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EYE-BALL Opinion on – The SLIPPER Affair …

The SLIPPER Affair …
Again the morality of all things Political is in question.  Despite the repeated past deeds and a now repeat ‘offender’ – both sides of Politics have allowed a ‘sexual predator’ to walk the halls of the Australian Federal Parliament tp pick and choose his sexual conquests.

The question that resonates goes to the targets of Mr Slipper’s warped sexual conquests.

What if it was young women or girls he was targeting? Would the Federal Parliament be as forgiving?  This is a married man with two children – what are the public to believe – or can they believe they have been duped into voting for a man who is living a lie by most societal standards.

Current disclosures to his sexual predator instincts surround young men – but what do we really know about Mr Slipper and his past sexual behaviour?  Do we really want to know?

When the allegations against Mr Slipper filed in the Court were read – it was personally sickening – [read full court filing here.]

A bigger question arises when it is further revealed that the Coalition had knowledge of Mr Slipper’s ‘modus operandi’ leading to this type of behaviour since 2002 under Howard’s Government.  Yet – the Coalition pre-selection committee’s continued to pre-select him for his Federal seat, and with victory it allowed him to continue to serve in Parliament with the stench of his sexual predatory perversion exposed in full knowledge to all his fellow Members.  They all thought it was acceptable behaviour.

This questions the pre-selection process and perhaps prompts or dictates a question on whether Federal Police should vet all candidates before the Electoral office allows them to run for Parliament. – any Parliament or high position in Public Service.

In fact – it can be said that this is a question against the whole House in their group acceptance of moral standards that would not be tolerated in the electorate.

The allegations as laid out in the Court filings suggest Mr Slipper is a man with uncontrollable sexual urges that target young men – men that he has hired under some private sexual fantasy, men that he has control over via employment, men that would be intimidated by his station, and men that he saw as ‘bait’ opportunity.

He draws them in, positions them in situations where he has control, and makes suggestive and sexual overtones to satisfy his own sexual urges. The allegations are yet to be proved – but sleight of hand ‘cash payments’ may still see him defeat the charges and escape to continue to serve in Parliament as the Speaker.

What would be the greater travesty – that the accuser took money and allowed Mr Slipper to escape and continue to serve in Parliament during this term, or the Law challenging the accuser with the burden of proof, and it going the same way as Mr Craig Thompson’s position where he is allowed to continue to serve as a Member of Parliament.

This is a man who arguable held the second highest position in the Land as the Speaker of the House. Mr Slipper was elevated to that position by the current Prime Minister with knowledge of his past indiscretions.

Gillard has to wear this on her own – Albanese was the promoter of Mr Slipper in a tactical mover to improve the Governments numbers in the House with the impending departure of Craig Thompson.  On enow has to view both sides of the House as being Slipper supporters and any cries of ‘foul’, or ‘not informed’ about his previous behaviour is just mis-direction.  They all knew but allowed him to continue to serve.

The complicity from both Gillard and Abbott in allowing and elevating Mr Slipper’s status to Speaker, is a testament to their ability to judge character and an acceptance of moral standards way beneath society’s acceptance.  Their actions are a blight on the Parliament itself – and for PM Gillard – she has disrespected all past Speakers –  and the role they play in the Parliamentary process.

Mr Slipper has served in Parliament since 1987 – be it that he missed a term in 1990 due to a defeat at the polls.  In that time how many young men do you think Mr Slipper has traumatised with his predator type behaviour?  On who’s head should the responsibility reside – or is it a true measure of the unique arrangements Politicians have as compared with the rest of society?


To have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

May god intervene and give us a solution …

  1. Gerry Hatrick
    April 24, 2012 at 9:00 am

    Thanks for the Court Filing.

    As you say predatory, but only one side of the story. It does tend to rule out sour grapes on the part of the Opposition. It affects them too. Yesterday Abbott was saying that he was moving to have Peter Slipper removed from office. If so that is motive for his defection. If Slipper knew he was under scrutiny would he not be a bit more careful cultivating his next victim.

    The texting is very difficult to follow. While not being able to understand the full flow, it does tend to confirm, a person in a position of power abusing that position of authority, which is one of the claims to the court.

    On the cab charges, it is petty in total dollars, imagine each voucher was ultimately a claim for $100, but must be properly scoped and followed by AFP to find out what was really going on. What was the perpetrator really trying to achieve by paying say $300 to $400 for maybe a $50 service. What underlies the scheme beyond contempt?

    Finally with this type of document available to the full press, can Peter Slipper get a fair trial? Many will say he doesn’t deserve one. That is lynch mob mentality. Hang him high, and set a precedent.

    The frightening part is why is there a culture of covering this up rather than exposing him. Bob Brown has claimed 2 liberals have recent convictions. If convicted say it loud. For what and in what circumstance?

    The whole bloody lot of them stink because they will not remove one bad apple.

  2. League Leg End
    April 24, 2012 at 10:17 am

    With Oakeschott vacilating over a no confidence motion in the federal government, and Andrew Wilkie quite likely to vote with the opposition, it is time for the final skeleton to play his trump and come out of the cupboard, Mr Kevin Rudd. If he was to say without hesitation he will vote with the opposition on a no confidence motion this fiasco might begin to conclude.

    In the ensuing election a catharitic environment will evolve where new alliances will be forged, with no certainties of the outcome. All Joe Jyons revisited.

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