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February 17, 2012
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BOOF-HEADS at the Helm …
The ABC reported a story on Treasury Head – Martin Parkinson with the headline – ‘Australians overdoing gloom: Treasury Head’.Read ABC story on-line here.  Story copied below.

Australians overdoing gloom: Treasury head

Updated February 17, 2012 14:52:59
The head of the Federal Treasury says Australian consumers are too pessimistic about the future.

Martin Parkinson says some industries face very significant challenges dealing with the high Australian dollar.

But he has told a Senate hearing that the overall prospects for the economy are promising, and he is surprised at the low levels of consumer and business confidence.

“I do think the whole mind set is overdone. It’s almost as if most Australians seem to think we live in Greece – we don’t. I mean we actually have an incredibly bright future ahead of us,” he said.

But Dr Parkinson says Governments cannot fully protect industries from the problems caused by the high Australian dollar.

He says parts of the economy – including manufacturing – are going through particularly difficult changes at the moment.

The Treasury head told the hearing conditions should prompt businesses to reassess how they do things, rather than looking to the Government for a solution.

“In the past, what we’ve done is we’ve tried to protect those industries from change and when we’ve done that, we’ve seen instances where inevitably, those economic forces overwhelm the capacity of Governments to, in a sense, protect them from change,” he said.

Dr Parkinson also urged change in the management and industrial relations practices of the sector.

“They are still the sorts of issues that have to be confronted if we want a successful, export-oriented, highly productive manufacturing sector,” he said.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says government subsidies for car manufacturers are intended to help those businesses make the necessary changes rather than a form of protection.

“We always analyse very closely how we are going to work with industry and why we’re going to work with industry,” Ms Gillard said.

“When we’re working with the car industry it’s not a question of propping up an industry we think doesn’t have a future; we think carmaking’s got a great future in this country.”

This guy is a Public Servant – what are his credentials to talk on economic policy – does he rely on a room full of experts and he then delivers their message – or is he fully qualified to speak on behalf of all Australians and with authority as to how they should be feeling?   Gloomy … every day this month there has been an announcement on major job losses – and the Government has responded with – ‘new economy’ …

They’re in panic mode and the Leadership spill has them all flapping about trying to pick a winner.

Day-in day-out Politician’s from both sides and senior public servants parade themselves around telling us what this country needs and how they are the ones who are going to fix it.   Sorry – we just don’t believe you anymore …

Health Minister Tanya Plibersek – only in the job since before Christmas – announced the new health reform package relating to private health insurance that is going to save the Health Budget $100 billion over 40 years.

A $100 billion over 40 years … can you believe that … that’s like $2.5 billion a year in a Budget spend estimate for 2011-12 of $370 billion – that is like less than 1% saving.   Why would she equate it to 40 years – was it just to get it to $100 billion to make it sound ‘big’ – she must love big numbers – wonder what else she likes big …

She’ll be lucky to be still in Government in six months time – how can these Leaders think that these sort of numbers impress the electorate – the media might like to swing and yell – ‘yippee’ … and give her good copy because she smiles at them – but did you see her performance on Lateline earlier in the week – looked like she was coming out of an ‘upper’ experience … so droll and never smiled once or flashed her pearly whites …

Anybody in their early 20’s now will be retiring in 40 odd years … anybody who’s 40 now will be looking for at ‘plot’ to lie down in if their not already there – it astounds to what length politicians will go to to try and create a headline and spotlight moments …

This policy represents a savings of $2.5 billion a year – and that is still to be proved – it’s just a budget estimate in savings … but the $100 billion was designed to get Duchess Julia off the front pages … no cigar Tanya …

How is this for counter and a double down – how does a $100 billion saving over 40 years stack up against $100’s billion in lost export revenues over the past 10 years due to the high value of the A$ – just pissed away – gone!!!

Does not matter who the Government sends out to the microphone – the Head of Treasury, the RBA Chief, or any Government Minister or ‘hack’ – nobody is listening – they all want the PM to pack her bags and vamoose … we want a whole new Parliament – get rid of Labour, the Nationals, the Liberals, the Greens – give us a House full of Independents and change the face of Government in this Nation forever …

By and large the Government is run by the Public Servants – all the Members do is decide policy and they get that wrong at every turn … with a host of minorities collectively looking after their electorates to keep the major parties at bay – don’t you think it’s worth a try …


Contact your Local Federal Representative if you want to have your say on this or other matters – please use the links below to find your Local Member – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.


The EYE-BALL Guru …

  1. david the pragmatist
    February 20, 2012 at 9:42 am

    “This guy is a Public Servant – what are his credentials to talk on economic policy – does he rely on a room full of experts and he then delivers their message – or is he fully qualified to speak on behalf of all Australians and with authority as to how they should be feeling?”

    This is your quote!

    I want to take exception to your request for credentials.

    His only qualification needs to be “does he make sense in your opinion”.

    I am sure he would take exception to your qualifications to critise him, given whatever status you see yourself having…..he would not know what your history is!

    So you need to take this out of your opinion pieces, how do you know what knowledge and foundation he has….he may be nothing other than a pure academic, but that does not mean he cannot have an opinion. The value of the opinion is the substance, don’t worry about where he got it from.

    It so happens that you do not agree with his opinion, so to emphasise him being wrong…..you attack his credentials to reinforce your own argument…..a very human trait, but a major weakness in any debating philosophy. Concentrate on dismantling his opinion not your personal frustration of having someone with a audience be able to supply opinions from whatever limited base you see him having.

