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EYE-BALL Opinion on – US Troops based on Australian Soil …

US Troops based on Australian Soil …
Recent news stories about the US Military establishing bases on Australian soil have again created a mis-trust between the Australian Government and the Australian people.

The most obvious question that comes to mind is – ‘would America allow Australia to set up military bases on US soil?’

The answer would be a nuclear “NO”.

And yet, the Duchess and her Defence Minister Mr Smith – are out there trying to convince the Australian public that these US military personnel and hardware installations are necessary in the strategic alliance concessions.

What the fu_k does they mean!

This story first broke during Obama’s Presidential visit to Australia in Nov 2011 – that story can be read below…

Leaks and alliances in Australian politics

| By ABC’s Marius Benson | Updated November 14, 2011 16:16:40 |

Leaks are one of the longest established of the conventions for disseminating political information and disinformation.

This week’s news, the establishing a permanent US marine presence on Australian soil at Darwin, was something the Government wanted to give maximum exposure. It sees it as good news, the opposition will back it, only the Greens would be a dissenting voice…

… continues – click here.

Yesterday’s story about the Cocos Island base upgrade was a new development in this story and is copied in part and linked further below.

Government won’t rule out Aussie base for US drones

| Updated March 28, 2012 19:49:14 |

The Federal Government is not ruling out the possibility that US military surveillance drones could be based on Australia’s strategically important Cocos Islands.

Reports from Washington suggest the US is considering using the islands, located in the Indian Ocean off Australia’s north-west coast, to launch unmanned surveillance aircraft.

The Washington Post says: “US and Australian officials said the atoll could be an ideal site not only for manned US surveillance aircraft, but for Global Hawks, an unarmed, high-altitude surveillance drone.”

The islands are reportedly being looked at as an expansion for the overcrowded US airbase at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. …

… continues – click here to read full story and video coverage of Minister Smith’s comments.

This story barely delves into the reasons why these bases are seen as necessary – or gives insight as to whether they were at America’s insistence, or whether Australia requested the base and deployment of troops.

There could hardly be any reason for Australia to request US military support for impending threats – or is there?.

Yet – the agreements are signed and USA troops are due to arrive shortly.  Does the US see an impending threat from China, or some other foe north of Australia?  This has to be considered when one looks to a map of US Military bases in the region.  See map below: [click on image to enlarge]

Legend: Countries with a US military presence in 2007.

  • Navy = More than 1000 US troops
  • Blue = More than 100 US troops
  • Tan = Use of military facilities

China appears surrounded – and yet they are the Bankers who supply America with the investment that allows its budget spending – without China’s funding America could not fund its spending and its collapse would be worse than the Greek debacle.

With any analysis of America’s financial position – they are technically bankrupt and will have to reduce foreign deployments to cut costs.  That is why this Australian setup is so strange – during the moon landings Australia played an important linkage in the communications with satellites – it still does – could this base setup be connected with some space weapons program?

It is not as silly as one might think – why else would Australia allow foreign troops to be stationed on Australian soil?  Until that question can be answered to the satisfaction of all Australians – this has the smell of a covert operation that needs Australia’s cooperation – and that needs to be shared with the Australian people.

With Australia now joining this list of US deployed troops and hardware – the level of ‘buffer’ zones between mainland Asia and Australia resembles WWII proportions.

The media have not yet asked or sought the answer to the right question – WHY does Australia need US military personnel and hardware on Australian Soil?


To have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam. [Links updated 23rd Feb 4:00pm Sydney Time due to Federal Government page move.]

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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – NRL – 2012 – Round 4 Wrap …

March 28, 2012 5 comments
The-EYE-BALL- Snoop-Poop - Header
NRL – 2012 – Round 4 Wrap …
Winners and Losers:

Again Friday Night Football produced the ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ performance of a ‘good’ game and a ‘poor’ game.

The Broncos v Rabbitohs match was the best shown on Free to Air since the 2012 comp got underway.  Souths were dominate in the first half – aided by many doubtful Touchjudge calls.  The second half 16-0 performance by the Broncos after trailing 12-4 at halftime gave two answers –

  1. Souths still have to prove they can finish a game off – and
  2. The Broncos have a heart as big as lions.

The other match was not even worth watching – Penrith over Parramatta 39-6 and that was flattering for Parramatta.  Where the Eels go from here is anyones guess – even their fans booed them from the field.

