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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – Rahul Dravid’s “Bradman Oration”

December 15, 2011
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Rahul Dravid’s “Bradman Oration” …
Last night Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid was afforded the honour of delivering the “Bradman Oration”  His full text speech can be read in full using this link.

The context of his speech addressed the very dark clouds gathering over World Cricket and the impact of 20/20, One day and Test Cricket on crowd numbers, television ratings, and advertisers.

His concerns outlined in his speech are real – and coming from the current drivers of Cricket money and profits – Indian’s fans are beginning to show the same the same exhaustion levels as most other Nations are experiencing.

For Cricket this is the most serious issue it could ever face – the game has lost its public appeal – the reasons for this can be debated forever = but the reality is that the 20/20 game was an attempt to give fans an action fire experience over a 3 odd hour period.

From the 5-day Test game – to the 50 over one day – and now the 3-hour 20/20 bash – fans have responded and Test Cricket is at an all time low in terms of crowd numbers.  The greatest ever Cricket series I had to fortune to watch live was the 2005 Ashes series in England.  After that Test series I was drained – emotive nights watching Australia try to win another series when England fought like bulldogs to keep Australia from recovering was Test Cricket as it should be.

Since then the game has been on the slippery slide of increased rejection by fans willing to pay to watch test Cricket.

Rahul Dravid addressed these issues in his Bradman Oration -[see past Oration speakers here] -last night and it is worth reading or watching him deliver his speech.  He was very impressive.   We all know Cricket is in trouble – Snoop-Poop’s views on this have been spoken about here in the past –  Administrators have looked to profits rather than content  and that is just the start of where Cricket has gone wrong.

I recommend you to read Dravid’s speech if you fear for Cricket’s continued demise.  [Linked Here].


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