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EYE-BALL Opinion on – The Queensland Election – Mar 2012

The Queensland Election  – Mar 2012
MrCampbell Newman – heir apparent to the QLD Premier position appeared on ABC 24 News this morning and he ‘stank’ … [read and watch this interview using this link] – at the bottom of this ABC linked page – there is a wonderful interactive timeline of Queensland politics going back 100 years – many memories are relived through this important reflection in history … please if you don’t read the rest of this post – please take the time to review this QLD Political history time-line.

During the interview – Newman did not answer any of the direct questions raised about the brewing scandal around his campaign donations, his family trust financial interests, and the question on who will lead the LNP if he should lose the Ashgrove  contest.

Yes – this is the alternative Premier of QLD provided he can win the contested seat of Ashgrove held by Labour.  The latest polls show Newman is some 3 points behind.  This State election has many firsts – Newman was the Mayor of Brisbane 12 months ago and did a wonderful job through the Brisbane floods.  So did Anna Bligh  – and her highest poll rating during this term came in the aftermath of her performance during those floods.  She even overshadowed the Duchess and booted her back to Canberra such was the overwhelming support for Bligh during that time of crisis.

Outside of Brisbane – Campbell Newman’s efforts during the flood crisis went un-noticed … his performance and efforts were contained to Brisbane and that is when the LNP (Liberal Nation Party) – had an idea.  That idea – as expressed by Larry Pickering in his inimitable way says it so much better … his comment is poster below – posted 14th Mar 2012:  [Link to Larry Pickering’s Facebook page]


Maaaate… I know you’re a likable effervescent little goblin but you are being used and you don’t know it.

The LNP’s Seeney, Langbroek and Springborg are very boorish and unattractive to the electorate. So why wouldn’t they offer you, a popular mayor, the leadership? I mean you were a traditional Liberal.

The only thing missing was a safe seat for you. But no-one agreed to give up ANY seat for you, let alone a safe seat. You were abandoned to try to wrest a difficult 7% swing from a popular, incumbent, Labor MLA.

Did your ego allow you to overlook this con job, Campbell?

Didn’t you realise you would be mercilessly attacked running as the alternative Premier? Didn’t you realise this was no soft-core mayoral election with its token niceties? Didn’t you twig, even when no seat at all was offered to you? Haven’t you noticed their knowing smirks?

Now, LNP Leader-by-Default, that oaf, Jeff Seeney, struts around opening doors and lowering microphones for you with a stupid grin on his boof head. He and his cohorts would much rather you fail to win Ashgrove, and why wouldn’t they?

The LNP cannot lose the election but you can lose Ashgrove… and when you do, the spoils will be theirs.

You will have copped all that shit and done all the spade work and heavy lifting for whom? Yep, those LNP bastards who couldn’t organise a chook raffle or manage the books for a free brothel.

Hey Campbell, you weren’t there, but I was recently guest speaker at the QLD Parliament’s 150th Anniversary Dinner. The dearth of talent was obvious, mate. There were none of the characters I used to know. No Bjelkes or Hinzes. No backslapping good ol’ boys. Just anxious faces.

I’m not sure you should even try to win Ashgrove, mate!

Cheers,  Larry

Pickering’s view on the matter is so aimed – it hits home at so many of the LNP problems … identity being the mose visable … none of the LNP MP’s believe they can lead the LNP to an election victory.  The Campbell Newman experiment can be likened in some ways to the ‘Fine Cotton‘ horse swap ‘ring-in’ scandal 20 odd years ago …  Queenslander’s – if there is a ‘crooked’ way to achieve an end result – you can bet Queenslander’s will find it out and give it a try …

Newman’s performance on ABC 24 News this morning sounded his death knell – he attacked Kevin RUDD as a bad Prime Minister with a piss-poor record – Queenslander’s are one thing to a fault – they protect their own … and Newman’s attack on RUDD – not Gillard was a big mistake.

This election is for the LNP to lose – they were so far in front when it began they were tripping over themselves with the champagne crates piling up for the victory party.   The party plans have stopped – the polls have narrowed the gap – and given the ALP Federal Leadership issues that arose when this election campaign started – the tide has began to turn.  This is over the continued questions about Campbell Newman’s finances, and who will lead the LNP if he should lose.  Putting your whole campaign on a single man who has to yet to win a seat to become the Premier – was always a ‘hail-mary’ gamble.

It was working until Bligh called the election and at that point the LNP was a lap in front.  Now that the campaign has raised many unanswered questions about Newman – the LNP has nowhere else to go – none of the other elected LNP MP’s can fill the void if Newman shrinks from the spotlight … and while that spotlight remains on Newman – the ALP will continue to gain ground.

This election is not about policies or handouts – something all politicians and Political Parties should take notice of.  It is liken to a Presidential election – Bligh or Newman – for whatever reasons the electorate don’t get swayed by election promises any more – they just don’t believe what politicians say – it’s the personality and how the Leader presents themselves that they make judgements on … please bring on the Republic …


To have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam. [Links updated 23rd Feb 4:00pm Sydney Time due to Federal Government page move.]

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