Warriors and St George put up impressive wins on Saturday with St George’s performance against the Premiers Manly the talk of the round.  Storm belted the Roosters and remain the only unbeaten team.  The Cowboys, Tigers and Bulldogs were all beaten in home games and this continued the high home loss ration this competition is producing.

Anyone who dismisses poor performing teams this early in the season does so at great risk.  This season might prove the early form of some teams is over or under rated as the season progresses.   One thing for sure – Storm, Broncos and St George look to be the early front runners – Souths have the player roster and are yet to finish off games from winning positions – the Bulldogs have been hot and cold, and the Warriors have backed up their finals birth form from last season.

The also rans are also emerging – Parramatta is the obvious choice for wooden spoon – the Titans could challenge that if their financial woes continues to eat into the football teams performance.  Penrith have yet to prove they can be be consistent,  Canberra are a darkies with wins in their last two rounds – both away from home.    Newcastle face a test this weekend against Storm, Cowboys are also on the brink with the Roosters – the two-tiered competition has already emerged.

This weekends games provide a few good matchups – both Friday night games Broncos host St George, and the Storm host Newcastle will provide some great footy.

I think the Broncos will be down on last weeks performance given the player cost and effort plus the travel factor.  Newcastle turned their performance around last weekend after being completely outclassed by the Broncos the week before.  The Storm matchup will give a good perspective of where they are in their season.

The other interesting matchups are the Tigers hosting the Rabbitohs and the Raiders hosting the Cowboys.  If the Rabbitohs and Cowboys don’t win these away games then their season begins to look tougher having lost their previous home games.

Weekly Comments:

Parramatta:  On this continuing ‘train-wreck’ the word is the Coach has had discussions and speculation is ever increasing that he is on the way out.

Sea-Eagles:  Cherry-Evans signed a big contract leading into last weekends games – the media beat-up about him wanting a release from his last year was a plant story and most fell for it.  Their new Coach Geoff Toovey appears to now be their problem – he has made a name for himself in his first year of coaching in that if he does not like the ref’s call he speaks out – something all inexperienced coaches do.

Titans: The big news is the questions being raised about their financial position and continued viability.  The big talk is about the AFL incursion into the NRL heartland if the Titans fold – this story is already biting into the Titans on field performances and the big player signings for next season would already be feeling a bit sick.


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EYE-BALL’s Herman on: The 2012 Overture – A Crappy New Year – Part III

March 26, 2012 2 comments
Herman O'Hermitage
The 2012 Overture – A Crappy New Year – Part III.
By: Herman O’Hermitage
See previous post:  Democrazy Part XIII –


Herman O'HermitageFrom the post on September 13, 2011, I predicted this nervousness about Chinese demand for resources. I went further saying there is a housing bubble developing in mainland China. That threat to Australia is immense. The clearance factor in auctions locally is hovering in the 50%’s maybe 55 to 57%. Median Prices are taking a toll.

In the aftermath of the Qld State election our political scene is in turmoil. Today there are new calls for another Kevin Rudd challenge to Julia Gillard. The ALP is on the nose, and no one really wants a Liberal Government lead by Tony Abbott, but the only other hope is Malcolm Turnbull. The Liberals will win the next election, and the longer the electorate is frustrated, the crueller the annihilation of the Federal ALP when given a chance.

The Katter Australia Party is not a great white hope in any shape or fashion.

Internationally we are about to see Presidential elections in France, and then government in Greece and the US primaries continue. America wants a miracle but there is nothing in sight. Obama is weak, but there is no real viable alternative.

The bigger war scenario is being employed in Iran and North Korea. The logic has it that G W Bush failed to understand that threatened wars are more effective than actual wars. G F Bush was defeated on similar logics. His 2 week war with Iraq did not really achieve anything. Cost but no actual outcome. The legacy of Iraq stage 2 and Afghanistan is so immense.

Rick Santorum has emerged in the Republican primaries since my article on January 30, and Gringrich and Ron Paul have faltered. Santorum is trailing Romney by 2 to 1 in the delegates, but the party is yet to unite. Uniting fast and moving on to Obama is critical.

Marine Le Pen in France is a smoking bomb. The incumbent Sarkozy is not popular either. Their election system is critical. No individual will win 50% at the first election. This could occur with 3 elections, 4 contestants, reduced to 3 contestants reduced to 2 contestants. Marine Le Pen is advocating France departing the European Union, and more importantly closing their borders.

