EYE-BALL Opinion on – Christmas has come early – for this BLOGGER at least …

December 16, 2011
Christmas has come early –
– for this BLOGGER at least  …
The ‘DUCKS’ are aligned – and at least three of them are in a row for next Year –

  1. The first ‘DUCK’ is a new story out that all ‘FOUR” Big Banks have been named in a Lawsuit for damages of $200 million – [read story here.] – The recent committal verdict against the ANZ Bank over fee extortion and overcharging has open a flood gate of future litigation against Banks.    This is a good thing as Banks have been left alone on their ‘fees and charge s’ by the ACCC and ASIC for decades.
  2. The second ‘DUCK’ is the media release that PM [Duchess] Gillard has caused some Ministers and Backbenches to transfer their allegiances after her recent Cabinet shuffle. [read story here.] –  It appears that the latest Whip count has her grip on the Prime Ministership as more tenuous than ever.  You can bet that the chaos within the Government at the moment is at fever pitch as this story leaks forth.  It appears that the Christmas recess is not all about the cake, eggnog and good cheer that is expected.
  3. The third ‘DUCK’ is the Cattle export deal with Indonesia. The announcement by Indonesia that they will be reducing by 50% all live imports from Australia from next year. [read story here.] – This is a direct result from PM Gillard’s Government decision to ban all exports of live cattle after the ABC 4 Corners report on how the live cattle were slaughtered and housed. The Minister Joe Ludwig was under great pressure at the time and the Governments decision was seen as a knee jerk response and this Indonesian decision was not unexpected by Industry specialists. There may also be some flow-over from the ‘boat people’ decision that has been challenged and is now in abeyance due to a ‘High court’ judgement against the exchange deal put in place with Indonesia.

It is obvious that these circumstances have snuck up on the Government – Rudd has been on the hustings for months courting supporters.   Gillard’s snuff of RUDD at the ALP Conference earlier this month may have also contributed against the rank and file supporters of the party.

Bill Shortens elevation to Cabinet with obvious intent by Gillard to reward those who served her well to get rid of Rudd – was also definitely a factor in the Labour Party objection and switching alegiences – nobody likes to see a usurper gain favour for ‘dirty’ and ‘traitorous’  deeds.

All three of these issues has been heavily debated in recent months – it as a pleasure to say that we were on the right side of all of them – or at least in the way it appears to be playing out.

Once again – contact your favourite Labour Party Representative and have your say  – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this.

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  1. December 16, 2011 at 3:17 pm

    It’s a happy day – it appears this site is now free of the real ‘Yoda’ – it has been many months since the ‘Yoda’ has appeared as a commentator – his perky and often misguided objectivity in attacking the author and not the story or its subject will not be missed – perhaps his niggle will be …

    R.I.P. Yoda …


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