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Newspaper Clipping Uploads.
Updated 5th Jan 2012
Hello – this page forms a part of the Document upload database as a part of the State Bank of NSW and NSW Government’s Corporate RAPEof the State Building Society – (SBS).

These Newspaper clippings are reproduced as copies made for archival searches from the respective Media Publications.

Uploaded Newspaper Stories:
Date: Link: Information:
03/01/2012: AFR Australian Financial Review stories – Aug ’87 – Aug ’88 – in PDF format and imaged individually …
03/01/2012: SMH Sydney Morning Herald stories – Dec ’86 – Mar ’95 – in PDF format and imaged individually with Indexed links and return links for easy navigation …
03/01/2012: SBNSW Debts: Stories relating to SBNSW Bad Debts from various publications – in PDF format and imaged individually …
These newspaper articles come from many angles – pro SBNSW and pro SBS – they make for interesting reading to gather knowledge on how O’Neill and Greiner played their game via the media and how the SBS and OFT Minister played their defence strategy. No journalist really got to the root of the story and that gives credit to how O’Neill and Greiner played their hand.

Many knew something was afoot but largely they hedged around the story. Both sides leaked information to further their cause – but the SBNSW and NSWG were better and the Media outlets gave them a better run.

After the dismissal of the SBS Chairman Ken Dennewald and its GM – Denis Cleary and the immediate outrage it caused died down – the story pretty much died despite efforts to keep it alive and this allowed the SBNSW to do pretty much what they wanted to do.

The ‘conflict of interest’ story was always there and the fact that Greiner and O’Neill played good defensive bats to probing questions does not lessen their culpability any – it only widens the scope to whether some of the stories were plants and done so as to aid what took place.

Greiner’s comments in the media over the Illawarra Mutual Permanent Building Society – IMPBS – is one such kite-flying exercise to put the media off the scent. Some of these media stories will be further highlighted individually in future commentary – there is much in these stories to get a full understanding of how the FRAUD happened. Hope you enjoy the history …

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