In Greece what is much more important than their political landscape is the bailout you have when you are not having a bailout. It underlies so much of what is occurring as governments around the world de leverage. Harry Markowicz and others won a Nobel prize for their work on the Capital Asset Pricing Model. It is fundamental to all investment analysis. It is; all returns are a part of risk free plus a risk return. It therefore follows by regressing (back testing) any industry or company result in this light you determine a specific investment beta. It also follows right now that the AUD has a low beta (risk premium) attached to it. Beta’s are not in this case constant. They can be shifted lower or higher. Does any government or anyone in government understand this?

The trouble is as World governments are downgraded from AAA to non-investment grade, THEN WHAT IS RISK FREE??????? How can you have confidence in any stock price when risk free is even more nebulous? Could possibly oil or gold become the new risk free? Your Corporate can work harder to lower their beta, but not be ultimately rewarded. Uncertainty flows from risk free!!!!

The Dow has now recovered to over 13000 pts. Therefore the ASX is testing the recent resistance levels trying to break out to the top-side. At some stage the USA government will need to stop spending therefore allowing non-government demand to take up the slack. Where will this demand come from? Particularly as welfare will be reduced. It must come from higher taxes on those with the highest incomes. It has not yet started, and the Grand Old Party, the republicans will simply never do it. Could Obama do it?

Dick Smith wants to go much further. If population was constant, then GDP (GNP) must be constant. We all profit from inflation, we all profit from population explosion. Naturally he overlooks technology, which is strange given his antecedents. Technology fuels GDP growth as well as population growth.

The overwhelming issue is that government de leveraging will be long, slow and extremely painful. Corporate sector is so healthy. At times that is only because of government bailouts.

Only by way of example the $275million promised to GMH to keep them operating in Australia, props up component supply and a whole vertical contagion. What is the alternative? Australia becomes a vehicle importer from lower wage countries. David Ricardo says yes, that is increasing the efficiency frontier, driving prices (supply) lower. But for Australia we are simply reduced to mining and farming. A primary producer, so how do we support our higher wage structure and standard of living? The argument collapses on itself. That is Socratic. That is free trade. It too collapses on itself.

The 1812 overture saw the collapse of free markets when Napoleon failed. Similar happened last century after the Great War. That is what is definitely coming. It is part of the problem started when America started to need to impose their democracy on other lesser developed countries. You might term it self-determination v free trade.

In history this super cycle is so evident. Free Markets become very attractive and collapse upon themselves.

Robert Gottliebson said something very profound on ABC Insiders a fortnight ago. As 2008 GFC had no consequence on Wall St, it is bound to happen again. The movie “Margin Call” really does highlight this. The pariah character played by Jeremy Irons will keep preying upon our system to the disadvantage of the greater good. He lists the great crashes of all time. He claims they are inevitable, and so someone needs to do good out of it, it is only money!

Later Today, Campbell Newman will be sworn in as Qld Premier. On Wednesday the real work will start on trying to de leverage Qld. It will be interesting to watch. In NSW after one year of change of government, it really does appear to be switching deckchairs on the Titanic. In the employment market in NSW old timers in Macquarie St are being replaced by part timers, at twice the price. Will they be 2 times or three times as productive?

I wish Campbell Newman well. The same goes for the government of NSW, and many. many others. Our Federal Government is addicted to growth of commodity exports, and a high AUD. There are issues out there we should be focused on.

Our Federal deficit keeps creeping up, and is easily sold to foreigners because of our good credit standing, and high currency. 80% of Australia’s government debt is in foreign ownership. The Federal ALP needs new taxes like Carbon Tax and MRRT to attempt to keep this foreign debt under control. What might occur if they contract spending?

Bloody Socrates!


Herman …

EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl – “Queensland’s Whitewash” – R.I.P. – ALP …

The-EYE-BALL-Harry's Growl-Header-2
“Queensland’s Whitewash” – R.I.P.  – ALP …
The QLD State Election has proved once again that the ALP brand of politics is done …

How different it might have been if QLD’s favourite son had of prevailed against the Duchess in their Leadership spill early in the QLD campaign.

Had RUDD been reinstalled as Leader who knows what would have happen in QLD … how much of this retribution aimed at the ALP is on account of how the ALP treated Kevin RUDD?

