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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl – New Foreign Minister Bob Carr – wants to be PM …

April 6, 2012
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New Foreign Minister Bob Carr – wants to be PM …
Duchess Julia has a new challenger who is trying to jump the queue in the rush to replace her – off with Mr Rudd’s head only a month or so back – his replacement at the top of the ‘wannabe’ PM list has forced a shuffle of the deck of waiting aspirants.

Before Bob Carr became the new Senator on a ‘ride’ paved in gold and a smooth as a greased slipery slide after Mark Arbib exited politics under deep suspicions, is now the new ‘lunatic’ in the ALP asylum loosely called ‘The Aussie Idiots Labour Party Government Assembly of Nutcases and Scumbags” – (TAILPANS for short) .

Bob Carr – newly named as ‘Nutcase Bob’ and now a part of TAILPANS – left the NSW Premier position some six years ago when the NSW future looked pretty bleak and decided to leave while the ship was still afloat.   In his ‘wilderness’ since – he took to writing a Blog called “Thoughlines”  – linked here

Bob’s Blog – is where Bob believed he could espouse his thoughts on the world and its ales gained from his political life.  [Read his Wikipedia profile here]

Then came the Senate vacancy and the furore over Duchess Gillard wanting him as the new Foreign Minister rather than have to choose between Simon Crean and Stephen Smith – both who were lobbying for the gig.  GILLARD thought she had discovered gold – but in his first week Bob threatened the PNG Government with withdrawal of Australian aid over election delays.

Someone forgot to tell Bob that he was now the Foreign Minister and not a frustrated under acheiving blogger.

Not content with that major ‘stuff-up’ – he roamed over a number of other Foreign Affairs issues that put noses out of joint on both sides.  It seemed Bob believed he had arrived at the gates of where he believed he was always destined.

Rather than wait six months or so to settle into te job – he has this week come out and made his thoughts known about domestic drug policy.  He appeared on ABC 702 in an interview about this and also went back to where he feels most comfortable – blogging away on his Thoughtlines blog site.  His comments on DRUGS policy and views on where everybody before him has got it wrong, makes for  interesting reading – that is of course if you were anyone other than the current Prime Minister.

‘Nutcase Bob’s’ blog comments are posted below:  Read comments [on-line here]

Drug policy reform

| April 5, 2012 |

Prior to becoming Foreign Minister, I participated in a roundtable discussion on drug policy reform organised by think tank Australia21. I talked about my stance with Richard Glover on 702 ABC yesterday. Click here to listen to our discussion.

First, let me say that I don’t believe in legalisation. I have no idea how it would work. The drugs black market would continue to operate. My argument is primarily about the best use of police resources. During my time as NSW Premier, I saw police effort going into personal use of ecstasy and marijuana and I wasn’t impressed by it. The mobilisation of police resources to hit nightclubs and pubs didn’t strike me as the most effective use of police time. On the other hand, I wanted them to hit the suppliers and close down the labs.

I suppose this argument leads to a de facto decriminalisation at one end of the spectrum. This position may be criticised as contradictory but ultimately there is nothing logical about illegal drugs.

In addition to effective and efficient use of police resources, my focus is also on keeping people alive with the ultimate goal of rehabilitation, as opposed to facilitating recreational use. I place emphasis on harm minimisation as opposed to wholesale legalisation and decriminalisation. Take, for example, the introduction of the Sydney Medically Supervised Injecting Centre during my time as Premier. An independent evaluation of the Centre carried out by eminent doctors, professors and criminologists found that the more often a drug user went there, the more likely they were to undertake treatment.

Understand my position: I don’t apologise for going after the Mr Bigs. I don’t apologise for having a prohibition regime. But I think at this end of the scale, when it comes to personal use of ecstasy or marijuana, the best use of police time is not standing outside a nightclub or wandering around a train station with sniffer dogs. Those people aren’t doing any harm except, arguably, to themselves.

The first question has to be – why is Bob Carr as Foreign Minister speaking to the public on Drug Reform?  Internally the ALP have to be thinking what another stuff-up by the Duchess – at least that would be Mr Rudd’s and his supporters thoughts.

For sanity’s sake Bob – shut the fuck up.

Be silent – and let your honeymoon period ebb onwards without you fueling the flames everybody in the ALP are trying to put out.

This blogger tried to post a comment to a story that appeared on Bob’s Blog about Peter Costello and the Future Fund appointment.  Bob did not write this piece – it was written by Michael Eagan his Treasurer in the NSW Labour Government when Bob served as Premier.  Mr Eagan is now Chancellor at Macquarie University – a nice little ALP ‘job for the boys’.  There were three commentssubmitted to this single blog and not one of them was published.

Mr Eagan’s Blog piece titled: “Costello and the Future Fund” and posted on the 22nd Mar 2012 – can be read in full [here].

These comments posted as a response to this blog are published below:

Comment Response 1

The EYE-BALL permalink | March 24, 2012 4:17 pm |

Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Tell me Mr Eagan – the ‘dollars’ that went into the Future Fund from the Telstra proceeds – were they not funds that ‘all’ Australians were entitled to have shared in?

The Future Fund is to cover the liabilities of Public Servant superannuation – what happens when private Employee Super Funds have shortfalls – why should the Public Service get a bailout from the Telstra proceeds and not the private sector workforce?

Costello’s claim on this issue is a ‘straight-line’ indicator to how the privileges of the Parliamentary Super – create the them and us divide. If Government levels of contribution were equal to private sector employer levels – would the Telstra funds have been needed to balance the Future fund liabilities?

If so – then Costello did a big favour for all of his Parliamentary colleagues to the disadvantage of all Australians.

