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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – NRL – 2012 – The Cherry-Evans story …

March 15, 2012
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NRL – 2012 – The Cherry-Evans story …
Manly have made another enemy – their star halfback Cherry-Evans rated by many as the best young half-back in the game is earning less that all his team mates at Manly.   He asked for an upgrade and Manly said No – he asked to be released and Manly said No – they did offer him a 4 year upgraded contract and the story broke … read the ABC’s report on the story below –

Cherry-Evans denied release by Manly

Updated March 15, 2012 09:03:47
Manly’s fight to retain Daly Cherry-Evans appears to have become even more difficult, after it was revealed the star half-back requested a release from the defending premiers.

Cherry-Evans’ request to be cut loose from his current deal at the end of the season was denied last Friday, on the same day the 23-year-old turned down a new four-year deal with the club, as Manly desperately tries to keep the Queensland Origin hopeful.

Cherry-Evans, whose current contract runs until the end of 2013, is putting the issue in the hands of his manager, Gavin Orr, who clearly believes the youngster is being undervalued by Manly – suggesting there are players in the code’s under-20 competition on healthier contracts.

“I know players in the Toyota Cup on $100,000 and $120,000,” Orr told Rugby League Week magazine.

“It’s just not right that one of the brightest young kids in the game is on less than them.”

Cherry-Evans confirmed he had turned down Manly’s latest offer to tie him to the club long-term.

“We’re obviously trying to get something sorted out as soon as possible and at the moment it’s just not what we’re looking for,” he said on Fox Sports.

The Sea Eagles face significant pressure to retain their stable of stars, with full-back Brett Stewart strongly linked to St George Illawarra and young prop Darcy Lussick in high demand, while internationals Kieran Foran and Tony Williams could exercise get-out clauses and test themselves on the open market this off-season.



Read story on-line with Video – here.

This kid is the best prospect for the game in decades and Manly are creating the same reasons why Jamie Lyons left the game when playing for Parramatta  … fuckin’ Administrators with big guts overhangin’ small pricks – [sorry Larry it was just too good a line to not use … see linked Larry Pickering’s “THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD:”   latest story here to get the meaning of this comment ]

These Administrators feed their wannabe egos by squatting an a kid because it makes them feel big … leave the kid alone – if he came on the open market you guys could cover your cash shortfall doing a deal with the team he wanted to hook up with …

Get your collective empty heads out of your fuckin’ asses and let the kid play football –

There is not a team around who would not do anything to get this kid and you want to keep him in contract on a pissy $100k a season – fuck off … bunch of dickwads …


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  1. League Leg End
    March 16, 2012 at 2:07 am

    This story is becoming more common under salary cap. The defending premiers will always be the hardest hit. After the premiership several stars are in line for a payrise. It lead to Melbourne salary cap rorting and so on. That all said Cherry Evans must be worth at least $400k pa. Others will bid him at about $550k pa plus. Next question always is; who can fit him under their salary cap. From his perspective, one serious knee injury could cut his value majorly.

    It is hard to get keen about Manly’s chances with this type of story circulating. What part does information, so nebulous information, and the part of the press. Manly needs to better manage such reputational risks.

    In the off season it was Hasler, and there was talk of Cherry-Evans and Foran’s loyalty being tested. Manly came out of the boxes fast winning 2 from 2. Sharkies will have to play very well to get them on Monday night. But it is not just this weekend, but weeks to come. There has been talk of SOO Thurston to 5/8 to accomodate Cronk or Cherry Evans.

    I forsee Cherry Evans being the headline signing of the expansion club the Marlins, based out of Sunshine Coast/Wide Bay playing matches at Caloundra or Maroochydore. Another Qld based team always makes more sense than Central Coast. Sydney has too many teams viz a vis enough juniors. Why did Scott Prince ever play for the Tigers, or Cherry Evans play for Manly. Sydney City Roosters need to offer scholarships to 15 year olds to play S G Ball. They have no apparent sub districts comp. They also compete against Rugby Union for those same 15 year olds.

    In the end, it all comes down to Scott Penn. He needs to change Manly’s culture. We are winning, why all the negative press? Why can’t we re negotiate Cherry Evans contract to something realistic? No more excretia hitting the oscillator. It is not a good look and far too smelly.

  2. March 16, 2012 at 5:17 am

    I can totally get where you’re coming from League Legend – but what I was thinking about was the way Cherry-Evans feels when he comes up against someone like Parramatta’s Sandow – on $550k a season – Cherry Evans totally outplays him and then looks at the pay scale difference –

    Manly know they have a great deal – but tdoes that give them license to underpay a players true value – it happens all over the workplace – employers paying as cheaply as possible …

    You are right about the injury overhang – that is why the question has to be asked – what was the worth of the 4 year deal offered by Manly – it had to have been of such low ball value to have caused this facus …

    The salary cap is the problem – and again I say the 2 x 10 team comp provides an answer – if a player ain’t happy they will never give 100% – Cherry-Evans is in a dark place right now and the media feeding this story can only make his ‘hard-done by’ position more centered – Manly can only lose in this battle and in the mean time the best young talent in a long time will just not want to play …

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