You won’t hear the ALP blame the Federal Leadership issue – but it mattered – in QLD where we are always loyal – that ‘dirty-rat’ Gillard and her henchmen are responsible for the demise of the ALP Australia wide.

Take a bow Crean, Swan, Conroy, Roxon, Pliberseck,  Emerson, Burke, Garrett,  and the rest of you pathetic wimps who player ‘Pied Piper’ and led the ALP over a cliff … and a special ‘up-your’s’ to the ‘Red-Head’ bitch who thinks she is all things to all people … when the people turn off – they turn off and their ‘off’ you …

ALP Federal members – take heed – you are the cause of much of what has happened in NSW and QLD – and all since the RUDD dismissal – it may already be too late – unless you get rid of the ‘bitch’ – you have a similar result awaiting you in a years time …

Congratulations to the LNP team – your victory is absolute … your task now is to Lead and show us all that the faith placed in you was not wasted.

Larry Pickering’s Cartoons say it so well…






To see all Larry’s latest cartoons – use this link.


Please use the Federal Member links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about these matters and any other matter that you think worth mentioning – or if you want you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl – “Question Time” – a Joke upon all of us …

March 20, 2012 Comments off
The-EYE-BALL-Harry's Growl-Header-2
“Question Time” – a Joke upon all of us …
Today – 20th Mar 2012 – a day that will live in ‘infamy’ – a day that put Australia on a path to ‘War’ between the Mining Sector against all other Industry sectors and the Government of the day.This fuckin’ bunch of idiots fronted for ‘Question Time’ today and ‘hubris’ was humbled by the stench of the ALP ego’s.

The Duchess Bitch – dressed in mustard red to match her pastie complextion and hair, and used her monotone drone and field of ‘JackBoots’ filed in behind her to turn the House of Representative Chambers into another farce of Government achievement to gloat over the passing of the Mining Resource Rent Tax (MRRT).

This Parliament is a joke beyond the ‘funny’ – it’s a Government with no futuristic understanding of what this MRRT will do to the Australian economy.  It is a tax born from a spending boom never seen before and undertaken with the GST as its motivator.

The reality is that whilst under RUDD the spend intentions were about saving Jobs and protecting mortgage holders and the Banking system – the reasons for the continued spend is a Government drunk with the fear of losing office …

Several Members of the Government were today asked Question during ‘Question Time’ by ALP Members about how the MRRT would benefit their electorates.   This was a transparent ‘sales-pitch’ to convince the electorate of the spend benefits of the MRRT – a debate that is well ahead of itself on so many levels.

I shared the Press Gallery’ with the other dozen or so Journalists covering ‘Question Time’ and they were playing cards among themselves.  None of the offerings put forth by the Government has any appeal to any of the electorate – as with the ‘Carbon Tax’ the complexities are beyond the capabilities of the Government to explain the tax.  The efforts in ‘Question Time’ today were self-aggrandising on a scale that made me want to pull my ‘old fella’ out and piss on them all from the Press Gallery.

My Editor felt for my want – he agrees with the pathetic shambles Government has descended into and has advised restraint – as interested as we all want to be aware of the political debate among the Leaders of our Nation – how can we be blamed for its mediocrity – none of them can answer a direct question – and the media dont know the right questions to ask.

How can the public hold any respect for these fuckin’ ‘wankers’ operating in a self-created  mushroom environment of toxic bile that consists of a nondescript diatribe everyday that nobody wants to hear.

I stayed for an hour before I walked out and penned this column – I have no respect for any who serve in this Parliament – on either side of Politics – and less for Members Winsor, and Oakshott.

They should have both woken from their slumber of ‘spotlight’ fame and made the choice on behalf of all Australians that this Government is woefully inadequate to handle the responsibilities necessary to guide Australia.  It is a lesson learned by all of us that Independents, whilst serving their Members when they have the balance of power yields greater services and attention – their position of responsibility in serving the ‘whole’ of Australia is beyond their capacity.

On the MRRT – it is a wealth redistribution tax – and even the Opposition have been reluctant to use the ‘Socialist’ reform it represents.

Socialism –

[Wikimedia Meaning]

As a political movement, socialism includes a diverse array of political philosophies, ranging from reformism to revolutionary socialism. Proponents of state socialism advocate for the nationalisation of the means of production, distribution and exchange as a strategy for implementing socialism. Social democrats advocate redistributive taxation in the form of social welfare and government regulation of capital within the framework of a market economy.[7] In contrast, anarchism and libertarian socialism propose direct worker’s control of the means of production and oppose the use of state power to achieve such an arrangement, opposing both parliamentary politics and state ownership over the means of production.

