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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – The Death of Sport as we know it … … money has corrupted all illusions of fair play …

December 21, 2011
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The Death of Sport  as we know it …
… money has corrupted all illusions of fair play …
Another story overnight about a confession by an ‘official’ who ‘fixed’ a series of Soccer results has left the creditability of all sport further downstream with the reputatiosn of Politicians, Drug Lords, and Bookmakers all on the make to eanr money by obtaining an advantage.  One of the games the referee confessed to fixing  involved a Sydney FC fixture match.  [Read the ABC story here.]

Sport is the only escape that allows the endurance of life for ‘billions’ of people living on this planet – most of them have nothing – they live and breathe their sport as a means of coping with all the mounting ‘crap’ dumped on them by a failing society and its Leaders.

Hungry and mercenary ‘bookmakers’ have found a way to ‘tap’ into this passion. Not are they only using this passion to make money out of problem gamblers – they and many others are paying to fix results so they can make more money.

In the last 12 months there has been a dozen incidents just in Australia of players using inside information to make exotic wagers – most who were caught resulting in fines and time suspensions.  Nobody has been banned.

Yet in Pakistan – three cricket players who were found guilty of the same offence in an English Court recently over an incident earlier this year – i.e. bowling pre-determined ‘NO-BALL’s’ – have received life-time bans by International Cricket authorities as well as other punishments from within their own Nation.

South Africa, Australian, Indian, West Indian, and other Cricket teams have all be exposed as having players taking payments from bookmakers to fix results or create fixed exotic wager results.  The WTA – Tennis, Australian AFL, Australian ARL, American Baseball, American Football, Boxing, UK Soccer, IAF Athletics, and even the Administrators have become part of the ‘cash for favour’ stench.

World Cup Soccer, International Athletics IAF, and the Olympics – whose Delegates determine where venues are decided are proved to be part of the corruption process.  The whole world of Sport is a corrupted polluted cesspool of greedy people in the know using their information in exchange for ‘personal gain’.  The subject of ‘drug assisted performance’ is a another whole ambit to this debate.

Once the wheel turns full circle and people turn off to the creditability of a ‘fair sporting contest’, and that is happening already – i.e. Cricket fans have had enough – then how is the tragic burden of people’s lives going to be placated?

There is no excuse for the tainting of sport – a genuine contest is a delight in entertainment value – it is soul clensing win or lose – it’s a distraction and something to look forward to – but to learn after the fact that the result has been fixed is the ultimate backhander to fans and players not in the know.   How can you look at an ‘out of form’ performance in the future and believe it was not ‘paid for’?

The Lawmakers have erred – how would Australian Cricket have fared if Warne and Waugh have both been booted from Cricket before they assumed their mantles – for taking cash payments from Indian Bookmakers?

A ‘no tolerance’ policy is needed – in fact a South African Cricket Captain gave himself a death sentence after his involvement in ‘match fixing’ was exposed.   Othe rplayers caught up in the same scandal played out theiur careers without hardly a blimp on their reputation.  The penalty has to be so severe that no player would ever think of becoming involved. You then only have to be concerned with the officials.

In the case of the Pakistan ‘No-Ball’ verdicts – how much attention was paid to the Umpire who had to make the ‘no-ball’ call in order for the wager to be won.  Does anyone not believe that he was in on the scam as well?  Yet there was never a mention or an investigation into that aspect of the ‘sting’.

This latest confession by a Soccer Ref can only draw more attention to the ‘Officials’ and their neutrality when presiding over a result.  How many Rugby League games have you watched where the only answer to some stupid and one-sided referee decisions can only be that they are creating the result?

No … sport and its true and pure enjoyment is now a long-lost memory – regaining its lustre will be a generation thing if at all.


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