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EYE-BALL Opinion on – The Value of HUMAN LIFE – is its treatment the same as currency …

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The Value of HUMAN LIFE –
… is its treatment the same as currency …
The ABC released a story early this morning – [read full story here] – about a boat carrying 400 odd asylum seekers presumed to be bound for Australia. The boat sunk 90km out to sea off the Indonesian coastline.

The story relates only 76 survivors have been found to date.  This is a horrific tale and measures up against the Xmas boat wreckage drama off Nth Australia’s coastline 12 months ago.

All year the Government has been using the ‘loss of life’ and the dangers in making this voyage to a dream of freedom in a way to support their off-shore processing and now transference arrangement with Indonesia that is still being held up by the Courts.

Obviously ‘value of life’ is a bargaining chip in these negotiations.  Australians are numbed to the ‘loss of life’  suffered by these ‘boat people’ despite its horrific and graphic telling.  Why is that?

What is real is that in the last year – third World deaths caused by and connected with  what is happening in the Nth African Dictatorship overthrows, Sudan and is combustible civil war, Syria and its revolution, and the many other similar hot spots throughout the world are escalating.  Western Governments whilst condemning the atrocities attached to the ‘human rights’ abuses through diplomatic channels – the thought of intervention is merely a casual discussion with no real intent to follow through.

The Leaders of these ‘human rights’ abuse Nations know there is no will on the part of the UN or its Member Nations to intervene – and accordingly they continue the violations in defiance and as a snub to the ineffectiveness of how World Justice is delivered.

That again points to how ‘human life’ is valued by others depending on where you live.  It is valued by its worth – take China – its workforce is a commodity exploited to make China the production and manufacturing workforce the envy of the world.  The wage of a Chinese worker has doubled in the last 10 years – from US$1 a day to US$2 a day.  Surely a days work in a US manufacturing factory is worth the same value in China when it comes to output and productivity.  This is a very simplistic viewpoint – but the same applies for a bowl of rice – what makes rice more expensive in the US as compared with China – it is still a bowl of rice.

International trade is at the heart of why these price variations exist – labour costs and  food.  Bring to light the trade in humans – women for prostitution – children for labour – what impact do these have in the commercial reality of production costs and profit margins.

It’s a sick place and the World allows these fringe elements to add to the equation of ‘free trade’, ‘balance of payments ‘ , ‘GDP’ growth and its exploitation.

Life is what should be respected – not the output or production quotas attached to a life – but to value a life differently depending on where that life grew up or ended up – is the travesty that is ‘immigration policy’ and racial disdain that still exists in all society.  Humanity has distances itself from compassion, caring, and the reality of others and their individual life struggle.

The value of a ‘clan’ and its membership has become like the disassociative connection that a ‘clan’ has when compared to the wider world population … we can tolerate atrocities happening in other Nations just so long as they don’t happen here or near us.  This attitude is part of the problem – WWII raged for two years before America entered and only then because of the attack on Pearl Harbour – ‘wrong is wrong’ and tyranny remains everywhere around us.

Why do we wait – why does all the West wait to fix the asylum seeker problem.  Can it be because the Wealthy Nations already believe that the world is overpopulated – and that the poor people should be allowed to cull themselves?

It’s a question – can someone yield a better answer?


To have your say where it counts:  – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say  – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this – of you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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