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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl – The LABOUR Party – R.I.P.

February 26, 2012
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Harry’s Growl – The LABOUR Party – R.I.P.
The wake will be long and sorrowful – at around 11:00 am Sydney time tomorrow the once proud Australian Labour Party will be but a shadow of itself in the eyes of the people.

PM GILLARD – pictured at left as she likes to see herself communicating with the people of Australia – believes she has legitimised her status with the Australian people.  Those who disagree with her can drown in her toxic waste … that is her message.

Mr Larry Pickering’s on-line commentary with his cartoon collection is very good and his latest is presented below. [Click on the image to visit his Facebook page.]


Caucus has done its homework a little more diligently than Kevin has done his.

Let’s get a few things in perspective: The Labor Party is a creation of the unions. The unelected union factions have always called the tune, and will again tomorrow.

You may well ask how it is possible for an elected Prime Minister to be unceremoniously knifed, with no notice or debate, and when only a handful of party members had foreknowledge of it. The answer is the union factions’ endorsement. That is the only way it could happen. And did you notice the elevation to high office of a range of unionists subsequent to the knifing?

The Union factions, particularly the NSW right, always get exactly what they want.
Factions do not covet polls, nor do they see any need to respond to the electorate’s concerns. They have always acquired their Parliamentary power despite public sentiment, so why the hell would they pay heed to Kevin’s undoubted popularity now?

Kevin didn’t understand this in Office and he doesn’t understand it now.

Kevin has never been a puppet of the factions. That was, and still is, his Achilles’ heel. He had the arrogance to believe he could circumvent factional wont. He came back from Washington with optimism in his fractured heart and immediately took to the malls to display to Caucus his level of popularity. What a waste of time! Not one vote moved his way because of that.

Albanese wept for his party. He wept, not because he knew the inevitable outcome of the factionless Kevin’s tilt at PM, but for the love of his desecrated Party. Never, ever has there been such a public display of intra-party bile and venom. It will haunt them forever.

It is sad really… but it’s about to change. Even the executive wing of the Labor Party is counting the dead and ruing the system. The rank and file will eventually have to swallow a bitter pill called “democracy”. The factions watched the unedifying self-destruction of the Labor Party’s Parliamentary wing. They cannot recover from this in their present form.

Gillard has repaid the unions for her elevation with, among other things, the infamous Fair Work Australia and the destruction of builders’ legitimate, legal ability to seek redress from marauding unions.

Gillard, with the backing of unions and the assistance of the Greens, has cut a scythe-like swathe through Australia’s political and industrial landscape. Abbott will do his best to halt it but may never reverse it. But Abbott’s future difficulties pale compared to those of Gillard in her limited, precarious hold on tenure.

Make no mistake, we are witnessing the ruination of a Labor Party. Those crippled souls can now sit decimated in opposition and ruminate over the disaster they themselves caused. It has to change.

They will have 10 to 15 years of think time to ensure this sort of Labor Party self-demolition never happens again.

Mr Pickering is insightful and his comments ring true for this blogger.

There is sadness all around Canberra tonight. The media war has been fought – the sceptics and commentators have flogged it until there is no more life in in. All that is to happen now is the death of a Party …

Mark this day in history – for it will be remembered as the day the UNION bosses did a Jack Lang all over again.

Record the names of the people who declared their support for GILLARD – those names will be remembered long and with bile … this Governments poll data will not recover but fall in the weeks following tomorrows vote.

RUDD can’t win – his detractors have too great a hold and let that be a lesson to who you vote for in the future – if they are Union associated – turn your nose up and move on. Whilst Unions have a role to play – their role in politics is criminal in the way they dictate and dominate the parliamentary party process. The ALP might be their party – but the modern ALP is far more than Union factions.


Please use the Federal Member links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about these matters and any other matter that you think worth mentioning – or if you want you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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