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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl – The SLIPPER affair – Harry’s take …

April 24, 2012
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The SLIPPER affair – Harry’s take …
My good friend Larry also ‘walked the wild side’ many years ago.  His latest published cartoon  surpasses all in presenting ‘The Slipper’ scandal in a fresh light.

You all remember the British sex scandals through the 70’s and 80’s – fresh meat, prostitutes and royalty,  by and large they have managed  cosy alliance with the media in more recent years to keep the scandals off the ‘broadsheets’.  Australian Politicians have still to learn how to manage the media in these matters.

Larry’s latest cartoon is published below: [click on image to visit Larry’s Facebook page to view all his cartoons.]

Some may think that this is character assassination and a public lynching before facts have been established. I had one reader moved to the point to ring me and suggest that I was being hypocritical. He targeted a past life where I frequented whores and lived a live of sin and debauchery. He is as pig-headed as any other and has a history of voyeuristic appreciation as well.  we all have our sexual hangups and when life ages – new ways need to be found to allow the potency to perform – memory is never as good as the real thing.

He would not let me answer him on the phone due to his ‘rantable’ like persona – so I answer him here –

Mr Slipper by choice holds himself to behavioural standards expected of Political Leadership – if he uses his position in anyway to lower those standards, then he deserves everything he gets.

I don’t put myself on any pedestal or claim to be pure and righteous, or live a deceptive life that is a facade played upon his constituents to get himself re-elected.   Where there is smoke there is always fire.

If the sexual allegations go away – it will only be because of an ‘exchange of money’ … blackmail of sorts.  But the ‘cabcharge’ rort is an oldie and has been used by Mr Slipper in the past.  His travel rorts have been exposed in the past and he has never really paid the full price for rorting Parliamentary expenses.  In a blind statement – who among the 230 members and Senators has not deliberately or accidentally rorted their expense claims during their terms in office?

Ranks are being closed – Roxon on ABC’s ‘Lateline’ last night played the neutral observer – Gillard is out to save herself in massaging the decoupling of her appointment of Slipper to the Speaker role.

Larry’s cartoon above comes with first hand observance of the sexual variances of our Politicians. You will note that he does not cast an opinion – just draws it as he remembers …


Please use the Federal Member links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about these matters and any other matter that you think worth mentioning – or if you want you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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Harry’s Growl …


  1. david the pragmatist
    April 24, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    I think that the “slipper” is a disgrace to parliament and every decent Australian citizen.
    I believe that he is accountable on so many levels BUT he also could in this situation be a victom as well.
    As everyone who knows me I have a strong belief in Karma and there is no doubt he is getting some of this back now.
    Unfortunately when people get exposed in sexual situations it goes back to never let the facts spoil the story. There are some people that would not allow homosexuals around children but this is erroneous as slur because homosexuals are not pedophiles. Now when people start referring to Slipper as a pedofile it denigrates all homosexuals and as such is very insulting to them. My brother is a gay and not a pedophile, I have no hesitation in him babysitting our children (when they were at a baysitting age). It is indeed unfortunate that the assumption of Slipper’s homosexuality would seem to make him a deviate. If he made similar advances to a 33 year old women we would still see a massive headline but not the type to create such disparages as sexual predator or pedophile.
    The other party in this process is an openly gay man of 33 years who if he felt he was being preyed upon should have made it quiet clear to the slipper that he did not want to play.
    It may turnout this was the case but never the less he as a consenting adult would not have been staying in the slippers flat if he was not aware of slippers’ interest ….presumably.

    Finally Harrys’ right about Politicians being more accountable than other citizens, but who in their right mind would want to be a politician unless you are a little bit of a fruitcake, note I did not say fruity!
    It would be great that they could be normal people with normal weaknesses and be members representing the views of normal people. What Harry has to realise is views of many differ to what is normal!
    If Peter Slipper was a decent politician and viably represented his electorate I would not care if he rooted dogs and ate horseshit while rorting his expenses, but alas he does not meet any criteria.
    Having independants has done no good for people power as against party power, so maybe its time to start letting the lunatics run the asylum, if the Peter Slippers of this world are going to represent us…..!!!!

  2. Herman
    April 24, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    Apples and Oranges

    It is very important here to maintain good sense. Good sense in this case is legal concepts of natural justice and proper protocol. Prostitution in all of its forms can not be compared to predatory behaviours or workplace sexual harassment.

    When anyone chooses to sell sexual services for an agreed sum, basically there is no crime, a petty misdemeanour at law. If they are stood over or entrapped in that scenario that is different. It is many differing things like pimping or slavery.

    If a person frequents a brothel and then tries to hide the expense this too is different. There are several other layers to be examined. If there was any form of deception involved then there is some type of fraud involved.

    We have now arrived at logics of expense rorting. If an employee believes they are worth more money and accidentally takes a pen home, it is really very petty. It is still stealing. If an employee believes they are underpaid, and sets out a more clandestine way to extract revenge, this is getting worse. If an employee simply is reckless or does not meet standards of fiduciary duty, then we are getting on different logics again. If an employee does not meet standards of fiduciary duty in a culture of poor regard for ethics this too is different.

