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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl – “Queensland’s Whitewash” – R.I.P. – ALP …

March 24, 2012
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“Queensland’s Whitewash” – R.I.P.  – ALP …
The QLD State Election has proved once again that the ALP brand of politics is done …

How different it might have been if QLD’s favourite son had of prevailed against the Duchess in their Leadership spill early in the QLD campaign.

Had RUDD been reinstalled as Leader who knows what would have happen in QLD … how much of this retribution aimed at the ALP is on account of how the ALP treated Kevin RUDD?

You won’t hear the ALP blame the Federal Leadership issue – but it mattered – in QLD where we are always loyal – that ‘dirty-rat’ Gillard and her henchmen are responsible for the demise of the ALP Australia wide.

Take a bow Crean, Swan, Conroy, Roxon, Pliberseck,  Emerson, Burke, Garrett,  and the rest of you pathetic wimps who player ‘Pied Piper’ and led the ALP over a cliff … and a special ‘up-your’s’ to the ‘Red-Head’ bitch who thinks she is all things to all people … when the people turn off – they turn off and their ‘off’ you …

ALP Federal members – take heed – you are the cause of much of what has happened in NSW and QLD – and all since the RUDD dismissal – it may already be too late – unless you get rid of the ‘bitch’ – you have a similar result awaiting you in a years time …

Congratulations to the LNP team – your victory is absolute … your task now is to Lead and show us all that the faith placed in you was not wasted.

Larry Pickering’s Cartoons say it so well…






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Please use the Federal Member links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about these matters and any other matter that you think worth mentioning – or if you want you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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Harry’s Growl …

  1. March 24, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    You’re right again Harry – the commentary tonight has been about the Local issues – but the flow over from Federal into State has to be looked at. Rudd – QLD’s only Prime Minister had a big following and the way all the Federal ALP members dumped on him – even Q’ld’s like Swan and Saccia showed the QLD voters that Labour is a spent force …

    Love the Pickering cartoons – should check out his shory stories as well …

    Linkled Here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Larry-Pickering/236991276355038


  2. David The Pragmatist
    March 25, 2012 at 10:33 am

    The thing I find amazing in the wake of the ALP demise is that people such as Kate Jones, Anna Blythe and Andrew Fraser are all crowing about their achievements while in Government.


    What achievements and did you hear anything the electorate told you in the thrashing just handed out?

    I suspect not…………they need to accept that they failed in government!!

    Graham Richardson made an interesting comment ” its starting to appear that the ALP are just not very at government”

    Hello again!

    The Greens have also been sat on their backside but unfortunately again have heard nothing.

    I cannot believe the outed Labour members still saying one of their achievements was environmental policy.

    Hello again!

    Do you politicians understand that when cost of living, employment and small busiess failures are the backdrop the public don’t give a flying f….. about the environment.

  3. lesley cargill
    March 25, 2012 at 11:25 am

    Hooray for Harry. As an old disillusioned ex labor party member and a Queenslander I knew this would happen. I’d suggest if Rudd had won the leadership instead of Gillard Labor would have received a much larger percentage of the vote. Seemingly the AWU and the NSW right would rather keep control of the party even if it ensures it’s destruction .I wonder if Wayne Swan is smiling now… He has NO chance of holding his seat at the next federal election.

    Whatever you say about the conservative side of politics they do put in policies that reflect the beliefs of their supporters , Harry. Labor don’t. THe ALP is over 100 years old. It needs to be dismantled in my opinion.. I had to laugh hearing that moron Emerson sticking up for his ex live in GF ( Gillard ) on the Sky coverage. Then he started telling off Rob Brough about the liberal party ” using the community feeling against Coal Seam Gas mining ” to try and win votes. Labors right wing union elements are basically representatives of the mining and construction sectors nowadays. How can they be in the same party as say a left wing school teacher with green- socially liberal values. Their views are totally incompatible. The right have changed the name of their party on more than one occasion. Menzies did it post WW2. I believe the right wing , socially conservative DLP types need to be purged from the ALP . It’s no coincidence those types control the NSW right faction of the ALP and run the AWU in Qld. They are totally responsible for Labors failings. Most labor supporters would rather have a center – left old style Labor party that has policies they can believe in and support even if it means being in opposition. Why vote for a right wing socially conservative ALP full of apparatchiks who have no real life experience? I’d rather have the real establishment ie the Liberals in power than wanna be types with no inside knowledge about modern Australian capitalism . Thanks mate , appreciated the article after feeling very down this morning.

