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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Title: Separation of Religion and State – …

Separation of Religion and State –
One of the hottest topics in the world today is the Anglo-Saxon response and mix with Muslim integration.  I received an e-mail from a subscriber – K.O. – on this topic and its content prompted this post.The events of 9/11 have made this issue more real and then followed Bali – and for Australians it is now as real as any other day-to-day threat we all face to a way of life we have come to enjoy.

‘Islamic Extremism is to Islamic as the K.K.K. is to Christianity’ – a famous analogy out of ‘The West Wing’ TV political series – [Series 3 Ep -1 Titled Isaac and Ishmael] –  and an example of how Political Leaders view the TERRORIST tag.

Religion is at the heart of most of history’s horrific crimes against humanity – ‘burning witches at the stake’ – ‘the Pope’s armies waging wars for plunder’ – ‘the Crusades’ – the ‘Jewish genocide’ during WWII – and the list is endless and all in the name of religious faith and someone else persecuting others for having different beliefs and faith.

Makes you wonder whether GOD truly has a plan – how could any GOD from any religion believe and preach hatred toward other religions?   If there is a ‘heaven’ or a ‘hereafter’ – surely common ground would be that all who have faith in any religion would believe that all other faiths would also have a right to ‘enter the kingdom of GOD’ …  Unless that can be taught and believed then bridging the gap on religious extremism will never happen.

Whatever good comes from Religion – and for many recent decades ‘pedophilia’ exposures have the Church’s creditability at all time lows – faith does offer people with a religious soul a central belief in a higher order that can bring peace and understanding to troubled lives.

To non-believers any sense of right and wrong rests within their ‘conscience’ – and they all struggle with it  when they know they have done a wrong.   Those without a ‘conscience’ are the ‘evil’ doers walking this planet.

The story sent to me appeared on Channel 7’s Today Tonight – and the replay can be viewed using the linked below:

The link came with the following text:

On Wednesday 5th of October, on Channel 7, in the “Today Tonight” program, it was revealed how some councils from Melbourne, like Darebin Council in Melbourne’s North (and soon other councils will follow suit) is doing the hiring, using a grant from the Federal Attorney General Robert McClelland’s Counter Violent Extremism Fund.

So far the Gillard government spent more than 9.7 million dollars to promote the Islam religion in Australia, also”developing and implementing activities that assist the Islamic Society of Victoria to dispel myths and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims”
The government also is funding overseas religious workers paying them a salary of $66,000 dollars per year to spread Islam in this country. My greatest concern is that the government wants the Islamisation of Australia.
The following Muslim communities were helped with huge amounts of taxpayers’ money:

  • – Auburn Community Development Network
  • – Australian Somali Community Association Inc. (ASCA).
  • – Bali Peace Park Association
  • – Burwood Council
  • – Centre for Multicultural Youth
  • – City of Darebin
  • – Federation of Ethnic Communities
  • – Council of Australia (FECCA)
  • – Football United – Fairfield
  • – Footscray Football Club
  • – Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations
  • – Horn of Africa Development Agency (HARDA)
  • – InterAction Multifaith Youth Network
  • – Islamic Council of Queensland
  • – Islamic Council of Victoria
  • – La Trobe University
  • – Lebanese Muslim Association
  • – North Melbourne Football Club
  • – Pace e Bene Australia
  • – University of Melbourne
  • – Victorian Arabic Social Services
  • – The Youth Centre
  • – Youth Development Australia -$45,000 pool curtain installed by the Monash Council to shield Muslim women from public view while they swim.

NO program like this, for any other religious group has ever been run before, and NO other religion has ever received a penny from the government, so the question that remain unanswered is: “why now”, and “why only to Muslims”?????


This means the rest of us, who are not Muslims, are going to be “second class citizens” of Australia.
If you are a Muslim in this country ONLY you will benefit, To see the whole story, please click on the link or “copy-paste” the website below:

I hope Channel 7 will not take this story off air… it is pretty scary to watch, believe me !!!


Now whilst I cannot support some of the rough and tumble opinions – or the red-neck quantifications … there is accuracy in the ‘discrimination’ claims.

