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EYE-BALL’s Rookie Bookie – Easter Weekend Preview –

Easter Weekend preview –
Gambling Index 216.67 (base 100 as at 30/3/2012)*.
This is my first post for the 2012 footy season across the AFL, League and other sports mediums.  For starters I have introduced a new format and a Gambling Index further explained here:

*The Gambling/Betting Index is a cumulative return, where 100 is your base, initial outlay.

Last Saturday I selected Cronulla head to head returning $2.20, Fremantle head to head returning $2.35 and Parramatta with 9 and half start returning $1.95. Therefore each $3 outlayed returned $6.50. This is then turned into this index. Your actual return may vary according to where you bet and timing of bet.


Weekend 6th – 9th April. [Fri – Mon].

Golden Slipper:

With final field declared I will be investing 3 units on Snitzerland to place (fixed odds $4.77). Fixed odds does not work on tote logics. A tote is meant to have a guaranteed return to the betting agency. This ridiculous unders only helps an arbitrage and harms the punter. Latest odds $5.32. Fair odds $6.

Anyway I secured $4.77, the favourite is paying $1.31 to place, absolutely stupid in such a race. Big field over 1200m where size of price money sees jockeys bunch into first corner, despite consistent warnings from the stewards. When you earn over $300k for 5 minutes work, who cares if you get a holiday. Winning is all that matters.


Super Rugby

  • Rebels v Blues $2.22/$1.81
  • Hurricanes v Sharks $2.08/$1.92
  • Reds v Brumbies Even Money (go the Brumbies)
  • Force v Chiefs $2.50/$1.66
  • Highlanders v Stormers Match of the Round $2.22/$1.81 possible final preview
  • Cheetahs v Lions $1.81/$2.22
  • Bulls v Crusaders $$1.81/$2.22 another critical match

(At time of posting TAB Sportsbet have not posted their prices)



  • Brisbane Lions v Carlton Blues est. $2.70/$1.59 Actual $3.25/$1.33
  • Essendon Bombers v Port Adelaide $1.92/$2.08 Actual $1.20/$4.40
  • Sydney Swans v Fremantle Dockers $2.08/$1.92 Actual $1.65/$2.25
  • West Coast Eagles v Melbourne Demons $1.66/$2.50 Actual $1.05/$9.00
  • Collingwood Magpies v Richmond Tigers $1.33/$4 Actual $1.15/$5.25
  • Adelaide Crows v Western Bulldogs $1.92/$2.08 Actual $1.20/$4.40
  • North Melbourne Kangaroos v Western Sydney Giants $1.33/$4 Actual $1.01/$15
  • St Kilda Saints v Gold Coast Suns $1.33/$4 Actual $1.03/$11.00
  • Geelong Cats v Hawthorn Hawks even money Actual $2.30/$1.60

Best Bet; Fremantle

Fair Chance; Port Adelaide & Western Bulldogs

Value; Geelong Cats

Ridiculous Pricing; West Coast Eagles (They should win but not at those prices, Demons should show up this weekend.)



  • Rabbits v Bulldogs $2.08/$1.92 Actual $2.25/$1.65
  • Tigers v Broncos $3/$1.50 Actual $2.35/$1.60 Robbie Farah is back
  • Titans v Roosters $2.22/$1.81 Actual $2.15/$1.70
  • Sharks v Dragons $2.22/$1.81 Actual $2.10/$1.72
  • Raiders v Warriors $2.08/$1.92 Actual $2.05/$1.75
  • Knights v Eels $1.81/$2.22 Actual $1.50/$2.60
  • Cowboys v Storm $6/$1.22 Actual $2.25/$1.65 Cowboys thrashed the Storm in Rd3 2011 34 – 6
  • Sea Eagles v Panthers $2.08/$1.92 Actual $1.45/$2.75 Await news on Kieran Foran

Best Bet; Panthers

Good Bet; Broncos and Storm

Possible; Parramatta


Betting Summary

  • 3 units on Snitzerland to place in the Golden Slipper at $4.77
  • 1 unit on Fremantle head to head against Sydney Swans at $2.25
  • ½ unit on Western Bulldogs at $4.40
  • ½ unit on Port Adelaide at $4.40


The Rookie Bookie …


EYE-BALL Opinion on – The IMF goes cap in hand to the US …

The IMF goes cap in hand to the US …
The newly appointed IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde has made an approached to the US for additional financial aid to prop up ailing European Nations who face default scenarios over DEBT levels.

The ABC story appears below:

IMF chief goes cap in hand to US

| Updated April 04, 2012 10:51:34 |

International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde has implored the United States to bolster debt-ridden European countries.