  2. February 20, 2012 at 10:51 am

    Like any ‘loaf of bread’ – it will only rise when heat is applied – getting the heat to the source is all it takes. The comment above has to be treated as ‘buffoonery’ from someone wanting to apply his own form of satire to enhance his standing –

    There was no request for credentials – just a question asked of them – and deservedly so – Head of Treasury – what is his motive to go out there and say:

    “I do think the whole mind set is overdone. It’s almost as if most Australians seem to think we live in Greece – we don’t. I mean we actually have an incredibly bright future ahead of us,” he said.

    We all have a right to question the authority of anyone giving public comment on any topic – we read or don’t read based on that creditability – and to think that ‘boofhead’ David with his comments seeks to censure comment responses to the reported comments is hypocrisy in action.

    As a Public Servant appointed by the Government to serve as Treasury Head – what possible motive could he have to go out there and talk the economy up?

    Questioning his credentials to say – ‘Australians are overdoing gloom” – is perfectly appropriate …

    So to David I say – thanks for the comment – it added to the debate … but did not raise the quality of the debate …

    Guru …

  3. oztruth
    February 20, 2012 at 4:04 pm

    I agree with kicking these parties out and having independents.

    There should be only small descrepancies between our political parties. If you voted Labour and aren’t happy with their governance, you shouldn’t have this massive paradigm shift if you vote Liberal. They should be close in policy because they are supposed to represent us as a people. We should be able to throw a party to the curb and vote for a similar party.

    This left/right paradigm is common amongst western nations. We are obviously being devided and distracted by this two party system, as the powers to be run off with all the fucken money. Their debt ponzi scheme bubble is about to blow up… and too right I’m pessimistic about the Australian economy…I’m short the world. These debts will only be paid back with worthless paper currencies. There is no growth. The system is re-setting.

  4. February 20, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    Thanks Oztruth …

    Your opinions are refreshing – making the Treasury Head less creditable in his meek offering …

    Domoracy as it was formed many 100’s of years ago is a far cry from what we have today – its been twisted, reshaped, rebirthed, manipulated, and restructured many times over in the ensuring years to get it to where it is today.

    Do our MP’s poll their own electorate to find out about the issues that concern them – who does these polls – are the numbers fed back to the electorate real or doctored in some way …

    When independent polls show month after month that Gillard is a failed experiment with the electorate – why do the Front Bench want to show support for a looser Leader –

    The ‘GLOBAL CREDIT CARD SPEND’ by western Governemnt’s started in the 70’s – it has blown up a few times since but increasing ‘debt ceilings’ or CREDIT LIMITS’ has overcome the credit squeeze –

    Bankers provided the funding – and now with GREECE awaiting $170 billion in funding just so the Government can keep functioning – where will it end.

    If Greece were a Company – it would already be in Administrators hands – same with so many other Nations as well –

    You’re right to be ‘short’ the globe – but the cost to carry the position is expensive – being long gold and silver with the A$ appreciating is like being right but the exit strategy is gonna be such an expensive exercise that how will you cash in your winnings if there is no one to trade with …

    The trade you want to happen is not about being right – Guru has been a bear for 25 years – and missed the biggest bull run in history – on a call where you expect the world to end as we know it – money will not be the answer … it will be the cause – but humanity will be where to look for the answer …

    Guru …

  5. david the pragmatist
    February 20, 2012 at 9:00 pm

    Interesting views,rhetoric and opinion.
    Being short the world is wonderful rhetoric, what it really means is that by not being long you dont have anything. Socialistic in principal based on the philosophy of ” I havent got anything so why should anyone else’.

    Fundamentally you maybe right, you have identified greed, corruption and bad management.
    On the evolutionary scale do you expect anything more from the current stage of human development. It seems patience is another virtue that does not sit well with social principles.

    Critics you are, philosophers you are not!

    1/2 the world is starving or murdering one another, others are fighting religious wars, drugs are rife and our society is supposedly murdering the planet.

    What! you expect us to get economics right !

    The inmates are running the asylum and the asylum is the world we live in!

    Here’s to mental health!!!! cheers!

    PS We exist because we think…..Descartes

  6. oztruth
    February 21, 2012 at 8:41 am

    I don’t think the world is going to end……just the financial system. There is no way out but to print, so I save purchasing power in silver (not long gold but bullish). As for finding a buyer? There will be plenty – the institutions will get involved in the second stage of the market, aswell as the public in the last stage. You can spend it too – alot of places won’t accept inflating fiat currency. As for the $A…I can see it 0.70 to the $US once China tanks, our interest rates come down, and offshore money runs for the exits. Good time to trade $A for physical metal in my opinion.

    As for solutions to murdering/religious wars/drugs ect. The best way is to take over our Governments, simultaneously, by ballot – then prosecute the banking cartel that rules over our Governments and money supply. Obviously end all wars, get rid of the derivatives casino, feed the starving ect. It’s a long shot, but we’ve never tried it. Protesting, and this ‘occupy’ stuff is nonsense. The administration just sends in undercover forces, creates havoc (vandalism, violence, unrest) and shows it on the news – where the always impressionable public await.

    The ‘truth party’, started in Canada, run by charasmatic leader Jamie Scott is a good start.

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