Superannuation is the biggest Government rip off of all time – when Mr Keating introduced it – the deal was a 15% tax on exit – after it was introduced it was 15% on entry plus another bite upon retirement subject to means testing – a massive windfall for the Government in cash flow terms – and a logarithmic disadvantage to the compound factoring of the superannuant …

The rules on superannuation since that time have pretty much changed with every Government term since – the 9% is now deemed not to be enough to provide for retirement – the proposed 3% increase also gives the Government’s tax collections a significant boost at the 15% – a 33% increase – not bad when it comes off the Superannuants contributions …

You of course can calculate the value of that 15% tax collect over say a 40 year period – it would have all been accrual in the superannuants account prior to Mr Keating’s brainstorm – but that is supposing the 9% had still been yielded by the workforce in wage increases …

Who knows where the world will be in 20 years let alone 40-50 years for the 17-18 y/olds starting out – welfare recipients i.e. disability and unemployment – have no 9% super accrual – yet wealthy people could top up their super to the tune of a $500k or so under Howard in his last years … the tax relief again subsidised by the working class …

Mr Eagan – you like so many other commentators and Politicians never look behind you to see who you, or the subject your chose to comment on trampled over when you or they went their way – ‘struggle street’ is where more and more people are ending up –

The best thing that could happen to super is that it be used to help finance the family home – if it is sold the super component is preserved – but handing your money over to some wizz-kid who is going to punt in on a CDS, or some other exotic derivative pretending it is a ‘hedge’ trade – from which he will take a massive bonus if successful, and the end superannuant gets a modest return – if it is not successful – the losses are born by the superannuant and his yearly contribution just got wiped out – yet the Fund Manager still got paid his Management fee …
Putting it in the family home – contributions as well – it’s a ‘like with like’ investment – i.e. long term – and there are no fees paid – and capital gain comes with time-frames attached to super investment.

There are so many ‘Pied Piper’ commentators who follow the lead – who thinks outside the square these days?

Comment Response 2

The EYE-BALL permalink | March 24, 2012 5:10 pm |

Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Again Mr Eagan – can you share with us the state of the NSW Treasury during your tenure 1995-2005 – after the sale of the State Bank of NSW to Colonial Mutual – was there not some $1.8 billion in bad debts the NSW Treasury had to deal with to facilitate the sale – and then there were the additional contingent guarantees that had to be issues as well –

What is $1.8 billion of debt worth today?

Then there is the continued slide in NSW finances over the term of the Carr Government which you presided over as Treasurer … before you jumped ship to take an Academic position … nice if you can get it and all paid for by the public purse …

I’m no fan of Mr Costello – a ‘scrooge’ Treasurer who loved to count his money and not make it work for the Nation …

But Mr Swan is also a ‘dodo’ over his non-intervention to try and take the heat out of the A$ – introduce export tariffs, reduce interest rates, Central Bank intervention – hell he has just sat on his ass and patted himself on the back as ‘The World’s Best Treasurer’ – Australia’s exports over the last 10 years have returned A$’s at 50% of the revenue stream it once did due to the rise in the A$ – and its TWI – Mr Swan and Mr Costello were quite happy to see our resources and agriculture go out the door at these cheapened revenue streams …

The RBA’s position – the charter they operate under only targets -”Inflation” levels – 20 years ago inflation was a global problem after the cash bailout of the ’87 crash – but it is dead and has been for 4 odd years.

Now they want to tax the Miners but have no ‘skin’ in the game of responsibility for the A$ levels, or the diminished revenues the miners and farmers receive for their efforts. To see an example of how this works if you don’t understand it – see [this link].

The mean average of the A$ v US$ since it was floated in 1983 is A$0.75c … overseas investors are borrowing in their own currency at 0% interest levels and buying A$’a and assets at 4-5% and have no fear of a currency rout because the RBA and the Treasurer keep talking up the $500 billion of investment still to come in …

This stupid policy is ripping wealth out of Australia – and it is coming in part directly from the mortgage holders who are paying 2-3% higher interest rates than they should be when compared to our major trading partners. The tourism, manufacturing, and retail sectors are all suffering long term effects because Australia’s competitiveness is not seemed important anymore …

Mr Eagan – please use your experience and knowledge as the NSW Treasurer for 10 years to espouse commentary that at least has some relevance to Australia’s economic plight, as opposed to trying to score political points that you as a Chancellor should probably leave well enough alone …

Comment Response 3

The EYE-BALL permalink | March 30, 2012 8:06 am |

Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I posted two comments to this story over a week ago that the moderator of this site elected to not post. It seems that our new Foreign Minister likes to practice censorship and free speech edification … the comment responses were directed at Mr Eagan and his political slant …

This censorship – according to the terms of the Site’s policy on comments has no basis – there was no profanity, only direct commentary to Mr Eagan’s creditability as Treasurer of NSW for 10 years and the financial mess he and his Government left the NSW State finances in.

It raised the question as to why a University Chancellor would make Political comment – it asked specific questions of Mr Eagan on matters he oversaw as NSW Treasurer.

It seems that these questions asked to open the debate on Mr Eagan’s credentials were too sensitive for the public to read.

Any site that only published ‘head-nod’ comments is a site not worth following … and as the site in question is accredited as the work of the new Foreign Minister of Australia – the example being set suggests a ‘thin-skinned’, ‘insecure’, and ‘my opinion is the only opinion that counts’ type attitude.

Now how Bob finds the time to blg and moderate the comments generated, and still do the FM gig given how Mr Rudd ran the Foreigh Affairs office, one has to question both Bob’s credentials for the job, and his interest as Foreign Minister if he makes his first big public speech about Drug Reform policy that had no connection with Foreign Affairs that he connected with.

Common Bob – tell us that you just want to do Julia just like all the other boys lined up behind her with daggers at the ready.


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