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EYE-BALL Opinion on – The Political Assylum … Australia’s House of Pain …

The Political Asylum …
Australia’s House of Pain …
Politicians have to be ‘mad’ – incidence of mental illness and denial of same make them egomaniacs.    What else can be made of what they endure and put themselves through – a good description would be that the collective Political structure of our Parliament is made up of the worst of our narcissists egomaniacs  and  megalomaniacs.

In fact – the ALP House is quite mad and the circus on show over the last few days is proof that none of them have a collective awareness of what there are doing to the Nation.  It was the Coalitions turn to display the same traits when Abbott and Turnbull were going at it when Brendon Nelson was Leader of the Opposition.

RUDD’s highest popularity happened during this Opposition turmoil – and before the next election – the Opposition will also have another run and revisit the ‘funny farm’.

Larry Pickering once again says it best with his cartoons and commentary – his recent offerings are posted below and linked to his Facebook page – [click on images to go to Larry Pickering’s FACEBOOK page.]

Mr Pickering also wrote this article – and linked here:


It’s so predictably cyclical, you can set your watch by it.

The boring conservatives win government, they govern (mostly sensibly) for ten or twelve years, become tired, drop the ball and lose government. They hand a healthy surplus to Labor.

The Socialists then run around like mad things paying old promisory debts, legislating half-baked agenda with gay abandon and spending money like there is no tomorrow! Then they invariably start fighting… and Labor fights with such venom, such entrenched hatred and bitterness that the victim becomes the Party.

They gnaw the flesh from each others’ bones. They rip the hearts from old allies in the pursuit of survival. They lose the election, hand the conservatives massive debt, and it starts all over again.

What Rudd has done to Gillard has been disgusting. What Gillard did to Rudd was putrid… and the public feels Gillard is the worse offender, thus Rudd commands twice the popularity of Gillard.
But Rudd doesn’t understand that his “popularity” is only as “Preferred PM”… and Charles Manson would poll well when compared to Gillard.

Would Caucus follow public sentiment anyway? No. This is raw Labor… it has nought to do with the will of the people.

Gillard has the numbers but let me say why she has the numbers (for now):
Pretend you are a member of caucus and after dinner, a few days ago, you got a call from Julia. Out of the blue, she asks you straight out, “Bob, do I have your support?” Your answer will be, “Julia, yes of course you do!” Remember, Rudd wasn’t running then.

The game will change somewhat now. Caucus members will be able to vent feelings they were unable to vent before. If Rudd can secure numbers in the mid forties he will snowball toward the leadership. If he cannot, he may not run.

Labor cannot win the next election with God as leader. They party knows that. It’s a matter of limiting the degree of the clobbering.

There is almost no chance Rudd can carry the Party to the next election. There is no chance whatsoever that Gillard can.

She has left Rudd (undemocratically) with a short, jet-lagged weekend in which to garner Caucus support. She has had ample time to get her ducks in order but wants to ensure Rudd has only ‘til Monday.

She has taken the high moral ground and instructed her cohorts, Crean and Swan, to do the dirty anti-Rudd chatter. The Party is self-destructing as it has done three times before in my time.

Neither Gillard nor Rudd can put the Party back together again. It’s too late now.
If Gillard wins, her tenure is terminal. The battle lines will have been drawn with at least a third of Caucus tacitly declaring they want her head on a plate. Rudd will retire to the back bench with time to treacherously add to her list of enemies before girding his loins for another sortie.

If Rudd wins it will be a pyrrhic victory. He will not have the numbers in the House. Abbott will be able to form Government long enough to call an election as an incumbent.

Rudd is a hated man within his own Party and, as I have always maintained, he cannot ever be Prime Minister again. It is a futile exercise. Worse than futile, it’s suicidal… for Labor!

So, it appears there could be an opening for a bright young lad as a third contender. But what sacrificial lamb in its right mind would accept such a poison chalice?

The only certain ending to this sorry tale is an election and Abbott won’t like her choice of curtains.

A quote from Albert Einstein on insanity:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

And finally – a chart of the Federal budget numbers over the last 40 odd years with a reminder which Party was serving when the budget results were counted.

[Click on Chart to open in a new window to enlarge.]

The chart show ALP are the spenders and the Coalition are the misers … truly both sides are deserving of free admittance to the Political Asylum … entertaining it all might be – but it is like watching your house burn down – the fire is majestic until it is over and out – then all you have is the burnt stumps and embers to ponder –

Why these Leaders let their ego’s loose when they know all it does is send them back on the poll rankings and un-does all the effort to claw back the ground lost at the last spill …

I have a question – MP’s are paid to do work on behalf of the taxpayers right – who pays them when they are working for the Party they represent – is that still our dime?

Or is like the ALP all being paid for resolving a Party matter and nothing to do with why they were elected? The Opposition get to have days off with their feet up watching all this self destruction and distracted from their own Parliamentary chores – should they draw a salary as well?


To have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this – of you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …


EYE-BALL Opinion on – The Collectiveness of Mediocrity!!!

The Collectiveness of Mediocrity!!!
Never have so many politicians stood behind a Leader in defiance of the will of the people.

It begs the question – these Gillard supporters as elected Members – are they acting on behalf of the people – or are they acting on behalf of the Party and vested interests within the Party?

This is an obvious question and why the media hound for the next headline – someone has to pause and really look at what is happening here.

RUDD was dumped against the will of the people – his popularity is an overhang from that assassination.  Gillard will never have the support of the people because of her involvement and association with those who bought down RUDD.

RUDD is inspired by GILLARD’s poll numbers – she has had enough time to win over the Australian people and failed to do so.  The ‘jack-rabbit’ in the woodpile is the person who went to GILLARD and talked her into challenging RUDD.  That party or ‘group’ and ALP Mafia want to kill of RUDD for good to give them a clear shot at GILLARD when they decide to tip her overboard.

GILLARD does not know she is a ‘used car’ in this political conspiracy – she believes she is the anointed one – and when her turns comes – all will be revealed.   The ‘faceless’ person who orchestrated the RUDD assassination will arise before the next election if RUDD is dealt with on Monday.

No matter the flow of events – GILLARD’s head is already on a spike as an effective Leader – the junior Ministers rolled out to give her ‘air-lift’ are fighting for their Cabinet positions and being forced to make a decision – come Monday and if RUDD prevails – the parade of Ministers falling on their swords will have ‘red blood’ flowing through the halls of the ALP  Members offices.

These same Ministers who believe Gillard can beat Abbott – and for the record – it is more likely to be Turnbull – are living on emotional adrenalin – they know they were weak and meek when their test of loyalty was asked for when Gillard moved – all done under factional intimidation on pre-selection and marginal exposures and promises of re-election funding cutbacks.

Minister Ferguson said this morning – there are no friends in politics – just colleagues – and this is the truth – anyone will ‘roll-over’ or ‘put-out’ if it meant an elevation up the pecking order – a secret ballot will reveal all …  and any hope that this will all end on Monday is pipe dream stuff – the media won’t allow it – nor will the loser as they seek their own personal justice …


To have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this – of you can just post a comment below and let off some steam. [Links updated 23rd Feb 4:00pm Sydney Time due to page move.]

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

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