rise, which only halted after the central bank introduced a temporary peg to the deutsche mark, Germany’s currency at the time.

The SNB’s floor on the franc has won the backing of the International Monetary Fund, not usually known for its endorsement of interference with market forces. The fund is more skeptical of other potential measures, though, warning in its latest report on the Swiss economy that capital-flow measures would be complex to design and costly given the country’s role as an international financial center.

Mr. Jordan himself recently dismissed negative interest rates on foreign deposits as a tool for curbing safe-haven flows.

Write to Anita Greil at

This story is a sign of a thinking Government who knows what ‘capital inflows’ can do to economy.  It shames the RBA and Government of Australia when all they monitor is ‘inflationary pressures’ and use interest rates to stabilise the economy.  The A$’s mean average since it floated in 1983 averages A$0.75c against the US$ – the rise in recent years is directly responsible for the 10,000’s of job layoff’s and business shutdowns across the Nation.  Reskilling a workforce for a mining boom of the future – that has been 10 years in the making – this is a course of action that is extreme ‘high-risk’ to say the least, it is also short-sighted in that Brazil and African resources are coming on-stream and will be ultra competitive with Australian resources.  This Government has the imagination of a ‘turtle’ figuring a way to cross a road.

Also – this Government will be long gone when the reality of their ‘asleep at the wheel’ responses are exposed.  Millions of families and the future of this Nation is being exposed due to the incompetence of the RBA and the Government.  Both sides of Politics are a party to the RBA’s charter and the RBA can only do as instructed by the bi-partisan agreement over RBA policy.

EYE-BALL Guru has been at this Government and the RBA with direct contact for nearly 2 years on this single point – since this blog started in fact – and not a thing has changed.    The World’s Best Treasurer – Wayne Swan is the greatest dunce in the World on economic matters and in how to manage an economy.  All they see is an opportunity to whack the mining industry with a great big new tax – (MRRT) and that all the other industries need to face up to the fact that this is where Australia is putting all its eggs.

At least the Swiss have a track record that others can respect – Australia should learn a lesson.


The EYE-BALL Guru …

EYE-BALL Guru on – Greeks flip over Lagarde’s – ‘pay your taxes’ gibe …

May 28, 2012 1 comment
Greeks flip over Lagarde’s – ‘pay your taxes’ gibe …
The IMF’s Christine Lagarde let go a ‘clanger’ that went viral on her Facebook page over the weekend –

The ABC story is published below: [On-Line link to story.]

Lagarde sparks outrage with Greek tax comments

| By Europe correspondent Philip Williams | Updated May 28, 2012 08:33:19 |

Greek leaders have condemned International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde for her comments about Greeks not paying taxes.

In an interview published on Friday, Ms Lagarde told Britain’s Guardian newspaper that Greeks must “help themselves collectively” by all paying taxes.

She told the newspaper she was more concerned about Africans in poverty than Greeks in the economic crisis.

“I think more of the little kids from a school in a little village in Niger who get teaching two hours a day, sharing one chair for three of them, and who are very keen to get an education,” she said when asked about Greece.

“I have them in my mind all the time. Because I think they need even more help than the people in Athens.

“As far as Athens is concerned, I also think about all those people who are trying to escape tax all the time.

“All these people in Greece who are trying to escape tax.”

The reaction in Greece has been one of outrage.

The head of Greece’s Pasok party, Evangeos Venizelos, said she had insulted the Greek people.

“Nobody can humiliate the Greek people during the crisis,” he told an election rally.

“I say this today addressing specifically Ms Lagarde… who with her stance insulted the Greek people.”

The head of the far left Syriza party in Greece, Alexis Tsipras, seized on her comments to assert his stance as a defender against economic cuts.

“The last thing we seek in Greece is her sympathy. Greek workers pay their taxes, which are unbearable,” he said.

“For tax-evaders, she should turn to Pasok and New Democracy to explain to her why they haven’t touched the big money and have been chasing the simple worker for two years.”

In Ms Lagarde’s native France a government spokeswoman described her comments as “rather simplistic and stereotypical”.

Ms Lagarde received more than 10,000 messages, many of them obscene, on her Facebook page, where posts typically draw a couple of hundred comments.

Later, she issued a Facebook message saying she was sympathetic to the Greek people and the challenges they are facing.

“That’s why the IMF is supporting Greece in its endeavour to overcome the current crisis,” she wrote.

[Link to Lagarde’s Facebook page.]

