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EYE-BALL Opinion on – RUDD v GILLARD – the Media have lost focus …

February 25, 2012
RUDD v GILLARD – the Media have lost focus …
Media reporters have been scrambling all over the RUDD v GILLARD leadership spill – they are focused on the ‘numbers’ and as they ask each of the roll-outs claiming support for either one or the other – the MEDIA hype the importance of these numbers before the spill – yet in a secret ballot and as Mr Rudd pointed out – all bets are off …

They should know how this all works and be asking questions that expose the Leaders and put them in an uncomfortable position – hell this is serious stuff and if these Leaders cannot face the music about wha they are doing to the ALP – then they should exit the stage …

The Media are asking candy-ass questions that alow the Leaders to ‘stump’ speech – none of it resonates with those who want to know why it has al come to this … June 23rd made every labour supporter cringe and the electorate has shown they are not prepared to forgive GILLARD – ask a direct or pointed question aimed at getting to what the people want to hear.   What we have seen thus far and for far too long in the political arena is the befriending of journalists by MP’s all to get them to get their message out – not what the people want to hear about what is happening in politics.

In fact – MP’s and their Press agents are giving the journalists most of their stories hand written – journalists have become used to it and have become lazy …

‘Freedom of the Press’ is a well-earned right – but if Politicians can deflect journalists that ask too pointed a question – or ‘black-ball’ them from future news conferences – or just not allow them to ask questions – then are journalist’s really doing their job?

Questions I believe should have been asked in this frenzy happening at the moment are:


  1. Mr Rudd – if you say that both Gillard and Swan talked you down on what you though was the ‘moral challenge’ of the 21st century – what else can you be talked down on?
  2. Mr Rudd – can you put names to the ‘faceless men’ so the rest of the electorate can make up their own minds as to those responsible for the events of Jun 23rd 2010?
  3. Mr Rudd – most of the electorate have some idea about what you mean by ‘factions’ – when did the Labour Party policy become about allowing the ‘factions’ to have power over Senate ticket positioning – what has happened to the long serving Party faithful who would normally be appointed to these positions?


  1. PM Gillard – you claim sabotage in the 2010 election campaign – do you hold yourself responsible for the position you have in the polls?
  2. PM Gillard – the ‘4 Corners’ interviewer asked you a question about whether you had any knowledge of a speech being written some two weeks before your coup – you never answered that question to the public’s satisfaction – can you state here and now that you had not been advised that your office was preparing the said speech?
  3. PM Gillard – your claim disloyalty by Mr RUDD – but did you not practice the same type of disloyalty when the ‘faceless-men’ came to you to ask you to lead them if they disposed of Mr RUDD?
  4. PM Gillard – what creditable evidence can you give the millions of Labour supporters out there that you can lead the ALP to victory in the next election – given that you poll standings have your popularity with the electorate averaging in the low 30’s for 12 months?
  5. PM Gillard  – for the sake of the unity of the ALP – would you be prepared to do what Mr Rudd did in June 2010 by not contesting the spill vote on Monday?
  6. PM Gillard – who do you think you should have greater respect for – the will of the people or the popularity ‘Big-Brother’ contest you are polling within your own caucus?


To have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this – of you can just post a comment below and let off some steam. [Links updated 23rd Feb 4:00pm Sydney Time due to page move.]

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. Cowboy
    February 25, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    Howdy Eyeball,

    The news here in the USA out of your country makes me a nervous yankee … my company has heaps invested in Australia and I follow your’s and other blogs to get a pulse.

    The Australian currency has been good for a long time and the weightings of my investments are mostly in resource stocks. Reading the news from afar, this contest between the Ronald MacDonald in a skirt and the International jetset playboy is a no -brainer.

    Who is Gllard, we all think Rudd is the PM over here. He was here last week wasn’t he.

    I guess what i’m saying is that if Rudd is gone than so will I and many of my buddies. We’ll sell down our exposures and see what happnens.

    If the conservitaves look like forming Government and with their policy to unwind the Mining Rent Resource Tax, this would spark some interest again.

    Keep up the good work – love waking up to your e-mail feeds about a new story, not just the Eyeball stuff, but Guru, and even theJokes crack me up.

    Always a pleasure. Cowboy.

  2. Herman
    February 26, 2012 at 5:49 am

    Reporters do not really go out on a limb. They dare not make an assessment but try to find inside information that means a scoop.

    Now with about 24 hours I am prepared to make an assessment. My call that Rudd would not stand but let things wait for another day was wrong. That means that Kevin knows he has a good chance. He was not going to run to get thumped. He made that announcement on Friday. At that stage the cool heads were starting to turn things around. This culminates in Leader of the House Anthony Albanese coming out to support Kevin Rudd, and in the process tendering his resignation and Julia Gillard immediately refusing to accept the resignation. This is so much and very difficult to read. Just as importantly Albanese was choking, and from what I know of my local member that is to be taken at face value.