The MRRT is a Socialist policy aimed at distribution of proportionate wealth to those less wealthy. Whatever this Government claims as the distribution reasons – this MRRT is about delivering the ‘promised’ surplus for the 2012-13 year by this Government.

Talk of the tax raising $110 billion in the next year are all premature – any use of the MRRT to balance the current $50 billion deficit of the 2011-12 are far in advance of the realism of collecting the MRRT.  It is all ‘smoke and mirrors’ and the joke being played is on all Australians – few if any of the brighter minds in the land are up for the fight – the ‘good v evil’ WAR brewing in the behind the scenes of Federal Politics as a WAR that none of us are really interested in.

We deserve everything we get – allowing this Government to ruin the Nations Natural resources and tax the consumers to fund the Governments lust and depravity to win Government at any cost – a game played by both sides – just makes you want to walk away …


Please use the Federal Member links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about these matters and any other matter that you think worth mentioning – or if you want you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – NRL – 2012 – Round 3 Wrap …

March 20, 2012 2 comments
The-EYE-BALL- Snoop-Poop - Header
NRL – 2012 – Round 3 Wrap …
Winners and Losers:

Friday night began the sloppy win by the Broncos over Newcastle – on the form of Newcastle – their season is done before it begins.  Broncos should have led by 30 at half time – too many poor finishes and Lockyer is missed.

The other Friday game was also a mis-match – the Dragons turned it on and the Tigers showed just how skin deep there bravado can be …

Both Winners were playing away games and this is a story in itself.   The rest of the round saw away wins to – Storm, Bulldogs and the Rabbitoh’s.  Five of the eight weekend matches were won by away teams.  The Home team winners were – Cowboys, Roosters and the Sharkies –

The Competition has already had some big upsets – Sharkies beating the red-hot SeaEagles on Monday night – perhaps the Cherry-Evans story during the week had an impact – but all is not well at the SeaEagles – talk of a group of players being somewhere else next season is escalating and its impact over the next few weeks is something to ponder.

The Rabbitohs were devastating in the first 20 minutes against the Panthers – it was a big day for the Panthers at home and the Rabbitohs turned their defence on and intimidated the Panthers out of the game early.  The Rabbitohs tired at the end of each half letting in east tries and this is a problem for the Coach.  To play the game as physical as the Rabbitohs do – is great footy to watch.  With their forward pack on fire no team will be able to hold them out.

Large forwards get tired and in the backside of each half – if they don’t hold something back – they will continue to let in points.

Last weeks and the 1st round games were close – there was only two games in Round 3 where the margin was less than 14 pts … the ‘two’ tiered competition is already emerging.

Weekly Comment:

Parramatta:  Already favourites for the Wodden-Spoon – what can be said – another hapless belting and already the season is being written off by their most ardent fans.

A conversation with a loyal fan turned the debate to the coach – rumours that he has six weeks to turn it around are overstated  – he has maybe two weeks at best …

Look at the Coach history – Smith, Hagan, Anderson, and now Kearney – Smith was there a while – and the others two years and Kearney is into his second year … everybody is losing patience at the teams continued poor performances.

If it is not the Coach, and the spending of $550K a season on Sandow and buying other players to create the player roster they all wanted – surely some of the stench has to be directed at the Administrators – who also have had their own issues in recent years.

The loyal fan I mentioned earlier – defends the player’s, he defends the administrators, and the coach’s – the only thing that he has not defended are the Fans … maybe they’re the problem.

Maybe they should take their franchise away from Parramatta and relocate to a new ‘fans’ base … for mine it is the Club’s poor culture from the days of the 80’s – Jack Gibson turned the Club around – then there was Moonie – and since then Parramatta have been living on past glories … it has an in-bred disease and the fans are a part of that problem.

Under-achievers breed mediocrity … and Parramatta have been a team of questionable ability and player ability for decades …


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EYE-BALL MovieZone – Favourites – “Spartacus” – TV Series …

March 17, 2012 1 comment
EYE-BALL MovieZone –
Favourite Movies and TV Series:
TV Series – “Spartacus“…
EYE-BALL MovieZoneThe EYE-BALL MovieZone” Favourites Index” is a collection of movies that did not make the Oscar Nominations list and TV Series and Mini-Series that have made a select list of extreme entertainment. Each of these FAVOURITE’s have a special quality that make them a part of the EYE-BALL MovieZone’s Favourites list.