Speaking in Washington, Ms Lagarde said the 187-nation IMF needed more firepower to tackle financial crises raging around the globe, arguing it was in the interests of the US to pitch in and help Europe.

“Americans might ask themselves: why should what happens in the rest of the world concern us? Don’t we have our own problems?” she said.

“The answer is simple: In today’s world, we cannot afford the luxury of staying in our own mental backyards.

“If the European economy falters, the American recovery and American jobs would be in jeopardy, so America has a large stake in how Europe fares – and how the world fares.”

Ms Lagarde’s comments came 64 years to the day after president Harry Truman signed the Marshall Plan, an unprecedented loan to rebuild post-war Europe.

But they will be anathema to politicians in Washington as the country hurtles toward elections in November.

US officials, including Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, have for months trod a thin line between supporting the IMF’s efforts to bolster its resources and actually kicking in some more cash.

Washington has yet to ratify 2010 reforms that would see it send $61.2 billion in additional funding to the IMF’s coffers as part of a new quota agreement.

Americans might ask themselves: why should what happens in the rest of the world concern us? Don’t we have our own problems? The answer is simple: in today’s world, we cannot afford the luxury of staying in our own mental backyards.
IMF managing director Christine Lagarde

With the US mired in high levels of debt, increasing IMF funding or shipping tens of billions of dollars abroad to help Europe could be tantamount to political suicide.

Unperturbed, Ms Lagarde said Europe’s recent efforts to shore up its own financial “firewall” must prompt the rest of the world to pitch in.

“The Europeans have moved first with their firewall, the time has come to increase our firepower,” she said.

“The ratio of Fund quotas to world GDP is significantly lower today than in the past. Sixty years ago, it was as much as three, four times higher. We’ve a lot of ground to make up.”

Ms Lagarde has asked members to give her $500 billion in extra funds to fight financial crises, including for possible future eurozone bailouts.

But at a fraught meeting of finance ministers and central bank chiefs in Mexico City in February, Group of 20 economies said they would only boost IMF funding if the eurozone first put its hand in its pocket.

After a month of wrangling and some German resistance, on Friday the eurozone clinched a deal it claimed was worth more than $971 billion, putting the ball back in the IMF’s court.

Ms Lagarde insisted the IMF offered the US a solid bet.

“The IMF is a good investment for all our members, including the United States. Your money is not drawn upon until needed. Your money earns interest. Your money is used prudently – our programs always carry rigorous conditions to ensure their effectiveness,” she said.

“No member country has ever lost money by contributing to IMF resources – and I assure you that will not change on my watch.”

We all rush to blame America for so much of what is wrong with the global economy and the political corruption around the world. Yet – they are the first call to bail out military scenarios and financial aid.

Legarde is new to her role as IMF boss,  and what she has to consider that 70 odd years Europe got themselves into a mess that needed America to help them out of.   What fee has Europe paid to the US for the NATO protection and the ‘big-stick’ America had during the cold-war period?

For that matter – what ongoing cost have Europe put up to help the US off-set the terror war, the drugs war, and the countless other military skirmishes that everybody expects the US to fund and put lives on the line.

The financial problems of Europe are generic and endemic – Europe have to make the sacrifices – yes it will impact on global growth but if a bail-out happens – rich fat-cats will survive and live to place the world in the same exposition in another 20-30 years.

If Lagarde is serious – and with America – put some of those responsible for the GFC in jail and recoup the hidden billions taken out of the system.

This ‘cry-poor’ concept and have America bail Europe out of the hole they dug for themselves at a time when America is having the same problems, yet still forking out aid to 100’s of impoverished Nations – is s sign of just how weak Europe is.  Lagarde is French – and they are renown for their aversion of hardship – if this is the best she can do – this ‘beggar’ type performance is a very poor start to her role as the Head of the IMF.


To have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam. [Links updated 23rd Feb 4:00pm Sydney Time due to Federal Government page move.]

Link to Previous EYE-BALL Posts.


The EYE-BALL Opinion …

EYE-BALL Opinion on – GILLARD – Australia’s worst Nightmare … worse than Jack Lang.

GILLARD – Australia’s worst Nightmare … worse than Jack Lang.
Prime Minister Gillard is about to come under relentless attacks on several fronts – and deservedly so.

The fires coming at her have all been of her own making – and the truth of the matter is that she alone has to bare the fruits of her actions.  Ministers who have supported her through two Leadership spills should also bare some of that responsibility for their poor judgement, and their self-serving egos looking for a better gig under this pathetic example of Leadership and public service.

