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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Mr Thompson Exposed – – this is what our Political Leaders do to skim their perks …

December 15, 2011
Mr Thompson Exposed –
– this is what our Political Leaders do to skim their perks …
Australians have every right to feel short-changed – Mr Thompson – Labour MP – has for six months or so sat in the HOR’s and paraded himself as someone who is deserving of being called ‘Honourable Member‘.

In a story released this evening – [linked here] – Mr Thompson is now up on another fraud charge in that he faked documents he submitted as justification for a $24k overseas ‘study’ tour earlier this year.

He visited Britain, Ireland, France, Spain and the US as part of a tour to analysis US fiscal policy, European Union financial reforms, and economic conditions in Ireland and Spain.  It appears that his report summary about his ‘study’ trip was cut and pasted from outdated Wikipedia data and plagiarised from speeches given by US and EUC officials.

According to the media report –

The embattled MP is still under investigation for the alleged use of a union credit card for prostitutes and cash withdrawals.

The workplace watchdog has been looking at the allegations relating to Mr Thomson’s time as the Health Services Union (HSU) national secretary since April 2009, but a formal investigation did not start until March 2010.

It’s been alleged that two union credit cards in Mr Thomson’s name were used for escort services, lavish dinners and the withdrawal of more than $100,000 from ATMs.

This man serves in Duchess Julia’s Government and she has known of his indiscretions since they were first raised earlier this year.  The elevation of Mr Slipper from the Coalition ranks, and former Speaker Harry Jenkins return to the Labour benches – all takes on new meaning and confirms what was afoot all the time.   This was predictable but the timing of Slippers appointment and the release of the travel rorts by Mr Thompson have conspiracy written all over them.

Dillard Gillard is playing the Australian electorate for fools to think we don’t see what she is up to – as for the Opposition – they are so blind that they cannot see –

This requires Senate hearings and Parliamentary Enquiry or even a Royal Commission into just when Gillard knew of the Travel rorts and why she held them over until Parliament went into recess. It will be interesting to see how mainstream Media plays with this!!!

As for Mr Thompson – shame on you … please use the links below to let your Local Member know how you feel about this.


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