    It is going to be very closely run, and the entire party is starting to accept a spirit of compromise. I will go further and say some sanity is prevailing that the electorate (labor heartland) is being heard. That means Kevin Rudd can not lose, even if the vote was to be a margin of 1 to 5 to the incumbent. I predict Kevin Rudd will be PM tomorrow night.

    When Gorton was challenged by McMahon, Gorton could have won by one, his own vote, but he chose to vote for McMahon on the basis that the party was divided, and stood a better chance of unity under a change of leadership. That is how I see tomorrow. Julia could obtain 52 votes but that means nothing.

    If this is true, then the frontbench composition is critical. The only big chance I see is the Deputy PM. Rudd does not get to choose, but having Wayne Swan continue even up to the next election, maybe 18 months, is just not acceptable. I would even advocate Gillard being given a senior portfolio, although she has said she would accept going to the backbench. I suspect that the pressure will be immense on Swan too to resign and therefore a marginal supporter of Gillard to represent some type of healing.

    Kevin Rudd will want to try to keep the entire frontbench rather intact. Nicola Roxon saying that she won’t serve under Kevin again was just outright stupid. The Gillard forces have just not been dealing in reality. The crush Kevin pincer move has clearly failed.

    Stephen Smith goes back to Foreign Affairs. Defence ? (Simon Crean, surely he can’t fuck that one up too badly, it is not a fashionable portfolio and never was in peace time). That would free up Workplace. Combet (not Shorten) It would be OK for Gillard, however Education is more her passion, and don’t allow her ego to go back to a super ministry with 4 under ministers. Conroy to stay were he is, and as for Treasury?: It can not be Shorten, Can not be Crean, can not be Swan. Wong. I think Albanese could be rewarded, but until the next election, being senior confidante of PM Rudd is how it will have to stay. Deputy later.

    Seeing who emerges as Deputy tomorrow is where it will all be. Before last week it could have been Tony Burke. Boy what a mess he has made of his career.

  3. February 26, 2012 at 6:17 am

    Thanks Cowboy –

    It is fun and games down under – and to hear your investment in the ‘cash and carry’ trade Guru has been trying to bring to the attention of Mr Swan (Treasurer) – proves the commonality of what he does not understand..

  4. February 26, 2012 at 6:43 am

    Hi Herman,
    The media I watch – News 24 – have largely got it right up until late Friday – the momentum shifter with Martin Ferguson’s statement – and now with Albanese’s comments – combined with the emotiveness – has done GILLARD more harm than the media are acknowledging.

    Your call for RUDD to be PM tomorrow is a big call – and I want it so – but GILLARD advisors including her ‘faceless men’ will want her to run regardless of the damage – just for their own survival –

    Should RUDD prevail and he allows the caucus to decide the Ministry – Swan, Crean, Burke, Roxon, will find themselves on the backbench – their comments went beyond and they will see the caucus vote them out – if they don’t then all that has been said will give ABBOTT free advertising …

    Kate Ellis will also go – this cannot be a patch up ministry – the healing will not start until all those faceless men have been exposed and put in their places – that means Shorten and Arbib the known plotters also have to be gone – and I don’t just mean out of the Ministry – but their pre-selection is withdrawn – why should these men be handed a safe Labour seat and Senate position when they have bought the party to the brink of disaster –

    If RUDD does not prevail – the momentum is there – and he will eventually … the question is how much of a realist is GILLARD – the measure of her advisors will dictate whether she steps aside –

    One thing for sure – the Ministry has been exposed for their judgement choices and how they jump to the tune of the ‘faceless man’ – Conroy, Plebersek, Wong, Emerson, and the like have all proven their light-weight class –

    You’re right on the Deputy call – Ferguson or Albanese – neither has real Leadership credentials – your call on Burke is also spot on – I had an opinion of him until he bought into the debate – he was hopeful of a GILLARD promotion – he made a horrible misjudgement …

    How about the caucus give it to GILLARD and it all returns to where it was in June 2010 in some sort of ‘ground-hog day experience …

    Developments today will be defining – ‘Insiders’ this morning will be good viewing and if David Mahr is not on the panel then RUDD’s biographer and best insight to RUDD will be missing …

    GILLARD has to be wavering – if she is not then someone has to get to her and spell it out – she must have guilt – Albanese’s emotive address yesterday is true Labour Party values – if GILLARD does not realise thet she can come out of this and unite the Party – then she truly is a puppet Leader and there under sufferance on behalf of the likes of Shorten –

    Ambitious men always overreach …


  5. david the pragmatist
    February 26, 2012 at 9:19 am

    Eye-Ball is on the right tact but Herman is living in Disneyland.