The terrible sin in these actions is that GILLARD does not feel accountable for leading the Nation to this abyss – she thinks she has done the right thing – this is what makes her so dangerous – and for her to stay in the position can only raise more questions about the integrity of the Independent Members who are keeping her there.

Some examples of the ‘bush-fires’ rushing to greet The Prime Minister:

  1. Firstly there is the Carbon Tax –

David Murray the outgoing Future Fund Chairman released a scathing report on its implementation and purpose days after he stepped down. One wonders how many other Labour Government serving appointees have similar opinions but are gagged because of self-interest or other intimidating influences. The ABC’s comments on his statement can be read below… [Linked on-line here.]

Departing Future Fund boss savages carbon tax

| By chief political correspondent Emma Griffiths |
Updated March 30, 2012 13:09:10 |

The man who has managed the multi-billion dollar Future Fund for six years has delivered a stinging broadside to the Government’s carbon pricing scheme, calling it “the worst piece of economic reform” he has ever seen.

David Murray ends his term as chairman of the fund’s board on Monday.

The former Commonwealth Bank CEO has this morning told Radio National that the carbon tax is “very bad” for the Australian economy.

“If you want me to tell you my view, it is the worst piece of economic reform I have ever seen in my life in this country,” he said.

“The consequence of introducing that tax at that level in Australia today is very, very bad for this economy, particularly in terms of its international competitiveness.

“It raises costs further within Australia, it reduces our competitiveness for export of energy-related commodities, and it therefore renders us less competitive in the future.”

Mr Murray has previously said there is no link between carbon dioxide and global warming.

The carbon pricing scheme will come into force on July 1 and will charge the country’s biggest 500 companies $23 for each tonne of carbon they produce.

After three years that fixed amount will give way to a price determined by the market.

Treasurer Wayne Swan says the carbon pricing scheme is “world’s best practice”.

“Mr Murray is a well-known opponent of the science of climate change,” he told ABC News 24.

“I just reject what Mr Murray has had to say about this fundamental economic reform which goes to the core of our future economic prosperity.

“Big reforms like this are tough reforms, they’re never easy, and you will get vested interests and people like Mr Murray out there opposing them.”

“It’s not a surprise to me that Mr Murray might oppose a policy of this government.”

It is not the first time Mr Murray has criticised government policy.

He has previously revealed he was not in favour of the mining tax – an opinion he restated this morning.

“It was very clumsily introduced, it was very clumsily designed and the timing at the top of the terms of trade was not a good timing,” he said.

He has also been critical of the Government’s attack on big banks, particularly over raising interest rates.

Mr Murray says the banks have an important role in the economy.

“By jawboning their interest rates down when the international cost of funds and the domestic cost of funds has been behaving the way it is, is to render the banks less able to perform their very important role,” he said.

Mr Murray would not give his view of the Government’s ability to manage the economy overall.

The subject of Mr Murray’s replacement recently caused a furore when the government overlooked the board’s choice of former treasurer Peter Costello, appointing chairman of the Australian Securities Exchange David Gonski instead.

… there is a video replay of Mr Murray’s comments on’line attached to this story… linked here

The Carbon Tax is a big deal and is the reason Gillard’s pool ratings are in the ‘disaster’ zone. What impact her poll numbers have been reflected in the NSW and QLD State election results cannot be discounted. For Federal Labour Members to blame local State issues for their devastating election results is like comparing Jack Lang’s role in the failure of the Government Savings Bank in 1931 – you talk about and spread rumours – at some point it all comes back to a central theme – poor Leadership spreads like a brush fire through the rank and file when they know they can get away with anything.

Gillard has never had control over her party – and she never will.

  1. The second storm brewing is the Craig Thompson affair.

This has been coming even since Labour did deals to win office in 2010. Gillard’s role in that brutal contest to win the support of the Independents is now lost in the context of what the Craig Thompson affair brings to the table.It is now obvious that Gillard or her minders have intervened so as to allow the one seat majority to allow Labour to hold Government all the while knowing that Mr Thompson had acted in a manner not befitting the behavioural standards of a Federal Member of Parliament.

In recent days the Fair Work Australia have released the results of a three-year investigation into the affairs of the Health Services Union – which Mr Thompson was associated with. The most direct allegations are that Mr Thompson misappropriated Union funds via his credit card for prostitutes.The Fair World Australia report which is still to be released to the public – contains details some 180 incidents of breaches – 76 of which have criminal intent. The report has been referred to the DPP for their actions –

[UPDATE: 5th Apt 2012 -] News out late yesterday was that the DPP have issued a statement that they are not authorised to investigate the allegations and findings of the Fair Work report into this matter. Another case of the ‘terms of reference’ covering the ass’s of the Politicians involved – the excuse offered up by the DPP was that the report was not investigating ‘criminal’ findings. WHat incompetence.

