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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Global Leaders – their diminishing creditability is a real issue … and none more so than in Australia!

December 16, 2011
Global Leaders –
–  their diminishing creditability is a real issue …
and none more so than in Australia!
The World population has to place its trust in Leadership – not everyone can Lead – but the Leadership of the World has become tainted by indiscretions by its Members and the World is watching.

The image of ‘GOD’ can make men crumble – when you look upon his image and allow your conscious and moral behaviour to become silently exposed in his presence – you ask his forgiveness – what is it that you think our Leaders have to confess and are thinking about?

There is a creditability issues with many of the World Leaders – much of their indiscretion are only exposed after they have left office – this taints the new Leader and makes his/her job that much harder.   The latest on the trials and tribulations of ex French President – Jacques Chirac has him found guilty of graft and corruption whilst he served as France’s President. [Read ABC story here]

Italian Ex PM Silvio Berlusconi is another example of Leaders thinking they are above the crowd and that natural justice does not apply.  His term as Italian PM was the longest of any Leader since WWII – yet he survived whilst still owning large media interest in Italy – and continued sex scandals involving young women and assumed e ‘paid for services’.

Remember Bill Clinton an his dalliances are too many to mention – but the context is that Leaders attract the attention for all sorts of reason – if their morality barometer is a little askew – then their libido can get a Nation into all sorts of trouble.  Leaders are being groomed – they are polished, and clothed to the point that unless they  look like movie starts their electoral worth is cheap coin.   No wonder the morality and integrity bar has been lowered.   These are just three examples of G7 Member Nations whose Leaders who have been found to have moral and integrity issues whilst they served as Leaders of their Nation.

There are scores of others in lesser profile Nations who have the same issues and are still serving or been outed – the problem is endemic and to the point where nobody trusts any Leader when it comes to graft and how the political game is played.

The World population is not blind, they are not dumb – they see and they have contempt for the Political process because it is all driven by ego’s and with little real instinct in how to run a Country.

You take a look at the example of whether due diligence applies with regard to the recently announced 20% pay increase for all Australian MP’s and Senators.  [Read Phillip Coorey and his SMH take on the pay review here] –  The review process was kept at arms length via an Independent Government Tribunal – Off the back of this pay increase – what proportion will trickle down to the Department Heads and Senior Public Servants?   The PM’s Parliamentary Secretary will get a boost from $620k to $825k – a rise of 33% or so.

The context of the pay rise was about trimming Minister and MP perks and giving them salary in return.  How does the Parliamentary secretary get a 33% wage increase in a review ike this?

How does the Parliamentary Secretary’s new bump to $825k compare or register with the PM’s new pay rate of $480k + perks?  Is the PM’s Parliamentary’s Secretary salary meaning they are more valuable to the Nation by a factor of 180%.   Come on – this is a process gone crazy and a opportunistic money grab.

There has been no debate in the House on this issue – the Opposition remain quiet – if all the Public Service or those who are paid by the Government – including welfare recipients – were to receive such a wage increase – could you imagine the outcry from wage earners?

Why are they not outraged at the Politicians for giving themselves this pay rise given the current state of the economy and the future retrenchments Mr Swan and his office plan to make to turn a $40 billion deficit around.

Take another look at GOD you pretend and elected Leaders of a free Nation – look him in the eye and try to cleanse your conscious –  you have perpetrated a FRAUD on the Nation’s population, your family, and yourself,  and you cackle at the way in which it was done.

If anyone one of you can tell me how this pay increase will improve our system of Government – or the quality of your performance – then the message is all wrong – at this level of increased pay for increased performance – Welfare recipients might just as well have received the 20% pay increase.

You subject the Nations pay scales to a ‘productivity calculation’ yet your 20% increase is based on a so called ‘work ethic’ and yield on ‘perk related’ travel expenses … shame on you all.

Take the Honourable Member – Labour Backbencher Mr Thompson as another example – he is about to get a $45k pay rise and when he gets booted for his past fraud and travel expense rorting [see separate EYE-BALL story here] – his superannuation will be based on the higher pay scale.

No system is perfect – but the way Politicians manufacture their own pay and benefit increases has to subjected to independent inspection outside the public forums.  This site has said it before – how is Gillard’s responsibilities worth 1.5 times in pay scale what Obama has to deal with?  Just because a Politician claims to be working 16 hour days – the measure should be in what they actually do for 16 hours a day.  How many have been caught sleeping on camera during and when either House is sitting.

I have actually met with high ranking MP’s i.e. Beazley, Kernot, and lesser known Federal and State MP’s – and I have to tell you that throughout these meetings – they were always distracted – you only ever felt like you had part of their attention – and when their allocated time was up – they were gone like a shot.

I question the quality of their 16 hour work days – not the quantity – and on that note – 20% pay rises based on quantity are not warranted.

Sent Your Local Federal member a message – use the links below to find out how to contact your Local Federal Member.

# – Please note – “God” Image used above provided via link from ‘google Images‘.


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