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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – The US Masters – where is the old “TIGER”…

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The US Masters –  where is the old “TIGER”…
The golf world is looking for the old TIGER – yet the new TIGER’s motivation and ‘golf-game’ is just not the same anymore.

The Golfing World mourns for the return of the Old TIGER …The Old TIGER represented the perfection of a once in a generation sporting hero – his personal life may have been flawed from everybody else’s perspective – but in Tiger’s own subconscious mindset – his secret ‘harem’ was the escape that provided the bridge for him to strut his stage with every body else playing ‘bit’ parts.  This ‘tightrope’ walk with the risk of exposure to the flip side to his ‘superhero’ sports hero status gave him his edge.

With his personal life coming apart in full public view three years ago – TIGER was forced to let the public humiliation play itself out – he had his Sponsors, Charitable Foundations, fans and the Golf Tours all tugging at him to continue playing.  Without Tiger in the field,  TV ratings – the life and blood that provides the money pool of the US PGA tour – would plummet, and that meant sponsors only came to the party with the big bucks if TIGER was in the field.

For three years now TIGER has done it all for others – and now his performances on the course are pedestrian mortal – he needs to take a good break from the game – find his mo-jo, re-connect with his family and children – forget golf for a period and allow his head to clear.

TIGER’s problem is that he now plays chasing the memory of who he once was – it’s a doomed legacy.   He has to discover himself as his life now stands – a father, an ex-husband, still wealthy and commanding in the world of sponsors and ‘pull’ factor.  He just has to get his life-long dream back on track, and for that to happen he needs to just be TIGER for a while – not everybody else’ free-ride.

I know this game – and the ‘head’ health is the only thing that allows the players to play to their best – TIGER was at a whole other level of ‘head’ health to everyone else 4-5 years ago.  His Father’s death, his marriage, and then fatherhood offered new challenges and priorities and this led to ‘escapes’ – sporting heroes get their magic in ways that other people can never fathom.

These days he plays golf on auto pilot – thinking that swing tweaks and relentless hours on the practice fairway will bring his game back to him.   Someone needs to tell him he needs to walk away from the game he loves for a time and give himself a chance to reshape and re-prioritise his life and life goals.  He needs to take time to let his ego and heart heal.

It’s an emotional damage stigma – he’s angry with himself but not for the right reasons.  He has used physical injuries to help hide his shame – all symbolic to those who can understand what he is enduring.  The only remedy is to walk away.

If he does walk away – and a big if – and he comes back,  it will because he has rededicated his life – set new goals or reestablished his old ones, but the reason he will continue to play the game will because he wants to – not because he feels he owes because he disappointed fans and his peers.   TIGER has to relearn how to play for TIGER …

TIGER you gave us perfection – and for all spots lovers and golf fans the game needs you back as you once were – none of us care if you shag yourself stupid, or how you behave in your private life – and in the eyes of those who can understand – your sexual dalliances were the release valve you needed to maintain your edge – a part of your private secrets that you always knew would become public.

You lived that Jekyll and Hyde life with a purpose – it gave you the edge that others could never understand.   Plenty around you knew about it – and helped to keep the secret – but deep down you knew is was the ‘magic’ that you drank from and it made you the golf hero we all loved to watch.

Go – take some time, clear the mind and if you decide to make a come-back, prove that you can be just as great with or without the ‘special coollee’ you would drink while on tour.

GOLF is floundering since your demise – it will survive until you come back – and then perhaps a new era will dawn.


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  1. April 8, 2012 at 8:42 pm

    Extremely well articulated summary of all things Tiger. Very enjoyable read, thanks!


  2. League Leg End
    April 9, 2012 at 7:20 am

    Most people look forward to the final redemption of Tiger Woods. In our recent sporting history he is larger than life.

    In the movie Follow the Sun where Glenn Ford plays Ben Hogan, that character is just so likeable. The near fatal car crash is portrayed as natural happenstance, but you still wonder about the reality of what occured. Was Ben Hogan drunk or otherwise contributing to his own fate.

    Tiger knows that he is very close to something special, but we then ponder has the game moved on without him. At the close of the 3rd round, I was wondering who could soak up the 4th round pressure, and play that perfect round despite the nerves and so on. At his best Tiger would have done it with aplomb. What does the overnight leader do to relax? Would he play another 18 holes for practice, or get a massage and sauna, or have a wholesome meal and watch some comedy?

    Tiger Woods appears to have inspired a whole new breed.

  3. Snoop-Poop
    April 9, 2012 at 7:34 am

    Thankyou for your comments Brian –

    Most view Tiger’s past indiscretions deplorable – not to mitigate the behaviour of mere mortals – TIGER is no mere mortal. Different rules apply. Those of us who have played sport at elite levels can only pretend to comprehend TIGER’s world. We love him for his Golf – not his private life.


  4. April 9, 2012 at 9:48 am

    TIGER’s personal trauma became everybody’s water-cooler conversation – people are quick to judge but who among us can cast that stone …

    TIGER’s biggest disappointment is at himself – and that is what he has to overcome – once he realises that the approval of others is not all that important in the GOLF world – his demons should disappear. Having such high standards in GOLF as a player is one thing – being a person away from tyhe golf course is another. Being good at one does not make it automatic that you’ll be good at the other.

    Forgive yourself TIGER …

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