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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl – Duchess GILLARD – R.I.P.

February 15, 2012
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Harry’s Growl on – Duchess GILLARD – R.I.P.
The latest Larry Pickering cartoon of our troubled Prime Minister does for one’s libido – as likened to similar images of the Iron Lady – Maggie Thatcher in her primealthough Meryl Streep was an improvement from what memories I had of the old battle-axe …Larry Pickering’s Facebook page can be viewed using this link

Mr Pickering’s on-line cartoon collection is very good and the image spoken of above is displayed via linked copy below:  [apologies to all who are offended on many levels – please – in reflection appreciate your wife – mistress – friend with benefits – whoever – but please say a prayer for Tim tonight as he swallows whatever to prevent the nightmares a cometh as the partner of Lady Godiva in RED.]

The MEDIA have the scent –

The media are hunting – and the chase is on – Mr Pickering made a very good observation out of the ‘4 Corners’ program that the media have yet to focus on – his comments from his Facebook page are copied below:


So, Julia’s staff started writing her “victory” speech two weeks prior to the coup. So what!

It was obvious that Arbib, Shorten, leading union heads and Richo were plotting two weeks prior so, of course Julia was appraised of that, if not intricately involved in it. To suggest otherwise is a nonsense.

Therefore, this is just another predictable Gillard lie. Big deal!

By far the biggest and most damaging report to come out of the 4 Corners program has not been canvassed at all by the media. Not yet.

It was reported that a focus poll was taken by Gillard supporters using only people who were, in their words, “negative to Rudd”. These concocted poll figures were circulated in the Caucus and hidden from Rudd. This false “poll” showed Rudd was now unelectable.

This “poll” was taken two weeks prior to the leadership vote.

Now, if this report is true (and events suggest it is) then it is the most treacherous piece of intra-Party chicanery ever committed.

Caucus Members’ fear that their seats were seriously at risk was capitalised on. They were fed false information in order to get them to vote against Rudd and for Gillard.

Oakeshott and Windsor must surely now have second thoughts.

But the thoughts of those Caucus members, who were so deviously misled, could well turn to mutiny.

To replace Gillard with Rudd now will mean an election. But a right-minded backbencher might say, “I’m stuffed anyway, so I may as well settle a few scores on the way out!”

Rudd must now be aware of this low act, but he was not then because, after pounding the phone all that night, he felt certain he still had the numbers when he went into the Party Room the next morning. But the leadership ballot had already been decided… two weeks prior.

Had he been allowed to view that false “poll” he would have known he was in serious trouble.

But he had been denied the decent right to muster his numbers by an indecent Gillard.

He is right – the more serious mischief here is the mis-information put about to the Labour members to motivate them to vote against RUDD – this aspect of the story is more harmful to the usurpers than the timing of when Gillard became involved.  This story will gather momentum and the ‘Duchess’ will find her dimpled ‘ass’ sliding towards the Mark Latham graveyard.

What Next for Gillard:

To see how the Labour Party manages another crisis – focus will be on the Party heavyweights – forget Arbib and Shorten – they’re just snotty little trouble makers – they’re already in ALP hardliners handcuffs – look to the mannerisms and body language of Crean, Swan, Faulkner – Ferguson maybe – but if it is not RUDD then who?

A friend told me yesterday that he thought this was developing to a similar crisis that involved ‘Jack Lang’ in the early 1930’s.   Given the humiliation of the ALP during the NSW State Elections 12 months ago – and the imminent repeat at the QLD polls in a few weeks – is it too early to say that the ALP brand is in the crapper?

Gillard may have been the first female Prime Minister – but her foot in that door was achieved through disloyalty and personal ambitions – she over-reached on a major scale – she has misread the public response to the RUDD assassination – and the electorate will not forget.   She is done in politics and the longer she trys to hold onto her ego’s want – the more damage the ALP will suffer.

Who next for the PM role:

When – not if – Gillard goes – the ALP will have to call an early election – to try and slug it out for another 12 months or so would have a crisis of confidence – this would be a good thing for the A$ – investors would desert in droves – amazing how something good could come from something born of evil deeds …

There is nobody on the ALP frontbench who would want the PM role if they wanted to survive in politics – it would be a poison chalice –

Winsor and Oakeshott and the other Independents would fear an early election given the hyperbole over the their support for Gillard – their judgement of Gillard’s character and her role in the RUDD dismissal would be a negative on their re-election chances.

And then there is ‘Phony Tony’ – ever on the hustings trying to make himself look bigger – Malcolm Turnbull might just be forced to go early as well – if the Coalition don’t win this next election – Australia’s creditability with the world is gone … they will look and ask – why still Labour after all that has happened – and knowing what Labour are capable of – any presumption that Labour Government is GOOD Government will have Australia’s standing on the World stage sink faster than Gillard’s, Shorten’s, Arbib’, Howes’ forced walk over the edge of the pirates plank …

The shark’s awaiting below will feast a plenty – the bloodletting within the ALP over the RUDD dismissal will be on full public display – all the ‘behind’ closed doors ‘skullduggery’ will suddenly be done in public view – Con Sacca with his ‘4 Corners’ contribution has made the ‘first cut’ – so did ‘Richo’ but he is just the spoiler these days –

BRING BACK KEATING – will be a cry heard from afar – why not Hawke, Whitlam – ALP members and supporters will be seen crying in the street – and as Lady Godiva rides by – the ‘horse-shit’ droppings as depicted in Mr Pickering’s cartoon above – will suddenly become flying missiles hoping to splatter the DUCHESS …

And deservedly so …


To have your say where it counts: – use the links below to contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say …

  • – tell them what you think about Politicians receiving the recent pay rises …
  • – tell them if you believe that Gillard deserves her Prime Minister position …
  • – tell them if you think that Labour Party Factions are killing the ALP …
  • – tell them anything you want and demand they respond …

Please Note – be courteous in your remarks – be strong and positive – in this reporters experience attacking them right off the bat only gets your message sent to the junk file folder … and then your message will never be read by the Member …

Please use the Federal Member links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about these matters and any other matter that you think worth mentioning – or if you want you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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