This story can be read below and contains video’s of interviews with relevant parties:

Fair Work should face judicial inquiry: HSU boss

| Updated April 04, 2012 01:03:51 |
Health Services Union national secretary Kathy Jackson says there should be a judicial inquiry into how Fair Work Australia has handled the investigation into her union.

Fair Work Australia (FWA) has finished its three-year investigation into the HSU and its former national secretary, Craig Thomson – who is now a federal Labor MP.

It found more than 180 breaches of the rules governing the union, although it has not named those responsible.

Yesterday, the 1,100 page report was referred to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions for possible criminal action.

A total of 105 of the breaches relate to civil penalties, while the others include breaches of union rules.

FWA is now considering whether to refer the contraventions to the Federal Court but says it could take some time before a decision is made.

Ms Jackson, who says she has been gagged by the HSU national executive, has told the ABC’s 7.30 program there is an appearance that FWA has been protecting the Labor Government.

She says FWA should have been able to deal with the matter years ago.

“I think there needs to be a judicial inquiry so that we can restore confidence in the institution,” she said.

“How it’s been run has been appalling. I think that either they’re totally incompetent, or something has gone wrong.”

Ms Jackson says FWA has taken an “extraordinary” amount of time to form a report into the allegations and then refer it to the DPP.

“The report the national executive of the Health Services Union provided to Fair Work Australia was a comprehensive report. It should have taken them three, maybe six months to form a view, and at that point refer it to the DPP,” she said.

“I don’t think it is at all acceptable to refer something to the DPP four years later, but also not to name people in that media release.”

… continues … [Linked here – includes video interviews with Penny Wong, Kate Jackson and a summary of the Fair Work investigation as presented on the 7:30 Report on the ABC’s 7:30 report.]

The outcome from this Report – and to be confirmed with its released to the public – will further highlight the Gillard involvement in protecting Mr Thompson so she could continue to hold the PM position and have her party lead the Nation.

This is a despicable scenario where the worst of Political motives and actions has produced a Government in office by deeds that are of a criminal nature. If the Independent Members who hold the balance of Power are a part of this ‘fraud,’ and conspiracy to maintain office – then that presents a picture of just how low our Political Leaders have fallen in the name of Democracy, and the integrity required of Political Leaders to represent the people.

On this point alone – and if the DPP find Mr Thompson has charges to answer which they will surely pursue failing another Judicial cover-up – Gillard should also be thrown to the wolves and charged with ‘aiding and abetting’ a fraud on the Australian people.

  1. The third instance of Gillards folly is the Introduction of new taxes –

These new taxes are being introduced to fund the spending programs this Government introduced to try to cover their spending programmes – all introduced with the sole purpose of winning popularity with the electorate, and to legitimise the GILLARD Government.  The expand on these new Taxes further –

  • The Carbon Tax

A tax that is hugely unpopular and relies on science that is unproven in any context of public or scientific opinion. Mr Flannery who authored the Climate Change Report used to formulate the basis for the Carbon Tax – was a paid employee of the ALP Government at the time, and could hardly be seen as independent – he remains on the payroll of the Government.

Since the 2010 election – the Opposition had made great inroads into the PM’s creditability by showing her statement that – ‘there would be no Carbon Tax under a Government led by her.’  The Carbon Tax is due to be introduced from July 1st 2012 – perhaps she will not be the Leader then and her the promise will be fulfilled.

  • The Minerals Rent Resource Tax (MRRT)

This Tax is a blatant grab at traditional State revenues – it takes from the minerals rich States and has intent to distribute the revenues to ‘All Australians.’  Yet – the 1% Company Tax ‘carrot’ is a worm-eaten gift – all incorporated and Public Listed Companies have tax minimisation schemes already in place that sees them pay minimal tax rates far less then the 30% tax rate applicable.

Over 70% of business’s are not incorporated and will receive no tax break from this hollow offer.

A Superannuation contribution of 3% is also part of the ‘pipe dream’ that this MRRT will fund – the current 9% currently being funded by employees came at the expense of wage increases for employees.

These same employees have fully funded the current 9% superannuation grab through wage increase sacrifice – and this is lost in current propaganda being talked about.  Employers get the full tax deduction of these contributions and the 3% increase being talked about is to be funded by the MRRT.