This is the point of the story – as soon as religion enters the political arena – the world goes ga-ga … there is no right or wrong – it is a person’s private beliefs and if they want to chant it from someone else’s street corner, then that is where the crime lies.

Democracy is about freedom and the freedom to choose – and that includes religion – but when that religion becomes unfairly targeted – or yields extremists in the name of religion then everybody has to take a step back and let sanity prevail.

Modern Terrorism as we know it grew out of the PLO movement – plane hijacks, Munich, and the PLO’s Asser Arafat and his extremist beliefs.  All a result of a dispute still being waged today – the Jewish State after the WWII genocide, and the World wanting to establish a separate State for Jewish pilgrims displaced because of the War.   The Palestinians were themselves displaced in that transaction – and that is the dispute that is now deeply entrenched in a generational hatred between both sides.

Acts of terror have been around for millennium’s – they are generally crimes based on extremist religious or political views.

Governments all around the world have got their responses to this problem all wrong.   As a Nation we have our Laws – amending those laws to suit one particular sector of society is wrong – majority rules in any democratic society – the rule of law states that you cannot offer one discriminated sector aid whilst ignoring another discriminated sector.  

The story told on ‘Today Tonight’ is told from a commercial perspective – Channel 7 want ratings and the revenues that come from those ratings – yet the story they aired has much more to offer other then the ‘hit-and-run’ version they offered up.

Immigration policy is controlled by the Government of the Day – it is not generally the will of the people – in any election campaign the Immigration debate is hardly ever raised. It’s too hot an issue – Howard did in in 2003 – remember the ‘children overboard’ lies … it does inflame the emotiveness of the electorate and therefore campaigning political leaders don’t go there because it is the ‘third-rail‘ – to use another ‘West Wing’ quote – if you go there you die in political terms.   Just recall this Governments ‘boat’ people policies and the flip-flop’ responses trying to appease an angry electorate.

The ‘Immigration’ and ‘Muslim’ issues are linked as one – and until the education of red-neck Australian’s – the same ones with Aboriginal issues – die off and the newer generation’s accept the integration factor – this will always remain a problem.   Aging population’s find it hard to adjust or accept change – and so it is when they see non Anglo-Saxon’s moving into their street and shopping at the same mall’s.  It’s confronting and there is nothing they can do about it except bottle up the frustration at the changes to their society happening around them.

The ‘immigrant’ populations have tried their best at integration policies – street days – food festivals – and for the most it all works, and our society is diversifying and integrating – but there will always be pockets of hold-outs on both sides.

A friend told once told me about his solution to a lot of these issues – if you enter Australia – you must first accept and sign a declaration to uphold Australian Law and culture.  He also suggested that their children must be allowed to marry outside their race and culture if they wanted to.

As a Nation we embrace our multiculturalism – and it is a mainstream fabric of where our society comes from.  When our immigrants came after the 1st and 2nd World Wars – and before that the convict exports from our Queen’s lands – they all adopted the Laws of the land and helped form its culture.

When did this get ‘Muslim’ and ‘Racial’ profiling get lumped into the politicking of immigration policy and integration.   If they don’t want to sign the declaration as mentioned above – then they don’t get to live here. If they are genuine in wanting to start a new life – embrace them and give them every opportunity to integrate and feel welcome.  But if they want to import their hard-line fanaticism then the waterline along our coastline is as far as they should be allowed to come.

We are 22 million – in a land larger in size that the USA and Indonesia combined – a billion or so people live in those Nations – so we have room – and we have opportunity.

As another friend once said during one of our debate sessions – Central Australia could become the food-bowl for the world – pipe water from the ORD and Burdekin river systems into central Australia – pump the effluent from all the major cities to fertilise the land – and then you have a new industry employing 1-2 million people living and farming the land in Central Australia … where those people come from potentially solves the immigration problem for 2 million displaced people.

It’s a massive project – but doable with some forward thinking – the infrastructure would not cost as much as the NBN – but the global rewards would have Australia as first choice with every other Nation when it comes to food aid and trade …

It’s about time this Nation became part of the World in a bigger way than Peace Keeping – and Aid handouts – our Resources give us wealth beyond most Nations – let us use it to give something back to the World … and as for the Muslim thing – crime is crime and if it is done in the name of religion – then it is the same as any other motive to commit a crime – hatred – envy – greed – and the many other mitigating excuses used to commit a crime.

