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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – God Help the “SLUTS” …

April 1, 2012
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God Help the “SLUTS” …
Fridays High Court ruling that now allows the Racing industry to tap into the off-course Corporate Bookmaker turnovers, has opened the door for all Sports Administrators to boost their indirect revenues.

Gambling and the continued scramble to milk the easy cash cow taxes they provide,  are yet again proved to be the abused sector of society – as are the alcoholics and smokers – all viewed as less then moral and contributing citizens.

SLUTS the lot of them – just like prostitutes – they put out every week, week in and week out, and draw the short end of the straw every time.  They can’t help themselves. It continues to be a long slide for the punter who seeks value when wagering – the odds on offer for any racing just shortened again.  It won’t be long before all sporting events suffer the same fate.

Friday’s decision to allow the Racing Industry to charge the Bookmakers who bet on their product a new levy of 1.5% will force Bookmakers to trim their percentages yet again.

The Sports betting Corporate Bookmakers,  who can only grow their business through their ‘credit betting’ facilities, increasing them when their gamblers struggle to repay – were not included in the recent upgrade to the Credit Protection Act because they don’t charge interest on their credit facilities.

Governments use gamblers, smokers and alcoholics to feed their own insatiable thirst for easy revenues – now the Racing and Sports Industry have access to join ranks with Governments to sponge off these Bookmaker revenues.  The Racing industry say that it will boost prize money and return Country Racing to former glories – talk is cheap.  All punters want is bookmakers to bet their 120% or so and offer the punter fair value …

The TAB’s take 15-17c in every Dollar before pools are determined.  A large portion of this collect is used to refund large punters who bet with individual TAB’s – the average punter sponsors these refunds and cannot gain access to these refund deals.

This is just another knife in the punter and he is the one who will lose out as he always does.


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  1. David the Pragmatist
    April 1, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    This is one of your biggest ever goof ups!
    Talk about not understanding the issues.
    What ever you want to say about governments and the way they scavange gambling and whatever turnover, this argument was about the racing industry and keeping it viable.
    I love top class racing and to have top class racing the system has to be viable with undeniable integrity.
    The raceclubs own the fields and have the right to charge the corporate bookmakers the right to use their product. The corporates put nothing into racing and before critising the High Court decision you have to understand their model which looked like a politicians travel expense claim.
    Friday and the High Courts decision will go down in history as one of the greatest decisions that has ever benefited the Australian Racing Industry and its over 100,000 employees.

    Its one of the few things that this Country has got right for many a day. Thank God!

    Now go away and preach about gambling and all the other Motherhood statements you want to, but don’t knock the industry, its one of the few pleasures that has not been reduced to mediocrity in our society.
    I might add the Australian Racing model is probably the best in the world and the likes of British Racing is and has been ruined by the Betfair and similar models with Corporate bookmakers.

  2. Snoop Poop
    April 1, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    You wanker … the article was about the punter and him having to take shorter odds … you don’t think the bookmakers are gonna pay the 1.5% do you?

    It’s gonna come out the other end just like everything else – shits flows downhill and that is where the mug punter lives – at the bottom of ‘shit-hill’ with the alcoholics and the smokers ….

    It the Racing administrators get $50 million a year and they up prizemoney and give country racing a boost – well and good – but it is the punter paying that bill, not the bookmaker …

    One wonders where you sit to think … the crapper or some other place where a brainstorm comes when you thinling about forcing something out of you asshole …


  3. Snoop Poop
    April 1, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    And another think you wanker of wankers… Racing has been around for how long – 200+ years and only now do the courts think the Raceclubs deserve a cut of the off-course pie –

    the on-course Bookies have been paying their turnover tax to Racing Clubs for decades – why did they not go after these Corporate Bookmakers when they first came on the scene –

    It’s an easy grab – not that they could not use the funds – but without gamblers does anyone make any money …

    When puntesr wake up – and the mug punters in particular – you know the ones who get pissed and bet on every race in every state, horses, trots and dogs, and then overseas when they start to chase … you know who you are – and realise there is no value in the odds offered – they’ll go somewhere else …

    The Pokies turnover dropped by $2 billion last year – mostly taken up by Sports Betting … the new thing, real time betting … just another way to spoil the purity of sport …

    Nothing worse than a reformed punter in your face is there?


  4. Snoop Poop
    April 1, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    Isn’t it amazing how you as a Parramatta fan can feel good enough to puff your chest out and ‘crow’ again after you team have their first win … who did they beat?