It seems absolutely pointless that you take the MRRT – give it to Superannuation Fund Managers – and then adjust employee tax rates at some time in the future that increases tax revenues … it is ‘slight of hand’ and prey’s on the apathy factor within the electorate and the Government gets away with another ‘sneaky’ manipulation of tax revenues to fund its ever-increasing requirements.

  1. The over reach of ALP Members to Ministerial positions.

GILLARD has made her ministerial appointments after the RUDD dismissal based on loyalty rather than ability. This is one of the many GILLARD’S weakness’ – she has to bribe her fellow Ministers for loyalty. It is the only way she see’s herself as staying as the Prime Minister.

One Minister who will soon be replaced for his incompetence is the Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.   The ABC story released yesterday summarises his position:

Heat on Conroy after botched AusNet tenders

| Updated April 03, 2012 22:15:00 |
The Federal Opposition says a scathing audit report on the Australia Network tender process calls into question the future of Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.

The Auditor-General says the 13-month process to decide on an operator for the overseas television service was flawed and cast the Government in a poor light.

The report says information control about the tender process was not as tight as it should have been, particularly in Senator Conroy’s department.

The ABC and Sky both submitted bids to the tender process.

But the Government scrapped the tender in December and awarded the contract to the ABC indefinitely, citing leaks that compromised the process.

The Opposition says the audit report is further evidence of government bungling and Senator Conroy and other ministers have serious questions to answer.

Opposition senator Simon Birmingham has been pursuing the issue in the Upper House and says the Communications Department and Senator Conroy are responsible for many of the problems with the tender.

“They didn’t know at the beginning they were going to be responsible for ultimately approving this tender, and that was at the root of many of their problems,” he said.

“They ultimately put Senator Conroy, the Communications Minister, who’s in charge of the ABC, in charge of this tender, and the Auditor-General has identified that that quite obviously created a perceived, if not a real, conflict of interest.”

Senator Birmingham says the Minister has questions to answer.

“Senator Conroy has many questions to answer, as does the Prime Minister, over why they got this so wrong, how they got this so wrong,” he said.

“And if they don’t give adequate answers, then Senator Conroy’s ongoing role should be brought into question.”

Opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull is overseas, but on his website he says the report makes for “scarcely believable reading” and “it’s another compelling piece of evidence as to why voters shouldn’t trust the Government”.

The ABC’s PM program sought a response to the report from Senator Conroy’s office. He is currently in Macedonia for a broadband conference and was not available to comment.

But a spokeswoman said the Government welcomed the audit report, would closely consider the observations and factor them in to future tender processes.

Auditor-General Ian McPhee is clear in the report about the damage caused by the bungling of the Australia Network tender.

“The manner and circumstances in which this high-profile tender process was conducted brought into question the Government’s ability to deliver such a sensitive process fairly and effectively,” he said in the report.

Senior government frontbencher Trade Minister Craig Emerson says it is clear there are lessons to be learned.

“We made the decision, the one that we believed that was in the national interest, but I’m not going to stand here and say that it was an elegant process. There were problems with it,” he said.

Dr Emerson says the Government made the right decision in the end.

“There was a process, as set out in the Auditor-General’s report, where further information was sought. The seeking of that information was to help guide the Government to make a decision based on the national interest,” he said.

“We believed that we got the decision right, but I’m not going to stand here, as a politician and pretend that the process was beautiful and smooth. There were problems in the process.

“Everyone can learn from the Auditor-General’s report and we will.”

The Australian Federal Police says it began an investigation into the leaks last November.

It says it finalised the matter yesterday and there was insufficient evidence to lay charges.

[Story Linked on-line here – has video interview with Minister Conroy.]

This is not the first time Minister Conroy has been seen to be out of his depth – the NBN sell was his role to do – he hired Executives to head up the NBN with multi million dollar packages including a report that one of these executives had their legal costs to fight an ongoing legal battle arising from a previous employ to now be paid by the Government.

Mr Conroy was one of many who turned on PM Rudd in June 2010 to see Gillard to the top job – his reward was the Communications portfolio in a cabinet reshuffle after the 2010 election. Conroy’s NBN Tender ‘botch-up’ has thrown him yet again into the spotlight for incompetency.

If Gillard does not remove him then the media will be given another months worth of Government targeted stories which will see Gillards poll ratings fall further. This is a slow roast and the Opposition are loving it.