Education is the key – exposure to another culture should always be a rewarding experience – it should never be about discrimination – or keeping a distance – but about learning and growing as a society – that is the message – and red-neck idiots should be made to wear shame collars to weed out the silent minority … now that might also be discrimination …


To have your say where it counts:  – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say  – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this – of you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …


EYE-BALL’s Human Evil Exposed – John O’Neill (CEO-ARU) … Part 11 – The SBNSW Response continues …

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Human Evil Exposed –
John O’Neill (CEO-ARU) … Part 11

Link to all Posted Chapters for –

“Human Evil Exposed – John O’Neill (CEO-ARU)” – The SBS Story

The “Human Evil Exposed” – John O’Neill story link above takes you to a new page where all the chapters to this story are listed and linked.

All the documents that form a part of this story as evidence is linked here. These documents form the evidentiary trail collected as a part of the research undertaken during this project.

The “Human Evil Exposed” – John O’Neill story thus far covers events that took place between 1931 – 1995. The final ending is still to be played out. The motives for what took place in the late 70’s and early 80’s happened in 1931 when the then NSW Government owned – ‘Government Savings Bank of NSW’ was forced to close its doors. This set in motion a number of events that were not resolved until Dec 1987. The motives behind this story are steep in history and these grudges were held for a long time.

After they were finally settled – what then took place culminated in a $75 million FRAUD of public monies carried out by the NSW Government(NSWG) and its agent – The State Bank of NSW – (SBNSW) in 1988.

The players involved and connected with this FRAUD include:

  • Three consecutive NSW Premiers, Wran, Unsworth and Greiner,
  • Several Ministers serving in those Governments and their staffers – one of these Ministers is now a Justice with the NSW Land and Environment Court,
  • Regulatory Departments including the Department of Co-Operatives, Office of Business and Consumer Affairs, and the Australian Association of Permanent Building Societies, (AAPBS) and,
  • Employed State Bank of NSW Executives – the MD was John O’Neill – who all acted in proven ‘conflict of interest’ positions as Directors on the State Building Society Board, and whose intent was to facilitate a FRAUD against the 270,000 SBS members.

It’s a story that crushed the second largest NSW Building Society and at the time it had $1.6 billion in assets, some 270,000 Society members, and 650 SBS staff.

This is a story told by someone who lived through the 87-88 period and is told from his perspective and the evidentiary proof collected from research undertaken to prove the allegations. This story comes from a corrupted base of Corporate greed, corrupt and immoral Director’s, complicit Government representative’s, ego’s driven by historical flawed motive’s, financial market operative’s, drugs, sex, and the brazen Corporate RAPE and THEFT of the $75 million value attached to the State Building Society.

John O’Neill as the MD of the SBNSW destroyed a profitable and functioning Building Society because he could. It was done out of spite and revenge because he lost the 10 year plan to merge the SBS with the SBNSW. In the process he stripped the SBS of its corporate worth and broke all the Corporate and Regulatory rules in doing so. Rules that were put aside by the Administrators charged with the protection of the SBS members and their entitlements. He had help in the NSW Premier Nick Greiner who sanctioned O’Neill’s actions.

The story has many sub-plots and plots within those sub-plots – it is complicated, and to get a full appreciation of these complexities there is much reading to be done.

Please use the comments option below each post for any comments you might want to express – to ask any questions you want clarified – or if you want to make a private comment … please use the e-mail link here – – Enjoy the read …

The EYE-BALL Opinion … [ … where evil lurks – so do friends of the devil … ]

Definitions of Allegations alleged against Mr John O’Neill and his cohorts …

Linked: The Definition of EVIL:

  • morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked: evil deeds; an evil life.
  • harmful; injurious: evil laws.
  • characterized or accompanied by misfortune or suffering; unfortunate; disastrous: to be fallen on evil days.
  • due to actual or imputed bad conduct or character: an evil reputation.
  • marked by anger, irritability, irascibility, etc.: He is known for his evil disposition.