    Rudd will not win Tomorrow!!!!

    This is not something I would hope for, I support Rudd but it simply will not happen Yet!

    Just for your own interest Chris Bowen would be the new Treasurer and deputy leader in a Rudd led government.

    The real issue is when Gilliard wins, where does it place this government?

    The vitrolic and dysfunctional aspects, the deplorable behaviour from senior ministers,
    not the least being Roxon,Wong,Ellis,Garrett and the master viper of them all Wayne Swan (who will not win his own seat at the next election)makes the ongoing management impossible and could therefore and should bring a vote of no confidence in this government from Abbott and his boys (sorry i know thats sexist but I see Bishops B & J as ones with the boys). Party lines will take this to the independants,( even Rudd would not endorse a no confidence vote), but the fact is that such a divisive situation and inside observation of itself cannot allow this government to stay in power untill 2013.

    There needs to be a call to action to the independants who need to seperate their self interests for the sake of the nation.
    The fact that the existing government is so dislusional about its performance in this current term empahasises this even more.

    i have been a swinging voter for a long time, so its with no emotion that i can say unequivocally that this government does not deserve to be in power.

  6. February 26, 2012 at 10:33 am

    Great contribution David …

    I watched INSIDERS this morning and was disappointed at the panel makeup – Ackerman for gods sake – the whole show was like watching people wakeup form a hangover night –

    The week was big – but the right questions are still not being asked – Caucus can pick their Leader – but how do they do it – what is their measure in picking their Leader – the roll out of Ministers is self interest to keep their position and salary … maybe seeking a boot up to higher office in the process.

    The popular vote gets Caucus members elected not fellow caucus members … the popular vote the top of the ticket and not the local member unless they’re an exposed Craig Thompson type …

    When it comes to the vote tomorrow – and what is strange is the number of Ministers and backbenches who have come out and declared their position – this will be a secret ballot why are caucus being public about their vote?

    It is important to reflect and note – the GILLARD camp started their critique of RUDD with the release fo the video hoping to damage RUDD beyond repair. It was only after RUDD resigned and spoke from Washington that RUDD supporters felt the need to respond – no RUDD supporter has trashed the GILLARD camp in the way the GIDDARD supporters did on RUDD. This is a sign – desperation – a need to set the record straight on why June 2010 happened and as the GILLARD camp have stated … it required plotting and on the same scale as RUDD has been out and about in recent months.

    GILLARD is not clean in all this and the public are not so stupid to believe the half stories being told.

    If GILLARD does not step aside and realise that her actions usurpered the will of the people in June 2010 – the Labour party will wander off and disentegrate – perhaps even splinter.

    The world of Politics is about image and perception – Swan, Burke, Roxon, GILLARD herself, Conroy, Crean, Ellis, Danby, and the rest – why would they publicly support in a secret ballot process – it’s all about winning the minds of the public – journalists and other caucus members … this is not about policy, or Governance – from GILLARD’s perspective it is about legitimising what she did in June 2010 – and for RUDD it is about exposing the illegitmacy of GILLARD …

    Abbott will be a parisite and happily feed on the dead carcass’s left behind – and what SWAN and Crean did to air the ALP linen the way they did – they will forever be bannished. For Crean with his family background and connection with Labour – he had to have reason to put his neck so far out there – and that comes back the the early ‘groupie’ days where GILLARD could not get pre-selection in Victoria for a cleaners job – CREAN mentored her and their relationship is born in that era … that is not party politics but personal favours being returned and marked ‘paid in full’ ….

    The emotion of the week has spent everybody … Monday promises to be a watershed day … my interest – I have voted informan at the last State and Federal elections – in fact I campaigned for a ‘none of the above’ ballot selection after the 2010 election where some 11+% voted informal – more than the GREENS – because there is no alternative at the moment in this Nation – I will not give ABBOTT my vote but I would be prepared to give TURNBULL a go – be the first time I have ever voted non-Labour. I’m sure that many other will desert Labour as well …

    You have no legitmacy GILLARD – if RUDD stuffs up again then you will have teh last laugh … you have already lost the next election regardless of wheter you win tomorrow. RUDD is the only option … and it’s a long shot he can put it all back together again as well …

    EYE-BALL …

  7. Herman
    February 26, 2012 at 4:04 pm

    One very out there concept today was a new political party of Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd. I simply can’t see Rudd crossing the floor. I can see this government losing a confidence motion but can’t predict the circumstance. As for predicting a Rudd win, of course that is going out on a limb, and Bowen for Treasurer and deputy PM is a good call. Sometimes the motive of the players can only explain their actions, and I can not understand Conroy or Burke’s motive. Loyalty to Gillard simply does not explain enough. Hatred of Rudd is pretty heavy load to bear.

