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December 12, 2011
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Harry’s Growl – 12th Dec ’11 Update –
A good “GROWL” – is like a good “CRAP” … lets all the foul smells in our world escape free …
The last two weeks has seen mainstream politics in Australia become a bit like ‘pigeon’ watching – crap is all there is to see.  The only copy for labouring media scribes still turning up for work are the left-over crumbs and the low-born politicians looking to increase their profiles in the absence of real political debate.  Harry HD has had to cast the net a little wider to fill his copy requirements this week, and his first report is on the outcomes and summations of the Durban ‘Climate Change’ Conference.

  1. Durban Conference on Climate Change:

Opposition Leader Tony (Big Ears) Abbott came out this morning crowing about the talkfest in Durban where the conference broke up with no real agreements and the likelihood of ‘another decade of inaction on Climate Change’.

The Opposition Leader has a nose for telling the obvious – his ears define him in that he hears all yet the output from the collection of all that information somehow gets tongue tied when he trys to espouse his ideas and policies on what he thinks will convince the electorate.  In short – his humanity barometer has never been alligned with the electorate.

He claimed that his parties policies on ‘climate change’ are right, his views correct, and his team is the better option to lead this Nation.  His ABC interview this morning was a ‘tired’ performance – the polls has his ‘preferred PM’ ranking rise by 4 points against the Duchess – and that required he put his ‘big ears’ out there in front of the media.  Just what he knows about ‘climate change’ and what his ‘enlightened policies’ are to fight the ‘climate change’ debate – remain safely hidden away.

He is the Leader with nothing but ‘hot-air’ to support his dance floor in the sky – he has nothing but a wheelbarrow full of ‘brickies mud’ to sling when he feels the need to do so – he is the maggot that crawls into a ripe piece of fruit to shit and cause the fruit to turn rotten –  he is not an inspiring leader – he has no personal skills beyond the ‘budgie’ experiences – he think himself an Adonis – much like many other ‘small people’ who try to joust well above their weight class and station.  Many in the media arena thought him the ‘most unlikely politician to even achieve high station’ – and to think he is as close as he is to the PM role – many believe that Julia’s hold on the PM role in this minority Government is safe – given her own tenuous footing.

  1. Duchess Julia and her usurper entourage … –

The man most responsible for the ‘RUDD dismissal’ and the rise of Duchess Julia to fill the PM role was his Treasurer,  friend and fellow Queensland MP – Wayne Swan – the peer anointed ‘Best Treasurer in the World’.

Never could a title have been bestowed upon a less deserving person.  Misguided as the judges who decided to make the claim were – the man sits next to the Duchess with a ‘dagger’ at the ready.  This is what comes from ‘blood spills’ to gain Leadership.  This was not a ‘fair contest’ fight where the victor takes the spoils – it was an assassins task to bring down the Leader and now Julia is faced with the task of placating those who served as her henchmen.

Today The Duchess is about to reward one of those who served her purpose with an appointment to a reshuffled Cabinet.   She dare not plunge the knife all the way home on her predecessor Mr Rudd for fear of a general uprising within the ranks.  Mr Rudd will retain his Foreign Affairs portfolio – yet Mr Shorten the Governor Generals son-in-law – a unionist – and a grubby little man who creates that swallowed bile feeling whenever he appears in the media – is about to be elevated to the Cabinet ranks as his hollow star continues to rise upon the assassins reward.

Duchess Julia has to make this appointment else her position will become shakier at best.   Mr Abbott’s comments this morning that the PM whilst rewarding her ‘faceless men’ moves herself into more dangerous waters in doing so – was a statement that can be believed.  Mr Shorten is ambitious – yet his move to the Cabinet will be largely rejected by the electorate.

Australian’s are a fair minded crowd and they still harbour resentment over how their elected PM in Mr Rudd was ousted – they will not take kindly to rewarding those responsible.

Shorten the opportunist has nothing to lose – Shorten the assassin has blood on his hands and have stained him forever – just as Mr Abbott’s hands were stained when he did a number on Pauline Hanson at the bequest of his then PM Mr Howard.  Given how the appeal courts proved Ms Hanson did nothing wrong – and only after she served prison time before the appeal was upheld – Abbott has to wear the mantle that he overplayed his mandate from Mr Howard to ‘get that woman’.

This is the ‘dirt’ and ‘grubby’ side of politics – none of us like it or think it necessary.  Had Mr Rudd served out his term ans he should have been allowed to do – the ambitions of ego driven politicians would have had to cool their heels.  The fact that they created history in doing what they did – only diminishes how politicians are viewed.

A question that creates much debate among the Canberra media throng is – what was the good about replacing RUDD that served Australia better?

  1. The  new SPEAKER of the House – Peter Slipper

Peter Slipper is the new Speaker of the House – his appointment came unchallenged as the Opposition nominated 9 Labour MP’s to contest the vote – yet all nominees declined.

A most interesting point to make is that one of those nominees was herself nominated for the Deputy Speaker role and accepted the nomination unchallenged.