[Just a small note – this is a free website – there are no fees or charges – there is a gratuity/donation link provided to the right of this text – please if you are enjoying the site and are inclined to want to make a donation – please use the link provided. All finds received are thankfully received and they go a long way to help maintain the content of this site. Movie posters appearing at this site have been copied from Wikipedia and other research related source sites.]


Review – 2012 – “Spartacus” Season 3 – Vengeance”

Movie/TV Show Links:


Spartacus: Gods of the Arena


[Pasted from Wikipedia]-

Series 1 – Gods of the Arena

The mini-series features the history of the House of Batiatus and the city of Capua before the arrival of Spartacus. The main story opens not long after Quintus Lentulus Batiatus becomes lanista, manager of the House’s slaves and gladiators, when he takes over his father’s ludus.

Batiatus is quickly revealed as having grand ambitions, beginning with stepping out of his father’s shadow. As the story progresses, Batiatus continues to seeking greatness for the House under his leadership, as well as recognition for his own name. By his side stands his devoted wife, Lucretia, who is willing to help her husband achieve his goals regardless of the cost. Batiatus soon places all of his fortunes on one man whom he believes will bring fame and glory to the House of Batiatus, his best gladiator, the Celt Gannicus. Gannicus is a skilled warrior almost without equal, who wields his dual swords in the arena with great prowess. However, Batiatus’ opponents would not sit idly and allow his ascent to greatness without challenge.

Purchased as an undisciplined and disheveled recruit in the first episode, Crixus the Gaul initially endures mockery and threats of death, before eventually rising to become the a gladiator of skill and fame second only to Gannicus. As Batiatus fends off repeated attempts by his professional rival Tullius to obtain Gannicus, his relationships with his father Titus and friend Solonius begin to suffer the strain of Quintus’ relentless ambition. Former champion gladiator Oenomaus reluctantly retires from combat to become Doctore, while Syrian recruits Ashur and Dagan become fierce enemies as Ashur tries to prove himself worthy of being a gladiator. Veteran gladiators Barca and Gannicus accept the rising star of Crixus but fear that their own careers will suffer, as the machinations of Batiatus and Lucretia to court Capua’s elite end in tragedy for several members of the household. Against all of this, the city’s splendid new arena nears completion and with it the opening games that will make men into gods. When the arena opens, the match between Solonius’ and Batiatus’ gladiators compete with each other. Batiatus’s gladiators prevail in the contest. Gannicus again proves himself to be the champion of Capua and the god of the arena and by virtue of his win against Solonius’ gladiators, becomes the champion of Capua and gains his freedom.

Click here for List of all Spartacus Episodes …

[again – Pasted from Wikipedia]

Series 2 – Blood and Sand

The story begins with an unnamed Thracian’s involvement in a unit of Roman auxiliary in a campaign against the Getae (Dacian tribes that occupied the regions of the Lower Danube, in what today is Bulgaria and Romania) under the command of the legatus, Claudius Glaber. In 72-71 BC, Roman general Marcus Terentius Varro Lucullus, proconsul of the Roman province of Macedonia, marched against the Getae, who were allies of Rome’s enemy, Mithridates VI of Pontus. The Getae frequently raid the Thracians’ lands, so the Thracians are persuaded by Glaber to enlist in the Romans’ service as auxiliaries. Glaber is persuaded by his wife Ilithyia to seek greater glory, decides to break off attacking the Getae and directly confront the forces of Mithridates in Asia Minor. The Thracian, feeling betrayed, leads a mutiny against Glaber, and returns to find his village destroyed. The Thracian and his wife Sura, are captured by Glaber the next day; the Thracian is condemned to die in the gladiator arena for his crime, while Sura is taken away, condemned to slavery. The Thracian is shipped to Capua in Italy, a center of gladiator training. Against all odds in the arena he slays the four gladiators appointed to execute him and becomes an instant sensation with the crowd. Senator Albinius commutes the punishment from death to slavery. The prisoner’s true name unknown, Lentulus Batiatus, the owner of a ludus in Capua, suggests to name him “Spartacus”, because he fought like the ferocious Thracian king of that name.