Some history on Income Tax:

100 years ago there was no ‘income-tax’ across any of the major economies of the world.   The research being undertaken for the EYE-BALL Guru ‘Green Paper’ due out later this year, has delved into history going back 100 years.   How things have changed in that 100 years!

As a generalisation it can be said that 100 years ago – the only people who paid tax were the wealthy – yet in the time-frame elapsed – some 70% of all tax’s collected by Western Governments now come from those who never paid tax 100 years ago – i.e. the payee tax payer or the employees and workers.

As for the wealthy – their tax burden has diminished by the same proportions.   Put a different way – the Wealthy via self-interest Legislation have avoided their previous tax burdens, and passed the responsibility of funding Governments to the workers.

So when the evidence of Greece’s tax collections  is examined, including the reports of the wealthy and high paying professional workforce bribing their way to avoid their tax burden, it is understandable why the Greeks are sensitive about outsiders claiming they should be paying their taxes.

My question is why has the tax burden shifted and now so relient on the payee workforce in the last 100 years?


The EYE-BALL Guru …

EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – NRL – Broncos Round 12 wrap …

May 28, 2012 Comments off
The-EYE-BALL- Snoop-Poop - Header
NRL – Broncos Round 12 wrap …
The continued split rounds saw some teams fail to live up to their position on the ladder – and others prove the value of backing up players after SOO over the weekend.

The Titans had Bird and Myles back-up and their value in their win was a big factor.  The Cowboys backed up all their players, Thurston, Scott, and Tamou, and they seemed to fatigue in the second part of the game allowing the Tigers to run out worthy winners with NSW SOO hooker Farrah playing a big part.

The Storms big three, Slater, Cronk and Smith hardly got out of second gear to down a lackluster and pitiful Broncos.  Gillet and Hanney – reserve players for QLD SOO backed up for the Broncos, Hodges, Thaiday and Petro were not selected to play.

Souths ran rampant with Inglis and Taylor showing what SOO backup can do – Shillington was the only Canberra SOO player backing.

Parramatta put in a bigger effort, but St George were just strong enough to tease Parramatta fans to the point of suicidal frustrations.   Hayne and Creagh were the backup players in that game.

But Let me talk more about the continued demise of Anthony Griffin as the Coach of the Broncos.  Winger Copley again showed by his performance on Friday night why he is the worst winger in the NRL – and what is most surprising is that Coach Griffin continues to play him.

On two occasions when the Broncos were attacking the Storm in their 22 – Copley ran himself out of room and never bothered to come back inside or make an effort to stay in the play ss the backline move developed – the ball had not got to him so he just pulled up.  On one occasion when the Storm player intercepted the ball he just turned around and watched him dash for the tryline at the other rend of the field.  Gillet almost pull off the tackle of the century chasing this winger down from center field.   Where was Copley – walking back to his tryline some 60m away – that was the moment Griffin should have seen the light on Copley and made a note that this guy is just not up to this leverl of football.

The other occasion was when in an attacking play where the fullback ran after a pre-determined kick – Copley just stayed on his wing and watched the play – never thinking that he should perhaps cover the fullback position if the Storm gathered the ball and made a break – Copley again just stood there and watch Slater run away and score the try.  He has the football instincts of a moosehead.  In the run of general play – it is obvious that nobody wants to pass him the ball – past records show he drops to ball more often than not when the line is wide open.

There has to be a reason why Griffin keeps him in the side – please tell us all what that is.

So many Broncos players had a bad night.  Gillet – what the fuck is he doing in the centers – all his potency is nullified out there – in defence he is an easy mark  and in attack – the ball only comes his way when he goes looking for it at dummy-half of back among the forwards.  All his early season form has gone – his timing on the big hits is no longer there – and its been six odd games since he has damaged the line in any way.,   His early season form and impact was off the bench – since he began starting his contribution has been nullified.

Storm won at will and it was a very lopsided contest – The Sharks beat them without Gallen, the Bulldogs made it a very tight contest – so where do the Broncos fair on the ladder – their cost 2nd spot is all a fallacy on last Friday nights form.

Hoffman is also off the boil – his sideways running makes him an easy target – Cory Norman after showing early season form has become pedestrian.  A stat all season has been the teams failure to convert field position into points.  They have dominated possession and field position and never come up with the goods.  They can have 3-4 repeat sets and never score.  The attacking structure in the opposition 22 is woeful – and the defence’s task is made easy because there is no creativity in the plays being put together.

