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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Title: Separation of Religion and State – …

Separation of Religion and State –
One of the hottest topics in the world today is the Anglo-Saxon response and mix with Muslim integration.  I received an e-mail from a subscriber – K.O. – on this topic and its content prompted this post.The events of 9/11 have made this issue more real and then followed Bali – and for Australians it is now as real as any other day-to-day threat we all face to a way of life we have come to enjoy.

‘Islamic Extremism is to Islamic as the K.K.K. is to Christianity’ – a famous analogy out of ‘The West Wing’ TV political series – [Series 3 Ep -1 Titled Isaac and Ishmael] –  and an example of how Political Leaders view the TERRORIST tag.

Religion is at the heart of most of history’s horrific crimes against humanity – ‘burning witches at the stake’ – ‘the Pope’s armies waging wars for plunder’ – ‘the Crusades’ – the ‘Jewish genocide’ during WWII – and the list is endless and all in the name of religious faith and someone else persecuting others for having different beliefs and faith.

Makes you wonder whether GOD truly has a plan – how could any GOD from any religion believe and preach hatred toward other religions?   If there is a ‘heaven’ or a ‘hereafter’ – surely common ground would be that all who have faith in any religion would believe that all other faiths would also have a right to ‘enter the kingdom of GOD’ …  Unless that can be taught and believed then bridging the gap on religious extremism will never happen.

Whatever good comes from Religion – and for many recent decades ‘pedophilia’ exposures have the Church’s creditability at all time lows – faith does offer people with a religious soul a central belief in a higher order that can bring peace and understanding to troubled lives.

To non-believers any sense of right and wrong rests within their ‘conscience’ – and they all struggle with it  when they know they have done a wrong.   Those without a ‘conscience’ are the ‘evil’ doers walking this planet.

The story sent to me appeared on Channel 7’s Today Tonight – and the replay can be viewed using the linked below:

The link came with the following text:

On Wednesday 5th of October, on Channel 7, in the “Today Tonight” program, it was revealed how some councils from Melbourne, like Darebin Council in Melbourne’s North (and soon other councils will follow suit) is doing the hiring, using a grant from the Federal Attorney General Robert McClelland’s Counter Violent Extremism Fund.

So far the Gillard government spent more than 9.7 million dollars to promote the Islam religion in Australia, also”developing and implementing activities that assist the Islamic Society of Victoria to dispel myths and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims”
The government also is funding overseas religious workers paying them a salary of $66,000 dollars per year to spread Islam in this country. My greatest concern is that the government wants the Islamisation of Australia.
The following Muslim communities were helped with huge amounts of taxpayers’ money:

  • – Auburn Community Development Network
  • – Australian Somali Community Association Inc. (ASCA).
  • – Bali Peace Park Association
  • – Burwood Council
  • – Centre for Multicultural Youth
  • – City of Darebin
  • – Federation of Ethnic Communities
  • – Council of Australia (FECCA)
  • – Football United – Fairfield
  • – Footscray Football Club
  • – Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations
  • – Horn of Africa Development Agency (HARDA)
  • – InterAction Multifaith Youth Network
  • – Islamic Council of Queensland
  • – Islamic Council of Victoria
  • – La Trobe University
  • – Lebanese Muslim Association
  • – North Melbourne Football Club
  • – Pace e Bene Australia
  • – University of Melbourne
  • – Victorian Arabic Social Services
  • – The Youth Centre
  • – Youth Development Australia -$45,000 pool curtain installed by the Monash Council to shield Muslim women from public view while they swim.

NO program like this, for any other religious group has ever been run before, and NO other religion has ever received a penny from the government, so the question that remain unanswered is: “why now”, and “why only to Muslims”?????


This means the rest of us, who are not Muslims, are going to be “second class citizens” of Australia.
If you are a Muslim in this country ONLY you will benefit, To see the whole story, please click on the link or “copy-paste” the website below:


I hope Channel 7 will not take this story off air… it is pretty scary to watch, believe me !!!


Now whilst I cannot support some of the rough and tumble opinions – or the red-neck quantifications … there is accuracy in the ‘discrimination’ claims.

This is the point of the story – as soon as religion enters the political arena – the world goes ga-ga … there is no right or wrong – it is a person’s private beliefs and if they want to chant it from someone else’s street corner, then that is where the crime lies.

Democracy is about freedom and the freedom to choose – and that includes religion – but when that religion becomes unfairly targeted – or yields extremists in the name of religion then everybody has to take a step back and let sanity prevail.