Another Minister close to the same fate is Immigration Minister Mr Chris Bowen.  His performance in the face of the ‘boat-arrivals’, and the Australian High Court overturning the Government’s Malaysian solution Legislation – dumped the problem to get the legal position on the Governments policy right, and its incompetency to do so in Minister Bowen’s lap.   The immigration portfolio is a poison chalice to any politician not up to the job – and Minister Bowen has shown in the past two years that he is far from comfortable in the job.

  1. Eminent and well respected QC – Mr Tony Fitzgerald comments:

Mr Fitzgerald provided comments in recent days that that have a real connection with what Australians are feeling about all forms of Government.   His comments are reported below:

LNP driving ‘jobs-for-the-boys gravy train’

| Updated March 30, 2012 10:39:38 |

Former Queensland corruption inquiry chief Tony Fitzgerald says current political culture in Australia is toxic and the state’s new LNP Government has already begun a “a jobs-for-the-boys gravy train’.

Mr Fitzgerald told a lecture in Brisbane last night the magnitude of LNP’s election victory increases the risk of maladministration.

In his first five days in office, Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has given a host of highly-paid positions to LNP heavyweights and those with party affiliations.

Mr Fitzgerald says the Westminster system is a flawed and outdated model of representative democracy and political parties have learnt to exploit its weaknesses.

“A choice between abuse of power from party A or party B is not a mandate to abuse power,” he said.

“Statements of the Premier [Campbell Newman] are encouraging, but much has been left unsaid and the jobs for the boys gravy train has already started – that’s a shame.”
‘Dark arts’

Mr Fitzgerald says the community needs to push for better standards.

“The current toxic political culture can be radically altered by an infusion of public-spirited talent to counteract the mediocrity and venality of those power brokers and professional politicians, whose life experience is limited to learning and practising the dark arts of misinformation, secrecy and character assassination,” he said.

“Self-interest makes it unlikely that political parties and politicians who benefit from the current system will initiate real change – their likely mind set is that it’s their turn.

“Political reform is a task for the community, which is in an excellent position to reshape Queensland politics following Saturday’s rout.”

Mr Fitzgerald says Queensland’s LNP Government should use it massive majority to raise standards.

“The electoral annihilation of previous government broke the entrenched duopoly for the time being at least,” he said.

“[It] sent a clear message to political parties that they can’t safely make gifts of Queensland electorates to party hacks and created opportunities for local candidates who are known and respected in their local communities.”

Mr Fitzgerald is renown for his ‘Fitzgerald Enquiry’ – linked here – into Political Corruption in QLD in the late 1980’s.

His views as expressed in the ABC story carry weight that all politicians should heed and take notice of.  If Gillard was not already counting down her days in office – then Mr Fitzgerald’s comments will only hasten her exit … and serve warning to any replacement aspirations of those who served as ‘Brutus and his accomplices’ in the RUDD assassination.

  1. Drugs Policy comments made by the new Foreign Minister – Bob Carr:

In recent days the new Foreign Minster Mr Bob Carr – hailed as Labour’s saviour and a possible Prime Minister into the future – and already having made serious political gaffes on PNG and other areas of his portfolio – has now come out about ‘DRUGS’ and how the war has failed.

This is a major story brewing as a challenge to GILLARD’s ‘judgement of character’ on Mr Carr – in that she was responsible for bringing Carr into her Government as a Senator and as Foreign Minister.

Mr Carr’s position was offered on ABC radio and can be heard using this link with an accompanying story.

The ABC on-line story is posted below: [has video interview with Bob Carr.]

Carr joins calls for rethink of drugs laws

| Updated April 03, 2012 12:25:49 |

Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr says the policing of ‘soft’ drugs is a waste of police time, and that he would support their “effective decriminalisation”.

A group of eminent Australians, including former federal police chief Mick Palmer and former New South Wales Director of Public Prosecutions Nicholas Cowdery, has released a report which says the ‘war on drugs’ has failed and concludes that Australia should consider legalising some substances.

Senator Carr, whose younger brother died of a heroin overdose, contributed to the report before entering federal politics.

Today he stood by his contribution and said he did not think that other members of the Federal Government were far from his position.

“I support a police regime that represents a de facto decriminalisation of lesser drugs at the margins,” Senator Carr told ABC News Breakfast.

He said he was proud that during his term as NSW premier, he effectively eliminated criminal penalties for individual marijuana use and opened Australia’s first legal heroin injecting room.

Today he said he did not back the wholesale legalisation of drugs like heroin.

“I don’t believe a legalised drug regime can work, I’m opposed to that,” Senator Carr said.

Today’s report, written for the think tank Australia21, claims the war on drugs has failed and Australia should consider legalising some substances.