  4. March 25, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Hi Lesley,

    Here … here …

    After the recent Gillard/Rudd stoush I believed a splinter party might form – this QLD result may yet hasten that reality. Beatie on Insiders this morning was so out of touch – yet again pushing his choice of the new Opposition Leader …

    The Clive Palmer rant last night gave us all reason to pause and ask the question whether all these ‘loonies’ are really who we look up to … the mad Monk has him on speed dial as does Campbell Newman – and I think he might have made a pass at Newmans wife on National Television –

    Behind Newman is a whole bunch of failed ex National and Liberal Party Leaders who have never served in Government …

    What real choices do the people have – the art of politics has become the presentation of personality as opposed to policy – promise everything with the full knowledge that once you in Governemnt you can make up the rules as you go …

    We no longer have true democracy in this Nation – the apathy of the public is such that they don’t give a flying f_ck about who the want – they just know who they don’t want … what an advertisement for Federal and State politics …

    Harry HD.

  5. Gerry Hatrick
    March 26, 2012 at 4:30 am

    The Federal ALP can dismiss the result as being based on State issues at their peril. The thrashing is unprecedented, and comes one year after a near similar result in NSW. The federal party will continue to say they need to sell their policies better.

    On Sunday I was chatting amongst friends saying that Anna Bligh wanting to continually attack Campbell Newman’s integrity undermines belief. Most particularly when CMC said they saw no reason to investigate, Anna Bligh would not could not stop. How is that different to Mark Latham years ago.

    In the soul searching to come over coming weeks it must rattle all the way to rank and file. The authority given to the right and ACTU must revert to the real branches. What occurred to Kevin Rudd, is simply an example of the party being totally out of touch with the grass roots, their constituency. We don’t want to be sold, we want a say.

    Anna Bligh saying that she will retire does not help. Those poor sods of South Brisbane being forced to go to by election should install a LNP member just to reinforce the point. Maybe a KAP. You created the mess now clean it up.

  6. Warwick
    March 27, 2012 at 11:42 am

    The rebuilding of the QLD ALP has started even though it might not be apparent. Searching for a new leader is a start. You might well deduce that federally they are in denial. In South Australia the last mainland ALP government is more cognisant of the problems that are in front of them. In Tasmania the ALP/Green coalition is the only other domino to fall.

    The entire imbroglio is one of the great conundrums. Too much politics (Bullcrap) and not enough logic.

    As you consider asset sales and foreign workers being Qld issues, when it goes to trust, that is not a QLD issue that is an ALP issue. It is also a parliamentary issue. Ted Bailleau, Fatty O’Barrel and Randy Newman simply represent hope. The low polls attributed to Federal Liberal leader Tony Abbott reflect lack of hope or trust. Like most I do agree with others, “cause nothing can save Julia Gillard”. It is a matter of time. For me, it is not just Carbon Tax or MRRT or Broadband, it is ineptitude, it is clandestine, it is arrogance, it is self serving, it is just a waste of our valuable time and energies. None of this connects with the electorate or their concerns and hardships.

    Last week I received “A community newsletter from Tony Burke” (MHR for Watson). Strange because I live in Grayndler. The electoral boundary is approx ¾’s of km due west. All of these seats will swing with a small group of survivors left after the next federal election to pick up the pieces. Naturally I immediately wondered whether there will be an electoral redistribution before the next federal election. Or was it just an over zealous junk mail deliverer, who is being paid $22 per thousand for delivery.

    So I responded; (Slightly changed for reasons of privacy)
    I live in Cromwell St, Croydon. I received your Community Newsletter this week which was surprising in that my electorate is Grayndler (at the last electoral distribution).