Noting well the Thracian’s fierce raw talent and popularity with the masses, Batiatus purchases him for training within the walls of his ludus under the tutelage of Doctore, a former gladiator and fellow slave. He is befriended by Varro, a Roman who sold himself into slavery in order to pay his debts and support his family. He is harassed by more senior gladiators, notably Crixus, an undefeated Gaul, and Barca, a Carthaginian. Spartacus soon learns that Sura was sold to a Syrian slave trader. Batiatus, who has been unable to control Spartacus during his first days of training, promises to find Sura and reunite them in exchange for the promising neophyte’s cooperation in the arena.

After many near-fatal ordeals and much further training Spartacus attains the status of a living legend and is named the “Champion of Capua”. Batiatus arranges the purchase of Sura, but she is delivered mortally wounded, supposedly having been waylaid by bandits en route. Her murder was secretly ordered by Batiatus to keep Spartacus loyal and focused. Spartacus casts off his heritage as a Thracian and forgets his dream of freedom, becoming content with life as champion.

The turning point comes when Spartacus is set to fight his only friend in the ludus, Varro, in an exhibition match celebrating the coming to manhood of the Capuan magistrate’s son, Numerius. Ilithyia, who has hated Spartacus since he embarrassed her husband Glaber by his mutiny, seduces the young man and convinces him to demand death for the loser of the match. Spartacus wins (as expected), and when the young man gives the “thumbs down”, Batiatus, wishing to ingratiate himself with the boy’s powerful father, forces Spartacus to comply and kill Varro. While suffering from both his wound in this match and his remorse and sorrow over having to kill his friend, Spartacus has fever dreams that lead him to discover that Batiatus arranged Sura’s death. Knowing that it is all or nothing when it comes to resistance of his enslavement, he resolves to “kill them all” and lead a revolt against the ruling house he once fought for.

In order to get his revenge, Spartacus enlists the help of Crixus and the rest of the gladiators to defeat the house of Batiatus once and for all. A battle to the death between Crixus and Spartacus is arranged for the Capuan elite at the ludus. Doctore (who Batiatus refers to by his real name, Oenomaus) confronts Batiatus about Barca’s death and Ashur’s hand in it. Spartacus gains support from Mira who is tasked with opening the gate to the villa from the training area. Crixus resists aiding Spartacus in hopes of reuniting with Naevia; however, after learning he was weakened to ensure Spartacus’ victory, at the last moment he joins with Spartacus. Doctore initially stops Spartacus from killing Batiatus. In the ensuing chaos of the gladiators killing the guards and some guests, Crixus persuades Doctore to join him with Spartacus, Illithyia escapes and has her guards seal the door to the ludus from the outside, Doctore, making good on his word, tries to kill Ashur but ends up being eluded, Crixus grievously wounds Batiatus’ wife, Lucretia, with a sword stab to her abdomen piercing her womb and killing their unborn child, Aurelia kills Numerius after revealing to him that Varro was her husband, and Spartacus finally kills Batiatus in front of the seriously wounded Lucretia. After the massacre, Spartacus vows to make “Rome tremble”.

Series 3 – Vengeance

After the bloody escape from the House of Batiatus that concluded Spartacus: Blood and Sand, the gladiator rebellion begins to strike fear into the heart of the Roman Republic in Spartacus: Vengeance. Praetor Claudius Glaber and his Roman troops are sent to Capua to crush Spartacus’ growing band of freed slaves before they can inflict further damage. Spartacus is given a choice between satisfying his personal need for vengeance against the man who condemned his wife to slavery and eventual death, or making the larger sacrifices necessary to keep his budding army from breaking apart


EYE-BALL MovieZone Review:

This is a brilliant series – rivals “Game of Thrones” for authenticity and realism – plenty of  blood-thirsty graphic scenes combined with backgrounds made up of slave tits and ass …

The main actor playing Spartacus in Series 1 – Andy Whitfield – became diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma during the first series – he died some months later and this required a rethink on Series 2 – whilst looking to replace Whitfield the series producers wrote 6 episodes that became Series 2 that take place before the timeframe Series 1 takes place in …

Whitfield made the part his own and the series suffered greatly with his exit …

Series 3 has a new Spartacus and it took a few episodes to live up the quality of the first two series – but Season 3 is currently at Episode 9 in this 12 part series – the plot is riveting …

Highly recommended viewing …

EYE-BALL MovieZone Rating [scale 0-10]: 9.0/10 …

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