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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – Australian Open Tennis Prizemoney Breakdown …

January 23, 2012 13 comments
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Australian Open Tennis –
The Prize money Breakdown
The Australian Open Tennis is a world class event – one of the Majors in the ‘Grand Slam’ quartet.   I enjoy the tennis when watching contested matches.  In the men’s draw upsets can happen from Round 1 all the way through.

The prize money breakdown – as posted below and copied from the Australian Tennis Open website– is for both women and men.   It is not political correct to bag women’s tennis – but if you are like me the first week of the women’s draw ain’t worth a pinch of crap – the results are predictable – 6-0 6-0 is often the score.   Even 1st round losers in the Women’s draw get $20k – and in the second week when the matches are still hard to watch – the losers in the 4th round get to keep $109k.

PRIZE Money for Australian Open 2012 Men’s and Women’s Singles
1st Round $20,000
2nd Round $33,300
3rd Round $54,625
4th Round $109,250
Quarter finalist $218,500
Semi finalist $437,000
Runners-up $1,150,000
Winners $2,300,000

The women’s matches struggle to get past the hour or so and when men slug it out for  three + hours – for the same money – this equality of pay thing has gone too far.   TV ratings prefer mens matches – viewers prefer mens matches – they’re real contests and you have to get to the semis before women’s tennis becomes entertaining outside of the eye-candy appeal.

How they ever became equal earners is a mystery – around the time of Navratilova is my best guess …

Common – the winner of the Woman’s final gets $2.3 million – the runner-up $1.15 million – and I want change … if the men are worth the same value – in my book the women aren’t worth half as much – not even a third …

Take advertising dollars on telecast of womans matches – unless their paying twice as much as they are for mens matches how can they hope to earn the same revenue …

This is ridiculous and to continue to pay these women parading as fashion ornaments to sell women’s clothing and accessories – how can they be taken seriously.

The men need to boycott a Slam to make the point – without the Men the advertises would bolt – the individual WTA does not stack up against the Men’s Tour in prize money terms to prove the point.

I tried to watch the Serena Williams match today – with her ass crack all wet from the sweat that must ooze from her body – what else could it be – and on show as purple on black – I can’t imagine any sales for her clothing mounting any fashion challenge …

This is a joke … some women’s sports are the equal of men – surfing, winter skiing, cricket, basketball and the like – but tennis and equal pay for equal work and conditions is a marketing exercise for Women’s sports clothing and fashion accessories and nothing to do with the quality of the tennis.


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