    You offer that we are at liberty to contact your office regarding federal government services. I have contacted Hon. Anthony Albanese (Member for Grayndler) at least 4 times regarding the plight of mature aged unemployed. On the first occasion I received a letter from Sen. Mark Arbib on government initiatives, and since then each e-mail has been totally ignored (Simply no acknowledgement or response).

    I consider myself an expert on mature aged unemployment. I have not had regular employment since 1998 (only itinerant), constantly apply for jobs, and am very well credentialed yet all I meet is bigotry and group think. My applications to government departments are very extensive. Today I have received rejection letters from Dept of Prime Minister and Cabinet and another from private industry. The toughest part is that it is difficult to keep trying when all efforts are to no avail.

    Last November I wrote to the Commissioner for Age Discrimination (Commissioner Ryan) and that too was to no avail. There has been absolutely no response. I have also correspondence with potential employers about the discriminatory practices used by HR, and as a rule they too are simply ignored.

    As I have outlined to the office of Anthony Albanese I have so much to offer. The employment practices of government are totally geared to keeping the status quo. The selection criteria are routinely abused to keep out vitality and maintain status quo.

    In summary I would appreciate any dialogue whatsoever with anyone who could potentially help me or my ilk. As I have not mentioned it previously, I am not registered with Centrelink. My wife’s income prevents me from claiming any benefits. (My lack of success in workplace issues creates constant friction in the domestic scenario). I choose to distance myself from the job network, due to the stigmatisation that is inherent in that avenue.
    Yours Sincerely
    (Constituent of Grayndler)

    PS Minister Bill Shorten has recently been talking on initiatives to consolidate small Superannuation balances to create efficiencies. As a person who routinely takes itinerant work, I am clearly affected by such policy. I have instructed employers to pay my mandatory contributions to one fund, and that is constantly ignored, setting up another fund, where fees and life insurance extinguish the account within months. I have correspondence with State Super which was totally ignored until my balance was zero, and when I claimed I would seek redress they essentially laughed at me.

    It goes without saying that 11 days later there is no response or acknowledgement.

    If you were to survey others you would find similar attitudes, maybe with greatly varied issues. I can see that my attitudes are tightly focused on my world. I also empathise with many other issues, like mortgage belt, or problem gambling or domestic violence or alcohol abuse or tyranny of distance or……(it is too long a list to detail).

    The newsletter states and I quote “As your local MP I can help you and your family with problems relating to Federal Government services. These include Centrelink, Medicare, education, immigration and the environment.”

    The issues go beyond help with services. Do our Federal government understand that they are elected to attempt to create a more prosperous and dynamic economy/environment? Not to answer problems with federal services. Not to only consider their own petty issues. The headline of the newsletter is “Back to Belmore for Bulldogs” and features a photograph of Tony Burke, Steve Mortimer and Anthony Albanese (official party) opening facilities. This is not helping.

    Our politicians fail in their primary duty. They are not representative of their constituency. That is what they can’t understand or hear.

    In ideology they should be our civic leaders. They should be wise, able to balance up fairness and much more. We balance our priorities to the youth and the mature. The new Australian or indigenous or ethnic minorities. We respect and consider all groupings. The fabric of our community.

    Politics has become a career. That is not OK. Parliament should be representative of the entire community. We have washed up politicians in their 40’s who are then given university postings, by their mates. What qualifies former NSW treasurer Michael Egan to be Chancellor of Macquarie University? Mr. Eagan graduated in a Batchelor of Arts from Sydney University and only worked in the unions and politics. At age 56 he retired from politics with the quote “after 35 years of political combat, I think it’s time for me to move on”. His other appointments since are just as unconnected. Chairman of the Centenary Institue Australia of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology.
    Chair of the Australian Fisheries Management Authority Commission.

    Search former NSW Police Minister Peter Anderson. A Penrith copper, who is now Macquarie University’s director of Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism. To help you; read The Australian Report on ICAC’s findings of March 9, 2011. Linked here http://www.theaustralian.com.au/higher-education/ex-minister-peter-anderson-bullied-staff-hired-mates-ran-fiefdom-icac/story-e6frgcjx-1226018048276

    That report was 2 weeks before the NSW state ALP were annihilated at the State Election of last year.