Modern Terrorism as we know it grew out of the PLO movement – plane hijacks, Munich, and the PLO’s Asser Arafat and his extremist beliefs.  All a result of a dispute still being waged today – the Jewish State after the WWII genocide, and the World wanting to establish a separate State for Jewish pilgrims displaced because of the War.   The Palestinians were themselves displaced in that transaction – and that is the dispute that is now deeply entrenched in a generational hatred between both sides.

Acts of terror have been around for millennium’s – they are generally crimes based on extremist religious or political views.

Governments all around the world have got their responses to this problem all wrong.   As a Nation we have our Laws – amending those laws to suit one particular sector of society is wrong – majority rules in any democratic society – the rule of law states that you cannot offer one discriminated sector aid whilst ignoring another discriminated sector.  

The story told on ‘Today Tonight’ is told from a commercial perspective – Channel 7 want ratings and the revenues that come from those ratings – yet the story they aired has much more to offer other then the ‘hit-and-run’ version they offered up.

Immigration policy is controlled by the Government of the Day – it is not generally the will of the people – in any election campaign the Immigration debate is hardly ever raised. It’s too hot an issue – Howard did in in 2003 – remember the ‘children overboard’ lies … it does inflame the emotiveness of the electorate and therefore campaigning political leaders don’t go there because it is the ‘third-rail‘ – to use another ‘West Wing’ quote – if you go there you die in political terms.   Just recall this Governments ‘boat’ people policies and the flip-flop’ responses trying to appease an angry electorate.

The ‘Immigration’ and ‘Muslim’ issues are linked as one – and until the education of red-neck Australian’s – the same ones with Aboriginal issues – die off and the newer generation’s accept the integration factor – this will always remain a problem.   Aging population’s find it hard to adjust or accept change – and so it is when they see non Anglo-Saxon’s moving into their street and shopping at the same mall’s.  It’s confronting and there is nothing they can do about it except bottle up the frustration at the changes to their society happening around them.

The ‘immigrant’ populations have tried their best at integration policies – street days – food festivals – and for the most it all works, and our society is diversifying and integrating – but there will always be pockets of hold-outs on both sides.

A friend told once told me about his solution to a lot of these issues – if you enter Australia – you must first accept and sign a declaration to uphold Australian Law and culture.  He also suggested that their children must be allowed to marry outside their race and culture if they wanted to.

As a Nation we embrace our multiculturalism – and it is a mainstream fabric of where our society comes from.  When our immigrants came after the 1st and 2nd World Wars – and before that the convict exports from our Queen’s lands – they all adopted the Laws of the land and helped form its culture.

When did this get ‘Muslim’ and ‘Racial’ profiling get lumped into the politicking of immigration policy and integration.   If they don’t want to sign the declaration as mentioned above – then they don’t get to live here. If they are genuine in wanting to start a new life – embrace them and give them every opportunity to integrate and feel welcome.  But if they want to import their hard-line fanaticism then the waterline along our coastline is as far as they should be allowed to come.

We are 22 million – in a land larger in size that the USA and Indonesia combined – a billion or so people live in those Nations – so we have room – and we have opportunity.

As another friend once said during one of our debate sessions – Central Australia could become the food-bowl for the world – pipe water from the ORD and Burdekin river systems into central Australia – pump the effluent from all the major cities to fertilise the land – and then you have a new industry employing 1-2 million people living and farming the land in Central Australia … where those people come from potentially solves the immigration problem for 2 million displaced people.

It’s a massive project – but doable with some forward thinking – the infrastructure would not cost as much as the NBN – but the global rewards would have Australia as first choice with every other Nation when it comes to food aid and trade …

It’s about time this Nation became part of the World in a bigger way than Peace Keeping – and Aid handouts – our Resources give us wealth beyond most Nations – let us use it to give something back to the World … and as for the Muslim thing – crime is crime and if it is done in the name of religion – then it is the same as any other motive to commit a crime – hatred – envy – greed – and the many other mitigating excuses used to commit a crime.

Education is the key – exposure to another culture should always be a rewarding experience – it should never be about discrimination – or keeping a distance – but about learning and growing as a society – that is the message – and red-neck idiots should be made to wear shame collars to weed out the silent minority … now that might also be discrimination …


To have your say where it counts:  – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say  – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this – of you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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    Interesting, so that your ideas can be better organised, can we get a platform we are comfortable with. Your process does allow too mixed a message.
    I havent the time, can you get it started. I will contribute after your first draft.

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