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EYE-BALL Opinion on – The EGG on Duchess Julia’s Face … what will her strategy on the Carbon Tax be now ?

December 14, 2011
The EGG on Duchess Julia’s Face …
– what will her strategy on the Carbon Tax be now ?
In recent days the World Climate conference ended in Durban SA – after that Conference broke up with little agreement except to push the whole carbon and climate change binding debate question to 2020 – Canada’s Environment Mminister has come out and announced his Governments intent to withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol.

The ABC reported this story yesterday – [read here] – other reports from the World have been largely critical of Canada’s position and many of those stories can be read searching Google with ‘Canadian Kyoto protocol’ search phrase.

This story is a big deal – critics of the recently passed ‘Carbon Tax’ legislation in Australia will grow arms and legs.  The Government has ‘egg’ all over its face and as the fallout creates a smell and bad blood between Nations – the real issue of ‘Climate Change’ is no closer to being resolved.

One might ask why Canada made the move it did – [Canada story linked to image or here] – many ask the same question about what Australia flew solo on the ‘Carbon Tax’ legislation.

The EYE-BALL Opinion became a sceptic earlier this year when the research undertaken in all seriousness to try and prove ‘climate change’ was found wanting.  It only proved that the opinion held was crowd level acceptance – the opinion now can go either way because the debate is so clouded and each side can provide compelling argument.   The debate has not provided compelling evidence one way or the other and The EYE-BALL Opinion remains unconvinced and therefore remains a sceptic.  Until someone can prove definitely that ‘climate change’ is a changing because of the human imprint – then the belief is that mother nature is more powerful and knows how to take care of itself.

For  the Canadian Government to bail and jump ship on such an important issue – turns a population on its ear.  All Canadians are now confused and have no idea what to believe.

Australian’s must now think Duchess Julia jumped too early and did so for political and economic reasons rather than pursue a prudent and sensible decision process.  The ‘egg’ on her face and the Climate Change Minister Combet – is visible.   Business and Industry must have questions as to why Australia has its position and no Canada has gone the opposite way completely.

How the Australian Governments respond to this will have the luxury of several weeks to prepare.   In the meantime – please use the links below to write your local Minister and Senator and give them your opinion on ‘Climate Change and the Carbon Tax.    You will most likely receive an ‘out of office response’ – if you do – keep sending them until you get someone at the other end of a phone or a written response by someone real.


The EYE-BALL Opinion …

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