    We have 20 year olds in federal parliament who are ministerial secretaries learning the art of politics rather than out in commerce understanding the wheels of industry. Peter Anderson was Sydney High, Randwick Rugby, Police Constable then State MLA. He was never promoted in the NSW Police Force.

    Parliament is simply not connected. It is not representative. It does not understand the fabric of our Society.

    Like others, Go Campbell Newman! Lead the way! You are given a chance! Please don’t waste it!

    To whoever succeeds Anna Bligh. Give more weight to civic leadership as you set about attempting to re build your opposition frontbench.

    To all other politicians, your day awaits. Hopefully some of the edges might be knocked off, and some maturity result, before then.

  7. March 27, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    Hi Warwick,

    I hear your story – it is repeated across the Nation – the disconnect is absolute – what you read on that ‘flyer’ are words meant to convince voters – they are empty when it comes to follow up.

    You ask a Politician to back up on a statement that requires an effort of themselves and you quickly learn just how sincere they are. Ranking where politicians rate in the professional world alongside Doctors, Lawyers, (most politicians are failed lawyers in the real world looking for a gig that pays well) and other University qualified professions – the Politician is the lowest of the low.

    The are the parasites that leech off the Public debt – as term to term governments leave their toxic waste behind for the next bunch of crooks to fix and find a way to line their own pockets – the public again stand in line at the bottom of the food-chain.

    Your plight in appealing to these same idiots to help you will never prevail – you are intelligent and having been to the well to see how these Departments function – you know enough to understand how it is a corrupted world that you could never function in or be a part of.

    What is there that you can do other than join them or throw stones at them,

    The public will only accept so much before they act – the NSW and QLD elections is the tip of the iceberg of Australia’s resentment at what they see as complete disregard for the people and the abuse of privilege.

    The Nuttall/Talbot affair under Peter Beattie’s nose – is but a tip of the flotilla of icebergs surrounding us, the $500k payoffs to ex QLD ALP Ministers to set business persons up with meetings with Leaders – similarly exposed in the UK’s PM Cameron’s chief fund raisers bag of tricks that made world headlines this week. It is not just Australia – it is the total Global leadership and their inability to escape the graft that is endemic at the bureaucratic and Ministerial levels. Nothing gets done unless someones or everyone gets a ‘big-drink’.

    The greatest crime a person in public service can do is to ‘dip their beak’ – and the problem is they are all fully emerged in this practice of only doing favours for those who will pay for the privilege.

    Mr Craig Thompson’s exposure over his credit card fraud some years back is now involved in another revelation revealed by the 7:30 Report last week covering hls involvement in a scandal involving Ministerial interference over a Federal Government funded super employment agency in his electorate. Having supported the project he withdrew his support when certain arrangements were withdrawn. The corruption is there for us all to see and the problem is what are we going to do or can do about it?

    As this relates you and so many others – the frustration levels drive the depressive episodes and that then sets in motion so many other springboard crisis’.

    You have often told me to hang in there – and it is good advice – whether knowledge is a blessing in these types of issues is something that you can always ask. If you did not know about the functions of Government’s and the corruption – or you had no free will to speak or respond to what you thought as injustice – would your life be simpler?

    You cannot unwring that bell – you can choose to ignore the base level understanding your knowledge base gives you – or you can use it to fight the good fight.

    That is what this Blog site is all about – calling a spade a spade – showing the ineptness of our Political Leaders – all I can say – is hang in there …

  8. Brian
    March 27, 2012 at 2:37 pm


    For those unaware Commissioner Ryan is former Senator Susan Ryan, a school teacher before politics, and appointed to Superannuation peak body before her current posting to HREOC. The ALP sure have a problem fitting square pegs in a round hole.

    I am truly moved by Lesley Cargill’s comment, being in opposition with ethics sure beats being in government and selling your soul.

    Circulate this page to all politicians and you will receive a response “please unsubscribe – only feel good stories accepted”.

    Why is it that the Australian Broadcasting Corp or Commercial Television or print media or talk back radio can’t achieve this type of reality.

    TV drama is second rate compared to this real drama.

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