Mr Slipper is a Coalition MP – his defection has been courted by the Labour Party ever since he accepted the Deputy Speaker role when the Labour Party was in a contest with the Coalition in trying to form a minority Government after the 2010 election.  Mr Abbott and his members did not treat Mr Slipper well after his Deputy Speaker appointment and this is the basic of his defection.   This all points to dissention within the Coalition ranks – much the same as there is within the Government ranks.

Mr Slipper is well known to the media – his name often appears on the ‘travel expense’ ledgers as he and his immediate family enjoy the tax payer funded tourist expenses.  He is currently under investigation over his latest travel expense claims.   Why would the Labour Party give Mr Slipper sich a high profile position given his reputation within the House … is it a sign of the Labour Party’s own desperation over what next year will hold for them in their continued battle to retain Government?

  1. A peak look at some of the issues for 2012 in Politics …

The Government have a few issues to face early next year that will test their small majority in the House.  The appointment of Peter Slipper to the Speaker thus returning Harry Jenkins to the Labour Party back benches – gives them a two vote majority with the support of the Independents – Oakshot, Windsor and Wilkie.

  1. The most likely outcome for the Member facing misappropriation of Union funds will require him to stand down and a by-election necessary.
  2. The Independent Wilkie’s  ‘Poker Machine’ bill requires Labour to support the Bill for Wilkie to continue to support the Gillard Government – Wilkie has made it clear that his agreement is with Gillard and not the Labour Party – this in itself gives him many options should Gillard herself go the same way Mr Rudd went.  The Poker Machine amendment bill is due to go before the House in May 2012 – the additional vote Labour now has renders Wilkie’s threat to bring down the Government should ‘The Duchess’ renege on her undertaking – less likely.  It also gives the PM more options to amend the Bill further.  The bill as it stands is a ‘waffle’ – mandatory limits will not prevent problem gamblers finding a way to continue to gamble … in its current format it hardly address’ what is a societal problem and deserves a more productive effort by Governments to rid our society from this Club Industry easy mark takings.
  3. Just before the House broke for recess the politicians received good Xmas cheer news – Backbenchers are to receive a $100k salary increase in lieu of giving up travel rorts that were being abused.   The PM gets a $200k odd increase taking her to the near A$600k as compared with the President of the USA’s US$400k – that would indicate that ‘The Duchess’ is worth 50% more value than Obama in a simplistic context – yet when he visited Australia in November Labour Party fortunes appeared to change for the better.  We are led to believe that no appearance money was paid.  Obama’s position is the most pressured in the known universe – Gillard’s ranks well outside the top 1,000 – even 5,000 if Bank CEO’s were included – hardly a reason for the PM’s pay packet to be booted to the level she now receives.  The debate on this issue is as wide as the Amazon – pay peanuts for monkeys – or pay attractive packages to attract a better calibre of candidate … I support the latter but at the same time – how do you know what you’re getting before they prove themselves.   I support some type of sliding bonus incentive/rewards system for Ministers and Department Heads who act in the interests of Australians and are able to reduce budget expenditures  without disrupting the quality of Government services.

[i.e. – not replacing cars every year – same with computer hardware etc – making Ministerial staff fly ‘ordinary’ fare a opposed to hand holding the Minister when he/she fly’s 1st Class – they can ‘tweet’ one another if they have to stay in contact – make any Minister who buts a house/unit in Canberra yield on the overnight stay expense – make office expenditures capped  and strip the letterbox marketing to the bone …  fine Ministers if they are warned a second time during a house sitting – or if their ejected – for if they are they are not serving their electors … make the fines make a dint – i.e. $10l for an eviction – $2000 for a 2nd warning.  The list could go on for pages if you’ve read the ‘little red book’ and see what the perks are – It costs over A$1 billion a year to have our Government and Opposition in office.  At 150 HOR Members and 80 Senators – that is around $6-$7 million for each elected Member and Senator.

  1. The Rudd and the Turnbull camps will be using the Xmas break to plan their strategy for the New Year.   Both have credentials that this reporter believe are more worthy to serve their Parties better – Gillards is a Unionist choice – Rudd’s dismissal was because he kept the Unionist’s off his front bench.  Turnbull is politically naive – yet his intellect and knowledge far surpasses Abbott’s – it is a strange situation where both parties serve up a second string team when they both have game changers cooling their heels.  Australian’s deserve better.  Ditch the bitch and float Tony’s boat – let us have a gladiatorial contest where the best and fairest survive.
  2. Turning overseas – UK PM’s veto on the EUC bailout and funding plan is a brave call.  Never was it more evident that when Political Leaders are under scrutiny – that they are proned to make contentious decisions.  This decision like the original choice to remain out of the EuroZone – is a big call.  The UK are tinkering on the brink of a financial collapse as well – my call is that the decision keeps the focus on the EuroZone and the UK and the USA will get a few more months before the microscope turns on them.  It is not a case of ‘if’ – but when.


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