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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – The 2012 ARL kickoff …

March 2, 2012
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2012 ARL kickoff …
The 2012 ARL season kicked off Thursday night with a 15-14 golden-point victory to St George over Newcastle – it was a matchup between Bennett’s old team against Bennett’s new team.

It’ll take 2-3 rounds for the beat of the season to really start – the player rosters, pre season injuries – and new coaches all playing their part.Tipping this early in the season is suicide – as is final eight predictions and the tone of the season will be set tonight when Broncos play the Eels – if the Eels win the end will never be heard from one fan who pesters and continues to pester … if the Broncos win then Snoop-Poop will pour the gravy all over him again as it was last season …

On the Cricket – still not a Clark fan and after the season he has had he deserves at least some humble-pie … no matter how he became Australian Cricket Captain congratulations on your season.

On the Australian Tennis Open – the best final ever – some 5 hours and their ist set was as long as the Womans final – no way they should earn equal pay …

On the Wonder Horse Black Caviar – the greatest thing to happen to racing in a long time – shame Moody won’t test he rover distances … she’ll never become a Sunline but her unbeaten 20 race career is now more important than proving her stud genes …

On the Interstate Cricket competition – one day, 20/20 and Shield competitions – where did you all go …

On the AFL and Optus replays – so what …

On the changed ARL Finals format – about bloody time …

On the ‘in-running’ betting odds on all televised sport – fuck off …

On the ARU – news that O’Neill might be leaving is great news – fuck off …

On the Palmer FA move – Packer he ain’t – but with the fires he has burning he has to be churning some real dollars …

On anything I disagree with – or agree – with feel welcome to have a go …

Welcome to the SNOOP-POOP show for ARL season 2012 …


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  1. Rookie Bookie
    March 2, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    I thought Saints by 6. There will be many golden point games in 2012. The premiership winner will lose at least 6 club rounds.
    Tonight Broncos by 12
    Melbourne by 12. Very hard fought. Canberra to really muscle up.
    Bulldogs by good margin 12 plus Penrith tend to be slowly away each year.
    Cowboys to defeat Gold Coast by 12, Titans defensive patterns will re emerge.
    Warriors to defeat Manly by 18. Premiers curse to be very apparent very quickly. NZ at home.
    Cronulla to defeat Wests by 12+. Wests rarely start the season well, and sadly for their fans lose too many matches in the first half of the season.
    Souths by golden point.

    Super Rugby
    Waikato to defeat Auckland and both teams to earn a bonus point. Score 33 – 27
    Tahs over rebels 33 – 19
    Wellington over Lions 26 – 20
    Canterbury over Otago 35 – 12
    Reds over Force 34 – 10
    Pretoria over Cheetahs 17 -13
    Match of the round Capetown v Natal, a draw, Sharks by 3

    Agree with Snoop Poop hard to get excited about value at this stage.

  2. david the pragmatist
    March 2, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    Snoopys back. Ready for the big boys Snoopy.

    Lets see if we can get you out of Primary school this season and at least Junior High.

    Giddy up Snoop poop.

    PS I found someone who uses Snoop Poops judgement and has made a fortune in the past year doing the opposite of his recommendations. Maybe there is some value there in those Baby Bones.

  3. March 3, 2012 at 8:54 am

    Well you half-pint slago – if you had of become a QLD supporter after you left NSW some 30 odd years ago – can you fathom all the grief you would have avoided – and it continues for you – being a Parra supporter has to be heartbreaking – and at your age how much more can you take …

    Sorry the Bronc’s did you over again last night … hee… hee… hee… – I lost no sleep and was again at peace with the world … what does it for you?

    In answer your ‘cock-crow’ before the game – he who laughs last laughs best …


  4. March 3, 2012 at 8:55 am

    Good call on the Broncos margin – 12 points … that got my attention …

  5. Rookie Bookie
    March 3, 2012 at 10:29 am

    Glenn Mumsie from SportsTab claimed Sandow was backed at 20 to 1 for $4,000 to score first try. MMMM

    Parramatta were bruised by half time, and need to look at the way Bellamy and Bennett coach their teams to go easy into the play the ball to catch other teams defensive line out of place. That is why Cam Smith takes so few injuries. That is where the tries come from. In defence you want to slow the other team down. Bennett will take a few more weeks to get that discipline into the Knights. Their natural game is an exciting but higher risk logic. Parramatta will win many games this year, but on their first half Kamikaze last night, it wasn’t much different when they led Dogs by 3 tries at half time and lost the match. The injury toll will mount. If Moi Moi is OK for next week he will still be carrying a bruised sternum.

    Super Rugby Tahs won 35 19 not too dusty. Chiefs and Blues I have not yet worked out whether I over estimated Blues or underestimated Waikato. Auckland are so unpredictable in the forwards. Chiefs are honest and consistent. When the Blues win the centre of the park, their backs will carve up any team, but they don’t play with consistency.

