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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl on – RUDD v GILLARD … King Lear v Lady Macbeth …

February 14, 2012
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Harry’s Growl on – RUDD v GILLARD …
King Lear v Lady Macbeth …
The ABC’s “4 Corners”program last night was powerful and emotive reporting.  For political followers it was riveting TV and raised within this reporter emotions that have not been felt in a long time.

The program covered the “RUDD” dismissal and raised memories of the “KERR” dismissal of the Whitlam Government in 1975.It is had to say – but this was RUDD’s warning shot that he is not done in Federal politics.   Gillard would do well to check all her locks and windows and increase her security if the message for last night’ program can be believed.

To watch the ABC ‘4 Corners’ program in full via the ‘ABC IView’ … click here

The fallout from the program has already started – this morning Gillard went on ABC radio to try and set right some of the damage last night’s program caused – to read a report on this interview … click here

The polls a week ago gave Gillard reason to start the new year with girlish enthusiasm … 10 days later – she is looking at the ‘walk of shame’ that will inevitably end with her public execution – or the ALP falling as a collective bunch of ‘wankers’ on their own swords.

Never in living memory has the employ of politics been so despised – so cheapened – so full of insidious intent and so distracted from what they are paid to do – Govern a Nation.

it is hard to say what came first – the ‘chicken or the egg’ – in metaphoric terms – the ‘egg’ – is the Media and the ‘chicken’ is the collective Politicians who use the media to foster their egos and float their dreams.

When was the last time a Government policy or initiative was not poll tested – for how long has Government relied upon populist type decisions to run Government as opposed to decisions made regardless of their repercussions throughout the electorate?

It is a trait that exists everywhere – Board Directors will never make a decision unless they have Legal opinions, research reports – all as a back up to limit their own liability and culpability.  Nobody wants to take responsibility for getting it ‘wrong’.  That presents the argument that Governments are so scared of not getting it ‘right’ that they want insurance when it all goes ‘pear’ shaped.   Than can only allow a conclusions that none of them have a goddamn clue what their about or doing in office.

This goes to the way political candidates are chosen – how many have elite Business experience before they end up as MP’s making decisions that proven CEO’s and Board Directors struggle to make.   What are Gillard’s credentials in the real world – she’s been a political groupie since her teenage days – she’s been passed around and has political favours with many of the Labour big-wigs.

And now – the revelations we all knew to be true at the time and which she has denied with selective and chosen words so as to not entrap herself – we know that she was as much a part of the RUDD downfall as any other of the usurpers – Arbib, Shorten, Howes, Richardson etc.  One positive out of this is that she will no longer have to hide the RUDD head – she can now publicly attest to how it feels to have the  RUDD head between her legs as she sits astride the trophy and enjoys the fruits of her traitorish desires.

This reporter has to admit to having been a RUDD fan – and someone that views female MP’s as a forced endurance – Politics is a dirty business and when women become involved in the ‘grubby’ aspects of ‘kingmakers’ or in this case ‘queenmaker’ – it diminishes the reverence that chivalrous men look for in women.  This is another debate for another time – the issue here is that Gillard is not a woman in the true sense of how men look upon women – she shunned motherhood – she shunned marriage – she shunned religious association – she is everything that Australian women don’t want to identify with … and it will be the women vote that sends her to the gallows … women are the harshist critics of women.

All has not been well with the Australian Labour Party for some time – the same comment can be made for the way politics manages’ itself form all perspectives.   Ex Labour power broker – and now living that twilight existence of trying to reliving his past glories – ex Senator Richardson or ‘Richo’ – proudly boasted of his ‘small part’ in bringing the feuding NSW and Victorian Right together to unite in the plot to get rid of RUDD i last nights program.  This same man gave Gillard two months of survival mid-last year on the ABC’s Q&A program … his judgement has to be suspect and his creditability is as low as the ‘hookers’ he enjoyed on another’s dime on the Gold Coast that pretty much ended his political career.   The man is a legend in his own mind – and media pay his million’s to beat up on the Labour Party to create copy for their publications.

This is the forefront of the ‘dumbing down’ of Politics … media want the ‘soap’ and ‘theatre’ tabloid coverage to sell their publications – and this is the ‘kicker’ – Australian Politicians has voted the media ownership laws that allows current media proprietors to control the media markets as they currently stand.

