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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – NRL – The Televised Games – a fair go please …

April 29, 2012
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NRL – The Televised Games – a fair go please …
The NRL Round 8 televised games on the free to air included teams that held 2nd (Broncos) and 2nd last (Titans) – 6th (Canterbury) and 8th (Manly) – 13th (Tigers) and 16th (Eels).

The Broncos have had a Friday night televised game every week into the competition, and rightly so for their crowd support and lack of empty seats during televised games.   They also entertain and give the footy fan great value as a team who never say die.

The house full sign at ANZ Stadium is only near raised during State of Origin matches – but is is an empty place normally.  The match had entertainment value if you hated Manly and liked to niggle match tactics of both sides.

But Sunday’s ‘oh so hard to watch’ game against the Eels (16th)and the Tigers (13th) full of dropped ball, lackluster defence and a Eels side who an’t get out of their own way in defence or attack – i.e. Roberts dropper the ball cold when the line was there for the taking – defies and deny’s the NRL viewer the chance to see quality football … Eels fans got another dose of their depression inducement and  this is not the first time Parramatta have been televised despite their position on the table.

An alternative game between the Sharks (3rd) and Canberra (11th) was on offer Sunday afternoon and would have given us a look at a top three team – anything but a bottom team going through a horror patch and just don’t know how to play good footy anymore.  Anything they try turns to ‘soup’ and the Hayne factor depends on whether he turns up and wants to play – or just trail his forwards around at fullback.  He just looks disinterested and given the lack of forward go forward – nobody expects anything from Parramatta any time soon.  They would struggle to beat all the top 8 reserve grade sides at the moment.

Other non televised on free to air games during the round included Rabbits v Cowboys, Knights and Panthers, and the Anzac games on Wednesday between Storm and Warriors, and the Dragons v Roosters clash.  All these non televised games would have offered so much more viewer enjoyment than the Tigers v Eels.

The NRL have to take back the game from their pay-for-view masters dictating the free-to-air games – or at least give the footy fan midweek replays of the non televised games – let the fans see their teams every week.  Forcing the fans to subscribe to pay-for-view to see the live NRL games is and has ransomed the future of the game.


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  1. April 29, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    Tigers win 31-30 after leading 31-0 at 67th minute. Half the fans had gone home – the Tigers players went home as well but just hang on. Someone backed the less than 13 during the 2nd half and the Tigers were part of it – what other explanation can their be –

    A pathetic game that had nothing – bad football suddenly becomes exciting sucking fans in and really most television viewers had switched channels at half time.

    In racing terms – there needs to be a Stewards investigation – call in all the betting sheets – the end result the Eels still lost and Tim Sheens just aged 10years …

  2. League Leg End
    April 29, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    A wag at the club said there were too many islanders (coconuts) in the Parramatta team. A bit racist but no one gets upset when some one else says Sandow has gone walkabout. Wests Tigers need to take a long hard look at themselves. 3 wins from 8 matches, and they just choose to let a dud team like Parramatta back into the match.

    When Melbourne Storm are a few points ahead in the 60th minute, they go on to win by 20.

    But lets go back to that Stewards investigation. Professional Cheats.

    Wests Tigers Professional Losers

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