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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl – ‘Porky Joe’ dribbles his meal Ticket…

April 19, 2012
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‘Porky Joe’ dribbles his Meal Ticket…
Federal Opposition and Shadow Treasurer “Porky’ Joe Hockey has spoken out about the Welfare cost and his party’s intention to review social welfare.   ‘Porky’ Joe appeared on Lateline last night and gave insight into his ‘pigs swill’ viewpoint when it comes to sharing the public purse.

There is no fool like a blind fool.

‘Porky’ Joe has again exposed his ‘boofhead’ type persona – this ‘welfare’ targeted attack is a serious under estimation and a mistake that will see ‘Porky’ Joe suffer at the hands of the media in coming days.

Targeting those who have dependency and are dependent as a means to fix decades of Governments over spending with election promises to get themselves elected – is just another example of the scatter brain policies that comes forth from the ‘pigs’ enjoying their swill at the pig trough.

‘Porky’ Joe has again stubbed his fat toe – as he so often does – you can count on him calling a press conference every time he sees an opportunity on a slow news day.  This recent gaff is a monster – and to those it targets highlights just how ‘Porky’ Joe’s own lifestyle choices – which requires a daily calorie intake more than three times that of the welfare community to maintain his ‘porky’ appearance – can only again attest to the hubris attached to his squalored existence, and his position of privileged generosity that only a Member of Federal Parliament can abuse.

‘Porky’ Joe needs to take a breath and place himself in the financial position of a aged pensioner, a disabled welfare recipient, a youth unemployed, or a middle aged unemployed person, all living on welfare – and then face them to answer their questions on how he survived whilst living on the welfare payments due to those he is so eager to judge as a drain on Australia’s finances.

Many of these ‘aged pensioners’ have supported the tax system all their lives – and are now subjected to Joe Hockey’s ‘brain-explosion’ idea that ‘welfare’ payments in Australia should represent the Asian focus on social welfare.

You are a the biggest ‘dickhead’ of all the ‘dickheads’ who pretend to have Leadership credentials to manage the Australian economy.  You as Shadow Treasurer is such a joke on the Australian people.  What are you credentials to sit in that position?  Like all those who share the vacant space within the House of Representatives and the Senate – how many members have actually worked away from the public purse and been a success story?

Joe Hockey – this latest headline grab comment attached to your brand of Liberal and conservative politics – has you as a perfect example of someone who believes the ‘rich’ deserve their wealth at the expense of the ‘poor’.   “Porky Joe’s’ comments made on the ABC’s Lateline program last night can be viewed and read using the links below:

The ABC story is posted below: [linked here – includes replay of ‘Lateline’ Interview.]

Hockey calls for wholesale review of welfare payments

| Updated April 19, 2012 08:17:23 |

Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey has committed a future Coalition government to a review of the whole range of Australian welfare payments.

Speaking in London after a meeting with Britain’s chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne – who has overseen the Conservative government’s unpopular spending cuts – Mr Hockey warned that Western governments had created welfare systems they can no longer afford.

His comments came in a speech, titled ‘The End of the Age of Entitlement’, which he delivered to an audience of policymakers in the British capital.

Speaking to Lateline, he said that Australia needed to scale back the size of its welfare bill to strengthen the national finances.

But he declined to say which benefits would be put on the fiscal chopping block.

“We are all living longer, and the longer we rely on government handouts, the greater the burden for taxpayers and particularly those that follow,” he told Lateline.

“We need to be vigilant. We need to compare ourselves with our Asian neighbours, where the entitlements programs of the state are far less than they are in Australia.

“If we talk about the Asian century … then the Asian countries are our competition, our children’s competition.

Western nations are in financial trouble, and they’re in financial trouble because, like a bad parent, over the years they have always said to voters, “You can have what you want”.

Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey.

“Hong Kong is our direct competition, as is Singapore, as is Korea in different ways, Vietnam, Indonesia.”

“Western nations are in financial trouble, and they’re in financial trouble because, like a bad parent, over the years they have always said to voters, ‘You can have what you want’,” he added.

“And, sooner or later, it comes to an end when the burden of debt starts to cripple their economies.

“When you look at Europe in particular, and France in particular, nearly 30 per cent of GDP is going towards public welfare and health care and pension costs.

“That compares with other countries in Europe which are between 20 and 30 per cent. Australia is at 16 per cent, Korea at about 10 per cent. So, obviously the age of entitlement is coming to an end because governments are running out of money and the debt is now crippling governments.”

In his London speech, Mr Hockey said “all government-funded pensions and other such payments must be means tested so that people who do not need them do not get them.”

But he said that principle would not apply to issues like the means testing of private health insurance rebates.

“The Private Health Insurance Rebate is entirely different to an aged care pension or a disability pension or other pensions,” he told Lateline.

“And in Australia we have come a long way. We have introduced means testing over a number of years, whereas here in the United Kingdom and in the rest of Europe, the entitlement system in many areas is not means tested. And therefore we are ahead of these countries.”

“If you reduce or remove the private health insurance rebate, you are simply pushing more people onto the public hospital system, which means they have an entitlement to universal health care, which means that the entitlement system grows.

“So sometimes governments actually have to spend money to reduce the overall cost to taxpayers of a universal entitlement.”

‘Porky Joe’s’ comment in this interview that the western World’s financial woes stems from the welfare generosity is as far from reality and humans in this generation living on the moon.  Does this idiot truly believe that the Governments of the world are not responsible for the GFC, and all the financial woes the World is now enduring.

Talk about avoidance of responsibility – how do you reconcile yourself to being a part of the Howard/Costello ‘Scrooge’ years – where the mining boom generated windfall tax collections were gifted back to the middle and upper class income earners through generous medical and other social welfare reforms?

‘Porky Joe’ is trying to rewrite history – his ‘twot’ of a brain functions in the same way as does a whores willingness and ability to forget the filthy dirty smelly john they just serviced.

This pathetic excuse for a Member of the Australian Parliament wants to align Australia’s future welfare payments with ‘third world’ Nations on the rise.   From what maggot infested nightmare did he emerge with this ‘scatterbrain’ idea?

If he had ‘Rabbit Abbot’s’ approval to merge this idea with the Coalition’s policy to win Government at the next election – it can only be said that they don’t want to win Government.

The 50% pay rise he and his fellow Members voted themselves late last year – and just before the Christmas recess when public scrutiny and debate would be minimal – is a fair indication how Members view their own due entitlements from the public purse – but when the welfare spend becomes a focus because of pathetic Government policies that sees tax collections diminishing – it truly proves that they have no idea how to run a country, and only walk to the microphone when then feel a need for a personal adrenalin shot to feed their oversized ego’s.

Fu_k off Joe – go back to your meat pie and ice-cream gorge and promise us all never ever come to the microphone with the dribble still visible …


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