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EYE-BALL MovieZone – YouTube Uploads – Voyeurism and Fantasy …

December 16, 2011
Subject: – Voyeurism and Fantasy …
One of the oldest enjoyments man or woman can experience is fantasy – and in most cases that comes in some form of voyeurism. EYE-BALL YouTube and MovieZone has created an upload of an example of two such TV created experiences.

The TV Law series ‘Boston Legal‘ created many wonderful moments in television – the following YouTube uploads are presented for your enjoyment.  The two scenes are from Series 1 – Sixth episode Titled – “Truth be Told” –

Scene 1 – The voyeurism …

Scene 2 – The Fantasy relived …

Alan Shore –  [James Spader’s Character] – chuckles the heart – David E Kelly’s genus in Law settings is proven – ‘Aly McBeal‘, ‘The Practice‘ and ‘Boston Legal‘ – all to do with the trivialisation of serious issues with serious dialog and grandstand orations to climax the ending is television viewing of the deluxe variety.

Denny Crane – [William Shatner] – plays the perfect foil – in a personal relationship between Yoda and EYE-BALL – half the battle was in either yielding who was Alan Shore and who was Denny Crane – both had egos and those egos both wanted to be Alan Shore … only one had the credentials and the other could never see the irony in that.  It was the base level animosity that always existed.

‘Boston Legal’ is great relief to those who see injustice at every turn – it’s nice to see the small guys beat the system week in week out.  We all know that justice is never served equally – at least David E Kelly gave the little guys the chance to feel they beat the justice system.

These YouTube uploads are part of the EYE-BALL MovieZone’s ongoing project into OSCAR MOVIESand the best of TV Series and scenes that made and make a difference.

The above clips can also be viewed on-line at –


The EYE-BALL MovieZone …

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