Linked: Moral Bankruptcy:

  • Definition: the state of being devoid of morality and ethics, used esp. for business and political entities
  • Example: A complete lack of morals is moral bankruptcy.

Linked: Definition of RABID:

  • – irrationally extreme in opinion or practice:
  • – furious or raging; violently intense:
  • Synonyms – zealous, fervent, ardent, fanatical, bigoted.

Linked: Definition of FRAUD:

  • – deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.
  • – a particular instance of such deceit or trickery: mail fraud; election frauds.
  • any deception, trickery, or humbug: That diet book is a fraud and a waste of time.
  • a person who makes deceitful pretenses; sham; poseur.


Part 11 commences … The SBNSW Response continues…

An Update – The Reasons Why!

By now readers of this story will have started to believe that some serious corporate corruption and fraud happened 24 years ago.  Events that changed lives – and within the story being told hereto there are another 1000 or so more sub-plot stories that remain untold.

For example –

  • What happened to Mr Baker – the Co-Operatives Registrar at the time this all went down in 1988,  and the Deputy Registrar when Premier Wran and Minister Sheahan structured the SBS in 1982 – why is he so guarded about the information he has?  His wish that he not be involved or want any further contact in relation to the story – as revealed during recent contact – what story does he have that remains untold?
  • Then there is Mr Gray – the SBNSW Treasurer who did the Audit on the SBS Treasury that set-up the SBS GM Denis Cleary – what can his story reveal having worked and dealt with the duress of a delusional MD in O’Neill – and as part of that ambit having to face the financial pitfalls of a Bank floundering in mounting bad-debts and insolvency for another seven years – all before they were sold to Colonial Mutual in 1995 with a legacy inherited by the NSW Taxpayers to the tune of $1.8 billion?
  • Then there was the St George Treasury staff living off the fat created by the SBS Liquids Portfolio they inherited … and then the 600+ staff of the SBS and how the merger with St George impacted on their careers and lives.
  • There are also the Political stories – of Mr Humphries who worked with Premier Greiner throughout the SBS story –  and by several accounts was as corrupted as they come in the wheeling and dealing within the political thrust and counter thrust of State politics.  He came up from Victoria State Politics to forge his mark in NSW – his take on all this would be most interesting given where he ended up at APRA – Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority.  The skeletons in his closet must haunt him every night and day if he was a man with a conscious, or any moral integrity that was recognisable outside the world of politics.
  • Then there was Mr Sturges and his involvement alongside Mr Humphries – to these political operatives working behind the scenes – the events surrounding the SBS were just the happenings in the normal course of any day in a political operatives life.  The finding of ways to solve escalating problems is their forte – what gives them kudos and reputation … whether they break the rules is not important at the time, it only becomes so if someone finds out.   Their stories would sink Greiner and O’Neill asunder if they were so inclined to tell.

The world is full of these repressed type secrets – just imagine what someone like Rupert Murdoch could do to history and its course if he were to tell all that he knows, and what he did in shaping Government’s and the political careers of those chosen and anointed.

For a century plus – perhaps even from when civilisation began and Adam ate the forbidden fruit – civilisation’s have lived on what people perceive to be the truth and integrity within leadership – all presented to gullible readers and viewers in modern times through the eyes of newspaper editors, and in even more recent times – the TV News and Current Affairs editors and producers.

What people see is the projected image of what politicians, editors and broadcasters want you to see – and the people of the world by and large accept and want to believe it to be so.

You ever think or stop and ponder why it is news when some high-flyer falls to a sex scandal or a corruption claim?  The story breaks and it is news for a brief moment – it disturbs the equilibrium of all that sustains our daily processes – the gossip hour with friends – the work environment idle chatter – the latest news on the train ride home – it becomes an interesting part to our day that is not interesting to begin with.

It’s a reflection of us and the mediocrity we endure and tolerate in our leadership – it is also a base-line acceptance that current leadership is good enough.  The gossip news and ‘did you hear about’ type telling of these stories in ever-increasing degrees of embellishment – makes our lives that little bit more interesting and above the dreariness.