The report is the result of a round table that brought together former premiers, health ministers and other politicians from across the spectrum, senior public servants and parents of young people whose lives have been ruined by drugs.

Former Director of Public Prosecutions Nicholas Cowdery has been a longstanding advocate of relaxing drug prohibition, and has himself been responsible for jailing drug dealers and users.

He says while it was his job to work within the law, the law should change and the conversation about drugs should be destigmatised.

“I’m not advocating in respect of any drugs that they should simply be available to anybody who wants them,” he told PM.

“It will not happen overnight and it may not happen in relation to all drugs. But what I would like to see is the legalisation, the regulation – so it’s not just supermarket stuff – the control and the taxation of drugs, much as we do with alcohol and nicotine at present.”

The possession of small quantities of drugs was decriminalised in Portugal 11 years ago, and Mr Cowdery points to that country as an example decriminalisation can work.

“Despite all the warnings that it would create a honey-pot effect and that people would rush into Portugal from all over Europe, that sort of thing has not happened,” he said.

I support a police regime that represents a de facto decriminalisation of lesser drugs
Senator Bob Carr

But Senator Carr was cautious to distance himself from wholesale legalisation.

“I think it is dumb to put those things in your body,” he said.

“I think puffing on marijuana, that’s something of the past.

“You get a bigger hit from a healthy lifestyle. Go on a bushwalk, a jog, swim a marathon – they’re the things I’d advocate, instead of sitting around making your brain dopey.

“But I think we’ve got to be taking police resources away from chasing people into nightclubs in the hope of finding ecstasy in their pockets, and having sniffer dogs at railway stations trying to catch people with small quantities of marijuana.

“It’s not an appropriate use of police time, and police time is very, very expensive.”

National debate

Senator Carr says Australia is “ready” to reopen the debate about drug control.

“I don’t think the Government is that far from my position. The Government position is to hit hard the Mr Bigs, the major smugglers, the people who are bringing prohibited substances into Australia or manufacturing it in their backyard laboratories, and I agree with that approach completely.

“I think mothers and fathers want to know that their youngsters are protected from policies that are going to see them more likely to use drugs than not, but if their kids are going through a foolish phase where they’re smoking marijuana, the mothers and fathers don’t want them to be treated as criminals.

“If there’s a serious position where the son or daughter is using heroin, which is terribly disturbing to a mother or father and rightly so, I don’t think the family would want the child treated as a criminal.

“But they would want to know that the needles are clean, not infected with AIDS or with hepatitis.

“They would want to know that they’re not shooting up in the back alley or park, but in a medically supervised injecting room where there are medicos on hand and there will be an effort made to bring those youngsters into treatment.”

Despite all the warnings that it would create a honey-pot effect and that people would rush into Portugal from all over Europe, that sort of thing has not happened.

Nicholas Cowdery, former NSW Director of Public Prosecutions

Australian Medical Association president Dr Steve Hambleton also believes a debate about how best to tackle drugs is overdue.

“It is time for conversation,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

“I think some international areas have had different proposals around these sort of things.

“You look at the difference between licit drug use and illicit drug use, it has taken us at least 50 years to really make an impact on tobacco use.

“Alcohol is costing us about $36 billion in direct and indirect effects every year, so it’s not true to say that if we legalise or decriminalise something, that you will decrease the cost base. But there are certain harms that we may be able to minimise.”

But Dr Hambleton was more cautious about committing the AMA to a position on the issue.

“I guess the AMA would like to look at the evidence,” he said.

“Certainly we see proponents of marijuana saying there are medicinal uses, and therefore it should be decriminalised. We should explore that further.

“We do see obviously tobacco and alcohol effects, but we certainly see amphetamines, the effects of marijuana in our emergency rooms, and it’s something we need to examine periodically.

“I think we’re at the point of time where we want to re-examine the evidence.

“If there is international evidence, we should be reviewing it. It’s probably timely that we do that.”

Today Prime Minister Julia Gillard said she did not back the decriminalisation of drug use.

“I’m not in favour of decriminalisation of any of our drug laws,” she said.

“We want to keep supporting people who need our help to break out of a cycle of addiction and we need to keep policing so that we are tackling those that are seeking to make a profit out of what really is a trade in incredible misery.”

Before Mr Carr’s elevation to the Foreign Minister portfolio he was 6 years retired after serving as the NSW Premier for some odd 11 years – during that interim period he authored and managed a ‘blog’ site called Linked: – ‘Thoughtlines’.