  8. david the pragmatist
    February 26, 2012 at 6:22 pm

    Thanks Herman, please dont misunderstand me I was suggesting that even Rudd would not cross the floor on a no confidence vote, I understand the way i wrote it that this could have been interpreted as suggesting he would.
    As Eye Ball says , there is no winner in this for labour regardless of tomorrows ballot.
    BUT Rudd could have made it interesting if he had a crack, as he already started hurting Abbott in his attack on Gillard.

    Couple of other things;

    Kate Ellis was appalled at Rudd’s description of Gillard as childless,aetheist and ex communist. This to my knowledge is true and therefore why be appalled. I personally accept that description of Gillard and think none the worse for it, they are personal choices she has made, legitimately. So why is the Minister Ellis appalled. Maybe Gillard embarrases her because of her own belief sysytem.

    Finally the 15 most marginalised Labour seat holders have alledgedly said they would prefer to lose their seats than serve under Rudd. I find this extraudinary in that they would have come in on the Kevin 07 train (2010 they would have lost ground anyway under Gillard) and most likely they would not have been close enough to Rudd to observe his alledged dysfunctionality.
    So why would these 15 say this? threatened by the heavies through pre selection processes or contrived to suit the circumstances from the faceless people or is the superannuation eligibilty date been passed. Don’t forget most labour politicians come through the union basis and are flat out telling their right from their left, which maybe why they say they would prefer to lose rathet than serve in the same government led by the man that got them their in the first
    place. I am suspicious!!!

  9. Gerry Hatrick
    February 26, 2012 at 11:58 pm

    written by; Ross Greenwood of Money News..

    Right now the Federal Government is at pains to tell everyone – including us the mug-punters and the International Monetary Fund, that it will not exceed its own, self-imposed, borrowing limits.

    How much? $200 billion. And here’s a worry.

    If you work in a bank’s money market operation; or if you are a politician; the millions turn into billions and it rolls off the tip of the tongue a bit too easily. but every dollar that is borrowed, some time, has to be repaid. By you, by me and by the rest of the country.

    Just after 5 o’clock tonight I did a bit of math for Jason Morrison ( Sydney radio presenter). But it’s so staggering its worth repeating now.

    First thought; Gillard, Swan, Wong, before that Rudd, all of the Labor Cabinet, call these temporary borrowings, a temporary deficit.

    Remember Those Words : Temporary Deficit..

    The total Government debt will end up around $200 billion.
    So here’s a very basic calculation .. I used a home loan calculator to work it out….. it’s that simple..
    $200 billion is $2 hundred thousand million.

    The current 10 year Government bond rate is 4.67 per cent. I worked the loan out over a period of 20 years. Now here’s where it gets scary …. really scary.

    The repayments on $200 billion, come to more than one and a quarter billion dollars – every month – for 20 years. It works out we – as taxpayers – will be repaying $15.4 billion in interest and principal every year .. $733 for every man woman and child – every year.

    The total interest bill over the 20 years is – get this – $108 billion.

    Remember, this is a Government, that just 4 years ago, had NO debt. NO debt.

    In fact it had enough money to create the Future Fund, to pay the future liabilities of public servants’ superannuation, and it had enough to stick $20 billion into the Building Australia Fund …….

    A note was sent to me which explains that the six leading members of the Government, from Ms Gillard down, have a collective work experience of 181 years, but only 13 in the private sector.

    If you take out of those 13 years the number that were spent as trade union lawyers, 11, only two years were spent in the private sector.

    So out of those 181 years:

    – no years spent running their own business
    – no years spent starting their own business
    – no years spent as a director of a family business or a company
    – no years as a director of a public company
    – no years in a senior position in a public company
    – no years in a senior position in a private company
    – no years working in corporate finance
    – no years in corporate or business restructuring
    – no years working in or with a bank
    – no years of experience in the capital markets
    – no years in a stock-broking firm
    – no years in negotiating debt facilities with banks
    – no years running a small business
    – no years at the World Bank or IMF or OECD
    – no years in Treasury or Finance.

    But these people have plunged Australia into unprecedented debt.

    Well, in a way you can’t blame them.
    It’s clear the electorate did not do their homework, because the Government is there by right.

    Ah, but they are Labor and people vote for them because Labor is good for the working family – right???

  10. david the pragmatist
    February 27, 2012 at 7:21 am

    RossGreenwood did not write the above and it is a right wing power email that adds nothing to the debate other than lies.
    You know this and to publish in this form is misleading and mischievious on its own.
    The statement with regards to the vocation of labour members may be close to the mark, but it is not a quote from a populist commentator as you would have us believe.

    I am dissappointed that genuine debate is taken out of context for the sake of some ones opinion and that any opinion can be so strongly held that they are prepared to lie about.

    You have brought yourself down to the lowest common denominator in political or any type of discussion.

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