John O’Neill if he is anything or anybody of importance is like Nick Greiner – ‘he does not even remember the SBS and what they did.’   Well they both do now – and like a spooky horror show sneaking up from behind – blinding their eyes and screaming – ‘do you remember what you did 24 years ago … ‘ – their lives might now also be altered.  If there is justice in the world – they will hopefully be waking and thinking about what they did – trying to recall the detail – the conversations – the paper trail – pondering what will happen if this story gains traction and the ‘walls begin to fall down’.

Yet – this story is my story – it is what I have been forced to live with for a very long time – you see not only was O’Neill just after the SBS monetary reserves – he wanted to destroy the people who showed him up – Cleary, Thompson, the SBS Treasurer and anybody else who got in his way.  He did it by leaking information to the press – calculated revelations to a greater aim – discrediting the SBS Management was his way to sway the SBS Members to vote for the St George merger.

He didn’t give a second thought to think what damage his actions might cause – he just blasted away and the people he took down had to try and pick up the pieces and move on.   But even then he wasn’t done – he verbalised the SBS Staff at every opportunity – his own staff heard the stories during in-house rants, boasts and chatter and they also spread the word – his cancerous bile impacted in ways that even he could never imagine.   He sent investigators to find out personal information he could use – he tried to obtain confidential documents by stealth and deception – his actions had ‘evil’ intentions written all over them – this is who John O’Neill was when he served as the MD of the SBNSW.

If you want an answer as to why this story is told – call it motivated revenge – call it retribution – call it trying to get justice for a wrong – or you can simply believe that it is the story of a broken man having given up on life because the struggle to survive in the wake of what he was force to endure – damaged him for life.

This is one life that was irreparable damaged – that damage lay dormant and hidden for a long time – pride and a previous lifetime of success and competitive instincts carried him for many years after the SBS experience.   He never wanted to believe that the events of ’88 did him damage – and now some two and a half decades later, and after a truly honest look at the gradual slide into depressive oblivion – that journey yielded a cause, and a need to understand the ‘why’ and the ‘how’, and a scent of motivation from a long time ago self-belief in his abilities.

With the flickering flame of a life at the point of self-destruction – there has been but one thing that has sustained him – that was to tell this story and what John O’Neill was responsible for and why he did it.  Call it a last stance of defiance to let O’Neill,  Greiner and their ‘henchmen’ know that whilst 24 years have passed – someone knew what they did and was going to tell their story.

No amount of money could make up for the life that was taken away, or compensate the other SBS staff  forced to restart careers and lives from the ruins of the once proud and robust SBS.  What can give some solace is that the authors children now have some answers to why they grew up watching their father never being able to find any sustainable employ – why he existed as half the person they once knew.

This story is as much for them as anything else – to help them understand.  Yet – it is only a single story connected to so many stories that can be told as a result of this FRAUD and CORRUPTED process by a Government, and the staff serving that Government.   It is a similar story to millions of other untold stories that will never be heard.

This story is not all that important in the overall scheme of things – yes, laws were broken and the responsible parties did harm – and a small portion of a bigger community largely went on and lived their lives without ever knowing what really happened.   But multiplied by the millions of similar stories out there – one does not have to look hard to find reasons the world is at the abyss – the cross-over point where realisation becomes an acceptance … that crime does pay.  Everybody starts to believe that living a moral and ethical existence gets you nowhere in this world.  That cross-over point starts and ends with the corruption within Leadership – and Global and Corporate Leadership is and has been found wanting for a very long time.

Greiner is a millionaire many times over – his political career ended by an ICAC investigation – several people connected with this story are similarly endowed.    What if they were all to suddenly face charges arising from this FRAUD – what purpose would it serve?  Would others who replace them stop – or would they look upon it as their time at the ‘pig-trough’ –  to get their own fill and take their opportunity to line pockets?

his is what comes from discovery – a forensic discovery into the world of how our Leaders get away with crime and corruption.   The Murdoch Memoirs – if he were to write them – they would be like the ‘J Edgar-Hoover safe’ – full of information about everybody.  The strange thing about J Edgar was that he taught every generation since how to play the game of politics – and that is where the world is today – ‘dirty secrets’ and the evil they breed.


