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EYE-BALL Opinion on – The Real TRUTH – Politicians Lie and Bureaucracy help cover it up …

The Real TRUTH – Politicians Lie …
… and the Bureaucracy help cover it up …
The 2010 non-fiction Movie – “Fair Game” – staring Sean Penn and Naomi Watts as Mr and Mrs Joe Wilson, is a political drama about the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction‘ (WMD) lie pushed upon the American people and the world at large as justification to go to war in Iraq.

he movie plot is a perfect example of how a lie is formed to fit the will of the Leader and his advisors – how the evidence to support the lie is constructed – and how those who know the truth become marginalised – and then put in harms way because of the cover-up undertaken to defend the lie.

This Joe and Valerie Plame Wilson story can be further read at the Wikipedia site linked here.

The reality of what we all know about the WMD bullshit – and how easily we have forgotten how Politicians behave to get what they want and satisfy their ego’s – continues to visit us every day.

PM GILLARD has stood before the Australian people and told a lie countless times – her sincerity in reinforcing the lie appears genuine  – it gives lip-service to the saying that they who have the megaphone can say what they want – the millions of people screaming back can never be heard.

How it works – a political leader finds a media-baron to support them – i.e. Murdoch – they then fill their papers, TV News, and airwaves with negative stories about those who they don’t want to win and positive stories about those they want to win.   The people are brainwashed by continued negativity – they have questions about it all but where do they get the answers?   The human attention span is diminishing – life and its pressures and stress’ get to us all and then we can’t be bothered and just go with the media flow of opinion.  That is how easy it is …

And to get it to this point – the politicians change the media ownership laws on cross media ownerships and market share to allow them to have greater influence – how do we fuckin’ know what is true anymore – the media never report the negatives unless they have changed allegiances – and then they will bury the former supported Government …

That takes us to the very question – are Politicians bought and paid for?

In the movie example mentioned above – Vice President Dick Cheney is portrayed at the Nations traitor – the actions of him and those who worked for him caused great embarrassment and loss of life upon the American people and Iraqi citizens.

The message is that Democracy as practised by the ALP caucus in ousting RUDD was not the will of the people – it was not a part of how we view our democracy should work.  When one watches a political press conference these days with Julia out front directing traffic – getting to pick what questions she chooses to answer and not answering those with a pointy end – is exactly how we the people become deluded to what is actually happening.

It is good for the soul to remind us every now and them that complacency is how America killed itself – it allowed GW Bush to lead them by the nose with lies and manufactured evidence to complete an agenda that is still to be revealed in all truth.  His daddy never got to finish the job on Saddam and whether GW Bush Jnr was sent in to finish the job is still a question hanging out there.

On the home front – the Carr appointment and Gillard walking the tightrope of ‘misleading the House’ on questions about his appointment came and went without further recourse – it is as if when the news shifts – all the past is forgotten until the wheel turns and the story resurfaces again in connection with another lie and mislead.

We own it all – and if we sit by and watch it descend into chaos and crap – then it is us who were responsible – we let the leaders do to us what they believed was in our best interests – we knew is was not – i.e. immigration policy, carbon tax, NBN, schools program, insulation program, MRRT, all debt accumulation and future revenue schemes to pay back the debt – but it will be someone else’s job to fix the mess left behind …


To have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this – of you can just post a comment below and let off some steam. [Links updated 23rd Feb 4:00pm Sydney Time due to page move.]

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