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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Gillard supporters get Desperate …

February 19, 2012 2 comments
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Harry’s Growl on –
Gillard supporters get Desperate …
TThe battle lines have been drawn – the leaked video of some ‘out-takes’ a few years ago showing Mr Rudd swearing on camera over frustrations to get a commercial right – is Gillard’s supporters lobbing grenades back into the Rudd camp.

See ABC story here– with link to You-Tube video …

Gillard is desperate – why doesn’t she just sack the man? Or – is it a case of keeping your enemy closer – whatever the next few weeks brings – Federal Politics will not be about Governing the Nation – but who will lead it – and there are several contenders …

The bulk of the Coalition are rubbing their hands together at the prospect of a landslide victory as the Government self destructs.

However – Malcolm Turnbull and his followers have been biding their time – Turnbull has to be plotting his next move – he has to know that if an election was to happen anytime soon – he has to challenge for the Leadership sooner rather than later to allow enough time to cement his position with the electorate –

The RUDD v GILLARD show might be the main event – but both will be like used rubber gloves when it is all done – sticky and smelly …

The alternatives number many –

  • Simon Crean – Gillards major sponsor from her early days as a Labour groupie trying to win pre-selection in Victoria –
  • Bill Shorten – the Usurper – despite his ‘never never’ denials – damaged beyond recognition – son-in-law of the Governor General – left his wife and married the GG’s daughter after he put her ‘up the duff’ – he and Craig Thompson make a good pair when it comes to integrity and how the Australian electorate views them – someone who makes you cringe whenever he approaches a microphone or is on camera –
  • Greg Combet – a longshot – an overreach for such a short term occupier in Federal politics –
  • Craig Emerson – a perennial follower and jacker of other people’s ideas – ‘pretty boy’ who counts his conquests like notch’s on a gun barrel –
  • Stephen Conroy – the Mr Personality of the ALP front bench – a ‘frother’ and would crumble under the weight of responsibility –
  • Chris Bowen – the mouth that runneth over whenever the spotlight shines on him –
  • Tanya Plebersek – the fair and mysterious woman with the smile to make any man happy – yet to prove she is more than a skirt walking the ‘halls of power’ –
  • Nicola Roxon – the former RUDD Health Minister who wanted her job so bad that she followed whoever was leader – now GILLARD supporter and the newly appointed Attorney General – follows Leaders wherever they go and whoever they are –
  • the favourite – Steven Smith – the Defence Minister with the cleanest nose of them all – stepped aside to allow RUDD to become Foreign Minister – doubt whether he has the ‘mongrel’ needed to be Leader –
  • Tony Bourke – a nice bloke and a man with the integrity to match – but a lightweight and ‘babe in the woods’ – not tough enough –
  • Martin Ferguson – gruff and probably Deputy PM material –
  • Wayne Swan – the heir apparent and current Deputy – but  damaged beyond repaid over the RUDD dismissal and the electorate won’t have him – the ‘nansie-pansie’ of the Front Bench …
  • Peter Garrett – on life support with Keneally set to oust him in pre-selection – damaged goods and a big surprise he still sits on the Front Bench –

It might be said – the Australian experiment with a female Prime Minister has failed – and miserably so – the 2010 election proved the Australian voters were sceptical – if Turnbull had of been leading the Coalition they would have won Government.   Gillard – whether it be that she has no sex appeal among male voters – of women don’t like ‘racy redheads’ – or if it simply be – nobody likes a traitor – she has failed to win over electors and Labour cannot win with her as Leader – the backbench know it – and the Cabinet are mulling over who to replace her with –

The current Leaders – Gillard and Abbott remind us all of what mediocrity represents – and when you look at the depth and breath of both sides – it resembles a group of maverick egos all wanting their share of the spoils when deciding upon a Leader.   The most sensible MP’s sitting in the chamber are the Independents – even the GREEN’s are drunk on their success – and Bob Brown’s deal with Gillard with the passage of time has shown his misjudgment in her character …

Abbott – Howard’s ‘ball’ carrier – and anointed successor after Brendon Nelson wept his way out of office – remember that name – this reporter had to look it up such was his contribution – has no appeal with the electorate.   Even staunch Liberal party supporters have confessed they want Turnbull – the RUDD v TURNBULL general election some months away would at least give us a choice with creditable options far in advance of the current Leaders.

Standing back for a moment – according to Gillard and her minions – this Country is the envy of the world in the aftermath of the GFC fallout – yet politically that presumed prosperity is not shared within the electorate.   Saying it is so – does not make it so.   If it were so – why can she not get her message across – the simple answer – nobody wants to listen to what she has to say …

It’s time Julia – and in the words of the Oppositions Leader of the House – “GO” …


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