The SBS story continues … The SBNSW Response …

By the end of May ’88 the game had changed – O’Neill with his career one flush away from oblivion and his pride served on a platter he now had to face Greiner and tell him he ‘stuffed-up’.   He tip-toed into a meeting with Greiner to ask for another crack at dealing with the SBS problem.    He had Fred Shields from St George on the hook and this was the carrot he was dangling before Greiner.   Greiner took the bait and agreed to do a deal with St George.   Part of the new plan was to keep the Regulatory authorities thinking about the ‘merger’ between the SBNSW and SBS.

O’Neill’s plan was to keep the Regulators distracted and looking at ways to stop a merger between the SBNSW and SBS – whilst the SBNSW game plan re-focused on a sale option to St George.   To keep up the façade – O’Neill engaged in a lengthy process of letter exchanges with the Registrar and the AAPBS Advisory Committee to keep the mis-direction alive.

Below are internal page links to letter exchanges between the SBNSW and the Regulatory authorities to this aim – [return links provided]:

  1. 2nd June – O’Neill and other SBNSW appointed SBS Directors responses to Baker re ongoing ‘conflict issues’ …
  2. 3rd June – Registrar response to O’Neill re matters raised by O’Neill in 2nd June letter …
  3. 6th June – Internal memo from Registrar to Minister
  4. 14th June – O’Neill letter to Registrar re 3rd June Baker Response …
  5. 14th June – O’Neill letter to Registrar re specific matter raised by Baker 20th May & 2nd June …
  6. 15th June – Registrar to O’Neill …
  7. 17th June – O’Neill to Registrar …
  8. 21st June – Registrar to O’Neill …
  9. 22nd June – O’Neill to Registrar …
  10. 23rd June – O’Neill to Advisory Committee  with complete history of SBNSW involvement with SBS … the nail in O’Neill’s coffin …
  11. 24th June – Registrar to O’Neill re outcome of AAPBS Advisory Committee meeting …
  12. 27th June – Registrar to O’Neill


2nd June:  O’Neill letter to Baker re Advisory Committee meeting …

O’Neill letter to Registrar re Waiver letter sent previously – Page 1:

O’Neill letter to Registrar re Waiver letter sent previously –  Page 2:


O’Neill and his fellow Directors first waiver letters were not satisfactory, and the Minister requested new waiver letters.   In the above letter O’Neill refers to the 24th May letter from Baker – this was reviewed in Part 10 and this letter can again be viewed using the links below – [pages will open in a new window.]:

Kearns Waiver Letter take 2 …


See below:

Turner Waiver Letter take 2 …


See below:

Thomas Waiver Letter take 2 …:


These waiver letters have some pretty convoluted wording and structured by some legal mind with intent to allow ambiguity and confusion … too smart by half …

As stated – the intent at this stage was to keep the Regulatory authorities thinking ‘merger’ – whilst all the while O’Neill was still serving as the SBS Chairman and able to control and direct all efforts toward the St George sale …

Return to Top – Date Index of Events:


3rd June:   Baker response to O’Neill re matters raised by O’Neill in 2nd June letter …

Baker Response to O’Neill Page 1:


The Hely/Allsop opinion was the Freehill Hollingdale and Page opinion presented in Part 10 – this can be downloaded from the EYE-BALL NovelZone Zombie-Leaks Uploads page … or here.

Baker Response to O’Neill Page 2:


Mr Baker was getting to the heart of the matter – were the SBNSW Directors as nominated owners of ‘fixed-capital’ purely trustees and under some deemed allegiance to continue to vote the way of the SBNSW’s interests else the transfer fo the fixed-capital could be effected by an already held document duly signed and held by the SBNSW.

This goes to the convoluted arrangements the guaranteed the SBNSW held control over the SBS – and this was never raised during the CSB v NSWG and SBNSW court case … nowhere in the judgement transcript are these pre-signed ‘fixed-share’ documents mentioned – when it came to the SBS Chairman Ken Dennewald’s dismissal – the SBNSW were able to accept his share because he had pre-signed the transfer of his shares when he took the Director position.

