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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Political Behaviour – a poor example to all young Australians…

Political Behaviour – a poor example to all young Australians…

Prime Minister Gillard’s hold on the Prime Minister position is again in question.  If ‘kama’ were at play – she would have to think that she holds a position that was never meant for her.

The latest scandal involves her appointment of the Speaker MR sLIPPER –  Coalition defector – and someone who covered the impending exit of Craig Thompson to face allegations of misappropriation of Union funds – funds that are alleged to have been used for prostitutes to service union members.

‘The Duchess’ is out of her depth – she has lost the confidence of the electorate – and by any measure of Leadership – she has to know that she has to go sooner than later.

Six weeks or so ago – she fought a dirty fight to put down Kevin Rudd once and for all – in the interim she has tripped over herself making ‘hip-shootin’ choices – i.e. Bob Carr as Foreign Minister that immediately put Simon Crean and Steven Smith on their heels and had them walk away from the blind support they offered her during both the Rudd challenges.

Shoving Bob Carr – an ex Labour NSW Premier into the coverted Foreign Minister position – against the backdrop of State Labour Governments aniliations in both the NSW and QLD elections demolition of the NSW Labour Governemnt 12 months ago – and the recent QLD Labour Governemnt history making defeat – proves her desperation and poor decisions.

She is a PM spending more and more time on her own – Ministers are reluctant to be seen with her in public – she is toxic and the only one who does not know it is the PM.

Her blind belief that she has a loyal following is vastly over-estimated – the media have their hounds looking for the ‘killer blow’ that will sink her forever.  It is a measure of how or society has evolved.  We love ‘blood sport’ and the pleasure we get from watching the slow agonising death of an unpopular Leader is small change for the damage she continues to do whilst still holding the reins of power.

Political behaviour – something we all have to see openly as is reported – the most recent allegations against Mr Slipper in a homophobia sex-scandal is fodder from heaven for the media and Opposition.  The Speaker is a married man with two children – he has a colourful history during his political career – all with a touch of rouge as it sails close to the boundary’s expected of Political behaviour.

Gillard feels threatened when she is out of the media’s focus – she has become a ‘junkie’ is search of the next opportunity to face the electorate.  Someone needs to tell her she is a ratings blooper when she fronts the media – the electorate changes the channel.

For all loyal ALP voters – in all good conscience we cannot vote for this current Government – nor would we vote for an Abbott lead Coalition – The Greens without Bob Brown is also a high risk option – so when the next election dawns – the void of choices is so deeply encrusted in ‘none of the above’ – the informal vote may win the election.  Be brave – do not cast your vote out of a choice of poor options – the best of a bad bunch will never give us good Government.

Send the Political Leaders of this Nation a clear message that they need to earn your vote with behaviour and standards that impress – not standards that depress. …

This Labour Party Government took away the people’s choice in Kevin Rudd  – and ever since the process of Government has a stench that all try to escape from.  Swans dump against RUDD in the latest challenge placed him as a never ever choice for Leadership – all across the ALP front bench – they are all plodders because Gillard has never allowed them to rise in prominence.  Rudd as Foreign Minister always shined in the House – it is why Gillard had to knife him again – and what does she had now?

This is the measure of her insecurity – a woman with no conviction in a lifestyle that Australia believe in – she stands out like a shag on a rock … a rock with room for her alone.

Allowing Creigh Thompson to sit in the House under the allegations he was accused of – gave great insight to her desperation to become Prime Minister.   She put personal achievement ahead of self-sacrifice for a better option for Australia.

Her actions gave her power in a way that rendered her as ‘slops’ with the electorate.   She alone has dragged the most recent behaviour standards of Parliament to their current levels – she ficilated the current ‘Speaker Slipper’ scandal to make an example of the Government.  Bad behaviour breeds bad behaviour and Gillard has exposed and caused a generation of young Australians to detest political leaders and what they stand for.


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