Wallace was the team in the first part of the season and was the automatic NSW SOO half-back.  His injury showed up just how much defence ehe gets through.  Norman was lost without him – and his Friday night performance reflected the weeks out of the game.  The forwards have been the mainstay all season – something new for the Broncos – Maguire being the standout – Cory Parker is in coast mode and his kicking against Manly cost the game.   Hannet is hot and cold and had a shocker in defence on Friday night – Thaiday is there in defence but his attack is not – ever since Gillet started to play center – the forwards have looked pedestrian in attack.

The Broncos will slide down the ladder in coming weeks and unless Griffin gets rid of Copley and gets his attack more structured in the opposition 22 then the early season promise will have been for nothing.

If Griffin has a master plan over his resting of SOO players – it is not a plan that has ever worked in the past.   look to all the other teams and see hom many SOO players were rested.  Hodges, Petro and Thaiday would not have stopped the Storm on Friday night.  The players just did not turn up to play – and that is the Coach’s problem.

There are a number of teams in this competition who only fill up the numbers – The Broncos are only a game or two away from becoming also rans this season.  That is how important last Friday’s game loss was.


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EYE-BALL Opinion on – The UN – as useless as a Bull with no dick!!!

The UN – as useless as a Bull with no dick!!!
This morning at a special gathering if the UN Security Council called to discuss the Syrian crisis – the best the UN could come up with was a resolution that was toothless as a ‘fire ants’ with no fire.

When will World Leaders call a spade a spade and get their collective ass’ out of their self-serving and perpetuating condoning of the slaughter of innocents. This is a ‘genocide’ – we’ve seen in in Bosnia, Rwanda, Libia, Tunisia, Balkans, and many other ‘hot-spots’ around the world in the last century, and that does not include the two World Wars, of the other major conflicts including Vietnam, Kuwait, Korea, Indo China, South America, and so on – it is abhorently irresponsible that the World Leadership does not recognises the ‘genocide’ taking place and the best it can do is slap the Syria Leadership on the wrist and tell them to withdraw the military tanks and troops.

Read the ABC story on this below: [Linked On-line here.]

Security Council condemns massacre in Syria

| Updated May 28, 2012 10:02:55 |

The UN Security Council has condemned the Syrian regime over the massacre of more than 100 people in the town of Houla.

A statement agreed by the 15-nation council, including Syrian ally Russia, said the attacks “involved a series of government artillery and tank shellings on a residential neighbourhood” and again demanded that President Bashar al-Assad withdraw heavy weapons from Syrian towns.

UN observers in Syria saw at least 108 bodies in Houla including 49 children and at least seven women, UN officials said.

What happened in Houla?

– Houla is a cluster of Sunni Muslim villages 20 kilometres north of the city of Homs.

– Activists say the area is near a region inhabited by members of Mr Assad’s minority Alawite sect that has been acting as a hub for pro-Assad militiamen.

– Activists say the killing started when Syrian troops and militiamen loyal to Mr Assad, known as shabbiha, stationed at roadblocks that surround Houla, and fired heavy machine guns at a demonstration in the area on Friday, killing five people.

– They say Free Syrian Army rebels responded by attacking two roadblocks manned by Mr Assad’s loyalists.

– They say Houla then came under an intense artillery barrage that killed about 15 villagers.

– They say members of the shabbiha militia then entered Houla from the nearby Alawite villages and killed scores of men, women and children by hacking them or shooting them at close range. But the Syrian government says the massacre was carried out by terrorists after fighting between rebels and forces loyal to Mr Assad.

– It says no Syrian tanks entered Houla and government troops in the town only acted in self defence.

“The members of the Security Council reiterated that all violence in all its forms by all parties must cease. Those responsible for acts of violence must be held accountable,” said the statement, released this morning.

Britain’s UN ambassador Mark Lyall-Grant said that the council statement, while important, was not enough.

“Over the next two days, the Security Council will be meeting again to discuss in more detail what steps need to be taken,” he told reporters.

The Syrian government has denied responsibility for the massacre, and Syria’s ambassador to the UN said the meeting had been told a “tsunami of lies”.

“Women, children and old men were shot dead. This is not the hallmark of the heroic Syrian army,” foreign ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi said in Damascus.

“We categorically deny that Syrian government forces are responsible for this massacre, and we condemn in very strong terms this terrorist and clearly criminal massacre of Syrian youths, girls and and old men.

“We are sorry that some people make hasty judgments about events.”

Instead, the government blamed “terrorists” for the deaths.

“We have set up a military and legal committee to investigate,” Mr Makdissi said.

