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EYE-BALL NovelZone’s Zombie-Leaks – 1982 Documents – Part 3

EYE-BALL Zombie-Leaks –
1982 Document Uploads Part 3 – Rule Changes.
Updated 9th Jan 2012
Hello – this page forms a part of the Document upload database as a part of the State Bank of NSW – (SBNSW) and NSW Government’s – (NSWG) Corporate RAPE of the State Building Society – (SBS) in 1988.

The Documents linked below were largely obtained under FOI applications and relate to the SBNSW and NSWG efforts to get the entity structure right – both in terms of the Building Society Acts i.e. there were three NSW Acts in play – 1901, 1923, and 1967 – and the mix sought was to allow the SBNSW and NSWG to retain complete control over the Management and Board of the SBS and be able to claim ownership.

The sum total of all these documents go some way to exposing how pressure was bought to bear on the Office of Fair Trading and the Minister, the Registrar, and the Deputy Registrar.Below the table of links – some of the image files have been pasted and commentary is made as to what the Letter means in the overall scheme of the SBNSW and NSWG’s intentions.

Uploaded Documents – 1982 – Part 3:
Date: Link: Information:
09/01/2012: 1982 Docs-2 – PDF

1982 Docs-2- Word

(17Mb …)
These files include all 1982 files.

The documents included in this file are a mixture of Administrative, Ministerial, Co-Operatives, Permanent Building Societies Assoc, State Bank, SBS Rules amendments, private notes, and State Treasury  files.  Some file have deliberately been left out – you can guess the reasons right … but rest assured they will appear when proceedings dictate.



These Rule alterations and additions represent the ‘chastity-belt’ the SBS members were forced to wear to be in bed with the NSWG and the SBNSW …

Without the original Rules to compare the alterations it is difficult to make comment – that document is still not available … but reading some of these new rules and replacement rules reads like a police state arrangement … hells bells were these guys wound tighter than a than someone waiting on a HIV blood test result.


More 1982 Documents Part 4 will be uploaded next –

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