The ‘4 Corners’ program presented evidence that the US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton summoned the Australian Ambassador Kim Beazley to answer questions on reports of an imminent coup against RUDD some two weeks before it all happened.  The repost suggested that the usurpers working in the background – Arbib and the like were feeding the US authorities about the imminent coup.

If you can recall prior to Xmas 2010 – there were reports of Arbib leaking sensitive documents to the US – an act of treason – when Parliament resumed in 2011 – this was never raised in the public forum again.

Similarly – prior to the 2011 Xmas recess – Politicians voted to approve internal recommendations for pay increases of 25-50% – the PM’s salary went from $360k plus perks – to around $600k plus perks … backbenchers went from $135k to $200k+ … and again this has not been raised in the public forum in 2012.

During the ‘4 Corners’ program – Gillard did her best to convince the reporter and viewers that her hands were clean – she failed miserably – she went on the ABC this morning trying to claim ‘memory confusion’ – if you dissect the words she used – it is easy and evidenced that she was coached and that she spoke around the questions – she lied and her true character was on display.

She can never remove the stains forever etched upon her hands – she will take the full truth with her until she dies … she looked foolish and unconvincing as she tried to tell it otherwise.    Any achievement born of treachery and based on a public lie will never stand and only diminishes and creditability politicians hold with the electorate.  Someone will always have another agenda that will topple ‘skullduggery’ – and in this case – RUDD has openly – yet clandestinely declared that his own assassins are out for blood.

2012 promises to be a great year for reporters covering politics – and for all the wrong reasons.   The question now arises whether the Opposition can improve their own creditability and popularity with the electorate – particularly with ‘Phony Tony‘ also looking over his shoulder to see where Malcolm Turnbull is running his race.

The ‘leaks’ given up to the ‘4 Corners’ program came from someone with an agenda – most probably RUDD supporters – and that in itself is fair warning that the ALP is in a self-destruct mode and in real trouble.   Gillard stuck with SWAN and whether that will prove to be a good thing politically will remain subject to the future.   But for the record – the politics surrounding the RUDD dismissal was carried out by MP’s that RUDD had summarily dismissed as lightweight and untrustworthy because of their factional allegiances.

This was not smart politics – but in looking for Leadership – it was a big positive – for far to long these factional memberships and secret agenda’s have been the ticking time bombs that will destroy the ALP from within.

Labour people like Shorten and Arbib – one a MP,  the other an appointed Labour Senator –  are representative of evil within the party – minions with ambitions – and to date Gillard has done everything she has had to do to reward those who did her dirty work.

This is how her Leadership was formed and the Australian public will never accept treachery as a means to success – that is why Gillard went so far out of her way to deny her involvement – all now unravelling in the 2012 New Year that started with a lift in her personal popularity – and now destined to have been the last flicker of a flame that matched her new red hairstyle … Gillard is as good as done and Australia is already looking for a new leader.  The only game left in town for Gillard to play – is survival as people standing behind her look for the opportunity and where they will plunge their own Caesar’s dagger … if she defected and left voluntarly – now that would be a scene … where the political fallout would end is anybody’s guess.

The countdown on the Gillard Prime Ministership has started … this reporter’s estimate is it will be over by mid-year … the Craig Thompson issue is also about to explode – the Speaker’s defection – the Wilkie defection – her own defection from the ‘poker machine reform’ – the Mining Rent Resource tax – the Carbon Tax – the Health reforms – almost every major legislative initiative will be facing the parliament early this year and she will crack under the strain … after all – she does has some womanly features – and when the media get the scent – even the fact that she represents female characteristics – it will not stop the blood sport normally reserved for male politicians.

She has to be careful – because as her demise will be witnessed by all – future aspiring female Political leaders will cower against the exposure to come and will think twice whether they want to put themselves in a similar position.  There is much riding on Gillard’s political death … and the carcass is ripening.


To have your say where it counts: – use the links below to contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say …

  • – tell them what you think about Politicians receiving the recent pay rises …
  • – tell them if you believe that Gillard deserves her Prime Minister position …
  • – tell them if you think that Labour Party Factions are killing the ALP …
  • – tell them anything you want and demand they respond …

Please Note – be courteous in your remarks – be strong and positive – in this reporters experience attackin them right off the bat only gets your message sent to the junk file folder … and then your message will never be read by the Member …

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