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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – NRL – 2012 – Round 3 Wrap …

March 20, 2012
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NRL – 2012 – Round 3 Wrap …
Winners and Losers:

Friday night began the sloppy win by the Broncos over Newcastle – on the form of Newcastle – their season is done before it begins.  Broncos should have led by 30 at half time – too many poor finishes and Lockyer is missed.

The other Friday game was also a mis-match – the Dragons turned it on and the Tigers showed just how skin deep there bravado can be …

Both Winners were playing away games and this is a story in itself.   The rest of the round saw away wins to – Storm, Bulldogs and the Rabbitoh’s.  Five of the eight weekend matches were won by away teams.  The Home team winners were – Cowboys, Roosters and the Sharkies –

The Competition has already had some big upsets – Sharkies beating the red-hot SeaEagles on Monday night – perhaps the Cherry-Evans story during the week had an impact – but all is not well at the SeaEagles – talk of a group of players being somewhere else next season is escalating and its impact over the next few weeks is something to ponder.

The Rabbitohs were devastating in the first 20 minutes against the Panthers – it was a big day for the Panthers at home and the Rabbitohs turned their defence on and intimidated the Panthers out of the game early.  The Rabbitohs tired at the end of each half letting in east tries and this is a problem for the Coach.  To play the game as physical as the Rabbitohs do – is great footy to watch.  With their forward pack on fire no team will be able to hold them out.

Large forwards get tired and in the backside of each half – if they don’t hold something back – they will continue to let in points.

Last weeks and the 1st round games were close – there was only two games in Round 3 where the margin was less than 14 pts … the ‘two’ tiered competition is already emerging.

Weekly Comment:

Parramatta:  Already favourites for the Wodden-Spoon – what can be said – another hapless belting and already the season is being written off by their most ardent fans.

A conversation with a loyal fan turned the debate to the coach – rumours that he has six weeks to turn it around are overstated  – he has maybe two weeks at best …

Look at the Coach history – Smith, Hagan, Anderson, and now Kearney – Smith was there a while – and the others two years and Kearney is into his second year … everybody is losing patience at the teams continued poor performances.

If it is not the Coach, and the spending of $550K a season on Sandow and buying other players to create the player roster they all wanted – surely some of the stench has to be directed at the Administrators – who also have had their own issues in recent years.

The loyal fan I mentioned earlier – defends the player’s, he defends the administrators, and the coach’s – the only thing that he has not defended are the Fans … maybe they’re the problem.

Maybe they should take their franchise away from Parramatta and relocate to a new ‘fans’ base … for mine it is the Club’s poor culture from the days of the 80’s – Jack Gibson turned the Club around – then there was Moonie – and since then Parramatta have been living on past glories … it has an in-bred disease and the fans are a part of that problem.

Under-achievers breed mediocrity … and Parramatta have been a team of questionable ability and player ability for decades …


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  1. League Leg End
    March 26, 2012 at 4:54 am

    We can now finally add comments. Thank you Mr WordPress.

    Go you sharkies. Did you see the match. They are learning to win. Manly and the Cowboys in 6 days. Hope and trust Carney is on restraint in his celebrating.

  2. Rookie Bookie
    March 26, 2012 at 7:09 am

    Trying to post 8 days ago was so frustrating i simply stop trying. And what a weekend was missed.

    The weekend of thrashings, good things and sufficient upsets. The thrashings were Parra-ma-tatter on Friday, Qld ALP on Saturday, Qld Reds early Sunday morning and Sydney City Chooks on Sunday arvo. On the Tatters there is talk Hindmarsh will be dropped. Freddie Fittler made an interesting comment on the footy show about working relationships between senior players and coaches. I was waiting on Friday night for the Moi Moi impact to occur and he did a couple of good things, only to have possession spilt again, and simple missed tackles, and what is the reason for risking injury.

    After the Rebels gave the Reds a real scare in round 3 I said how they exposed the weakness in the Reds lineout will not go unnoticed. The Bulls beat them 8 tries to 1. The win by the Brumbies over the Highlanders turned the whole comp upside down. One other big stat from the round 5 was the Sharks v NSW Waratahs. The Waratahs have 2 wins, 3 losses and 5 bonus points. They are 2 points behind Wellington with 3 wins. 2 points adrift of the top 6. Always a bridesmaid.

    Before leaving thrashings I must mention the AFL’s Giants v Swans. The extent of the victory was small compared to expectation. After the Gold Coast Suns lost their inaugural match by 20 goals similar was expected for Greater Western Sydney. I said to Snoop Poop just before the match Swans can’t beat anyone by 100 points. They struggle to score 60 points in winning. They are much more likely to concede 100 points, it is the style they play, safety kicks down the flanks, won’t contest the middle ground. The big Cat Sammie Newman is always pressing this point, it is not football. Weagles play it as well.

    Finally, it was hard to be impressed by Penrith, Parra were so bad, The Bulls desperately needed that win, they were struggling, and Melbourne will do to several others what they did to Easts, and next they have Newcastle. Wayne Bennett must be happy with his Knights after yesterday. Come to next week later.

    In wagering, my best bet of the weekend was Greater Western Sydney with the start. I was also really keen on Wellington over Auckland but that result was only heartburn. The Huuicanes were at $4 in the dying moments in live betting.

    The NRL is really tough right now. Broncos showed great stuff to keep Souths scoreless in the second half. Broncos built great pressure, and Souths are weak under pressure. Waiting for Parramatta to grow up is not easy, The Titans are a real disappointment, and a massive challenge for Cartwright. The off field shenanigans are not far behind Manly, and do not bode well for the season. Looking forward to 2013 does not pay the exists bills, not alone helping existing debts. Maybe Campbell Newman can help. Penrith are competitive, I have mentioned the Knights, and League Legend has said enough about the Noah’s Arks. Saints are back in the rythm.

    Next Week
    Super Rugby
    Otago v Melbourne in Invercargill – Highlanders by 15
    Hurricanes v Cheetahs in Wellington – Hurricanes (another scare) by 5.
    Waikato v NSW (really close call) in Hamilton – NSW by 2 points (don’t bet on it)
    Brumbies v Sharks in Canberra (another really close call) – ACT by 2 points (don’t bet on it)
    Force v Reds in Perth – Reds by 19 (if they don’t they are finished)
    Lions v Crusaders in Jo’burg (another toughie) – Canterbury by 7 points
    and if all of that was tough………….
    Stormers v Bulls in Capetown. Watch it, the winner will contest the ultimate final against a NZ team, maybe Wellington, at their South Africa home, and win.

    In League
    Tonight Wests v Canberra at Campbelltown Wests only just by 2.
    The rest I will Study;
    Broncos v Saints in Brisbane (Broncos by what margin)
    Melbourne v Newcastle Melbourne go Knights half time, Storm Full time again margin? 12pts. (running out of space – to be continued)

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