    Just because someone can grow an orange skinned and orange flesh apple, it doesn’t become an orange. It still has high levels of Salicylic Acid and low levels of Vitamin C. Our Court judgements are famous for pointing this out. Judges are using judgement, expected to make judgement, and occasionally make errors in judgement so we have an appeal process.

    Just as importantly too our legal doctrine states that a man who has done his time is a free man. This might mean a man convicted of any felony who is now released from prison, is free to go about his business, and this could often include help in investigating a crime of similar motive. We all have different motive and comprehension.

    At my high school we had a teacher in the Classic’s Department Mr William Lucan Roberts, who was charged with 63 counts of predatory behaviour towards students. Search him on the web. He was arraigned to stand trial and was found dead the day before the trial started suspected suicide. In that case when one brave soul came forward, there were multiple charges and further investigations and other victims too came forward. As the trial never took place we can’t quantify whether the allegations were proven complete or even thrown out because they appeared to be beyond reasonable doubt, maybe even bordering on get square. There are many examples. Try Peter Roebuck.

    In what is available to us right now I would expect a proper AFP investigation of Peter Slipper to include all staff and those around him for networks, victims and other. If they point them to further allegations of expense rorting and predatory behaviour there are again slightly different hues of orange. Would they present as a reliable witness?

    Gossip and media are very closely aligned. Media profiteer out of speculation. Gossip is media but something else again. The electorate are in shock. Shock takes three principle forms, denial, disbelief and anger. Denial can be what we are hearing from other politicians. Anger could be the fury unleashed by the electorate and whipped up by the media. Disbelief is somewhere between those two. It will fix itself, it won’t take long, the system will sort it out and so on.

    For Peter Slipper, he needs to hope and pray that further investigations do not make allegations worse. He has made enemies. Some might be similar to Ashby, some might be revenge inspired, some might even be predatory themselves. We must wait and see.

    Objective analysis is called for, and it should not compromise any element of legal due process or natural justice.

    Do not let Profumo or other previous scandals alone colour the hue. We see self- serving politicians, who will not accept their fiduciary duty amongst other things. Last December politicians were given large pay rise to replace electoral allowances. Regarding Cabcharges, Federal politicians have ComCar for official business. This makes private taxi’s smell even more. Peter Slipper is not entitled to a cab for electioneering or private purposes? Please explain the role of Comcar.

    Right now we have caught one of them red handed and if all that is alleged ends up proven, then in this moment, now, we want Justice, we want an example made, we want a deterrent to others. We will wait, but justice can‘t be compromised.

    Let apples be delicious apples, and not try to mix them up with those gorgeous plump oranges.

  3. Gerry Hatrick
    April 27, 2012 at 11:48 am

    The cab charge dockets presented on national news last night tend to affirm the claims of Mr Ashby in his Federal Court claim. The news speculated that the dockets would now be subject to handwriting analysis. That would be futile, answers to why Peter Slipper needed to use that travel for parliamentary purposes is more to the point.

    Mr Ashby claimed that Peter Slipper would routinely sign 3 to 4 cabcharge dockets for a single journey in an apparent private car. On the news there was one docket for $275 and another for $85. There are more than a dozen subject to enquiry by media accounts. $360 for two fares is a lot of money. It is somewhere about the single pension per week, and more than disability pension or Newstart per week. Most taxi drivers want to earn about $200 plus fuel per shift.

    As Herman pointed out earlier what about COMCAR? It adds to the overall picture. Why hasn’t Mr Slipper used Comcar instead. The answer lies in the fact that Comcar is a clear concise record and debited against his other entitlements in other ways. Mr Slipper appears to be incriminating himself, when he claims to be exonerating himself.

    Then we have Hon Anthony Albanese saying now he is exonerated he should resume his duties as speaker. Both of them need to be careful they are not thereby perverting the course of justice. We are told that AFP are investigating. A full and frank enquiry needs to collect all of Mr Slipper’s CabCharge usage and marry them to his diary, and other records for proper entitlement. If there is inconsistency then there should be further enquiry into the nature of the relationship to the driver who encashed them and so on. The public has a right to know.

    Then a brief of evidence should be referred to Prosecutions. They then make a decision as to whether the allegations are provable, material and so on.

    The saddest part is this same conjecture has been hanging over the entire parliament since before the last Federal Poll, through Craig Thomson allegations. Now we have attempts by political forces to silence Kathy Jackson. We have DPP saying they have not been given a brief of evidence, Fair Work has tabled a report and its contents could be made public but might pervert a fair trial. Enough.

    Bill Shorten said somewhat similar yesterday. Attempts by the government to sweep the dust under the carpet just will not work anymore. It is time for a proper house clean.

    The next poll will be fought largely on integrity and competence. As Mr Slipper defected from the Liberals, the stench is woeful. Mr Abbott is now saying he was moving to disendorse Mr Slipper and that was his motivation to defect. The claims by Mr Ashby in Federal Court state that Mr Slippers behaviours have been documented and noted for nearly a decade.

    Is there any decency in our parliament at all? All we observe is shamelessness. Where Joe Hockey claimed recently the end of the age of entitlement, that now includes many social wrongs, like parliamentary abuse of position of power, the banks right to earn excessive margin irrespective of the health of the economy, and so much more. Nominate some more. Build a serious platform to start cleaning from.

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