Mr Carr’s willingness to put himself ‘out there’ as someone who has macro style viewpoints on Domestic policies – is openly challenging the PM and pressuring her to respond.  You can be sure this is not what she expected!

Has GILLARD unleashed on Australia someone who made a mess of NSW arising from a vacuum of capable leadership after he left, and NSW’s dire financial predicament that is evidence today?

The Australian voter is wise beyond what our politicians give them credit for.  Both NSW and QLD have shown they can read between the lines and any opinion that Federal issues over the dumping of Kevin Rudd did not play into those opinions is indicative of just how far internalised the ALP movement has become.


The level of Politics as advocated by Mr Fitzgerald and agreed to by this author – is now at a point where I and many like-minded Australians have no pride in being represented by this Government.

Our soldiers are serving in harm’s way in off-shore places, and are dying and being maimed in the name of a War that is now 10 years old, and has never had a creditable exit strategy. These soldiers are brave and are doing their job – but are our Politicians worthy of such loyalty and sacrifice?

A people’s revolution overturned Government’s across Nth Africa last year – the attempt in Syria is ongoing at great cost to innocent human life inflicted by a regime hell-bent on retaining power. Australia is not anywhere that desperate at this stage – but unless the Independent MP’s step up and realise what carnage is being done under Gillard’s Leadership – then Australia’s descent into a situation where a ‘people’s revolution’ would and could act – is not far away.

With all these fires burning and consuming Gillards efforts to put them out – she is a lame-duck Prime Minister awaiting her fate.  These Independent MP’s should deliver it as swiftly and mercilessly as she did when she dumped Mr RUDD … it’s over Julia.

The experiment with a female Prime Minister has failed – not because of gender – but because this awkward woman who does not believe in marriage, family, or religion, and lives in a sham defacto relationship – has not connected with the Australian people.  She has bought the office of the Prime Minister to such a low moral and ethical standard – all Australian’s are embarrassed to have her as their Leader.

It’s time Julia – why wait for the electoral sword – you have you $600k pay increase and linked pension – just fu_k off and await you criminal fate over the Craig Thompson affair away from the public eye …

On another matter linked to the same ineptness of this Government – this site has continually advocated that Treasurer Swan and his policies have put Australia on a path to economic oblivion over his benign acceptance of the market determined high value of the A$. All the connect with all the data presented hereto comes from a frustration level that is exhausting and wilting to ones survival instincts.

These continued opinion blogs about the crisis the world is headed for – are but a drop in the oceans of opinions out there.  But they are real to this blogger and the belief is absolute that this Government has no idea what it is about, or where it will be if it stays in power.  They’re making it up as they go along.

The next big deal is the 2012-13 Budget – and Swans reconciliation to have it in surplus just so his promise of a surplus a year or so back can be fulfilled – is a measure of the man’s ego and his will to sacrifice the economy to prove his word.

The fact that the Opposition has no effectual response that can claim any existing Minister on incompetence does scant justice to their ranking in the polls – they are there because Labour is so bad – Abbott is also cursed with a dis-connect legacy with the Australian people because of his own demons and past legacy’s.

Australian Politics is at its lowest point in living memory – even worse than the Kerr dismissal during the Whitlam days.  There is no light that shines on any future turn around – just an endless monotony of bad Government at all levels where corruption is rampant, and little integrity or moral sustenance is visible.

This is also a reflection of where the Media has arrived – they are incapable of writing the stories that embarrass Politicians and lead them to accountability – it is left to opinion blogs like this to point out the seriousness of what is happening in this Nation at political levels.

The whole ambit of Politics is depressing to outsiders looking on, and not able to get any message through to a point where change and accountability can be recognised.  The Political strength by Government to crush counter opinions and avoid scrutiny is absolute.  This Craig Thompson affair has taken three years to get to a report findings release of summary opinions.   There is now an investigation into why it has taken so long for this report to become public.

One truly has to wonder why we are so docile and accepting – perhaps some homegrown civil unrest is what is needed – think about how to effect change and what works … Greenpeace’s activism against Japanese Whaling is about pro-active and confronting involvement – perhaps a leaf out of their book should be applied here – forget the ‘GETUP’ donation heavy activism – they’re in it to make money and effect change by using some of the donations to advertise for change.

Please – if you are despondent and in a rut over your attitude to how politics work in this Nation – you have to stand a post and been seen to be against what is happening.  Please use the Federal MP links below to voice your opinions.  Send them a link to this post if you can’t say it in your own words – but you have to stand up and say something if you want change!!!


To have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam. [Links updated 23rd Feb 4:00pm Sydney Time due to Federal Government page move.]

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