This is very damning evidence and puts the whole 1985 decision by Justice Lockhart in some doubt if this evidence had of been produced.

Return to Top – Date Index of Events:


6th June: Internal memo from Registrar to Minister

Internal memo from Registrar to Minister Page 1:

Internal memo from Registrar to Minister Page 2:


This is an important document in that it discusses the Takeover Review Committee (TRC) and who was to be appointed how it was to be engaged before any merger/sale of the SBS could be effected.

How the SBNSW and the NSWG negotiated their way out of this is still a mystery.  But as at the date of this letter the 6th June – and already 5 days after the St George deal was ‘done in principal’ – some heavy-duty bargaining had to have take place to get the Minister to change his mind.

Th importance of this document cannot be overstated –

Return to Top – Date Index of Events:


14th June: O’Neill letter to Baker re 3rd June Registrar Response …

O’Neill letter to Baker re 3rd June Registrar Response Page 1:

 O’Neill letter to Baker re 3rd June Registrar Response Page 2:


O’Neill is dancing with Mr Baker – all around his 3rd June letter – note the delay in response – this letter is dated the 14th June – some 11 days after Mr Baker’s letter – and only nine days away from when Mr O’Neill was due to front the Advisory Committee on his ‘show cause’ over his Dual Directorship position.

O’Neill was answering Mr Baker’s questions with more questions – all to the purpose of stringing out the response process to gain more time to put the SBS sale to St George to bed …

Return to Document Index:


14th June: O’Neill letter to Registrar re specific matters raised by Baker 20th May & 2nd June …

O’Neill letter to Registrar re specific matter raised by Baker 20th May & 2nd June Page 1:


More obfuscation …

Return to Top – Date Index of Events:


15th June: Registrar to O’Neill…

Registrar to O’Neill Page 1:

Registrar to O’Neill Page 2:


Notice that Mr F Shield from St George sits on this Committee – the ‘conflicts of interest’ become deeper and entwined with how the deal with St George would remain secret for a while longer.  O’Neill as the SBS Chairman was taking no notice of the said conflict of interest and was dictating proceedings as if no conflict existed – his assurances given in his most recent waiver were concerned with a merger – O’Neill believed that a sale did not fall within his waiver assurances.  It is  a Directors responsibility to serve the SBS members – how O’Neill could think he was doing so is for him to explain.

Return to Top – Date Index of Events:


17th June: O’Neill to Registrar…

O’Neill to Registrar Page 1:


O’Neill is daring the Registrar to bare his knowledge – if the sale to St George was known to the Registrar at this stage – O’Neill’s challenge has him floating down the river face first …

It is now six days to the Advisory Committee hearing and O’Neill has not answered any of Mr Bakers requests … this is standard operating procedure in any corporate takeover move – delay – delay and delay for as long as you can and then try to mis-direct any specific inquiry whilst appearing to answer the questions being asked.

Some 24 years later – all that can be said is that O’Neill’s tactics were those of a 35 yo out of his depth – his integrity had no bottom – his actions and responsibilities as a SBS Director were never toward the interests of the SBS members and this in itself speaks to the character and caliber of the man.

O’Neill to Registrar Page 2:


O’Neill is calling a double bluff – with Illawarra and St George represented on the Advisory Committee – O’Neill is claiming they have a ‘conflict’ which they do – but knowing full well that the deal with St George is already done – highlighting this mute point for show and posturing is again mis-direction …

Return to Top – Date Index of Events:


21st June: Registrar to O’Neill…

Registrar to O’Neill Page 1:

Registrar to O’Neill Page 2:


Some of the secrets have filtered out – this last paragraph in confirmation of the SBNSW’s internal memos to try and convert as many SBS customers to SBNSW customers before the sale to St George is leaked or announced.   The Regulatory authorities were operating in a vacume and had no information flow.  O’Neill was not playing by the rules – his actions completely blindsided the Regulatory authority and they never saw it coming.

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22st June: O’Neill to Registrar…

O’Neill to Registrar…:


The guy has crocodile skin … he thinks he is untouchable – he is laughing all the way to the SBS reserves and the mounting SBNSW bad-debts are playing second fiddle to what is happening at the moment.

