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December 19, 2011
The Morality of Governments  –
… How has history treated them …
The World is at an abyss and requires clear and determined minds to figure out just how we arrived at this point in our history.

Hindsight teaches us our mistakes – but if we keep making the same ones and exploiting the weaker populace’s for greed purposes just because they are weaker – then the morality of mankind has to look upon itself and call to question what the future really holds.

Nth America: – [link to map on-line.]

History tells us that America was discovered when Columbus travelled west in 1492 – European settlement began early in the 1600’s.  It became an Independent Nation after a War between the British and the New America with the aid of the French.   The declaration of Independence came in 1776 – followed by the Constitution in 1789.   A second War was fought in 1812 to again secure Independence.  Free settlement westward ensured and a Civil War between Nth and Sth ensured between 1861-65 largely over slavery issues.

All these Wars and battles to etch out new lives in a new country came at the expense of the indigenous population.  If 2011 morality was applied in 1492-1865 time period and beyond – would Native Indians still own their lands  – would the Leaders of the World see it as their right to rid the world of entire tribes and a race of people who owned the land before them.

America is built upon a fraud in that they stole the land they now live upon with massacres and genocide.  Whatever Leadership prevailed to give the ‘Declaration of Independence’ and the ‘Bill of Rights’ the truth and wisdom it contained – and whatever came before and whatever followed – was all built on a fraud of Europeans fleeing their own lands in search of free lands to habitat.  Those lands we not free to have or take.

[See this link for History of the United States]

Europe: – [link to map on-line.]

The people that came to America were largely from Europe – they were people dissatisfied with their own Leaders, their abuses and their treatment of the people they ruled – they were treated like fodder – hunger, persecution, expulsion, and lack of opportunity were all in the mix as well.

This also happened in Africa, India, South America, and Australia.

In fact, indigenous populations who were the owners of these lands well before European settlement – the indigenous populations were treated harshly – the settlers believed it was their right to inhabit the lands – and history tells us that when the Europeans showed up on the shores –  they just assumed control of the lands.

Treaty’s drawn to preserve the indigenous populations were dishonoured at every turn – all to appease the continued western and westward expansion sprawl.

Whatever morality America or the Europeans applied to these genocides, history shows their decisions were the most immoral choices ever made if 2011 morality was applied.    Events that happen that were based in criminal behaviour and cover death are always current – there is no statute applicable to murder and genocide.

With this in mind – the current global population of displaced persons without a country number above 50 million.  More than the population of the world in 1492.

Take Australia – a land mass larger in size than that of America – 300 million people live in America – 22 million live in Australia.

Yet Australia are at odds with the treatment and acceptance of asylum seekers included in this 50 million displaced persons.  We are a Nation of descendents who invaded this land and took what they wanted – and murdered an indigenous population to do so some 200 odd years ago.  And now our Leaders play GOD and restricts the want of displaced persons to resettle in Australia.

There is no morality or integrity that any Western Nation can base its foundation is genuine in its application in a modern world.   Whatever pride Australia had as a Nation since WWII when our armed forces did us proud and gave us reason to be proud – our modern day Leaders have fumbled the ball when our alliance with the USA is used like a dog collar.  We are nothing but lapdogs – and any independence we enjoy only comes because our Leaders believe our alliance with the USA demands we pause to do their bidding whenever asked.

Until humanity understands that in history we can find the root of all the evil that exists – we will never stray from the current path.  That path has no future that allows the world to co-exist with eachother into the future.  In the past these serious issues have only ever been settled with War and extreme loss of life.  This path is our history and our future.  Our Leaders today are blindsided by the obvious – they forget to lead.

This painted picture is not a pretty one – yet a small insight into hypocracy in not opening our borders to a million or more refugees over a 2-3 year period.   That gesture might just give Nations incentive to tax the rich to give all humanity a chance to survive and live.   How much wealth is enough – how much can one spend in a life time – wealth these days is carnal, it’s obscene and only used to make oneself more powerful.   If a concession and follow through does not happen – life as we know it is finished within the current generation.

It’s time for a change of heart on every level of current policy and human rights issue.  Laws have to be changed – educators have to be given a new set of standards to teach, and people have to embrace the art of giving as opposed to the expectancy of receiving.


To have your say where it counts:  – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say  – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this – of you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …


  1. Herman
    December 20, 2011 at 12:56 am

    To everything expressed, I agree, However The morality of what occurred in history changes within several generations.

    At law, most equity in the Western world, could be starting with the Magna Carta, or Oliver Cromwell and Westminister, whereas the Legal division of equity tends to be put down to about 1800 or later.

    When the USA dispossessed the North American native (or Britain, or Spain or France) there were different standards. In Australia in 1788 the aboriginals where not considered humans. By 1860’s we introduced the White Australia policy, where Caucasians considered themselves to be a higher evolved race. The same argument was in the Slave trade of America. Look only at South Africa, and there are somewhat similar logics in apartheid, and America practised segregation until the 1960’s. In Australia our indigenous where giving voting rights in the 1960’s and Sorry occurred only 4 years ago.

    At law, another critical concept is that a person’s crimes die with them. I am not responsible for the acts of my father or grandfather, or great grandfather. Within my lineage there would be some Jutes from Jutland, or some Celts, origins not full known or some Angles or Saxons from Germanic races, and to try to apportion blame for what occurred a century or 2 ago is nonsense.

    We have evolved to where we are, but really don’t know whether we are actually evolving at all. As this next Christmas rolls around we worry about carbon emmissions but all admire electricity guzzling fairy lights, or look forward to another heavily polluting fire works display on New Years Eve. Under a Carbon Tax, next year people might think twice about putting up all those fairy lights, but has anyone considered how the various local authorities will be taxed for the fireworks on New Years Eve. We preach the message of Jesus, yet the whole thing becomes another exercise in wasted energies through giving gifts for the sake of giving and receiving, and pig out on food we don’t neccessarily enjoy, and drink too much.

    The year nearly past is quickly being referred to as the year of the peoples uprisings. Consider, British Riots, Libya, Egypt, Occupy Wall St, or Federation Square or Martin Place or so on. Does that show respect to the major overthrows of history like the Bastille, American War of Independence, or Tanamen Square, Meiji Restoration and so on. (Did I mention some of Britains really landmark uprisings).

    You sometimes need to dwell on the very concept of rational. Philosophers or Psychologists will tend to dwell on a rational decision suits a very sectional group or the individual. We then need to accept individual responsibilty. Europe created their mess, just like USA created their mess, but the solution lies in a more powerful authority, or greater government, like centralised government for all of Europe or the whole world. Could a banking tax be instituted on all banks, or the same argument has seen varying responses to Greenhouse gas problems.

    The concepts of Jesus are ideals but have not been practised ever.

    We seek enlightenment, yet have no idea if we are confused, apathetic or just ignorant.

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