“The results will emerge within days.”

UN-Arab League special envoy Kofi Annan is to brief the Security Council on the Syria crisis at a new meeting on Wednesday.
Witnessing horror

Witnesses in Houla said men were shot in the streets and women and children were stabbed in their homes during the attacks on Friday and Saturday.

Many of the child victims were stabbed to death in their homes after an artillery bombardment.

Amateur videos posted on YouTube showed horrifying images of dead children, with at least one child’s head partly blown away.

Another video posted on YouTube showed a mass grave filled with bodies wrapped in white sheets.

Angry residents have voiced their frustration.

“Some of the children were less than eight months old. What did they do? Did they also carry rocket-propelled grenades?” one man shouted at a visibly embarrassed UN observer.

“We are human. Doesn’t the regime fear God?” he added.

British foreign secretary William Hague said time was running out for the regime to stop violence against its people.

“It is a familiar tactic of the Assad regime to blame others for what is happening in their country, to try to get out of responsibility for the scale of death and destruction,” he said.

“We are absolutely sickened in the British Government and across the international community by what we’ve seen over the last couple of days, in particular the deaths of more than a hundred unarmed men, women and children.”
Audio: Outrage at Houla massacre in Syria (AM)

Exiled opposition head Burhan Ghalioun called for a “battle of liberation” against the regime until the UN takes action under Chapter VII allowing military intervention.

“I call on the Syrian people to lead a battle of liberation and dignity, relying on its own forces,” he told a news conference in Istanbul.

The rebel Free Syrian Army warned that unless the international community took concrete action, it would no longer be bound by the UN-backed ceasefire that was supposed to start last month.

Australia is pushing for stronger UN action on Syria, including tougher sanctions.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr has asked Australia’s ambassador to the UN to start discussing tougher sanctions against Syria with other governments.

Senator Carr described the Houla massacre as hideous, and said no effort should be spared in bringing those responsible to justice.

He also said those responsible for the killings could be referred to the International Criminal Court.

“I’d like to see sanctions strengthened, all of us would, but we want to stop short of hurting the Syrian people, ” Senator Carr said on Sunday.

The Syrian government kept up its shelling of neighbourhoods in the central city of Hama on Sunday, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

The Observatory said the town of Rastan to its south came under artillery fire for a 14th straight day.

Reports this morning said the bombardment in Hama had killed 30 people.

Rebel fighters who pulled out of the flashpoint central city of Homs earlier this year in the face of a devastating assault by the army are holed up in Rastan, activists say.

“The town is being hit at a rate of two shells a minute,” the observatory said.

Troops loyal to Mr Assad also clashed with rebel fighters in the town of Harasta near Damascus.

Australian media cycles give more airtime to the Thompson affair then to the 1,000’s being massacred in Syria – we are numbed to the fallout – out of sight out of mind. Where is the ‘human conscience – condemning it only leads to it escalating and Syria leadership thumbing their noses and saying – what aer you really going to do about it?

It puts in clear perspective where Leadership priorities truly lie and they are not about trying to stop the human carnage.

Shame! Shame! Shame!

Where is a real Leader when one is needed?  Bob Carr – this is your chance to show some Leadership and get the UN ambassador to do what ‘you’ think is the right thing.

Right now – threaten to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan and send them to Syria would make you a demigod and might just allow you to stake a claim for the PM’s job.  Shame the rest of the World and fight a winnable battle as opposed to the lose lose battle in Afghanistan.

It’s a ‘hail-mary’ play but the shame felt by the rest of the world would be put in clear view of those World Leaders all too happy just to sit back and read about the daily loss of civilian life.


To have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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EYE-BALL’s Herman on: White Collar Crime – Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper … or just Federal Parliament?

Herman O'Hermitage
White Collar Crime – Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper …    or just Federal Parliament?
By: Herman O’Hermitage

Herman O'HermitageT

his past week in politics has truly made me angry. Where the minority government continues to stutter and stumble, constantly unpopular in opinion polls, they cling to power with the support of Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson. For the PM or government manager of business to cite the number of censure motions or suspensions of standing order motions, only won through this imbroglio is simply high farce. Wake up and grow up!

When hearing of Craig Thomson’s speech to parliament last Monday, I felt sympathy for him. Within hours Marco Bolano in the presence of Kathy Jackson called him delusional. Since then we have a chorus of labor sympathisers including Thomson say lay off, enough is enough. We are told he might be mentally unstable.