  5. David the Pragmatist
    April 2, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    Geez, you really got some shit off your liver with this one didn’t you?
    Firstly I never mentioned Parra and what’s more I thought they were very unimpressive. But like any undying and loyal supporter I saw this as a start and at least an improvement. Unlike you you because of your narcissism and lack of understanding of the word loyalty you could not understand this.
    Back to Racing!
    1.Yes, racing has been around for over 200 years, corporate bookmakers have not.
    2.On course bookmakers are not an issue, I would even let them them run tax free for all on course punters. Anything to encourage people back to the track. I will qualify this in one sense though. I have nothing against the stay at home punter and the wonderful facilities they now have available to them. But in an unfair world I would still encourage some more benefits to the track goers.
    3. The corporate bookmaker’s main product in horse racing is best of 3 totes. Since they price of the back of that and I am all for protecting the totes as much as possible then I see no reason why the average mug punter will do worse. The other thing is the average punter will punt till his money lasts; a few cents here and there in his pricing will not change the inevitable loss of his money.
    4. All this said the public will grow to watch the purity of racing if the quality stays high. The High Court decision goes a long way to keeping it that way and yes, all forms and venues of racing benefit from that.
    Now Snoopy you have showed signs of maturity recently but again on this subject your immaturity and lack of objectivity shows up again. Don’t worry over time I am sure you will develop your weaknesses but in the mean time, stay at your narrow little level before you start mixing with the big boys.

  6. Snoop-Poop
    April 2, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    As the punter you are – the quality of horse flesh makes no change to your betting wagers – it does improve the personal enjoyment to see champions race – but this debate is not about horse quality which you seem to think draws better horse racing –

    You could not be further than the truth – the breeding industry is an ebb and flow in step with the economy – service fees and ring prices rise and fall – and many champions come from bargin basement prices …

    The Coporate Bookmaker is a new leech on the industry – using tote prices to advertise their betting odds – there is no doubt each of them have deals with the TAB’s to lay off their holds – and in return receive refunds based on turnover – it is an incesterous business – the NSW TAB took them to court because the interstate corporate bookmakers raided their turnovers and spread them amongst other state TAB’s and won a court ordered settlement which the Racing Industry piggy backed to win thir own High Court challenge.

    How long before you find no on-course bookmakers which is what the TAB’s want as an end goal result?

    Remember when the QLD Premier said there will be no pokies in QLD, and no TAB’s within 200 meters of a pub? Look where the industry is now – both pokies and TAB’s are about the only reason people go to pubs …

    About the only thing a mug punter has is the longshots – this 1.5% is gonna filter down – I don’t say that the Racing Industry does not deserve some of the turnover on the basis that it is their product – but the off course turnover is at such levels and has been for decades compared to the on-course turnover – why have they waited so long?

    The reason why crowds don’t go to races on a weekly basis is quite simple – Sky and TVN allow people to punt from home – race clubs don’t have the gate turnover anymore and that has been the case for decades … television rights on big race days go to filling that void – but how much of that has filtered back to prizemoney and improved facilities for race goers – to jockeys, trainers, and the Members yes – but are they the ones who support the industry financially – of course not – it is the mug punter …

    When was the last time you went to a racecourse – and measure that with the number of days you punt every week, week in week out …

    Is Sky to blame … how about Rugby League games – when Parramatta play in Brisbane do you go or watch and punt from home …?

    None of this 1.5% money will end up where people think it will …

    And the point of this story – the mug punter takes it up the ‘ass’ yet again …


  7. David the Pragmatist
    April 2, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    I am embarrassed to be a correspondent with you. Have you read your reply? Are you on drugs? A cross between a greyhound and a chimpanzee could spell and grammatically project better than that effort.
    If you want to appear credible in your responses you are going to have to learn to read and write first, snoopy.

    I believe you should apologise to all your readers before you write another thing on any topic requiring an adult response.

    Finally I started out this argument to say the high court decision was a good, read great one and there is nothing you have said that really disagrees with that. On that basis the debate is over and you can go back to school and this time do your homework before the grownups write again.

  8. Snoop-Poop
    April 2, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    The sign of a true wanker … raise the debate and when you get slapped around on facts and logic go to the grammer issue … piss poor effort in my book …

    So I type with two finger s and am a sentence ahead of myself all the time – and then forget to check for the spell and gramatical errors …

    Figure it out –

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