  6. Rookie Bookie
    March 4, 2012 at 7:39 am

    Seper Rugby
    Hurricanes 30 28 over Lions (26 20 prediction)
    Highlanders d Crusaders 27 24 (12 35 prediction) The aging Crusaders v young aspiring (not happy with the Canterbury Crusaders).
    Reds 35 Force 20 (prediction 34 10) Reds playing like defending champs
    Bulls 51 Cheetahs 19 (prediction 35 12) Pretoria awesome more than just a bonus point
    Stormers d Sharks by 3 (prediction Sharks by 3) only one of these two can play in finals after Pretoria, a serious 3 cornered contest, most illuminating, and likely to prevent SA from winning the ultimate prize. Two highest points in rounds play 2 games to be ultimate victors, other 4 need to win 3 times. Expect to hear more on it.

    Titans are back. After a year of mishaps and injuries and poor attitudes The addition of Nate Miles and Beau Champion, they played like the Titans of 2010. This comp is really alive.
    Storm 24 Raiders 19, Raiders need to learn how to grind out those last 5 minutes, or is it Slater brillance?
    Canterbury 22 Penrith 14 Penrith again their own enemy, there is plenty in store, when will they put it together?

    2 days ago I said ultimate winner will lose at least 6 games this year, would it be possible for wooden spooner to win 8 or 9? 13 wins from 24 should get you into the 8. 16 wins will get you a home final. there is not a match you can take for granted, and which teams can achieve a winnning streak of 3 or more?

    In today’s cricket, I have little idea, likely to bet live, at the odds.

  7. david the pragmatist
    March 4, 2012 at 10:53 am

    Well Snoopy I have to admit I’m a Parra and a NSW supporter. Can’t help it, born there!
    I wish I could change allegiences, but it wouldn’t be the same.
    Now i do not want to spoil your party, but do not confuse loyalty with judgement. Just because my loyalty to the the teams i follow is implacable, I can stil show an understanding and appreciation for all aspects of many sports.
    I also appreciate that you captained the primary school cricket and football teams, but if at any point I think your points are unjustified or your just plain wrong, remember I am there to blast you and point our the immaturity of your biased and unsustained comments.
    Now i know you are restricted as the modern age leaves you behind, but remember you have to be fair and honest with your critique or at least be able to give both points of view.

    I look forward to your commentary getting out of the school yard and presenting a fair and appreciated view in future.

  8. Rookie Bookie
    March 5, 2012 at 9:44 am

    Weekend rap.
    NRL Round 2
    Manly to play Tigers Leaning towards Manly, Wests have injury worries and yesterday’s match with extra time would take so much out of them.
    Broncos v Cowboys Thinking Broncos but expect the Cowboys to go better, particularly where Qld supremacy is a motivator.
    Titans v Raiders Too hard yet Titans played to their former selves, and Canberra just need to learn to win.
    Dogs v Saints The judiciary question over Pritchard will be decided and I expect Saints to show up with less motivation. I would not be surprised to see Saints struggle this year, as the year wears on, and Hasler will be happy to just get progressives working at this stage
    Cronulla v Newcastle. Too many questions over Sharkies right now, Carney played great.
    Chooks v Panthers Chooks still to play tonight, …..
    Storm v Rabbits What great scheduling, Maguire and King and Inglis and Croker v their old club, Souths still to play tonight, game should still deliver great interest, I hope Slater plays, he can be put under pressure, that was part of his careless head high
    Eels v Warriors Warriors beat themselves, threw the ball around in attack, really basing their game around attack, Daniel Anderson will be plotting their downfall.

    For mine the teams who really came through as losers were Knights and Raiders. I really look forward to Titans v Raiders. At Leichhardt yesterday the sun came out and playing at 2pm in that humidity was just cruel. At this time of year the 6pm or 7.30pm games help, whereas in mid winter those Sunday afternoon matches are preferred by players and spectators. TV scheduling is the problem. It seems crazy that Canberra on Saturday night was wet and miserable and Leichhardt yesterday was the other extreme. A busy day for the match review committee today, and already some cruel injuries.

    Super Rugby
    Crusader v Chiefs
    Force v Hurricanes
    Brumbies v Cheetahs
    Highlanders v Waratahs
    Reds v Rebels
    Sharks v Lions
    Bulls v Blues
    Stormers get the bye in Round 3 and Bulls have a weekend off thereafter, Brumbies coming off the bye this weekend.

    Best match up Otago and NSW in Otago (Dunedin). Chiefs play Crusaders for second spot in NZ conference. Most other matches look predictable

  9. League Leg End
    March 5, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    Pity those long suffering rabbitohs. In the NRL Souths have made the finals once. They accept defeat too easily. They conceded an 8 point lead in the last 3 minutes and lost. That result has been their margin of missing the semi finals for far too long.

    In this round just completed Canberra and Cronulla were also able to clutch defeat from the jaws of victory. Canberra just needed to defend tight a 1 point margin, and Cronulla let Ryan grab a try and send the game into overtime.

    Souths were the worst. Canberra were playing in atrocious conditions and Cronulla had a crook Gallen in wicked and oppressive humidity.

    Where each loss is not the end of the world, it really doesn’t augur well for those who like to gamble or for those who follow them. What were live odds on Souths with 5 minutes to go. Another good reason for banning live betting.

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