Expense rorting is a white-collar crime. When it occurs in Federal parliament, an enclave of trust and entitlement it is 3 times worse. If the money was defecated surreptitiously in the commercial workplace gaol time would follow. We would use words of fraud. In the case of the Health Services Union East Branch we are told there is no fraud involved because there wasn’t defined entitlements or systems in place. To the contrary there is common law. Fair Work Australia intends to pursue the matter through the Civil courts (Federal Magistrate’s Court) rather than criminal court. Utter nonsense.

Now Fair Work Australia is implicated as being biased by Mr Craig Thomson’s speech to parliament, a speech made under parliamentary privilege. As a member of parliament Craig Thomson is entitled to the salutation “the honourable”. I won’t use that salutation. The same holds for many other government posts where by virtue of position we are required to use; your honour, or your worship, or Emiterius. How often does the encumbent live up to that title and its full intonation?

During the week one of the comments on this blog site said we live in a plutocracy. An oligarchy of the rich and powerful. I needed to go and search this concept of a plutocracy. While not knowing exactly the full context of where plutocracy started as a concept, the failure of this parliament to root out this obvious crime, gives society the message that expense rorting is condoned, possibly even widespread. Generally accepted.

That is a double standard.

In Sept 2007 an acquaintence was arrested at an inner western football club, in front of many patrons, associates or friends, and charged with grievous bodily harm. He was held without bail in holding cells to face court where bail was established. Within weeks he was arrested and again held in custody for allegedly breaching an AVO. By Oct 2009 we had buried that man. He never saw the inside of a prison cell again, but lived in a personal prison and was 54 when he died. All allegations stemmed from a matrimonial dispute. The woman involved is to this day contesting the deceased’s will. There was no crime ever established, indeed the police dropped the charges. There was never a causal link established between this man defending those charges of grievous bodily harm and his onset of cancer, he was merely a heavy smoker and drinker and that caused his premature death.

Time non specific, at least 20 years ago, I was told how a childhood friend had hung himself in a Darlinghurst cell, after being arrested for possession of heroin. He had been through detox more than once, and this time when caught, he could not face friends or family and simply topped himself.

Gaol is not a pretty place. We all now that, even though few of us can give first hand account. But it exists, and by common law, if we can prove beyond reason doubt that Michael Williamson or Craig Thomson, or Marco Bolano or Kathy Jackson have taken what they were not entitled to, then that is where they deserve to be. That is common law. That is what we term natural justice. It occurs without fear or favour. If that money was used to win a Federal Government seat of Parliament, there are further charges possible under electoral law.

The following is a comment posted by Warwick on May 28, 2011 regarding post on Harbour Bridge held to ransom posted on the 15th May 2011. [See link]

Regarding Jennifer Betts Stipendary Magistrate being asked to show cause why she should not be removed from office, I have circulated to each and every MLA and MLC in NSW details that the Judicial Commission would not investigate. I have asked the Attorney General if I could make a victims statement to the joint houses sitting after Ms Betts has presented to show cause.

This bi polar bull really sickens me. I wrote into the The Daily Telegraph, bi polar is becoming the diagnosis of convenience. When anyone makes an absolute fool of themselves, Marcus Einfield, John Brogden or Jennifer Betts they simply plead bi polar but I am back on my medicine.

How many people suffering from a any type of depressive illness has Jenny Betts sent to gaol. About 25% per cent of the prison population are there for some type of alcohol related crime. Alcohol is the most widely self prescribed medicine for depression. After that it would be non prescription chemist products like pain killers.
In Jenny Betts case her depression is contagious, because she spreads it every time she gives another outrageous ruling from the bench, thereby denying justice. To what extent do those types of injustice contribute to the recent siege on the harbour bridge or the Robina/Northern NSW triple murder suicide. It is time we hold an enquiry with full and frank admissions.

I know Warwick, and tend to know much of his circumstance. He was denied natural justice and he has been tormented for far too long with some version of post traumatic stress syndrome. What is the difference between him and Craig Thomson? Warwick was arraigned to stand trial where he was found not guilty. Since then his life has collapsed. Craig Thomson has not been charged despite volumes of evidence that are sufficient to lay charges, and at this point in time his career is intact, he continues to sit in parliament, with all his privileges intact, and our justice system fails to resolve the issues.

Our system of incarcerating people is draconian, most think of it as punishment, in reality we attempt to stop people from self harm or further harm to society. If Craig Thomson is borderline, then that is simply more reason to gaol him. Gaol will prevent him from self harm. It did not help my childhood friend. MMMMM!


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Herman …

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