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23rd June: O’Neill to Registrar… letter and Appendix – the nail in O’Neill’s coffin …

O’Neill to Advisory Committee … Letter Page 1:

O’Neill to Registrar… Letter Page 2:


O’Neill to Registrar… Letter Page 3:


Just one great blow-hard – O’Neill puffs his chest out and dares the Committee to do its worst …

O’Neill to Registrar… Appendix Page 1:


Paragraph 2 – O’Neill and all the SBNSW staff before him just don’t get it – the SBS was formed under a flawed arrangement – three legal opinions confirmed that natural ‘conflict of interest’ but the SBNSW had this mental block that arose from their court case victory where the structure of the SBS was upheld under perjured evidence – and the circumstances around the non disclosure of particular evidence.

O’Neill is behaving like a spoiled brat – believing that what he had been told fly’s in the face of contra opinions …

In Paragraph  3 – he is daring anyone to prove the SBNSW Directors have acted inappropriately – nowhere in this letter to date are the rights of the SBS members mentioned – O’Neill as the SBS Chairman exposes his conflict in that very omission.

O’Neill to Registrar… Appendix Page 2:


From point 1 on this page O’Neill sets about explaining the history of the relationship between the SBNSW and the SBS according to his understanding –

O’Neill to Registrar… Appendix Page 3:

O’Neill to Registrar… Appendix Page 4:

O’Neill to Registrar… Appendix Page 5:

O’Neill to Registrar… Appendix Page 6:

O’Neill to Registrar… Appendix Page 7:

Registrar to O’Neill re Advisory Review outcome Page 2:


O’Neill was never going to front this Advisory Committee personally – this essay on history invoking the Premier and Minster who approved the 1982 SBS formation with the ‘conflict of interest’ in tow demonstrated his time-warp like understanding of what the current Minister and his Registrar were invoking in the 1988 environment.

If this was all O’Neill was offering it is no wonder his pathetic pleas fell on deaf ears – but he was able to have the last laugh because he had given himself the time to oversee the bulk of the St George sale arrangements –

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24th June: Registrar to O’Neill re Advisory Review outcome apologies for the quality of the reproduction –

Registrar to O’Neill re Advisory Review outcome Page 1:

Registrar to O’Neill re Advisory Review outcome Page 2:


This Advisory Committee were only considering the ‘conflict’ position as related to O’Neill’s dual Directorships – and the ‘merger’ between the SBNSW and SBS.  This was naive of the Committee – the same conflict had existed and lay dormant ever since 1982 – and given the previous merger intent of the SBNSW and the court case victory – the Authorities remained asleep at the wheel when considering what other steps O’Neill would undertake to bypass the Committee’s focus.

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27th June: Business and Consumer Affairs letter to O’Neill…

Business and Consumer Affairs letter to O’Neill Page 1:

Business and Consumer Affairs letter to O’Neill Page 2:


Kicking O’Neill off the SBS Board to only be replaced by another SBNSW appointed Director made no difference to the ‘conflict’.  Having obtained waivers from all four Directors previously – they were indicating that collectively the SBNSW were serving in a ‘conflict of interest’ position.

Why would they think that kicking O’Neill off the Board would change anything.  This was a real sign of weakness on the part of the Co-Operatives Dept and in review when the Takeover Review Committee was structured on the 6th June under memo to the Minister.

It is around this period where the Co-Operatives exhausted themselves and began to cave … now whether that was Greiner getting to Peacocke in the same way that Wran got to Sheahan – is still indeterminable.   But as at the O’Neill dismissal – whilst informed to him on the 24 June his resignation was not advised to the Registrar until the 15th July – some seven days after the letter informed when the resignation took effect – the 8th July.

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Part 12 – 15 continues … there will be a delay in the posting of the next installment – the next installments includes the July – Aug period and up to the sale of the SBS to St George.    The SBS Treasurer is sent on Administrative leave – the sale to St George is announced – O’Neill’s slanderous behaviour targeted at the SBS Management – and the SBS AGM media reporting … see below for links …


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