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EYE-BALL Opinion on – NSW Premier O’Farrell – an idiot and a putz …

December 14, 2011
NSW Premier O’Farrell –
an idiot and a putz …
T his mornings joint press conference by Premiers of Victoria [Baillieu] and  NSW [O’Farrell] – and as presented on ABC 24 – was to announce a joint task force to tackle the challenges to promote the commerce and productivity output of both States.

It was a political talkfest and the political agenda in excluding WA from the axis is still to be disclosed.  Whyboth Premiers elected to hold the press conference and talk about the joint agenda a week or so out from Xmas ponders the thought about what they were trying to acheive.  The content was unimpressive as were the individuals – what was noticable was they spoke above their station and experience levels.  One smells a rat that the two Liberal States talking about themselves as representing more than half Australian Polulation and economic output – yet the other Liberal State WA – and the driver of the mining boom was excluded.

There was a statement made during the telecast by O’Farrell that needs to be clarified  – he stated  that under the new PM the COAG meetings have become more ‘focused’ toward  State issues.  He then made the comparison how this differed from the previous PM.

During the questions period Mr O’Farrell was not asked what experience he had at COAG under the previous PM – or how would he would know of the differences in the PM’s contribution if he never attended these meetings as the Opposition Leader.  It is a fact that his only experience with COAG meetings and sitting through their proceedings has been since March this year and after he became Premier when PM Gillard was the PM.

I crap on the Journalists at this press conference for not exposing O’Carroll’s gaf – he should be made to explain his ‘extensive’ experience and why he casts opinion on matters he has no exposure or real time experience.

There were several other instances throughout the press conference where O’Farrell made judgements where he also overstepped his exposure and experience.   This is a developing stroy and deserves follow-up … stay tuned.

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