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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Gillard supporters get Desperate …

February 19, 2012
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Harry’s Growl on –
Gillard supporters get Desperate …
TThe battle lines have been drawn – the leaked video of some ‘out-takes’ a few years ago showing Mr Rudd swearing on camera over frustrations to get a commercial right – is Gillard’s supporters lobbing grenades back into the Rudd camp.

See ABC story here– with link to You-Tube video …

Gillard is desperate – why doesn’t she just sack the man? Or – is it a case of keeping your enemy closer – whatever the next few weeks brings – Federal Politics will not be about Governing the Nation – but who will lead it – and there are several contenders …

The bulk of the Coalition are rubbing their hands together at the prospect of a landslide victory as the Government self destructs.

However – Malcolm Turnbull and his followers have been biding their time – Turnbull has to be plotting his next move – he has to know that if an election was to happen anytime soon – he has to challenge for the Leadership sooner rather than later to allow enough time to cement his position with the electorate –

The RUDD v GILLARD show might be the main event – but both will be like used rubber gloves when it is all done – sticky and smelly …

The alternatives number many –

  • Simon Crean – Gillards major sponsor from her early days as a Labour groupie trying to win pre-selection in Victoria –
  • Bill Shorten – the Usurper – despite his ‘never never’ denials – damaged beyond recognition – son-in-law of the Governor General – left his wife and married the GG’s daughter after he put her ‘up the duff’ – he and Craig Thompson make a good pair when it comes to integrity and how the Australian electorate views them – someone who makes you cringe whenever he approaches a microphone or is on camera –
  • Greg Combet – a longshot – an overreach for such a short term occupier in Federal politics –
  • Craig Emerson – a perennial follower and jacker of other people’s ideas – ‘pretty boy’ who counts his conquests like notch’s on a gun barrel –
  • Stephen Conroy – the Mr Personality of the ALP front bench – a ‘frother’ and would crumble under the weight of responsibility –
  • Chris Bowen – the mouth that runneth over whenever the spotlight shines on him –
  • Tanya Plebersek – the fair and mysterious woman with the smile to make any man happy – yet to prove she is more than a skirt walking the ‘halls of power’ –
  • Nicola Roxon – the former RUDD Health Minister who wanted her job so bad that she followed whoever was leader – now GILLARD supporter and the newly appointed Attorney General – follows Leaders wherever they go and whoever they are –
  • the favourite – Steven Smith – the Defence Minister with the cleanest nose of them all – stepped aside to allow RUDD to become Foreign Minister – doubt whether he has the ‘mongrel’ needed to be Leader –
  • Tony Bourke – a nice bloke and a man with the integrity to match – but a lightweight and ‘babe in the woods’ – not tough enough –
  • Martin Ferguson – gruff and probably Deputy PM material –
  • Wayne Swan – the heir apparent and current Deputy – but  damaged beyond repaid over the RUDD dismissal and the electorate won’t have him – the ‘nansie-pansie’ of the Front Bench …
  • Peter Garrett – on life support with Keneally set to oust him in pre-selection – damaged goods and a big surprise he still sits on the Front Bench –

It might be said – the Australian experiment with a female Prime Minister has failed – and miserably so – the 2010 election proved the Australian voters were sceptical – if Turnbull had of been leading the Coalition they would have won Government.   Gillard – whether it be that she has no sex appeal among male voters – of women don’t like ‘racy redheads’ – or if it simply be – nobody likes a traitor – she has failed to win over electors and Labour cannot win with her as Leader – the backbench know it – and the Cabinet are mulling over who to replace her with –

The current Leaders – Gillard and Abbott remind us all of what mediocrity represents – and when you look at the depth and breath of both sides – it resembles a group of maverick egos all wanting their share of the spoils when deciding upon a Leader.   The most sensible MP’s sitting in the chamber are the Independents – even the GREEN’s are drunk on their success – and Bob Brown’s deal with Gillard with the passage of time has shown his misjudgment in her character …

Abbott – Howard’s ‘ball’ carrier – and anointed successor after Brendon Nelson wept his way out of office – remember that name – this reporter had to look it up such was his contribution – has no appeal with the electorate.   Even staunch Liberal party supporters have confessed they want Turnbull – the RUDD v TURNBULL general election some months away would at least give us a choice with creditable options far in advance of the current Leaders.

Standing back for a moment – according to Gillard and her minions – this Country is the envy of the world in the aftermath of the GFC fallout – yet politically that presumed prosperity is not shared within the electorate.   Saying it is so – does not make it so.   If it were so – why can she not get her message across – the simple answer – nobody wants to listen to what she has to say …

It’s time Julia – and in the words of the Oppositions Leader of the House – “GO” …


Please use the Federal Member links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about these matters – and any other matter that you think worth mentioning – or if you want you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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  1. david the pragmatist
    February 19, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    Goodbye and good riddance Julia.
    After the “traitorship” of the Rudd assassination, many people who have supported the middle of the road politics presented by labour in the modern era will never again vote labour, why? over the faceless backroom power brokers that the public are now aware that run labours’ agenda.
    This swinging voter will not be swinging again and I will never vote for greens who have no understanding of real life. This leaves me the only choice of Abbott and like you I hope Turnbull arrives in time. This said at least i understand what the liberals stand for. Labour is like the Greek and the Lion walking towards you, you pick the Lion everytime because you know that he wants to eat you! The Greek ! god knows what he wants to do?

  2. February 19, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    Thanks for the comment David,

    There is a sense and feeling that the background resentment smouldering since June 2010 in how Gillard mounted and bribed her way to the top – is about to explode.

    Now that the blood letting has begun – her poll data will continue to fall – if the challenge is not dealt with on her part – the next set of polls will perhaps mean a bloodless coup – as was the case when RUDD fell on his sword …

    The Labour Party machine will look to people like Shorten, Arbib, Richo and the like and if they were serious about reforming the party – these traitor types will have to go …

    If they don’t – bury the Labour Party for a decade or so until natural reform happens …

    Harry HD.

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